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Flexible Leg Massager

  • Made from recyclable plastic- unbreakable and long lasting; for calves, shin, hamstrings, thighs, and foot sole - improves flexibility, strength and reduce the risk of injury. Extremely durable and comfortable - multipurpose massage stick.
  • Equipped with 18 independent, 360° rotating rollers perfectly and strategically designed to massage fatigued and cramped muscles - accelerates muscle recovery, releases deep tissue tension and lactic acid build-up.
  • Rollers on a solid, robust and flexible dowel – allow tool to wrap around leg contours; Easy grip handles on both ends - comfortable, with ergonomic grip.
  • Massage relieves deep tissue and myofascial pain, eliminates cramps and soreness of muscles - loosens knots, improves muscle strength, flexibility and blood circulation. A recommended massage tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, gym goers and power lifters - enhances post and pre workout recovery.
  • Product length 37 cm; portable and light in weight - best to be carried and used anywhere; easy to clean and store. Compact - fits perfectly in your gym bag.

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This durable and Flexible Wraparound Calf Massager is a multipurpose stick that helps reduce pain and improves muscle strength. It is highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, bodybuilders, gym goers and power lifters as it relieves deep tissue and myofascial pain. This massage stick also eliminates soreness of muscles, loosens knots and stimulates blood circulation. It can be used at home or at a gym pre workout and post workout to improve flexibility and releases deep tissue tension or lactic acid build-up and hence accelerate muscle recovery. Its recyclable plastic material makes it light in weight and an ideal tool to be carried while travelling or in your gym bag. This flexible Wraparound Calf Massager is equipped with 18 independent that rotate in 360 ° on a solid, robust and flexible dowel that strategically wraparound leg contours providing complete satisfactory relief from the agonizing pain by gently massaging trigger pressure points. For a smooth and effortless movement the massage stick has been provided with comfortable handles with an ergonomic grip. Flexible Wraparound Calf Massager is safe to be used daily leaving behind majestic effects on calves, shin, hamstrings, thighs, foot sole and shin splints muscles. Best portable massage stick that can be easily used, carried and cleaned.

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