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NatureSooth Wooden Limb Massager

  • CARVED NATURAL WOOD- High quality, Eco-friendly, genuine seasoned wood massager. Use on thighs, tummy, buttocks, shoulders and arms.
  • RELIEVES PAIN- Soothes and repairs strained muscles. Reduces cellulite from thighs and buttocks. Can be used after workout to relieve cramps.
  • FURROWED ROLLER- Width- 10 cm. Covers large body area. Grooves on the roller work deep into the long and hard muscles of buttocks, thighs and arms.
  • LONG HANDLE- Length- 13 cm. Provides firm grip and control during massage. Allows to apply enhanced pressure with minimum effort.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE SESSIONS- A great addition in the Health Kits of Spas, Wellness Centers, Sports Therapists, and Masseurs.

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This wooden limb massager has a furrowed roller that creates a special stimulatory vibration. It allows you to get a speedy massage for quicker relaxation.


- Muscle relaxation and muscle toning.
- Helps in the repair of worn-out and fatigued muscles as it breaks down the lactic acid accumulation in the muscles.
- Boosts circulation thereby helping in the removal of toxins and draining the lymph.
- Reduces fat and cellulite from thighs and buttocks.

Kind Words From Our Customers

I love the rollers and the quality of each! I have a yoga studio and we use them often!
The neem soap I don`t like the smell, but it does a great job cleaning!

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