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GutFlo Enema Kit

  • Complete Home Use Enema Kit includes Stainless Steel Bucket, Medical grade tubing, Nozzles and Instruction Booklet.
  • Stainless Steel Bucket - Has large capacity of over 2 quarts / liters,
    allowing for a thorough colon cleanse.
  • Medical Grade PVC hose, Clamp and 2 types of Nozzle make it very comfortable to use.
    Latex Free.
  • All Kit attachments are replaceable and can be bought separately.
  • Easy to clean & assemble.
    Suitable for Home use; for Spas , Wellness Centers, Nature Cure Centers.

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    $ 29.71
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    $ 27.96
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Enema is the most effective and natural method to cleanse the colon, for body detoxification and managing constipation.

Soulgenie's GutFlo Home Enema Kit is designed with extra care to make enema an easy and a delightful experience.
Practice Enema at your own pace and privacy.

GutFlo Complete Home Enema Kit includes several attachments. All of which can be easily replaced and bought separately.

Stainless Steel Bucket- Clinically hygienic. Sufficiently large to hold at least 2 quarts or liters of water. Contains enough water to give a thorough colon detox in one go. Can be refilled if needed. Has a handle for easy carrying.

Medical grade PVC Colon Tube- Has Diameter - 5/16 inch, Length - 1.5 meters. Enough length for easy maneuvering.

Enema Nozzles- 2 types- Straight In and Flared

Clamp- Helps control water flow. Single hand press mechanism, allows one hand to be free.

Instruction Manual- Well researched with illustrations.

GutFlo Enema kit is extremely easy to use and clean. It is latex-free and easy to assemble. It can be easily sterilized to maintain hygiene and reusability. One does not need to be an expert to practice enema with this kit. The given instructions and little patience makes it an ideal enema kit for self/home use.

Soulgenie's GutFlo Home Enema Kit is the most effective way to keep the colon flushed and body detoxified - Totally Unassisted!!

Spas, Health Centers, and Wellness centers across the world find GutFlo Enema Kit extremely helpful, easy to maintain and value for money. Go ahead and make Soulgenie your trusted place to shop for health and yoga supplies at wholesale prices.

Kind Words From Our Customers

The product is great! I was a little nervous with payment, and everything came exactly as promised. I am a happy customer!

Great product, simple to use, good quality, would recommend it.

The Enema pit is of a very good quality. The delivery was much before time n very prompt service.
Did not used the neem powder as yet so cannot comment but it should be good.

Review not Provided.

So far so good! It`s sturdy and well-built, just hard to find a place to hang it in my bathroom. Speedy delivery and everything was in the package. Thank you.

The product was as described and easy to use. I was very happy with it and the customer service as well.

I couldn’t believe how fast it arrived! I’ve been using it daily and have nothing bad to say. It’s super easy to fill, clean and the hose is great material much thicker tube than my last and the clamp is super simple. It came with 2 nozzles only one which I’ve used so far. I would easily purchase it again, wonderful price.

Re I ever no problem, thanks

Fast service

I`m sorry that I didn`t acknowledge receipt of the product I ordered. It arrived very quickly and in good shape. Thanks so much.

The package arrived in a timely fashion and looked to be of excellent quality. I have noticed, upon use, that the bucket leaks slightly at the site of the spout, even with the hose attached tightly and properly. I will try to see if I can tighten the fitting.

My only complaint is that the metal handle has rough edges and can cause cuts on my fingers if not carefull.

I received the product quickly and it t was excellent quality. The instructions were very useful. Thank you!

Very fast and efficient service.

i haven`t used it yet ; i will start in january

I am very pleased with my purchase and customer service.

It was good and was delivered on time. What else you want?!!!

Thank you for you product. It is just what I required but never knew where to buy.

Love everything about Health&Yoga

Everything was received very quickly and safely packaged.

The delivery time was amazing...2 days from India was very impressive.

The product is great! The seems well made and I have recommended your company to another friend so she can order a kit as well.

Excellent customer service and booklet with very clear instructions.
Also very good quality and clean equipment
Thank you!

am pleased with product and service

This product was great !!!!
Would recommend to a friend

I have not used the product as yet but yes the delivery was much before time and the product is as described. I am actually satisfied with my purchase.



We received our supplies timely and in good order. This was my first order and I`m so happy with my products. I will definitely be cycling into other products. Thank you so much!

The product arrived in good condition and in a timely manner. I haven`t yet used the equipment so I cannot comment any more on it.
It is not the type of product I wish to `share` about with my friends! Lol
So I won`t be able to assist you with recommendations.
Thank you for your efficient service.

Perfect service, I received the ordered product as expected.
Shipping was handled very professionally.
Packaging was very good, product came in excellent conditions.

Item was shipped and received promptly, and not only was the product high-quality, the instructions were of a high vibration and of a pure intention.

I really like the product and it arrived sooner than I expected considering where it was coming from.

The highest quality product that arrived quickly. My original purchased is in excellent condition 8 months later. U have re-purchased 3 others for family members because health and yoga.com was an excellent vendor!

Excellent products, Sipping was efficient and fast. Customer service and check up was absolutely outstanding. A pleasure to do business with you and look forward to doing so again.

Item as advertised. Works fine. Easy to clean.

Easy order and quick shipping. Product is of excellent quality.

Review not Provided.

Got my product,Enema Equipment quickly. I am very satisfied with product and service. Thank you !

Arrived speedily and the product,Enema Equipment is great! Very effective and satisfactory.


We received Enema Equipment in timely order and in very good condition. Thank you for prompt efficient service.

We are happy with this product Enema Equipment and your prompt service.

I am extremely satisfied with this product!! It arrived within a week of ordering. it

is so easy to use, and the instruction booklet is so helpful!

I know that there is a place on the bucket to hang it from a nail on a wall, but
I would suggest for future customers to include a hook of some sort with the product, as many people hang the enema bucket on a door knob, towel rack or chair (I personally use a chair). So currently, I tie a ribbon to the bucket and use that to hang it.

Other than that, this is an excellent product, and rhe cuatomer service is awesome!

I love the steel enema bucket. It works best for our enemas needs. many thanks!

The `Stainless Steel`is not stainless steel, it is just a thin layer. The thin layer already starts to flake, therefore the Enema is NOT suitable certainly for an enema!

I had bought bucket enema twice in past ; this one has a different kind of insertion tube and clamp. I bought it for a family member ; she has who found the tube too loose and the clamp difficult to manipulate.

Review not Provided.

Thank you for your prompt service. My purchase was of excellent quality and the customer service was very helpful.

Everything arrived in good order….all parts OK and of excellent quality. This product will be of valuable use for many years. Thank you, W. Robson

product received took 2 weeks to arrive. I did not know it was coming from India, but it was in excellent condition and I am satisfied with the product
Thank you

Very fast shipping and good value. Thank you!

All good thanks you very much!

The only thing I had issue with was that I thought that the enema bucket had silicon tubing but did not. I thought I had ordered that but the paper work indicated otherwise. Otherwise the items are what I expected and came in a timely manner. Thank you

Very pleased with your delivery, as always!

Already recommended you to all my friends

Good business, Cristina

Delivery was quick and product is nice. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Top quality items and really fair prices. Service and delivery were excellent!

I am very happy with my recent purchase of this enema equipment. The stainless steel is so much better than a bag and easier to use because you can hang it up or it can be put on a shelf instead! The only reason I give this product a good rating rather than excellent is because I would rather it have a roller clamp than the click clamp. But I am still very happy with my purchase.

The container has to be hung at a certain level for the liquid to start draining. It has to be at an oblique angle not very convenient.

Your product arrived in very good condition, and in a reasonable amount of time. I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Thank you.

Product as expected

Received my order swiftly. The items were just as I expected. I was ver pleased. Thanks

Very happy

Thank you for the excellent service and speedy delivery I am very happy with the product and will definitely recommend you

Bee UK

Items shipped as described. Fast service. Good customer service. I recommend this company and will use them in the future, which I have since.

Excellent quality products, and reasonable prices. The delivery was quick, and thank you for the gift of the additional product to try!
Nice touch!

I ordered this enema bucket on recommendation from my colonic therapist. She asked me to bring it to one of our sessions so she could check it out, so I did. She told me it was a great bucket and I should be excited to have such a nice one in my home to have for my family. The instruction booklet was hard to follow. Seems like it was translated from another language so it was a little screwy sounding at times.

Great product.

Review not Provided.

Very happy with products, service time and cost.

Excellent product. Easy to use and to clean.

Seems sturdy and very easy to clean. I`m happy with it, except for the hose clamp. Unfortunately, even at the tightest setting it still seems to drip. Other than that, everything is good.

Thank you for the fast, smooth trade. I`m very happy with the product, your service and your quick reply to my email enquiry when I needed clarification prior to order. One more happy customer :)

Very pleased.

I have not used the product yet, but it is
exactly what I want.

no problems...all was delivered as expected. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Quick delivery, good equipment, and the booklet was so helpful to a new comer to enimas.

Review not Provided.

I like your products very mutch. And very good service all the time :-)

happy with it

Excellent product. Totally worth it. This is a quality product, that adds to quality of life...

Extreme fast shipping n very good product I love it

Yes, I received my order tho it did take some
time to get it, but I understand it comes from out of USA.
I expected it to take some time.
thank you for caring to ask for my opinion,

Good quality product. Very timely delivery.

Review not Provided.

I`ve been using your product for a few weeks now and am totally pleased with the results. It is much easier to use than what I was using for my enema treatments, and is much easier to clean. Very pleased with my purchase and impressed with the quality. The price was much more reasonible than what I was seeing on other websites. Thank you for your quality products.

The product quality is excellent. And delivery quick. Thx.

It was good to receive the order promptly and I am pleased with the equipment and booklet,many thanks, Lesley

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my package shortly after purchase. I was surprised to see that it had been checked by customs. The quality of the products are surpurb.

Review not Provided.

Unbelievable fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Review not Provided.

I love my new enema kit! very sexy, steel, and clear hose. easy cleaning and refilling. no stinky plastic smell like the bags.

super love!

Thank you for contacting me. Your last e-mail about feedback would not send.

I was so pleased at how promptly the order came.
I am satisfied with the quality of the purchase and I would order again for health needs.

Thank you for serving those who strive to maintain or regain health.

Borgny Parker

Thank you for your concern.
I thought I had let you know your product had arrived safely. It is already packed to go to my eventual address. I am well now and am not in need of using it but it is comforting to know I have a superior product for future use. If i have any more queries, I know who to turn to. Thank you again for your kind attention.
Sincerely, Rosalind Lovejoy.

I have received my Product A-O-K.Thank You very much,Ken Agee.

Recieved my products ordered and satisfied .

High quality product and most important customer service.
Very pleased.

Thank you for your services. Product arrived in a rather timely fashion and is of high quality. I appreciate your follow thru.
I will definately recommend others to your site.
Jodeen Revere

Thank you so much for these great products and excellent services. Happy New Year!

Review not Provided.

I am accustomed when I order from the U.S for my order to take about a month. Our order from this company came within a week and a half and we were happy with the quality.

The unit works well and I am pleased to use it. Thank you.


Thank you very much for the quick service. This order arrived quicker than expected and everything was in great shape.

Thanks, again!

I am very happy with my purchase. I have used it a few times and it works great.
Thanks for a great product!

Very nice kit. Delivery was exactly as stated. The contents of excellent quality. I especially like the muslin bag for safe-keeping of the equipment. I wish more than one enema tip had been included in the basic kit as I didn`t plan ahead and will need to order more. Had to use another system for a follow-up cleansing in the meantime since I didn`t think extra order would arrive in time (without costly shipping). I am very satisfied overall.

I ordered the products from Canada and received them 3 days later. That`s fast !

I got exactly what I ordered.

Thank you, received my order.

Thank you for such a quick delivey. I would like to express my appreciation for providing
such a fine product.

Regards..Thomas. New Mexico, U.S.A.

Great fast service and good product!

Received quickly and all was well with the order.

Thank you very much for the fast shipping! Everything is great and received in good condition,i feel so refresh after using it. i`ll definitely recommend this website to my friends!

The buckets were a great purchase and actually make the deed of doing an enema almost enjoyable.

It is exactly as described and what I wanted.

I received the enema kit but haven`t had a chance to set the enema board in place to
begin proper use. I read the directions which
suggest lying on the floor. I may give that a try. I`m happy that the water container is
stainless steel for sanitary purposes, but thought it might be larger based on the picture, as well as my previous sized one.

Hi, Received my enema equipment and neti pots in a very timely manner. I love the quality of the products. The neti pot holds so much more water it is great! The Stainless Steel Enema bucket is awsome...very easy to clean. Thanks for being a great company to work with. Sincerely, Sara

Have been very dissatisified with what I purchased. It leaks at both connections, so it is VERY unsatisfactory. In addition, not having a handle at top to hang it from makes it much less practical to use. Very upsetting to waste money on such an unsatisfactory product. I would like a refund!

Thank you, I have received the enema. It has helped my daughter to heal her problem and I am thankful that I stumbled on your products.
shea sorensen

Received the product on time and the product is exactily what I exptected. Thanks

Product was on time and in good condition!


I have been very pleased with the enema kit that I ordered. The stainless steel bucket is well constructed, easy to clean, and just the right size. The rest of the set-up is also well put together. I will encourage others to buy this product if they are looking for a high quality eneman kit. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Delivery was prompt and the enema can works nicely. I also appreciate the colon wash instructions sent via e-mail. Both forms of cleansing have helped me with my detoxing strategies. Thanks again!


Great product and fast shipping for coming all the way from India!

I have not used the product yet.

Yes, Thank You, I did receive my product in record time and I am very satisfed, although I wish it had had a handle on it to hang. It works well anyway, thank you. I will pass the word on. Thank You, Reola

Review not Provided.

I was not satisfied with the products and have not used them. I feel that I have been scammed. I am patiently waiting for a return address which I have not received after several weeks. Please refund my money now and send the return address.
Carline Hoyle

Product was delivered quickly and is well worth the price.

The product is good. It did take three and a half weeks before I received it though. Thank you.

My order arrived on time. The quality was good and it was well packed. Thanks

Very smooth shopping experience.Fast shipping and recieved product in a short time.Very satisfied with service.

My order arrived quickly. I am delighted with my purchases. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

My order was quickly filled in very good condition and to exact specifications. The materials are of good quality and perform well. I am pleased and would recommend Health and Yoga to everyone.

Received on time and was carefully wrapped. I have already told family and friends about your service and great prices. Thank You!

Thank you. The service was very good. Delivery time was excellent arriving in only 4-5 days. Product is as described. I am very satisfied. Will order from this company again. Thank you.

I am veryu pleased with your product and the lead time; but also with the personalized service you provide.

Review not Provided.

I am very satisfied with the prompt delivery as well as the quality of the product.

Thank you,

Adriana Rudder

The delivery was on time and the equipment is very good shape.

The enema kit/bucket I recieved was good for the value. The one thing i will say is that there is a tiny drip where the catherter attaches to the rubber hose. Overall the product works wonderfully.

Service was fast and efficient. Would shop here again. Thank you!


The product arrived fine.



Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

thank you! it got here fine, and the directions made it easy to use. i`m a satisfied customer.

Have not used yet.

I am very satified of the order.
Especially the book Yoga Food and Health, which allowed me to further change my habits in accordance to my believes.
Thanks a lot, Alain Minnoy.

The at home system is great. Thanks again.

Review not Provided.

The product is great. I appreciate the stainless steel enema can and I like the clear hose. It is such a wonderful improvement over the rubber enema devices, as they are impossible to clean. Thanks!

Excellent! The stainless steel container is that much more easy to handle and more hygenic. One thing we find with the nozzles, they are a bit hard. we are using the much more flexible one from our bulbous enema. So together it makes a very satisfying product.
And by the way, within 4 days we were offered delivery! Thanks for such efficient service. Would only recommend.

My order took a very long time to arrive - too long in my opinion. Also, the disposable catheters arrived with NO CONNECTORS and are therefore useless.

The whole shopping experience went as smooth as one could ask for. The product arrived in a timely fashion, and it is a high quality product.

I refused this item when UPS delivered it. You should have received it back by now.

Thank you very much. I appreciate every item and am very pleased. I did think the books woud be hard copies, although the e-version is acceptable. If you have any promtions please send them, I do intend to order the toothpaste again soon!
God Bless

I have given that product to a friend but like to order another one try it my self after i return home from my trip.Thanks for the mail.

I have no complaints. I received what I ordered in a timely manner. I was satisfied with the product.

I received my product without any problems. I am very happy with it and have not encounter any problems yet. If anything comes up and I feel that some changes are necessary, I will let you know. I love the way I am treated by your company. Namaste

I recieved the product in a timely manner.
The design of the product could be improved. It only functions fairly well.
Sorry to have to give negative feedback...I dislike having to do that. I`ve cared for a lot of "end of life here" cancer affected people and I`ve used a few different enema products. This one is difficult yo get all of the fluid out of and the tubing has a tendency to come apart.
Lee Collins, Registered Professional Nurse

Thank you. All Good!

Every item was the way I expected it to be. All is well. thanks

Everything is o.k. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Received product in timely manner. Am happy with purchase. Thank you.

Excellent product. Much better than what was available in the stores here in the US. The various parts fit perfectly well without leaking. I would highly recommend it.

Great product and service Thank you

Review not Provided.


I received my order in a timely manner. Everything is fine. Thank you.

Hi thanks for giving me the opportunity to give some feedback. I did receive the product and noticed the valve connected to the nozzle leaks. There is a small crack in it. Is there a chance to send me new connectors. I appreciate the fact that you are checking to see if everything is ok. Thank You.
-Keith Aazami

Order was prompt and accurate. Thank You.

It was a nice solid piece of equipment and it came much quicker than I expected.

only used it once. it is a very fine product.
thank you.

Review not Provided.

yes we have recieved our order and it works great. Thank you very much

Good quality, good value, fast shipping and good information!

Prompt shipment and a very good quality product. Thank you very much!

Received the product in a reasonable amount of time and the quality is excellent.

Product quality and expedient delivery were far beyond expectaion.

Thank you.

Review not Provided.

fast delivery, good quality products.thank you very much!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The items I ordered arrived in time and were as described.
Good quality and good prices. Thank you.

Good quick delivery-very happy with the product-thanks

Thank you so much everything arrived very quickly and I am very satisfied.
Mary K. Hill

I was using the drug store enema bag and it was very difficult to handle. This stainless steel is so much better. The tubing is soft. the container is very easy to clean and handle.
I am so happy with this purchase. It is the Cadillac of enema kits.

Everything was in good order and was very satisfactory. Your shipping was fair & fast.
Thank-you until next time.

Great! Order was quick and easy to make, delivery prompt and quality of kit very high.
Very satisfied customer :)

wonderful product and easy to use

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am very impressed with the quality of the product (Stainless Steel Enema Pot) that I received AND the fast and courteous service I received!! I would definitely do business with this company again. :-)

generally O.K. The only negetive item tjat
that the colon tube 34fr is much too rigid.
I realize I ordered it but you asked for my input so I`m giving it. I probably should
have ordered the 28fr instead.

The product arrived within the given time frame and in excellent condition. The enema tank is a great alternative to the normal bags one usually sees for sale. There is no hustle with having mold in the bag and such.

Thank you for the excellent service.

Ioannis Frangeskou

I received the two stainless steel enema buckets in perfect condition. Thank-you for your prompt service of my order.

I`ve received the product, but haven`t used it as yet

:) thank you so much. I never thought I could do jala neti. And I can breathe so much more clearly now. Thank you for this blessing during the cold season :).

Received the product as ordered. It was shipped fast. I will order from them again.

Products are excellent, service great, and really appreciate the swift and helpful communication.

The product is good.

i really like the enema bucket. i`ve been using it regularly since the purchase and it works great. BUT: i do not like the instructions. i don`t think they`re neither precise nor clear enough. they do not provide you with a clear info how to assemble the kit. i mostly figured it out myself. (but i still don`t know what two of the noozles are for that came with the kit. and the instructions do not offer any answers). other than that i do appreciate the business i did with health & yoga. thank you.

Shipped extremely quickly. Excellent quality of products!

Review not Provided.

Yes I received the enema kit if fine order. it is a quality product and works very well.
I am a very satisfied customer and will be ordering more products from health and yoga.

Thanks for your professionalism --

Collin Towers
Lakeland Florida USA

I have received it. Too busy to open the box yet.

Everything was timely and responsive

Review not Provided.

got the goods every thing was ok use it at least once aweek thanks d.t.

The order has reached us in time and am very satisfied with quick delivery.

Kalpana Lloyd

i did not get the 1 enema Equipment, i got 2 enema can"s

Yes, I did receive it. Thank you. I also would and have recommended it.
Susan Hoover

The order and delivery was great. We are not used to service like that in South Africa.

I am a bit concerned about the "Stainless Steel" bucket, as it is already showing signs of rust on the handle and some part of the rim. As for the rest of the equipment; the quality is great.

Regards, Giom

The product arrived very promptly and in excellent condition. Customer service also excellent, with follow up email to check on product arrival status. Thank you!

great delivery time and great products. especially loved the toothpaste and the tongue scraper (and soap and rest of stuff). thank you so much. will order again.

Very pleased with the product and your service.
Thank you
Jacklyn Decker

Yes, I did receive my order, but only partially happy with the product. The attachment from the tubing to the nozzle tip requires, the turning shut off valve in between. The valve isn`t necessary, because of the squeeze shut off, on the hose itself. The hose can`t be attached to the nossel withough the aditional turning shut off valve, and that value hurts when using the product, because it is right up against the skin. There should be a way of just attaching the tubing directly to the nozzle.

I have not tried the product yet, but I plan to this weekend. Thanks for the fast and friendly customer service.

I am very impressed with your speedy delivery as well as your high effeciency. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Product in perfect condition and the service was outstanding!

I received the enema pot very quickly. As funny as it sounds, it is amazing! It is pretty simple, and very relieving without any pain. I don`t know why they aren`t more common.

I was very impressed with the timely delivery and condition of the item. I will order more from your site very soon.

Satisfied with my purchase. However, I had a question. I usually used an enema bag to do my enemas so when I tried the new stainless steel kit, the water seemed to be coming out very slowly. Is this normal??

great, quick service... quality product... nice follow up... :-)

got the order It was delayed because I was away for a couple of days U guys deliver to fast
Use it once a week feels good after

I love the neti pot. The week I received it I caught a cold and I honestly feel that using the neti pot helped in getting rid of what I considered potential sinus infection "matter".
The tea is very good. I am not sure about the skin auro paste yet. The tongue cleaner is alright not to impressed. I have not used the enema equipment yet.

Im very pleased.
I will be ordering again soon

Great product at great price. Thanks for the help

Excellent product and speedy delivery! Thank you so much, Health & Yoga!!

My new health regime includes regular cleansing enemas (to support immune system and fight cancer), so this purchase is perfect for me! It`s the best set-up I`ve seen and I`m very happy with it. In fact, I didn`t just recommend it to others, I purchased it for them (reimbursed later)!! This was the second one I bought!
Thank you for your products!

I love the product and got it in a timely fashion. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Thank you for checking into this. I have received my purchase.

Hi, I purchased your enema kit and found it well made and of high quality. However, I have 1 suggestion. It is helpful to know approx. how much liquid has entered the colon. This cannot be observed with the stainless steel pot unless you get off the floor which is awkward. With the bag you can see how much it has collapsed. How about a small plastic ball with a rod on top that floats in the water. A small weight on the bottom would keep the rod floating upright. A small track could be clipped to the side to keep it against the side that faces toward you. You could observe the height of the liquid by seeing how high the rod is. Regards.

Review not Provided.

I am very satisfied with my experience with Health and Yoga purchase. I was continuously updated about the status of order and product met my expectations. Thanks Ajay Singh

Review not Provided.

Namaste. Enema kit was good value for the price. Although on first use the green connection piece on the end of the tube had a pinhole and leaked. I taped it up and then fitted the other end to the pot and it then had a pinhole and leaked. Couldn't find any sharp edges on the pot spout or tap, so must be a weakness in the product. Bit disappointing really. Thanks, Kevin.

I received my order quickly, and everything I ordered was in the package. Thank you.

Review not Provided.


I haven't used it yet, but I expect it will be a good purchase.

Love your products

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with my purcase,finaly I've found the right product.Thanks a lot.The delivery was on time as well.I would use this website in the future again.

thank you for your quick shipping.

Received in timely fashion. Haven't used products yet to comment


I am a very satisfied customer, received the item very fast. I will definitely buy from your company again. Thanks

The enema equipment is fantastic. I had never used this kind of thing before. The product is so user-freindly that I use it regularly. I am very happy with these products and the neem powder is especially effective. And both of my orders came on time.

I have received the enema in a relatively short time and can say am very satisfied with the product, so much so that the latest order was for two enemas. One for my sister and another for a relative. One small detail though. The green nozzle of the pipe which is attached to enema pot and the other end is attached to the plastic tap, seems to be pierced because water is leaking from it when used. Can I fix this with glue?

I received my enema equipment, but the nozzle on the bulb syringe was cracked and doesn't work, and the tubing for the enema kit leaks (I had to tape it up so it wouldn't leak all over me). Is it possible to get a replacement for these items? I am disappointed because they are essentially unusable. Thanks for your help, Robin Reed robinmreed@gmail.com

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with the product and the time it took for it to get to me. Thank you.

I very much liked the quality of your product and the manner in which it was packed. Thank you very much....I already feel much better!!

good service and prompt delivery

Tongue cleaner is excellent. Have not had time to use enema kit yet. It seems complicated.

I received my purchase but was a little disappointed because when I fit the pieces together the small douche nozzle broke, without any pressure to it. I would appreciate if you can send me a another one, preferably a rubber one, that is the only problem I have. Please note I hope this will be replaced free of cost if not I would returen the entire kit back. Thank you.

I really appreciated the thorough information on your website, your excellent customer service and speedy delivery. Thank you for blessing me, and helping me take better care of myself.

Thank you for sending it so promptly!

Timely delivery--very satisfied with your product--information booklet very informative.

Re you also supporting resellers?! We want to open a shop here in Berlin espaccily for enema treatments, detoxing etc. and we are interested into a reseller discount, promotion material, herbals, nutrition supplements, etc. You can reach me at : martin.wolllschlaeger@mac.com Thank you very much for your support. I am looking forward to hear from you! Best regards from Berlin (germany)

I acutally love the enema kit; however, after only on use on my 5-year old son. There is a hole in the connector (green part) of the large tubing.

The Enema Equipment we recieved works well. Thank you very much.

I appreciated the prompt service and kind communications along the way. There are some problems with the product - the clamp does not work well and one of the green connection parts of the tube leaks. Can these be replaced? Thanks, JoAnne joanne@pathwaysforhealing.net

I think I'm going to like the product once I once used to get.

I'm overflowing with gratitude! My delivery arrived speedily, and the instructions were clear and helpful. I had no idea that basti could be such a form of self-love, but I must have known for I invested in an enema pot and I am truly grateful to have such a sturdy, environmentally responsible utensil to add to my health care practices! Also, the neti pots are extraordinary. I had a ceramic one purchased at the local health food store, that was definitely insufficient! I'm going to show them my JalaNeti and suggest they start carrying them instead of the other inferior brand. I found your site helpful, easy to navigate and full of great information. Thank you for the work you do! Sat Nam!

Review not Provided.

After the first time I used the enema bucket, it rusted. It was advertised as stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn't rust. I don't feel it is safe to use again. I have wasted my money because of false advertising.

Product was as described, delivered on time and works fine. Thanks.

The order arrived in only three days from order. An incredibly fast time. Product is excellent. Many thanks for first class service. Best regards, Leonard Spira

I especially liked the information about enemas that you included. AM using the products and finding them easy to use and very helpful.

I haven't used the product yet but it did arrive much sooner than I expected it to, which is great.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my items on time as promised. I am extremely happy with them. For the past twenty years or so I have been cleaning my nose and my colon. This is my first time using stainless steel. The step by step instructions were great.

Part of my order was broken when I received it (Bulb Syringe 9fl. oz). The plastic connector that is inserted into the opening of the bulb had a hairline crack, so when the thin black plastic nozzle was inserted, some water would leak out from the connector before it got to the nozzle. This has made it unusable since most of the water leaks out before getting to the nozzle. The rest of the order was good.

Great product. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick shipment.

Thankful to have found your presence in this life my friends. Thank you so much for serving all of humanity with your supportive natures dealing with the wellbeing of all through health & harmony. Peace & Plenty, Leela Alvarez

Review not Provided.

Delivery was faster than expected and well satisfied with the product.

Everything showed up in good condition and in a reasonable amount of time. thanks Tom

I was quite pleased with the promptness of my order. Unfortunately I have not had the time to utilize either product as of yet.

It was received as expected. The prices are reasonable and the web site is well organized. Thank you!

Excellent condition and fast shipping. Well-written instructions, easy to understand. THANKS!

Got my enema kit fast but have yet to use it. Good company with fast responses on all questions. Will use again if needed. Thanks!

Great product! Excellent service!

Review not Provided.

What a great experience! My order was processed quickly and arrived here like lightening. It was packaged very well. And all of the items are of the highest quality and quite easy to use.Instructions are clear cut. I would gladly do business with you again! Thank-you. KH


The product is of high quality and the service was great. Thanks.

excellent everything, got it on time, i love the fennel seeds i will reorder soon thanks m

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Received product Thak You, but have not had time to try it out yet.

Review not Provided.

I was delightrd to see SS pot, but I washed it and next morning noticed inside seam at bottom is all rusted. All plastic tubing and valve are very poor quality. U could use beeter quality and materials. Indian cooking pots are of superb quality and very inexpensive. Raj Bhimani

Review not Provided.

Good price and prompt delivery. Thank you.

My package was wrapped adequately, but only just. It was somehow taped together with someone else's order with my name on both shipping labels. I called the UPS delivery person and she came and picked up the other package to forward it on to its final destination. So, I guess more care in shipping pkgs. and better boxes too. (I had to retape the second pkg. becasue it was falling apart and the contents were about to fal lout). The product I ordered is just great though!! Thank you.

Everything was as advertized and was recieved in a timely manner. I would purchase again if I had another need for your products. Ron

I am very happy with my purchase of the enema equipment. It is of very high quality. I am deeply grateful that you are there. Thank You! Namaste ~Jordan Adams http://www.JordanAdams.com

It went to the wrong address, fortunately by chance the person called me but they had to try a few times as the incorrect number was also on the postage. The tooth paste is great. Re enema set, it is good, only concern is what do I do with the douchethat comes with the catherter, also it would be good if there was a line on the catherter to guide people as to how far to put it in, as usually I'm nervous that it doesn't go in far enough, or it might go in too much (can it damage the wall of the colon?). Regards

Everything came and was fine. I have been using the tounge cleaner daily and I like it far better than the stainless steel opne I had been using

The order was shipped out extremely promptly. Thank you for your excellent product and commitment to the customer.

quick service. great product.

Review not Provided.

thank you for the prompt delivery :)

Just perfect!!!+++

received it very quickly, thank you. i haven't tried it yet, i am waiting for a weekend with nothing else to do. When i would have known the catheter included was for single use, i would have ordered extra. Now, i am searching if i can order the catheter in the Netherlands. if not, i will order them with you again. thank you.

thanks for your promt delivery.very happy with my order and if i need anything,i will shop with you.thanks again.

I have received the product but have not yet used it. Thank you for your followup.

Fast shipping, good customer service.

order received

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with my order!!!! I received It very quickly.I will keep you on file for further use!!!! Best Regards Betty

Review not Provided.

Excellent service from start to finish, highly recommended.

Excellent service, both timely shipping and quality products. Add to that the respectful and friendly interaction and you have a great example of what good business practice is. Thank you for your choice to do business this way. It is rare and refreshing.

Happy with our purchase. Shipping was fast and everything was packed well. The product is excellent and thanks for the extra information.

The products arrived in good time and in excellent shape. The neti jala is wonderful,the edges are so smooth and it is so easy to use. I had a plastic one before that hurt my nose, so I am very pleased. The stainless steel is so attractive and hygenic. Thank you. DS

excellant service. Cindy

Arrived fast and safely. The quality is tops. Thank you. JS

Tried it out. It works. The instructions were pretty clear. However, I felt that the human pictures were over-censored, to the point of being less clear. I mean, a hand-drawn butt crack isn't going to hurt anybody.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Enema kit received and is being used but has several deficiencies. The enema can leaked at the spout due to poorly designed and installed rubber gaskets. The tap also leaked and is not being used. We use the enema clamp instead.

I bought two. One for me and one for my colon hydrotherapist. We are both very impressed with your products. Thank you for the information you and products you provide.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with your products, but I might suggest you try to enable the tubes to stay together. As they now come apart with ease - just at the wrong time. :- ) Could I also order this: 1-Colon Tube 32 FR, or must I go to the web site and do it? Thank You Ralph Smoot

First of all... the toothpaste is the most remarkable product I have ever used to clean my mouth. It has never felt more fresh for as long. The best part is how it controlls the symptoms of the thrush I have been suffering. I simply cannot thank you enough for the wonderful toothpaste. Secondly, regarding the enema kit. I am grateful for it and have used it to relieve much abdominal pains from poor digestion. I would love to ask... if the inserts used to administer it are only good for one use, why are not more inccluded? And, I found the instructions a little confusing and found that I had to read the booklet 4 or 5 times to really understand. Can I offer assistance in creating a new instruction booklet that would be simple and straightforward and organized in such a way as to remove all misunderstandings of the procedure? Other than that, I love my enema kit. I love using it.

Received and appreciate it. Thank you.

Great Product, Great price, Great Service

Optimal quality!

i was very satisfied with my purchase and received it in a timely manner. while ordering online, i selected to have my neti pot come with salt. i didn't receive the salt nor was i charged for it. this will not prevent my shopping health and yoga again. thanks.

Very fast shipping.Pleasure to buy from you.

good shipping, best prices and good packing. many thanks

Shipping was quick. Very satisfied with the product.

Beautiful products! Super fast delivery. Thank you so much. God Bless you.

Review not Provided.

Thanks so much. The package arrived in good time and in perfect condition. I am most satisfied with your service and products and have no complaints or suggestions. Namaste, Barb

This home enema kit is great! My only complaint are 2 things.... The instructions in the booklet on how to assemble pcs. should be more clearer. For example which end goes into what. For someone that has never done this, I was confused. An illustrated pic of how the enema kit looks assembled would of been very helpful. Second, While giving myself the enema, there was some leakage from the tube areas. Christopher Castro

Review not Provided.

I was very pleased with my order. The quality of the material far exceeded what I had expected. If i need anything else I will be sure to contact you and refer you to my friends. Thank you for your service. Joe

I received my order but have not used it yet

Review not Provided.

Love it, thanks for the quick shipment.

service quality was fine, quick and prompt. product quality - there's couple of points i whish to make - first is that your booklet that came with your product is not very informative; when i compare it to the jala neti booklet, it's half its size. i think it has all the relevant info in it, but there could be more stuff in depth. second point is that nowhere -prior to actually unwrapping and reading through the product and booklet- does it say that the catheter is for a single use only and that it's the only one supplied. which means that after first use you can't use it until you get hold of a new catheter. you need to be more clear about that prior to buying so customers have the chance to order up on them. or you need to say how to sterilize the existing one. as for my own personal use feedback - i don't really have one yet, i didn't get the chance to use it regulary and therefore didn't get the 'hang of it' yet, because of the very fact that i don't have a new catheter. all and all, i can't therefore say 'good' so i say 'ok' but with a dissapointment, as i feel i'm not getting the best use of my product due to no fault of mine. regards

I recently ordered all your cleansing products and am totally bowled over by your speedy service! Clearly your good karma clears international paths, it took only 4 days to get to South Africa. The quality of your products matches the quality of your sercice - I am totally satisfied and am already getting great results from the Enema kit and Neti pot. Bless you, I can't wait to order from you again! Rod Cape Town, South Africa


My order - two enema sets- arrived within a few days and in good shape. Excellent service! Thank you, Ursula Cellier.

I received my order earlier than I expected, and am very happy with the quality of it. I will use your site again in the future, and will gladly recommend your service to family and friends. Keep it up!

good product, good price, prompt delivery, and polite service. I've already recommended you to friends.

order received in a timely aspect, no problems with items and thank you for follow-up.....Wm. Phillips

Review not Provided.

The order arrived swiftly and was well packed. Thank you.

Order was received a week after shipment. I am very pleased with all of the products.

Everything arrived in a suitable time and fashion. I am very satisfied with the products and prices. I will continue to shop through your website.

The enema kit was great. Worked fine. Have recommended it to my friends.

The soap was awesome. Thanks

Hi, My kit came , but was cracked at the top. I am still able to use it. When I ordered the screen asked me to add herbs for the enema kit. I added them and was carged for them but have not received them. Thanks, Michelle Susanen

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery

Review not Provided.

Yes I have recieved my order and everything arrived safely. The box was in some what of a mess, but I think it was customes that did that. As far as our transaction, it was just fine. Thanks a bunch, Linda

Very good product. The tubing connections are a little bit flimsy but the product does what it is supposed to do. The colon tube itself needs to be one size bigger in circumfrence. I purchased the stainless steel enema can with tubing and connections. Thank-you

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Read the instructions but havn't had a chance to use it yet, but really looking forward to trying it out. Also interested in the Methi(Fenugreek) herb. Thanks

I have now placed two orders with healthandyoga.com, and am immensely satisfied with both. The customer service has been excellent, and the shipping times extremeley quick. The product quality is an incredible deal for the price. I have nothing but good things to say about your company. Thanks so much.

Thank you. I like your followup. Everything arrived and in good condition. I am very satisfied with the quality of my purchases. - Wme

I feel very good about the product and the service quality and very happy to find this product. Sorry my english is not very good and I can express myself like I would desire. Thank you to be here for us

exellent, warm regards jeremy got it within the days that you said,

Very good service.


Review not Provided.

I received my product, and was happy to get it so quickly. Thank you!

I was hoping all items would be wrapped and steril and all plastics the highest quality. I probably expected too much.

I have been greatly satisfied with your product and service. I recieved my order promptly and have enjoyed the privacy and benifits of my home hydrocolonics kit. Thank You So Much: Ray Sims

Review not Provided.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your business.

Thank you very much. The order is already received in time in very good condition. Every thing is okay. I appology for not answering sooner because I missed your message. A Fahmy

no filter included to filter the enema water.

Dear Folks with Health&Yoga: I received my items in just a few days after placing my order, fast, efficient and excellant service. Very satisfied with the products I ordered, the stainless steel Neti Pot,stainless steel Enema Pot and equipment, tongue cleaner,Herbal toothpaste and Neem Leaf Powder. I was given the necessary information on how to use and care for the products which was very helpful. Everything arrived in excellant condition and will be functional for a very long time because of the excellant qualitiy. I'll definitley be making future orders for more of your great products. Thank You ever so much. Sincerely, Linda

received what i ordedered on time

Review not Provided.

(Keep up the good work!)

Thank-you. We are Very Happy with our order. Do you have any instructions for the Deepzer Colon Tube that you could send to us? We are not sure exactly how to use it. Thanks Again, Sincerely, Dan & Diana Henry.

Fast delivery and good products.

Your shipping is very prompt and appreciated. As you no doubt know, I have ordered your product quite a bit and have also recommended it to others. Keep up the good work!

I am very satisfied with my purchases. You offer great customer service. Thank You, -------------Scott

Review not Provided.

I did receive your product that I purchased and all was find. I appreciate the fact that it came so quickly. Thank you for you conveniance! Beverly Carter

All arrived safely. I have been in and out of town so I look forward to the meditation and opportunity to use them. Thanks for everything.

Wonderful speedy service! Have we ordered everything you offer yet? (Smile) Seems like it, and I must say every single thing has been a wonderful product. We especially enjoy the Herbodent toothgel, the Herbomineral skin wash, and Your Neti pot and Tongue scraper--the best we've ever used! So happy to have found your website! Thanks so much.

my order arrived on time, and the home enema system was easy to use.

I purchased your enema kit with the steel pot. It is a great product idea, I would like to commend your the product and the affordable price you offer. I purchased two one for myself and one for my wife. I do have one critique hoever, the enema nozzle is too short and sharp. One must be careful when inserting the nozzle or it will irritate the tissue. Also it is too short and makes it difficult to use the valve. The douche nozzle would be a much better design it is longer adn the tip is smoother and larger in diameter, there is no irritation when using the douche nozzle. If you could make the douche nozzle with one opening as an enema nozzle I believe it would improve the product. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to communicate with you. warrenkauf@yahoo.com

Review not Provided.

Namaste...we reeived the order...we find that the enema canisters are very flimsy light guage steel, especially the handle and piece for hanging on a wall..this would surely not support 2 quarts very long... we are considering ordering the 30 inch 28 french tubes.

As always my products arrived quickly and are of the highest quality.

Excellent product!! Quick ship and reasonably priced! Many thanks! Namaste - Samantha

I am extremly happy with the enema kit....The delivery was very fast. Thank you very much....

Excellent quality products! Thanks!

Very prompt delivery, high-quality product, thank you very much. One question (personal, off-record): 'should the catheter (part inserted into human) be disposed of after one use or can it be cleaned and re-used? If it should be disposed of then it would be useful to mention that on point of order - not only would you increase sales but also satisfaction.' Please let me know!

Great product. Thanks.

Wonderful equipment! I feel like a new person every time I take an enema - full of energy and life! thanks! cheryl

Review not Provided.

I think I would like would like to try a larger diameter colon Catheter Tip. The one supplied tends to bend and double up once inserted. Perhaps the next size or 2 up would solve this issue. I'm also considering a larger diameter enama noozle for better flow.

I am very satisfied with both service and quality of product. I will be placing another order in near future.

I hope you received my response, I must have pushed the submit button my mistake before I was quite finished. Please let me know if you received my note with regards to the use of the catheter, I mentioned that I was confused by your instruction to dispose of the catheter after only one use. Thanks Edward Emmons

I was quite satisfied with the speed of deliver and with the equipment itself. Thank you

Thank you very much, I am very pleased with the product and service is excellent. Namaste.

The holes on the end of the tube which is inserted are sharp, and I feel it has cut me inside slightly. I am a bit worried about this. Not too happy about this. But the delivery of the item was very quick.---------------- 2/22/2006---------------

Thanks, Great Product!!!

Hi! I received my order in a timely fasion, thank you!

Review not Provided.

Everything was in order as per usual... thanks!

The enema kit seems easy to use...albeit awkward to get used to. I am unsure as to whether the actual insertion tube is reusable at this time...have to check further unless you can give me the info. Item arrived timely. Thank you. Peggy

Have recieved said product, but not in a timely manner. Have not used it yet.

Review not Provided.

I got my order very quickly (within 5 working days If I rember correctly), which was a pleasant surprise. The goods were of a high quality and had been accuratley described on the website. I also think that the goods are very reasonably priced. Thanks for your superior sevrice.

Thank you so much! I received my order in a timely way. I really like the products!

Where do I go to get replacement "suction tubes" for the enema bowl? I see that the one you included came from India. What would be a comparable product in the US? Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Both the jalaneti and the enema kit are great! I use them every day. Haven't used a jalaneti for many years as they seem hard to find and my previous one broke (it was made of ceramic)and I can feel the mucous clearing from the sinuses. Thank you very much!

The product I purchased was recieved as expected. It is a good product.

My products are keeping me healthy and bug free! Thank You Health and Yoga

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

In spite of the delivery issues (which I don't consider your fault), I am very pleased with my purchase. I have not yet used the enema supplies, but I have used the Tulsi Ginger tea (delicious, even plain!) and the Yoga course. I must say that I absolutely love the Integrated Yoga course! I was pleasantly surprised to discover how simple the exercises and postures started out. Just goes to reinforce the idea that Yoga isn't in the complexity as much as it is being present in every position and movement. I have fibromyalgia and many exercises leave me hurting for days. The exercises for the first week of the course leave me feeling pleasantly sore when I finish (like a good workout), but when I wake up the next morning I feel great! Thank you, as always, for offering such wonderful products and such fantastic quality!

i have received my order on August 12th 2005. Thank you for helping me learn how to keep my body clean so easily!!! Both enema equipment and neti pot as well as tonque cleaner are invaluable tools and should be used by everyone on earth!!!!!Thanks a lot, Panagiotis

Review not Provided.

My order arrived safe and sound, and both items (enema kit and grass yoga mat) are terrific. The mat definitely takes some getting used to but has challenged me to keep a more solid grounding, especially in Down Dog. Thanks for great service and merchandise! Lindel Hart

Everything came promptly and I'm very satisfied. I just wished you offered even more esoteric products like sutra neti strings/catheters and other products I know too little about to mention. Anyway thank you for your service


Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I enjoy the product a great deal.

Do you sell different types of nozzles to fit with the enema bucket ?

I was very happy with my order. My products arrived in a timely manner and were all that I expected. Thank you

I received my order a long time ago & am compleyely satisfied. Thanks for checking.

Review not Provided.

Thank you very much.

Hi there: After some shipping delay, I finally got my metal enema can. The plastic tubes seem to have a bad chemical smell, especially after I used them for a coffee enema. I am concerned that the quality of this plastic might not be so healthy for medical/therapeutic use. I do like that the metal can is easy to clean and also view the remaining level of fluids. Thanks, David

the herbal toothpaste is great. i will use them for long term. i have not tried the enema kit yet. but they definitely look quite professional. i like the looks. thank you, prakasini, for all the communications for getting the items to me safe. los angeles, geewon

Review not Provided.

I received it quickly - thank you! I was very satisfied with the quality of the product, and its clear accompanying instructions.

I am thrilled with my purchases from you. I don't know how I lived without my Neti pot before now-- it's a great design! I appreciated the excellent customer service and email notifications, as well as the very prompt delivery of my order for a reasonable shipping cost. I have shared your website with friends and will continue to do so. Many thanks!

Poor entry attatchment.

I haven't had time to use it yet, but if I have any comments later, I will send them. Thank you for inquiring.

Review not Provided.

I was very pleased with the kit I received. It came in a timely manner and seems to be a good value. Quality was good. The only fault I found was in the outside packaging. The kit came in perfect shape but the box was a bit beat.

I received your product awhile ago. Thank you for your prompt turnaround time and follow-up.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my order in a timely manner. Very good quality.

The order arrived promptly. The instructions that were included were helpful but I still don't understand what the short tube is for. Also, the second time I used it the tip came off and went inside and that really scared me. Fortunately it came back out without any problem. Is there a longer tip which you could hold onto better? Thanks, Cindy

I love the Neti Pot, best I've used. The enema kit is good, I like the can, but I have trouble with the tip and valve leaking.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Everything is OK!

Review not Provided.

I received the package in time and was very happy with the product, it is really beneficial and I will make it a daily practice

Excellent products and service. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Items seem to be of good quality. I am yet to use them. Thanks!

Good products, good service, and Thanks!! Have a great summer!

prompt, courteous, efficient, will order again! thank you!!

Review not Provided.

i received the product and after two uses the nozzle broke and began to leaking.

Your package arrived in a timely fashion and has met all of my expectations.

I received my order in a timely manner - thanks. The book on Integral Yoga is amazing - a simple introduction into 4 complex subjects.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I recieved the enema equipment about a month ago; the delivery was pretty fast. I have also successfully used the product, it worked pretty well and I don't regret for having bought it. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work!

order recieved fine no problems products as advertised.

The quality and price of the products I ordered are both very good. Thank you. The one thing that could use improvement is the turn valve on the enema tube- it leaks a small amount( which doesn't interfere with functioning but is wet and annoying)

yes, we received it. thank you

I am very satisfied with everthing. thank you

Thank you

Review not Provided.

i did receive my order. thank you. was very glad to receive it. however found it very difficult to use the enema kit. the tubing kept comming apart. was very difficult to use. thank you.

The whole kit is pretty good except the clamp which it's a bit difficult to clamp (especially in emergency). My suggestions: would you consider making (1) a clear plastic and a bigger size bucket like a gallon? (2)a good plastic enema bag for travelling. Lastly, it will be even better if the shipping costs can be cheaper for Asia - especially I'm thinking of ordering some of the accessories.

The package arrived in good condition and I'm very happy with your service and products. G.V.D. - Chicago, IL

I did receive my order as expected. Thank you. Shortly after receiving my order, I went on a trip/vacation to China and just got back day before yesterday. Will find time to read the instruction and use the product sometime soon. Thank you for your product and care. Sharon

I got my order in 10 days and the product is good quality.I'm very happy with my order,will buy from this site again.Thanks guys five stars all the way!!

Review not Provided.

prompt friendly service, thank you

The package arrived on time. The emails were accurate. The product is excellent. Many thanks to you fine folks!


Fast shipment was great! The booklet is very helpful.

I'm very happy with the quick delivery and mostly the high quality of your products at such reasonable prices. The instruction booklets are very helpful and professional in appearance and completed the package. I wish you continued success!

Thank you for following up on my recent order. It arrived promptly and in good condition. I'm very pleased with my tongue cleaner and enema kit. They were both as advertised and a good value for the price. Thank you.

Hi, Thank you very much. The products were better than expected. My mother recently slept over at our house and tried the toothpaste, needless to say she was very curious and. She requested that I order some for her the next time I make an order. Also, the soaps were a splendid surprise. We just got our second order from you, and the khadi soaps are amazing! They smell absolutely wonderful. Thanks again for everything. Forrest Verde Dudek

Review not Provided.

The service was great. I have not yet used the product, but I'm sure I will be pleased. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

For ease of ordering and promptness of delivery you are as good as the best I've ever ordered from, and much better than most. I've never ordered a product of this type so have nothing to compare it with but am extremely satisfied with both the product and the effect on my health and well being so far. I won't hesitate to order from you in the future.

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with both the product and the service that I received from you. I shall definately recommend your company to others should the opportunity arise and I would have no hesitation in placing orders with your company in the future. Many Thanks

Review not Provided.

Thank you for asking. I have received the equipment very fast, and it is absolutely useful. The nozzles could be a little bit better. I use a short peace of tube (20 cm)with a clamp extra and a nozzle fitting to the tube. Kind regards Harry Laursen

There was evidence that the package had been opened and re-sealed...I imagine that wasa a security measure at some point along the way, and I doubt that you can do anything about that. Otherwise, everything arrived as it should have and works fine!

thank you for your follow up. i love the neti pot and like the enama pot alot better than the bag i was using. thank you very much louie

I received your products in a timely fashion and began using them immediately. I have already seen a major improvement in my overall health. Your products are well made and very well priced considering they are such high quality. I will order from you again. Thank you for your helpful website as well. The information plus your products have put me back on the road to health and I feel better than I have in 20 years. I can't thank you enough.

The products I ordered arrived quite quickly in perfect condition. I appreciate the quality of the goods you sell and the informative followups from Prakasini.

Thanks for your prompt delivery. all arrived OK. You don't know that the Gerson Therapy of which I am the founder in this area, promotes regular use of enemas and we have spread your stainless steel buckets around already! Charlotte Gerson

Great enema bucket! Easy to use, and very effective! Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

It is that I was looking for. Very Good!

Review not Provided.

As with my past orders, this one got to me very promptly. I'm happy with my purchase. Keep up the good work!

The package arrived fine, however here are a couple of things to note. 1) I had payed for expedited shipping(7days) but I received the package after 10 days. 2) The stainless steel vessel is excellent quality, but the plastic/rubber items were not upto the mark. The assembled pieces come off easily.

Review not Provided.

good service.....Products were as advertised...Thanks...and Happy New Year

Prompt service and delivery. I received my order in excellent condition and I am very satisfied with the quality of all the items.

very happy with service and general info received

Review not Provided.

I am very satisfied with the service and the products ordered.

I received it in good order, well wrapped but did not try it yet....ThanXs again...Eric Wils

great service & products


I was very pleased with my order and the speedyness of its arrival. I would surely order from you again.And have refered friends to your site and products

The enema set and neem powder arrived in record time, given the shipping distance. THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you.

I love the enema pot and have used it 2 times now and strongly recomend it to my friends. The only thing is I need another on off turn switch since mine seems to leek? I will take a look at your referral program and definetly look at your other items online. thanks soooo much - I am very pleased that I found your site. Carolyn Minx

Review not Provided.

Received promptly and the products are wonderful. I would recommend these products to anyone who needs internal cleansing.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

My products arrived as promised and I am enjoying them all!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Very satisfied with everything. I would like to mention that there was a slight delay in the delivery of the product due to missing Apartment Number in the address. Thank You, Emile A. Theberge

It's a good idea, but I have a problem with leakage around the little valve.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Your products, as well as your books have given me great physical strength and spiritual insight. Keep up the great work you do, James

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The enema sets were received very timely. In fact, the arrived sooner than expected. I am used the enema bucket for both douches and enemas. I have not used the Need Powder yet and will be more than happy to let you know my experience with it later. I am pleased with my purchases. I am very interested in getting a copy of the E-Report. How can I get it?---------------- 1/13/05---------------

The product works as advertised. I am very happy with it and the price. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

The entire process of the purchase of my item on your website was excellent. You have a clear, detailed website. The product was just as you described. The shipping was fast. Thank you!!!

I have been very happy with all the products I've ordered from you.

Review not Provided.

the valve leaks badly. Can you send me a replacement valve under warranty?

The parcel arrived ok. Many thanks

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received no instructions and could not order "the booklet" you talk about. Thank you for asking as I have no information because I have no clue how to use both tubes. I would be happy to report satisfactory results but it is rather annoying that you do not send information automatically with your product. Barbara Marcus

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Because the cathater is only to be used once, I would have liked to have had a few of them in the kit. Otherwise I am very happy with my purchase.

Review not Provided.


The materials arrived safely and they are of very good quality. Thank you for your prompt service and please continue the good work. Respectfully, Mr. Khaleel Frazier

only negative is the "tapped nozzle housing" was received cracked so it leaks. I am more than satisfied with the quality of the equipment, neem leaf powder is great...also the herbomineral. I will be ordering more products in the near future.

I am fairly pleased with the product...it's great knowing that you can get exactly what your visually see advertised. I only had one disappoint with regards to the rough seams of the rectal/vaginal applicators. I had to file them to make them smooth, to avoid any discomfort, or tearing of tissues. Otherwise, thank you for providing a welcomed product.

Review not Provided.

I was extremely impressed by the speed of delivery! I don't like the fact that I need to buy new nozzles all the time. Generally, I am pleased with product.

Thank you for the quick response in shipping the product, and follow-up on the order. Great customer service!

Thank you for your e-mail  regarding my re(c)ent order from your web site.  I received evrything 10 days after I placed the order and it arrived in perfect condition and since i live in japan it was very quick !…  Thanks for checking on everything. It is nice to know that a company actually thinks about their customers after they receive the money. daniel bellefroid         

Received timely - good design of equipment. Packing was poor, arrived slightly damaged but repairable (can was bent).

Review not Provided.

Good product - thank you

Thanks. Quick and convenient, I really appreciate it. Excellent product also, good quality and simple. -rasdasa

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

appreciation.............and thankyou for excellent service and product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received the product promptly. Well packaged and helpful instruction guide. Thank you

quality products at a great price! thanks, -gary w.

Review not Provided.

Received the order within the ten days. Thank you!

I am happy to say that the product ordered was of high quality. However the delivery was unsatisfactory to say the least. As I was not home when the package arrived it was given to my neighbour instead of being taken to the local post office. This was very embarassing for me when my next door neighbour delivered an enema kit to me after the courier had dropped it off to his house.

have not had a chance to try it yet....thank you

Product was excellent. I appreciated the additional info sent to me about yogic intestinal wash procedures.

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with the quality of the products and my rapid receipt of the same. Thanks. Hereafter please send all e mail messages to my residence address--hsager@netscape.com. Harold Sager

Review not Provided.

Yes, I received my order some time ago. So you should not worry, I am letting you know. I will think about your offer.

absolutely satisfied!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am pleased with both the enema kit and the tonque cleaner. The shipment arrived quickly and safely. The stainless steel can is very good quality and I am very happy with it.

it was unclear which end part to choose. Other than that great!!!

Very nice product, thank you.

Fast delivery and excellent product. Thanks

I am satisfied with the delivery time, packing and overall service. Thanks

Just wanting to let you know that I received the enema kit the other day. Thank you for your service. Peace and Blessings,

Review not Provided.

I am most pleased with the promptness of delivery and the quality of the product. Thank you so much for the follow-up and concern. I will highly recommend Health & Yoga to my friends when they need to purchase. T. Mack Jennings

Review not Provided.

when I received my order I was very surprised that it came so fast. After I received my first order I made another purchase and got that one the next week. Everything I ordered I was very satified with. Keep up the good work. P.S. Because you didn't have excellent to check I had to choose good on you feedback form. Thanks again for your service.

I did receive it thanks! Appreciate the polite customer service ''check up'' email.

I have actually received your products but haven't yet tried out the enema kit. However, instead of 2 Antidiabetic Powder and 1 Neem leaf powder which I ordered, I got 2 Neem leaf powder and 1 Antidiabetic Powder instead. Please let me know how we can rectify this. Thanks! Gabriela

Review not Provided.

Everything arrived quickly, thank you.

Review not Provided.

Excellent product and speedy delivery. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Excellent service, super fast shipping, and very friendly emails. Thank you for the quality enima pot and catheters, the instructions made them very easy to use. I look forward to doing business with you again. Chuck P.

thanks for the extra long hose for the enema system. The long hose that is cloudy and not clear is much better than the new hose that is clear. You may want to stay with that one since the other had the tendency to leak. regards, david calvo

I have received the product. Thank you for following up.

Thank you very much. I received the goods yesterday. All in perfect condition. Will email you after I use them.

Hello my name is sandra emery I live @ 4825 southern se albuquerque nm usa 87108. I ordered a enema bucket kit 3/27. it hasn''t arrived yet. I would like to check on the status of it . thanks

The instructions regarding the proper assembly of the catheter tubes were not entirely clear. So I had to experiment with the assembly. I am still not sure it is right. Also the connectors for the tubes could be better. It is too easy to pull them out. I was very interested in the colon report article. Although I have not had a chance to try the technique. Thank you.

Everything came on time, in good condition. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Thank you .... very satisfactory.

I received my order of Enema Equipment. Unfortunately, the spot welds holding the handle to the metal bucket were broken during shipment; you might advise the fabricator/ manufacturer that these welds need to be made better. Thank you, Charles E Morris morrischuck@earthlink.net

Why isn't there a box for "fantastic"?!??!! My entire experience with recent purchase was wonderful - including confirmation emails, delivery time, pricing, and quality of products. I think the best way to describe my experience is: "I got exactly what I paid for in a timely manner. The products were even better than anticipated. Thank you!" Glenn Fratto

I got the 2quart pot enema assembly for 29 dollars. I used it once and notice the flexible plastic joint connections were not very tight. The second time I used it all the joints were leaking. What can you do about it? Please get back to me I am dissatisfied with the product. David Calvo

was fine. Thanks !!

Thank you for your e-mail. I have actually received my enema equipment on time. Apologies for not letting you know about the same. The equipment was fine but, i have two questions for you. 1. You have stated that i need to dispose the cathetrer after single use. I thought of taking enema everyday. so, what could be the alternative solution. 2. I am not able to take entire two litres of water into my colon. I just can''t hold anything more than 500 ml i guess. any suggestions.

Review not Provided.

I did receive my order. It works great. My husband fasted for eight days and used the enema bucket, it gets used often. Feeling better! ;) Thanks, Robin

I received the shipment but found out that both my neti pots are leaking. I want to return it and get my money refunded. Pls. let me know what the refund process is?

The package has been received

did receive it

The only problem I have experienced is keeping the catheters attached to hte nossle of the shut-off valve. Otherwise, no problems.

Hi there! I received my order in under 10 days, and I am QUITE pleased with the products and your excellent customer service! I will probably be making more purchases for friends and family.

Delivery was fast and I am very pleased with the product.

Yes, we did receive it. Thanks so much.

I did receive the package in a timely fashion. Everything is in good condition and quality.

I''m extremely dissapointed because my package has not arrived! my confirmation was on 2-21-04 it is now 3-10-04 MUCH longer than the 7 days i paid for let alone 10. I don''t know if this is some sort of Scam as i have already been billed. I had some friends that i was going to tell about the product, but i can''t. all i can tell them is to Not order anything from you. my confirmation # is 815548377. please track my order and let me know where it is. i do aplogize for the tone of this response

Received with thanks

Review not Provided.

received order, have not used it yet. Thanks--- On Thu 03/18, <

I recently purchased your home enema kit. While in general it seems to be a very good product, the tap portion, with the on-off switch, arrived cracked and leaks badly. Could you please send a good one so I can use my unit?

Thank you very much.

Delivery was exceptionaly fast, product was well priced and of good quality. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

I have yet to receive my shipment. Please let me know its status.

I have received it, but I have not used it.

Fast delivery and great products - Thanks!!

Have not recieved order. Today is day 13.

Thank you for your inquiry. To date I have not received the order which I placed two weeks ago. Please let me know if it has been shipped and when I might expect it.

Yes, I did receive my product. But I asked for 7-day delivery and it took about 2 weeks to arrive! The product however seems to be working very well.

Thank you. I received the equipment and am well pleased with you service and quality.

I have it and I have used it twice. I have recommended it to two people so far, and at least one has placed her order. The other one will be soon! It is easy and a pleasure to use. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The stainless steel unit itself is very nice, but we find the tubing allows for a flow rather slower than we like. The prompt delivery was appreciated.

Today is 1/22, Thrusday, 2004. It has been 9 days since I ordered the enema equipmenet. I certainly do hope that it arrives very quickly.

I have not received this order. Do you have a tracking number?---------------- 1/20/04---------------Namate, I have received the products. The Netti pot working great so far. Thank you so much. Huy

Rec'd product in about 5-7 days and that was before xmas! First time I bought the toothpaste. I love it and will be buying more.

Review not Provided.

Thank You, very much, And everything was just right! I appreciate the service, Thanks, Deborah Born and Randall Hollaus, Po box 3221, 3368 Falcon Drive, Valdez, Alaska 99686 907 835 8010 :o) :o) :o)

I received the order. Thanks. ---------------- 1/3/04---------------I received the order. Thanks.

I placed an order and still have yet to recieve it Tim Grandolfo 1134 Sailfish Hitchcock,TX 77563 do you have a tracking number or a prospective delivery date?

Thank you. Yes, we received our order and we are completely satisfied. I will keep your website as a "favorite". regards, Nancy


The problem arrived sooner than expected! I very much appreciated the promptness, and the cost is very reasonable. The valve thing is a bit more difficult than I'm used to - it has come apart several times so I always keep a couple towels near.

I have yet not received my order, please confirm the order status Thank you, Alex

Very good. I think your stsainless steel enema bucket is very good and we should like to distribute it to our Gerson patients. If Anita Wilson of the Gerson Institute has not already contacted you regarding this matter, please tell me if we can get quantity discounts on orders, and tell me with what quantity the discounts start and how much they are? Thank you and looking forward to doing business with you Charlotte Gerson

Hi Prakasini, I love the pot and equipment. The only problem is that the hose attachment to the pot has gotten stretched. Can you replace it for me? Sincerely, Lauren Mical

Dear Prakasini, Greetings. I received my order this afternoon. Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service and for the information on your website. Regards, Jan Lindsay-Giddings

We have received the product, we have not used it as yet,not sure of the proper usage, perhaps you could send information on the usage ?

The colon tube is too small and potentially dangerous, it pokes me.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Dear Prakasini, I received the order below and there are 2 problems: 1. The shipping box was not sturdy and so the Pot was bent. I was able to straighten it and I THINK it will be ok. 2. The m

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Oct 12, 2018

How can Enemas help me?

Important information about Enema A majority of people these days complain about constipation, bowel disorders and unexplained disorders. In some of the critical cases, the patients are often advised to undergo procedures such as Enemas. So what exactly is an enema and how can it improve your health...
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