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  • Home Enema Kit includes- Stainless Steel Enema Bucket, Silicone Tubes, Clamp, Nozzle and Instruction Manual
  • Stainless Steel Clinically Hygienic Bucket has no risk of toxicity.
  • Large capacity - Over 2 quarts / liters ensures a thorough colon cleanse.
  • Medical & Food Grade Tubings ; Latex Free
  • Extremely Easy to Clean and Sterlise ; Reusable

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Soulgenie Home Enema Kits are made with utmost care to make the experience of enema easy and satisfying.

This enema kit can be sterilized to maintain good hygiene. The Enema Bucket made of Stainless Steel does not rust and doesn’t end up getting thrown away. Its easy to keep it clean and dry. They can be placed easily on any flat surface. The Bucket has a large capacity – over 2 quart / liter enema bucket, for a thorough colon wash.

Soulgenie Home Enema Kits are designed with extra care to make enema an easy and a delightful experience. Buy for self use or for your spas, health centers or naturopath centers at wholesale prices.

Review not Provided.

Arrived to USA very quickly and is a quality product. It would have been nice if extra small size silicone tubing would have been included but I suppose if I ever need more it should be easy to find.

Arrived to USA very quickly and is a quality product. It would have been nice if extra small size silicone tubing would have been included but I suppose if I ever need more it should be easy to find.

My order was received very quickly & in good order.
The kit works easily & very well as it is simple to set up.
I emailed them as I had a couple of questions & their follow up service was fast & courteous.

I will be buying more of their products in the future.


simply perfect

Haven`t used it yet but planning to soon. Looks like a very good one. Have done enemas in the past and was pleased with results.I look forward to trying this one.

The bucket is a great item. However the extra hose (did not want the silicone) I bought had a hole in it and I had to cut it. I really did not want to make it shorter.
I as a whole am blessed you had a great item and great service. Namaste, jo

On 1-15-16 I ordered the stainless steel enema kit with silicone tubing which I received. But I also ordered the tubing recommended for coffee enemas which I did not receive. My Invoice total was $55.01 but I paid with Visa $57.44. Is there a tubing that you still need to send me?

Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

On 1-15-16 I ordered the stainless steel enema kit with silicone tubing which I received. But I also ordered the tubing recommended for coffee enemas which I did not receive. My Invoice total was $55.01 but I paid with Visa $57.44. Is there a tubing that you still need to send me?

Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Fast and convenient service!

Dear Prakasini,

First, let me say thank you for the link that you provided to allow me to resume my order after it didn`t `take` the first time. It was very helpful.

Delivery was fast, I think it arrived in 4 days.

The unit/components are highest quality. Easy to set up, use, and clean afterwards.

The included usage pamphlet was helpful and the canvas storage bag is excellent and discreet.

Thanks for your excellent product and support.


I have received, and am very pleased with every aspect of the product thank you!

I purchased the kit for my elderly Mother for medical reasons and she has been very happy with `ease of use` and `effective results`. Thank you.

i received my kit problems and i am very happy with the product , thank you very much !

order was lost, your company quickly sent a replacement

order was lost, your company quickly sent a replacement

order was lost, your company quickly sent a replacement

Thank you very much. Great quality products.

The product is excellent, just what I needed. Thank you!

It arrived very quickly and is exactly what I anticipated.

Our primary care doc recommended coffee enemas to clear colon, kidneys, and liver. They have helped a lot with reducing toxic metals as well. Really liked the quality SS kettle and silicone tubing for extended use and the price can`t be beat. My order from overseas arrived before an order placed the same day inside the U.S.A. Thanks for great service!

Fast, convenient with a high quality product

Great enema kit, would recommend it to anyone.

The service was extremely good. I have made a few purchases from this site, and not once have I had any reason to complain.
The enema kit was as described, as was the Neti pot which I have purchased in the past. We have now switched to using Herbodent toothpaste, and I use the Satvik Dhoop every other day. All purchased from here.
Thanks and look forward to new additions.

I haven`t use enema kit yet but excited to get started. Thank you!

Product was great and easy to use

I`m very satisfied with my whole purchase. The products came on the mail very fast, everything was packaged and to be honest I could´t be more eager to keep looking out for more products from your e-store. I`m a newbie to yoga practice but since I wanna try it for as long as I can, and put my commitment to it, am thinking on maybe getting some stuff for yoga, and also some other supplies to make my cleansing habits an even better experience. The only thing that I`m not 100% happy is the durability of silicone tubings, but let´s see how this new one works for me.

The shipping was quick and the product works like a charm. It took a little bit of getting used to the `open`ing top for me but that is just my learning curve.

The clamp slips `open`ing quite easily. otherwise this is far superior to a hot water bottle enema devise.

Very happy with enema kit, just perfect! Got it very fast just in a few days after ordering!

hello I received Enema kit within a week so I would like to say that in the future I will definitely be ordering from you. The service was excellent and so was the product.Thank you.

Enema kit was shipped quickly, everything was just as described.

We are happy with this product Stainless Enema Kit with silicone tubings and your prompt service.

I am satisfied with the purchase. Thank you.

Fast delivery. High-quality products. Kind and helpful customer service.

We were surprised at the speed at which our order arrived. Happy with the price, product and service and will recommend to my friends.

Everything came in good order and delivery time was reasonable.
I will recommend your site and or product with no hesitation.
Thank you for your well done work and follow up.

I`m very happy with the quality of the product.

Received very quickly -5 days. Product satisfactory -exactly what was anticipated. Would use and recommend in future.

Quick delivery is greatly asppreciated. Goos met my expectation.

Great place for enema supply shopping.

Great seller, good communication and organisation, and despite where it was shipped from, reasonable postage times.

My order was delivered quickly and I will be a return customer. The product was of good quality.

Super quick shipping. Thanks!!

I am very happy with the enema kit. It is so easy to clean and maintains the temperature of the enema solution.

Item arrived as promised and as described. Works perfectly would highly recommend the product and the company.

The enema kit has absolutely changed my life! The delivery was quick and the product is quality, very happy with my purchase.

I really like my stainless bucket. So much easier to clean and monitor for mold buildup etc. which I couldn`t do with my old bag and the tubing is heavy duty ; I like that.

Great product. Speedy delivery. Satisfied customer:)

Great product and fast shipment!
Thank you very much!

Review not Provided.

I received product promptly But I have not used it yet. Sorry. I don`t think I will have a problem. Thanks Rosemary

I`ve been using the Enema Kit 3x a week for over a month now. My order arrived on time. The quality of the products is outstanding, just as advertised. My naturopath told me I needed to do 3 enemas per week to resolve some chronic health issues. I couldn`t bring myself to do them more than once a week because the method I was using was the combination enema bag from the drugstore. I worried about bacteria & mold being in the bag because I couldn`t see inside it or clean it very well. Also, the water seemed to go in too fast. I found this product online which took care of both of those concerns. The instruction booklet helped me understand how to do an enema correctly. What a difference! Now, while I still don`t love taking an enema, these products have made it easy & sanitary & I feel so much better (lighter, happier, less fatigued)afterwards that I am doing them 3x/week. Thank you for these top notch products!!

Products were delivered safetly, on time, and the enema bucket is of wonderful quality. The stress ball, I am not crazy about. I assumed it would be more rubbery. The plastic is a little too hard and sharp to make it relaxing, and I do have one question... I received a small terry cloth pink ball that may have grass or something in it. I assumed it was some kind of bonus gift, but I have no clue what it is...?

Excellent product, well made, clear instructions. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

I`m very happy with the product and the delivery!
Thank you

The products arrived promptly and are very well made. My only reason for giving the enema kit a 4 is that there is not a way to hang it and it fell on me once. I will be knitting up a solution to that, but a hanging handle would be nice for the price. Overall a great investment!!

Great service, very satisfied with products.
Thank you, keep it up!

I`m happy with the stainless steel enema kit, and it was mailed in a timely manner.

I highly recommend. It is a top quality product, and arrived within the 10 days of purchase.

Enema bucket w/silicone tubing is of quality and do recommend highly. Very pleased with the customer service and prompt delivery.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Wonderful product! I have already recommended it to all of my friends. Can`t believe I`ve waited this long. Thanks

The products work well and where delivery very quickly

Great product, superb service. I am experiencing wonderful health results
as a result of my use of the kit. Full marks to you for your care to my
satisfaction. I gladly commend you and your products and look forward
to future dealings with your company. Kind regards. Kevin

This product was of the quality promised. It came with a very detailed instructional booklet which made for easy use for a first timer such as me! Thanks Health & Yoga!

I have found that I really like the quality of the product you sent me. I appreciate being able to have something that is not latex so as to not aggravate my allergies. Thank you!

easy to clean, great flow ;
does not drain water completely.

There parts of this product I love, and one aspect that I think will be a problem in the future.
Namely, the connecting spots for the tubing. In the drawing or picture I saw on the internet there was a small part that held the hose to the can and nozzle to keep liquid from dripping out. When my product arrived there was no such part (parts). So I expect that after 2-3 uses leakage will occur. I don`t know if this was an over site, or just a way to save a little money by skimping on those little parts. Anyway I have been trying to think what to do when this happens. Whatever the solution, it won`t be as nice as those little flanges on both ends of the tubing. Would not recommend this product to anyone because of this flaw. I do love the system and design though, and its a shame about the flanges or tighteners missing.

very happy with service and product.

I had to send it back due to not needing it .
But it really was a good looking item.
Thank any way.

Great products & fast service. Thank you :-)

Very comfortable with the product. It came very quickly. I found the product made with very high qualities and looking forward to years of use

Review not Provided.

Thanks for easy shipping! My order came as expected! Love it!

Very satisisfied with the product. It is easy to clean and use.

excellant product and easy to keep clean

Your product was of high quality.

I had no problems at all getting my order. Thank You for the great service

Review not Provided.

Your product came in a timely fashion, and I am very happy with it. Thank you.

I receieved the shipping on time..... whatever I used is excellent

Thank you so sorry i didn`t reply before i got my order in good condition i haven`t used yet but looks good. I will let you know about my eperience.
Thank you

Review not Provided.

Very fast and efficient delivery. Equipment is easy to use and instructions are helpful and thorough.

excellent quality and well packed. most happy

Review not Provided.

Great value, wouldn`t order from anywhere else! Have recommened to some friends.

My order arrived exactly as expected. The products are wonderful. Will order more.

I absolutely love the toothpaste and will be buying again in the future...enema kit, well what can I say other than used it...happy with it :)

thank you

Like the stainless enema buckets and the available parts for replacing used parts.

Very quick delivery of order.

The stainless steel kit is best way to go for enema equipment. It is more hygienic than using rubber bags and is more convenient than a bag.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The product arrived in excellent condition and works very well.

I love my enema set. It is great.

Excellent and efficient. I was emailed about it being shipped and then emailed to make sure I received it. The product is as advertised and god quality and excellent customer service!

great service

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I`ve received my enema kit and have used it several times. I`m very satisfied with the quality, as well as the results of using my enema.

The Enema kit came quickly and as described. Thank you

Good quality product and delivered in an acceptable time frame. Thanks!

The order was accurate and on time. I like the follow up from customer service. I will reorder from you soon

I did receive the catheter kit that I ordered. As a matter of fact, it came with my colonic cleanse kit. I have used the kit several times and am pleased with the results and ease of use. The instructions were very specific and helpful. Thank you for the follow-up. I`ll definitely continue to use your products!!!

We are very happy with your services and follow up e-mails to assure customer satisfaction. We will order again as we need supplies.

I was very satisfied and recommended you to my friend (Blake Grow)who then also ordered the enema bucket and supplies. However, he got a different silicone tube than me. Theirs has a cone shaped nozzle at each end to attach to the bucket and catheter. I just got the plain tube with nothing on either end. I`m wondering why? Anyway, I am very satisfied with your service and shipping. I will definitely order from you again and recommend you to more friends! I would like credit for Blake Grows` order. Thank you!

all was fine.

Your service and delivery was prompt. Quicker than I had expected. Your concern and care for receiving my products exceeded other online services I have interacted with. We have not used the products yet but am happy to know if I have any problems I can contact you. thanks.

Thank You Great service!!!

Thank you for producing a healthy and very easy to use enema stainless container. Also love the neti pot. A real step up from what is at your local drugstore and my local health food store. Thank you! Great service and prompt shipping.

Excellent service, great product thanks very much!

Great prices. Quick shipping. Product as decribed. Highly Satisfied customer!

I was extremely impressed with my order experience with Health & Yoga. My order was filled & shipped almost immeadiately. It even got here sooner than expected! The products are excellent quality, everything was absolutely perfect. I will continue to use Health & Yoga in the future. Thank you!

I have been practicing yoga from Gaia videos for about 4 years now. I was shocked to discover just how out of shape I was after only three days of following this course. This is the information I have been looking`s great. I`m having a little trouble getting it all scheduled, but on the days I manage to do all 4 practices I feel great. I will definitely be continuing my business relationship with your website and will recommend it to others.

I absolutely love my stainless steel container. I have been telling all the people I know who give themselves enemas. One of those people is my colonic lady Janie. She is very interested. The tubing I order I will proably never use I thought it was extra tubing for bucket. Are extra nozzles available for tubing? Thank you for such a wonderful product I ahve been looking for months for something I can pet my oils in and not have to worry about it eating it up and giving me toxic things in my enema. thanks cindy

I have recieved the product...the metal enema buckets ...for use in the gerson therapy.
I haven`t used them yet...but will in a few weeks -
they seem fine. I will let you know if there is any problem.

I love the quality of my lotus Mala and the excellent customer service and delivery of my purchase.

Love the stainless steel bucket!!! Prompt shipping great!!! I`ve been looking for a stainless steel bucket for years and am now ozonating the water before using which I could not do in a plastic bucket. Namaste!!!

The package came right when expected. No problems with my orders from you folks so far. Thank you! Lois Mayhew

THe silicone tube kinks closed unless great care is taken.

I received it a while ago and it`s great. Thanks

Super fast shipping.
Friendly, professional service.
Quality engineered products designed to
enhance life.

Thanks Corinna

Equipment is of good quality and was delivered fairly quickly - all in all a satisfying experience.

Thank you for your good service. The shipment was prompt and I`m very glad I bought it from you.

I don`t know how to use the enema kit. How far does the catheter go? It looks like it`s going to puncture my colon?

Thanks for the goods. They arrived quickly and am happy to say that they are very good quality. I will order from you again. :-)

Was fast shipping, some of the products were dirty. But because of their use, they were easily cleaned and ready to use.

Very fast service indeed to the UK. The products were just what I wanted and will be placing more orders. Thanks again


The product arrived on time and is exactly how it was represented on the website. Thank you for your service.

Excellent product that exceeds expectations!

Review not Provided.

everything came within the expected time and met the quality expected. the e-report that I received was very helpful. thanks

Review not Provided.

I really liked this product and have referred it to a friend of mine. I like the quality of the product the best. Thank you for your sevice.

one of the items shipped with minor damage. healthandyoga took care of it and quickly sent a replacement. they are great to do business with and very nice people. rest assured, they are there for the customer.

I was aware that the expected delivery day was 15 days, but I really did not "expect" it to take the full 15 days. I do a fair amount of on-line purchasing and none of the merchants ever had more than 7 days of delivery time. Other than this, I got what I wanted.

Product was as expected and very good quality.

Delivery was quick and items were as described.

Thank you for your excellent product and quick service! The stainless steel enema bucket is very well made and easily maintained. My order arrived so quickly that I thougt it was something else I had previously ordered from another company. Thank you!

Everything arrived in great order.. thank you very much :)

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