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  • A suitable addition for those finding it difficult for water to go in while doing an enema
  • Also suitable for those looking for a pumping action to push the enema liquid further up
  • Sanitary - Does not have any crevices / joints that where bacteria can lodge into OR water can leak
  • Can be conveniently hooked up to your existing enema kit nozzle
  • Not recommended for those suffering from latex allergies OR sensitive to latex smells..

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This Higginsons (also known as In-line Bulb Enema Syringe) is a Single Piece unit. What this means is there are no joints between the Bulb & the tube. Joints expose the unit to leaks and improper suction. More importantly, bacteria from the faeces can get lodged in these joints, creating unhygienic and unsafe conditions. So, a single piece Higginsons syringe is always recommended. Adding the Higginsons Syringe to your enema set up, allows you to overcome liquid flow obstructions through occasional pumping. This helps greatly in avoiding cramps and achieving a thorough colon cleanse. It is a best suitable addition for those finding it difficult for water to go in while doing an enema. Also suitable for those looking for a pumping action to push the enema liquid further up. Can be conveniently hooked up to your existing enema kit nozzle. Not recommended for those suffering from latex allergies OR sensitive to latex smells.

Review not Provided.

Was administering enemas at home with the bulb syringe. 3 oz then 4 oz then the 8 oz.
The higginson syringe is easy to use. Fill pan/bowl with solution for the enema and slowly, and gently, squeeze the bulb. Holding the nozzle in with your other hand.
Great service. Will order more soon.

I did receive my order eventually and it was complete. The delivery person delivered it to the wrong address. That person at the wrong address delivered it to me a couple of days later.

excellent items delivered quickly One went to Nurse Practitioner for her children and the other is kept in clinic for ear irrigation cases. Thanks

Always great quality and fast service.

Good communication, fast shipping.

Excellent products ; very pleased with my purchase.

Review not Provided.

Would definitely purchase from health and yoga again.

Recieved my products within 6 days to Australia, quite impressive, all the products I recieved are of good quality.

really excellent tool for clean bowel as well as for good sex experiance.

It is a wonderful tool, one can use regulerly for plain water adminestration- 15 pumpings max.(without any adverse effect); which gives a very god feeling and freshness !!

With the addition of Higgins and Colon tube the performace has been greatly improved.

I love the 4qt enema bag it helps a lot .and
the Higginsons syringe is the best thing to
get the coffee enema way up me love it its the best makes me feel grate. I use both weekly

Thank you Robert W

This was the first time we have used this company, delivery and service were first class. We are very satisfied with the products clear and useful information leaflet. We found the products of a good quality and easy to use. We would not hesitate to recommend this company to others.

Review not Provided.

Package arrived surprisingly quickly and contents were as expected. Good quality and service.

There were no instructions of any kind and I experienced a lot of discomfort for a day after using. It helped with the cramping of the enema, but I don`t know if I will use again.
But your service is great and I have sent you
two more customers and they ordered 2 SS enema buckets.
Have a great day.

I have been very pleased with the enema kit that I ordered. The stainless steel bucket is well constructed, easy to clean, and just the right size. The rest of the set-up is also well put together. I will encourage others to buy this product if they are looking for a high quality eneman kit. Thank you!

I am very impressed with the professionalism of, and rapid delivery of my products. is a website that I cannot live without. I highly recommend to anyone searching for high quality products backed by people who care. I will continue to use as a primary resource for all my health and yoga needs. Namaste`


received everything fine. fast shipping good Packing

Received order thank you.

My order was quickly filled in very good condition and to exact specifications. The materials are of good quality and perform well. I am pleased and would recommend Health and Yoga to everyone.

Review not Provided.

Excelent service

Received shipment and everything was in good condition. However, the higginson syringe that I ordered does not fit on the enema bag. The hoses are a different size. Can you provide some sort of adapter?

Thanks for the quick delivery.

fast delivery, good quality products.thank you very much!

Really fast service, quality product - we will be ordering more items from you in the future - thanks for such an efficient service

The device arrived on time and works as designed Thank You

Review not Provided.

generally O.K. The only negetive item tjat
that the colon tube 34fr is much too rigid.
I realize I ordered it but you asked for my input so I`m giving it. I probably should
have ordered the 28fr instead.

Thank you for the excellent service.

Ioannis Frangeskou

REceived promptly. Fully satisfied.

Review not Provided.

The Higgensons syringe had a little plastic thing in the end of the tube. It seemed to fit the tip of the rectal nozzle but not very well. What is the best way to hook it up?

Everything arrived on time. Thanks for your follow up. Good quality products. Thanks again.

Review not Provided.


Thanks for the fast delivery and the excellent quality of your products!

Everything was as advertized and was recieved in a timely manner. I would purchase again if I had another need for your products. Ron

Everything arrived in a timely fasion and was as expected. I have used the equipment to great satisfaction and shall most definatly order again.

Excellent service, both timely shipping and quality products. Add to that the respectful and friendly interaction and you have a great example of what good business practice is. Thank you for your choice to do business this way. It is rare and refreshing.

Sorry to give a negative comment. I found the quality of the bag to be very good, however the tube attached was not of the same quality. It is very light and flimsy, kinks easily and is dissapointing.

the clump did not work well and the pump that I got did not fit-- It wood help to get better picture with a catalogue before prucahse

Review not Provided.

thank you i have actually recieved my order, but I would like you to inform me on all the updates on the Enemas, bulb syringes and the enema solutions.

Very satisfied with the merchandise, delivery time was excellent and feedback on order/shipment progress was great.

Goods received. This product is good. Do you have a longer nozzle? I find this black nozzle rather short - one about five inches long would be better.

How does one connect the higgins pump since the valve sticks out of the tube. want to connect to other enema hose

Yes, I received the product in a timely manner. Thank You

I would like the hose to be 5/16 the equipment is not interchangeable with the other things i bought on your sight.

Review not Provided.
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