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GutFloPlus Enema Kit

  • Home Enema Kit includes a stainless-steel Enema Bucket, Silicone Tubes, Clamp, Nozzle, and Instruction Manual
  • Stainless Steel Clinically Hygienic Bucket has no risk of toxicity.
  • Large capacity - Over 2 quarts/liters ensures a thorough colon cleanse.
  • Medical & Food Grade Tubings; Latex Free
  • Extremely Easy to Clean and Sterilise; Reusable

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Soulgenie's Home Enema Kits are carefully crafted to ensure that the user's enema practice is effective, easy, and satisfying. We designed our enema kit with the utmost care to give our users a comfortable and hygienic solution for this ancient cleansing process.

One of the key factors that sets our Home Enema Kits apart from the others is their sterilizability. Ensuring good hygiene is important when following enema procedures, and we have built this enema kit with that in mind. These kits are made of materials that are amenable to sterilization, assuring that each enema session is contamination-free and safe. This feature of our enema kit is significant, given the personal nature of the process, which calls for close contact.

The Enema Bucket, an important element of Soulgenie Home Enema Kits are made from high-quality stainless steel. This choice of material for an enema kit not only ensures its durability but also secures that it does not rust. As a result, our users don't have to worry about their enema equipment rusting with the passage of time, making it a perfect choice. Unlike those disposable enema kits available in the market that often end up in landfills, our stainless-steel bucket is an eco-friendly and long-lasting option that is best for daily use.

The maintenance and cleaning of the bucket is easy because of the smooth surface of this stainless steel enema kit. This feature helps it to remain dry, preventing the development of harmful microorganisms in it. This convenience simplifies an easy and more practical use of enema for users.

The design of the bucket of this enema kit also makes the process easy. We can easily place it on a flat surface, ensuring that it is stable during the process. This minimizes the chances of accidents or spillage, allowing users to focus on undistracted procedures.

The Soulgenie's Home Enema Kit comprises a large 2-quart/liter enema bucket for thorough colon washing, making the process for the users more effective and efficient.

Soulgenie Home Enema Kits is the perfect solution for personal and professional use. It helps create your own spas, naturopath centers, or health centers. Soulgenie offers the best wholesale pricing prices, making this enema kit accessible for various applications.

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