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BronzLift Kansa Wand - Face Massager

  • DAILY USE AYURVEDIC BEAUTY TOOL - Used for a toning anti-aging facial massage. Reduces double chin, skin sagging, under-eye dark circles, and boosts glow.
  • KANSA METAL GOOD FOR SKIN - HealthAndyoga Certified Bronze; As per Ayurveda, Bronze/Kansa when used on skin helps to eliminate toxins and prevents acne. HealthAndYoga® BronzLift has two smooth bronze (lead free) metal caps providing the benefit of two kansa wands.
  • BIG BRONZE DOME (1.75 inches) - Can be used over entire face, neck, shoulders, feet and legs. Carved wooden handle provides firm grip. Helps to improve blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and puffiness and for pain relief.
  • SMALL BRONZE DOME (1 inch) - Used to massage smaller delicate areas like under and around eyes, behind ears and nose. Can also be used to apply pressure for deep tissue trigger point therapy.
  • BOOSTS GLOW - Apply few drops of any face oil/almond oil/ HealthAndYoga® Kumkumadi Face Glow Oil on the face and neck. Start with gentle strokes. With regular use, feel your face getting relaxed and more youthful. BronzLift Kansa Wand is a premium quality original beauty product- Also makes an elegant and thoughtful gift.

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HealthAndYoga® BronzLift Kansa Wand is based on Ancient Ayurvedic Beauty Tradition of toning, tightening and firming the facial muscles naturally.

HealthAndYoga® BronzLift Face massage is fun and a great way to boost the facial health and beauty. Bronze/Kansa Wand as per Ayurveda, works wonders for the skin, as- it improves blood circulation, drains stagnant lymph, thus removing waste secretions and bringing a beautiful glow to the face. Helps to sculpt and give a well-defined contoured face. Reduces double chin and sharpens jawline. Smaller dome is ideal for under eye massage and applying pressure to marma acupressure points for better energy flow.

BronzLift Kansa/Bronze metal caps are smooth and glide on the skin easily. They are highly resistant to corrosion. It has a carved wooden handle that provides a firm grip to apply pressure with least amount of effort, but total control. Can be used on face, nose, eyes, neck, back, shoulders and feet.

How to Use- After face cleansing, Apply few drops of any oil/serum/moisturizer/HealthAndYoga® Kumkumadi Oil on the face. Start with small gentle circular motions on the forehead and sweeping upwards motion on the cheeks and neck, to Massage face gently for 4-5 minutes as needed.

An Original Product by HealthAndYoga® - Your Trusted Natural Health Shop since year 2001.

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