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Enema Nozzles - Straight In - Enema Supplies

  • Set of 2 Nozzles - Made of smooth, white virgin medical grade PVC.
  • Short nozzle is 3 inches - May be connected to a colon tube or used directly without colon tube.
  • Long nozzle 5.5 inches- Has flared end, may be used for douche or enemas.
  • Reusable; Easy to clean; Easy to assemble.
  • Non-toxic, odorless, and extremely well-constructed.

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It is important to choose the right nozzle for your enema setup. Soulgenie offers you a set of 2 enema nozzles. Both are made of smooth white virgin medical grade PVC. It can easily slide inside without hurting. Nicely smoothened, rounded tip for gentle entrance. The enema nozzle is non-toxic , odorless and extremely well- constructed. The long nozzle (5.5 inches) with flared end may be used for douche or enemas. The short nozzle (3 inches) may be connected to a colon tube or used directly without a colon tube for enemas.

Soulgenie Nozzles help in delivering the liquid well into the rectum, loosening the stool and helping in elimination. This clearing of hardened stool also helps in cleaning away all the bacteria and reducing the risk of infection. This is a well- designed enema nozzle for an amazing enema experience. Enemas treat constipation and clear out your bowel.

Enemas have been used for hundreds of years to treat chronic constipation. It is also an essential part of those seeking relief from auto-immune disorders, and disorders where diagnosis is vague.

We recommend you to properly sanitize the tools before and after use. Administering an enema at home is considered safe.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Haven`t used the products yet but price, shipping and service was great. Products arrived as described.

I bought this for the replacement douche nozzle. I have had used the douche nozzle and I get a deeper enema and better relief. I have received enemas from the douche nozzle ever since my mom used her feminine folding douche syringe on me.

Good service

Great products and quick delivery.

love your products...yes, I received my order. Very happy. Thank you for being there!! :))))

Review not Provided.

Thank you!

My order was received very quickly & in good order.
The kit works easily & very well as it is simple to set up.
I emailed them as I had a couple of questions & their follow up service was fast & courteous.

I will be buying more of their products in the future.


Review not Provided.

Only one of the Tongue Cleaner has not been well finished, as i found a small bit area was very sharp, that i could have wounded my tongue if i didn`t check and use it straight away. Then i used the metal polisher to smooth it.
Apart from it, the rest of the products are very well and the delivery was very fast. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

wonderful service. Easy ordering. A real pleasure to do business with. Thanks so much!!!

Wish the two nozzles were sold separately

Fast service

Very efficient service and the best quality products!

I am never disappointed with my orders from Health and Yoga. I`ve searched the internet and Health and Yoga`s enema products are superior to all others. The order processing is easy and delivery is prompt.

Dave Noble
Folsom, California

Would like if could order just the straight in nozzles alone

Extremely quick service. From India to my doorstep in the US in four days. The products are all good quality. There was a smell on the bag at first, but it has gone away. Overall this was a great purchasing experience.

I am very happy with the product and the service.

Didn`t realize the product would ship from India and the time it took to get it was long. Product is fine!

Wish you would package the 2nozzles separate

Sell enema nozzles separately
(Offer straight alone & douche alone)

Noi issues

Would you consider only selling the smaller straight in enema nozzles alone?
(Instead of with longer bulbous one included?)

Should sell smaller straight in nozzles by themselves

your products are very very good

Everything arrived on time and all supplies I ordered works well.

Wish could order just individual shorter straight in nozzle (do not use the longer ones that come warped with shorter ones & it is such a huge waste of plastic )

Everything was received very quickly and safely packaged.

The delivery was not adequate.They should have left the parcel in my mail box at first. They did not deliver at first because I was not at home and they did not leave a note they had delivered the parcel. They sent an email asking me to give a correct address and my address was correct. I received 2 phone calls. Finally they delivered the parcel in my mail box after I sent an email that the delivery was not adequate. J.T.

I only need & use the straight smaller nozzle, and wish There was an option to just buy that one alone (without the longer nozzle) so a lot of plastic is getting thrown out.

I always receive items I order from you in a timely basis. And they are good quality products. I love the neem comb. It is helping my with hair growth, as I have thin hair. Thank you!

Thank you very much. Great quality products.

Always a great experience and wonderful products!

I purchased 2 orders (by accident because of your website) but I did not receive a coupon code for either order & I am a repeated frequent orderer.
I find this extremely disappointing

Great enema kit, would recommend it to anyone.

Received my order a few days after I ordered. Everything was discreet and well packaged. Love what I ordered and will definitely order again soon.

Fast service.........Great products! Will order from them in the future. Thanks!

This is exactly what we needed and are so grateful to you for having it available for us to purchase so easily. God bless you! We keep you and your work in our prayers.
Sr. Catherine

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I`m very happy with the quality of the product.

Review not Provided.

Yes, I received it a few days ago. It took 6 weeks...way too long, but I did receive it.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Your service was fast....products top quality...shipping charge very fair...considering it came from India...and your follow up excellent...will do business with your company in the future...


I had to try the website twice, the first time it froze up & wouldn`t let me get through to purchase
Other than that, it seemed fine

Thank you

Received, Thank you

I received all of the products in a timely fashion. I like your products, as this is my second purchase of an enema kit. I have also referred many people to your products over the last couple years.

I have one suggestion, however. I want to treat people with this enema kit, however, I do not want to treat multiple people with the same anal tip. I had requested a number of straight in anal tips, however and unfortunately, the straight in anal tip only comes in a package with a straight in vaginal tip.

So in essence, for me to acquire more anal tips, the only option is to also purchase the vaginal tip, which I do not intend to use. This results in a high amount vaginal tips that go directly to waste.

I would have liked to purchase 10 additional straight in anal tips without the accompany of a vaginal tip. Thank you for your consideration in a slight shift in your product availability.

Review not Provided.

Great products!

excellent supplier , fast shipping , good prices , great packaging , easy to follow web page

Got the order and in good time. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Thank you so much for your quick and good service!!

The products work well and where delivery very quickly

Totally happy with the quality of stuff ordered and customer service.

Got it. My order was filled and shipped quickly which was appreciated.

Best prices on the Internet. Some items are shipped from India making shipping time a little longer. Highly recommended!

Really fast delivery and good help!

very happy with service and product.

Got all my ordered products quickly. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

fast shipping. the product was like I thought it would be. Thanks

Review not Provided.

The product ordered was in excellent condition and packed very carefully.The delivery could`ve been a little sooner, but overall the quality of the product and service was really good. I am satisfied, thank you.

I am 1000% delighted with having you people looking after me.

Ever since my mom started using her yellow feminine folding douche syringe on me for my enemas, I have been sold on using the douche nozzle for my enemas. I love the feel of the douche nozzle

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I had received it late but I got the product.. I am satisfied with your products many of which I bought. (I had actually sent confirmation mails that I received the order on the very same day I got it)
I very much appreciate the work you are doing and I have recommended your site to many of my friends....Keep up the good work..

Very good products and service; fast dispatch too.Thank you very much.I will be back.

Thank you for being prompt in shipping. The product is great!

Unbelievable fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Great value, wouldn`t order from anywhere else! Have recommened to some friends.

My order arrived exactly as expected. The products are wonderful. Will order more.

Like the stainless enema buckets and the available parts for replacing used parts.

I don`t have anything to compare your items to really. Everything came to me clean and packaged. I wish the prices were a bit lower because I find we need to replace the hose often it seems to build up matte even though I thoroughly clean it. But there is a health issue in the household so I am happy we have excess to the your goods.

The Enema kit is a great product, and the service has always been great. We definitely will continue to use your products.

I`ve been completely satisfied with the service I`ve received both times I`ve ordered from you. I first heard about you from the Gerson Institiute. The stainless steel enema kit with silicone tubing is a fantastic quality product. Couldn`t be happier. Your service and shipping was quick and hassle free. I will continue to purchase from you in the future and recommend you to friends and family. Thank you for offering great quality products and providing excellent service.

Very pleased with products!

I continue to be very happy with your products and your service as well as your follow-up concern for your customers. I was particularly delighted that I received free shipping with this last order.
Thank you, Barbara Vanofferen

Wonderful products and great service, as always. Shipping was timely, too. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

High quality, fast service, easy instructions. Thank you.

Good products and speedy delivery. Thank you.

shipping could be a little faster but all is well.

Super Fast and efficient delivery of products. Will shop with you again and again.

Thank You Great service!!!

My order arrived very quickly, packaged well, and it`s exactly as advertised!

Review not Provided.


Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback. Everything in my order is fine. Thank you so much.

Product & service great. Emails could be a little more professional, but no big deal.

Super fast shipping.
Friendly, professional service.
Quality engineered products designed to
enhance life.

Thanks Corinna

I am very happy. Price, delivery and product are all excellent. Thank you

Happy with all of the products received.

Everything was as I expected, thank you.

I have no complaints. I received what I ordered in a timely manner. I was satisfied with the product.

only used it once. it is a very fine product.
thank you.

Delivery was very quick and all areas of your service were very good.

I wish the nozzel I got fit the clear tubing but it falls out. I don`t care for the other type the actuley goes with the clear tubing that goes to the metal bucket as they crack easy.

The order and delivery was great. We are not used to service like that in South Africa.

I am a bit concerned about the "Stainless Steel" bucket, as it is already showing signs of rust on the handle and some part of the rim. As for the rest of the equipment; the quality is great.

Regards, Giom

I especially liked the information about enemas that you included. AM using the products and finding them easy to use and very helpful.

I have received my order. I forwarded in on to my son in the military who had requested it. I guess you can't find them in Japan. He is a certified Yoga instructor and a certified Physical Trainer and has convinced a couple of his friend that they need to do some internal cleasing, starting with the colon. I liked you web site. I went to several others befor I ordered. Your's was clean and clear. Thank you.


Everything was as advertized and was recieved in a timely manner. I would purchase again if I had another need for your products. Ron

Enema kit received and is being used but has several deficiencies. The enema can leaked at the spout due to poorly designed and installed rubber gaskets. The tap also leaked and is not being used. We use the enema clamp instead.

Product came in a timely manner and fits perfectly! Thank you so much!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

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