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Lollipop Baby Tongue Cleaner

  • Lollipop tongue cleaner ultra soft and circular head with silicone flap for efficiently cleaning baby’s tongue
  • BPA and Phthalate-free Non-toxic polymer provides completely safe tongue cleaning on babies
  • It has two bridges in the top of the tongue with no sharp edges and the non-slip grooves thoroughly clean milk residues maintaining the infant’s oral hygiene
  • Easy Parental Grip - The cleaner has about 4 inch long handle which is convenient for the parent to hold
  • Attractive fun design - makes brushing fun – Natural Lollipop style ; COLORS MAY VARY

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A baby’s complete care routine is incomplete without proper care of baby’s oral health. Soulgenie brings this specially designed baby tongue cleaner which has two bridges on the top of the tongue cleaner that helps to clean the tongue. Bridges are made of soft foam like material. These are not hard plastic. For kids cleaning this tool scraper is eco friendly, eliminates bad breath and is an Anti-Slip tongue cleaner. Softens and cleans the tongue coating. Place the lollipop tongue cleaner side down, extend into the inside of the entrance cavity, and gently drag it out from inside to outside gently gliding over the tongue. This lollipop-head tongue scraper inserts perfectly into your baby’s mouth and the soft rounded head protects against bruising. Attractive fun design - makes brushing fun. Instructions: Moisten the cleaner with water. Open baby’s mouth and insert the lollipop head gently resting the flaps on the back of the tongue. Quickly glide out gently pulling the coats out. NOTE : We always suggest great care before using any product on babies and it is always wise to consult your pediatrician.

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