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In the world of commodities, Baby care products have become one of the most sought after and the most commercialized. The fact that the commodities are for infants, makes them come under the radar the most. People who practice ‘Grahasta Yoga’ or are simply at a stage whence they have a child, know the relevance and the importance of these tools that have been commercialized to the point where people don’t even trust the ‘safety’ claims anymore. Hence, we have with us a range of Baby Care Products that are not only relevant but also actually safe for your baby. Our range of Baby care Products include, Feeding and Nursing Products, Baby Oral Care Products, and Medical tools like Nasal Aspiration and Bulb Syringe (for relief from constipation). Our products are made of the highest qualities of materials, which makes these products safe as well as great in quality and reliance. Each one of our product goes through rigorous quality checks and testing to make sure that no stone is left unturned while making our products safe and desirable for your baby. We at Soulgenie understand the concern and cautiousness that people express while purchasing baby products, hence we check and recheck our products individually, and make sure that you get what you’ve been promised. Not indulging in coarse materialism we only recommend products that are relevant and needed.