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GutFlo Enema Kit

  • Complete Home Use Enema Kit includes Stainless Steel Bucket, Medical grade tubing, Nozzles and Instruction Booklet.
  • Stainless Steel Bucket - Has large capacity of over 2 quarts / liters,
    allowing for a thorough colon cleanse.
  • Medical Grade PVC hose, Clamp and 2 types of Nozzle make it very comfortable to use.
    Latex Free.
  • All Kit attachments are replaceable and can be bought separately.
  • Easy to clean & assemble.
    Suitable for Home use; for Spas , Wellness Centers, Nature Cure Centers.

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Enema is the most effective and natural method to cleanse the colon, for body detoxification and managing constipation.

Soulgenie's GutFlo Home Enema Kit is designed with extra care to make enema an easy and a delightful experience.
Practice Enema at your own pace and privacy.

GutFlo Complete Home Enema Kit includes several attachments. All of which can be easily replaced and bought separately.

Stainless Steel Bucket- Clinically hygienic. Sufficiently large to hold at least 2 quarts or liters of water. Contains enough water to give a thorough colon detox in one go. Can be refilled if needed. Has a handle for easy carrying.

Medical grade PVC Colon Tube- Has Diameter - 5/16 inch, Length - 1.5 meters. Enough length for easy maneuvering.

Enema Nozzles- 2 types- Straight In and Flared

Clamp- Helps control water flow. Single hand press mechanism, allows one hand to be free.

Instruction Manual- Well researched with illustrations.

GutFlo Enema kit is extremely easy to use and clean. It is latex-free and easy to assemble. It can be easily sterilized to maintain hygiene and reusability. One does not need to be an expert to practice enema with this kit. The given instructions and little patience makes it an ideal enema kit for self/home use.

Soulgenie's GutFlo Home Enema Kit is the most effective way to keep the colon flushed and body detoxified - Totally Unassisted!!

Spas, Health Centers, and Wellness centers across the world find GutFlo Enema Kit extremely helpful, easy to maintain and value for money. Go ahead and make Soulgenie your trusted place to shop for health and yoga supplies at wholesale prices.


Oct 12, 2018

How can Enemas help me?

Important information about Enema A majority of people these days complain about constipation, bowel disorders and unexplained disorders. In some of the critical cases, the patients are often advised to undergo procedures such as Enemas. So what exactly is an enema and how can it improve your health...
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