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Baby Nail Filer - Pack of 2

  • Colorful and attractive design; will not intimidate babies – available in multi-color set of 2
  • Unique dual side filing design – long lasting, handy and good grip for parents
  • Rounded edges – Soft filer with non-sharp round edges for gentle nail filing
  • Not only for your baby’s fingers, perfect for the toe nails as well.
  • Size – length 12 cm – pocket friendly and light weight

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If you are biting your baby’s nails because you are scared to clip them as your infant might get hurt then baby nail filer is the perfect product for you. This attractive and colorful nail filer is precisely designed for your baby. This is a non-metallic filer which is safe on your baby’s skin as it has no dangerous edges and is absolutely scratch proof. This is a dual sided filer and you would just require giving a few strokes twice a week for perfectly smooth nails for your baby.

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