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SteloKleen Jala Neti Pot

  • For nasal wash of sinus passages; Prevents mouth breathing and snoring.
    Helps manage common cold, headaches due to blocked nose.
  • Aesthetically designed to be topple-free; Clinically safe Non-toxic Stainless Steel material.
  • Durable & Robust; Smooth conical nose tip fits most noses snugly.
  • Large 16 oz. capacity- Holds enough water to rinse both nostrils with a single fill.
  • Doorstep delivery within 7-12 days, with standard shipping.
    (Postal orders 'may' take a little longer).

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    $ 18.36
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SteloKleen - Soulgenie's Stainless Steel Jala Neti Pot is used for the yogic practice of Jal Neti (Saline Nasal Irrigation). Practice of Jala Neti has many advantages. It is a perfect tool to manage sinus related problems, common colds, blocked nose, get rid of headaches and to prevent mouth breathing . Using the right Neti Pot makes the practice comfortable, effective and enhances the whole experience.

SteloKleen Neti Pot is scientifically designed after much research by Jala Neti experts and yoga teachers across the world. Every pot is hand crafted and tested. It gives the practitioner a feel of an exclusive and authentic yoga practice. There are many wholesale platforms that are claiming to sell steel neti pots, but be rest assured that SteloKleen Neti Pot is made of pure stainless steel, is lead-free and unbreakable.

It has a sufficiently large capacity to hold enough water for the entire Neti practice. Usually no refills are required, and both side Neti can be done at one go. The circumference of the pot neck allows for a firm hold of the pot without slipping.

It has an optimum size tapered conical tip at the spout end, which facilitates support on the nostril walls of varying sizes. Its smooth and polished finish makes it very comfortable for insertion in the nose tip. Does not scratch or tug at the skin.

When used with Soulgenie Jala Neti salt sachets, does not require any measuring. Just add one Soulgenie Jala Neti Salt sachet to one filled pot of warm water.

Jala Neti is practised as a therapy for stuffy and runny noses, to get rid of pollution particles from the nose and to improve eyesight. Advanced yoga practitioners , practice Neti regularly to improve their pranayama practice and to detox their body for higher spiritual growth.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Beautiful and functional!

Excellent service ,here in 4 days. Very good product
. Thank you Kindly
Regards Frances

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Excellent quality.
Ergonomic and practical to use.

no problems

This is my second stainless neti pot from Health and Yoga and both are fantastic. Wonderful quality, easy to use and outstanding customer service. Keep up the good work!

Review not Provided.

Came in mail quickly!

I was surprised by the fast postage. It arrived about a week after I ordered it.

Fast delivered and the product is perfect. I use your Neti pot every day. Much much better than other pots!!

Thank you for such good response and good equipment

I’ve bought six neti pots from you now - they make wonderful presents.I’m very happy to recommend your company - an excellent product and first rate service.

This product has great features

I had a terrible sinus infection and the SteeloKleen neti pot helped a lot in clearing it up. I still use it 3 times a week because it helps me feel cleansed and have more energy. I love it! Best neti pot.

I ordered neti pots from Health and Yoga and they arrived in Australia 4 days later. Excellent service and excellent product. Would highly recommend

The neti pot is well made and holds a good amount of water. I like the fact that its stainless steel. Overall, a very good product! ??

Fast shipping, I really like the neti pot, it`s perfect.

Love my pot. sinuses cleared right up after the first use.Get service too.

The products are very good, better then expected.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

A well made stainless steel Neti pot which is super easy to use. Very easy to clean too. Provides a leakproof fit onto the nasal passageand as a result no water leaks.
Information booklet etc provide excellent information and are a good guide for helping one get the best results.

my order arrived on time and i`m loving my Neti pot, good quality and perfect size for daily size.

THe Nets Pot came quickly. I like the product

Excellent product, fast service, very happy
Thank you. Frances from Perth WA

I have been using the stainless steel neti pot and the copper tongue cleaner from HealthandYoga.com for years. Recently decided I wanted a second neti pot for travel. The H&Y neti pot keeps being improved... this new one has a slightly bigger capacity than my older one, which I appreciate. The tongue cleaners last a long time, but it is always good to have extras on hand, since they eventually break from metal fatigue (but that`s normal). The order arrived very quickly, considering it was shipped to the US from India. Thanks, Health and Yoga!

No Issues, good products, happy with service, would definitely buy products again... thank you

Good product, perfect delivery!

I received my neti pot very quick and I love it!!!

I received my neti pot very quick and I love it!!!

The pot is great and meets all advertising promises. Now, if it lasts for years all hopes will have been met!

Very very happy with my order! The incense all smells wonderful and the mama bag is perfect! The Neto pot is by far the best I had been looking for a large one for a long time and this one is perfect! Shipping was way faster than I had expected too! Thank you!!

I bought it with the expectation that its of stainless steel n so would be less maintenance. But to my shock it has already started getting rusted. I am utterly disappointed. With a rusted pot, I am more scared of catching infection. Pls suggest

I love my netipot!!! The only thing I would say could be improved is how hot the outer stainless steel gets when you pour hot water in it (I pour hot boiled water in with salt, then leave it to cool to body temperature). Other then that I absolutely love this neti pot.

Gave as gift so can`t evaluate.

Quick delivery.

This is the best neti-pot I`ve found on the market. This is a large stainless steel vessel, much larger and sturdier than the plastic ones most often seen for sale. My previous neti-pot, also purchased from HealthandYoga.com lasted 12 years before the seal at the base of the spout started leaking. I use my neti-pot 1 to 3 times per day, depending on the circumstances. I got a lot of miles out of it over 12 years and am looking forward to 12 more years and continued good health! Thank you HealthandYoga!

Exactly what i hoped for

Dear friends,
I confirm the receipt of the order and we are very satisfied with the results of using NetiPot.
Our thanks

Everything it was very good. Thank you a lot. Luca.

I ordered this neti pot from Health & Yoga at least 12 years ago and have been using it at least once a day since ; the last few years stage one and stage two. I carefully clean and dry it after every use and it is still going strong. I like the size of the pot and I particularly like the shape of the spout, as it fits nicely in my nose. I would highly recommend this neti pot.

I have received the items in good condition soon after I ordered them. I haven`t used them yet so cannot comment on their effectiveness. I have previously used the silicone hose and like its flexibility and durability. Also have used a rubber colon tube that was smaller and allowed easy entry. It is becoming thin in places after many years. I did not remember what size options were available. I think now it was the smallest which I would order again.

The product is of very high quality. I have used it a few times. Need to get more disciplined about using it periodically. :)

Packaging was great. The product was delivered on time and there were no issue.

The neti pot I received is well made, and it arrived very quickly.

High quality product that I use every day. Fast shipping to Sweden (took less than a week). Thank you!

Brilliant product received in perfect condition, thank you

Received the goods faster than expected, I am satisfied overall by the product, but I find it annoying that in some case the spout is leaking where it is fitted into the body of the steel pot , can I do something to prevent that ?

I`m very pleased with my Stelokleen Neti Pot. It`s very well-made, well-priced, and the shipping was extremely fast. I like that it doesn`t leach BPAs like the plastic neti pots,that it`s larger in size than most neti pots, and that it won`t break like the ceramic neti pots. Since I`ve been using the SteloKleen Neti Pot, my allergy symptoms have reduced greatly and my post-nasal drip has gotten much better. Also, the instruction manualyou get with the Stelokleen Neti Pot is very thorough and it`s fairly easy to use once you
follow the directions properly. I`m extremely satisfied with my purchase!

Good product

Bought the stainless steel pot in 2006, still in great shape. Very quality product.

Very fast service...we are satisfied with the purchase

I very much appreciate my new stainless steel Neti pot because it is larger (2 cups), easy to clean and unbreakable. I have tried many models and it is the one I prefer. I also received it very quickly, only a few days after my order.

I received the delivery on time and hassle-free. The product is good and as promised on the website. Thank you for this! :)

Review not Provided.

Not a reflection of your product or service, but unfortunately, I have not been able to use the netipot more than once. I may have inflammation or structural problem that prevents me from being able to achieve the flush.

neti pot works great and I like the toothpaste I will be ordering more in the future.

The quality of product is very good. It is elegant. While ordering, I thought it is overpriced but as I received the product and used it, I found the worth. The product is well shaped to hold in one hand and temperature sensing technique told in video is very practical.

I`m glad that I found your product - I just wish that I`d found it earlier! It would have saved me a lot of money on cheap plastic neti pots (NeilMed) that needed to be constantly replaced.

Did not know the neck was screwed on. Don`t know how to unscrew it to clean thoroughly and there was this metal smell during and after the irrigation.

I have ordered 4 of these neti pots now and have been very satisfied with the 2 I use. I`ve also found Health and Yoga a pleasure to purchase from. The shipment is quick and the packaging is excellent.

Article is what I expected, so far so good, very satisfactory service, I came very quickly to Spain !! I am very happy, thanks

Excellent and fast delivery.
Your Neti Pot is the best.
Thank you

Nothing to complain. The neti pot ist excellent as well as the delivery service.

Delivery was much speedier than I expected. The product is perfect and the instructions have a sense if humour as well as being very informative

Having tried several pots, I can say this one is the best. Great stainless steel quality. I am buying two more now to give to friends, so yes, I can recommend this product heartily. Enjoy!

Item arrived quickly, and as described. Very satisfied. Thanks!

I was looking for an unbreakable netti pot and was looking for a plastic one when I found you stainless steel one. I like it much better, it was delivered very quickly. Thanks

This pot is of great quality and make. It is extremely comfortable to use. I am totally hooked to this. Thank you for such a great product.

It definitely makes difference if you use daily, keeps nasal passage clean, Thanks for instruction & DVD, Very nice product, good quality, the only Con is high price, rest all good.......& I have question Why Meditation & other CD/DVDs are not available to Indian Customers after all the origin of knowledge is India itself, that`s strange & not acceptable

The SteloKleen Neti pot is awesome. I`ve used plastic ones in the past and they don`t compare to the SteloKleen Neti pot. Thanks for the good product.

This is a wonderful Neti pot. I had used a plastic one before but never felt it was very sanitary so stopped using it. This one is great, easy to clean and looks good too! Very easy to hold and the nostril tip would fit any size nose.

I got this Neti pot in 2012. I waited this long to write this review so that I can provide more effective feedback on the product and Neti procedure it self. In 2012 I suffered from 3 Sinusitis attacks ! They were severe and it felt like hell. Each antibiotic course took about 15 days to bring it to control. I had a new born those days and I really did not want to eat those many medicines since I was still feeding. I desperately looked for an alternate way to prevent the Sinusitis flaring up. The only way was to take care not to catch cold. My doctor suggested endoscopy to drain my sinuses and that is when I decided enough of doctor visits and bought the Neti pot and dared to try the Nasal irrigation. It was as easy as breathing :) and there was no going back. In the last 2.5 yrs, I have taken antibiotics for Sinusitis just once that too because I ignored doing Neti the moment I suspected of catching cold. Otherwise the count would be zero. Some things I would like to share based on my experience
1. This is a good quality steel product. The design is such that it does not catch rust in the corners and very easy to clean and carry during traveling. This is the only pot I have tried and the shape suits me well.
2. The Neti video and tips shared by Steelokleen site on the Neti procedure is the best one to be followed. There are many sites over there which are misleading.
3. For people who are trying Neti for the first time, I suggest please do so when you are feeling perfectly fine (and not when you have caught cold or allergy). Only then you will appreciate the after effects of Neti. I personally felt an increased sense of smell and felt as though I had a mouth wash after a long time :D Once you have gotten comfortable, then you will be able to work around in the situations when you are performing neti when your nose is blocked or experiencing congestion.
2. I do not recommend performing Neti daily. I do it only when I suspect catching cold. I do it once for about 3 days and Bingo ! the cold never comes or it vanishes after a 2nd pot of Neti. It gets tricky if you let the cold catch and perform Neti on a blocked nose. You need to be extra careful not to blow too hard or you will end-up infecting your ear canal. Regular Neti once or twice a week should also work well.
3. Important thing to note is that Neti is best as a preventive measure and is not exactly a cure.

Owning a Neti pot and carrying it around when I travel gives me this sense of relief and in control and I no more feel the fear of catching a cold any more.

I received my two neti pots and started using mine almost immediately. I love it! And I love the directions - they have a lot of humor in them. Everything about this purchase was highly positive. Thank you.

replacement for my 5 year old neti also purchased here

works great..

I tried a lot of other spin offs like the ceramic and plastic ones. But they are too small and not designed correctly. The water is gone before it really starts to wash. Also the angle is wrong. This stainless original still remains the best. However, I would like a bigger pot to hold more water so I can do a really good wash in one application.

Review not Provided.

First class job all around.Thank you for caring about your customers.

Review not Provided.

The netipots arrived very quickly after I placed the order. Thank you very much for your good product and efficiency.

Review not Provided.

My Neti Pot came in the post. on time.
A previous pot has an issue with a loose nut to the spout - has to be tightened frequently and leaks. Newer models do not seem to have this problem.

I am delighted with my neti pot . Very quick delivery. Thank you

Review not Provided.

The pot is excellent and easy to use. I found the information about how to use it in the accompanying book very useful and helpful. I have never had big problems with sinus congestion, but after using the pot for about two weeks now, I can feel that everything is much clearer. When practising pranayama I feel as if my whole body is now inflating, I am breathing much more deeply and everything is just working much more effectively.

Review not Provided.

Lightning fast delivery. About 4 days to Ireland. Wow. Nice pot. If I was to change something I would add kind of lid, as the water sometimes pours out of it. Otherwise great stuff!

very good

Godd quality. Just as advertised. Thank you

Pot arrived quickly and well packed. Instruction manual is fantastic.

The Neem Cream works great! Cleared up a rash that the Doctor was treating for 3 months with a medical cream at $80.00 a pop that lasted 3 weeks I spent $240. and it knocked it down but never cleared it up. The Neem Cream cleared it up in 2 weeks!!!! OUTSTANDING!!! Plus super fast shipping, doesn`t get any better than that!

LOVE the pot...it`s huge! It`s helping me elude the flu here in GA. The capacity seems right. The instruction booklet...wow. I had no idea about drying the passages post neti use, I always just blew my nose. THANK YOU.

Review not Provided.

I love my new neti pot. It`s just what I wanted and it`s good quality :)

I already have a neti pot for myself. I bought this one as a gift. That`s how much I like it!
I appreciate your excellent service.

Thank you

I have 2 other Neti pots, one ceramic and the other plastic. I love the SteloKleen pot and the neti salt takes all the guessing and measuring away. Thank you for such a great product.

Great Lota. Very good quality of stainless steel and very well crafted. Highly recommended

I received the item in France very quickly! (Maybe 5 days) Thank you ! The information provided with the neti pot is very valuable. The neti pot is convenient to use and good looking.
I am satisfied.


Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with my new steloKleen neti pot. This is the second one I have purchased and I am pleased. I have noticed on small snag in the metal of the spout - the portion I use to plug my nostril. At first I was concerned it would scratch my nostril, but thus far that has not been the case as I have been very careful when using it. This first one I purchased was very smooth.

Pot arrived in a reasonable amount of time (not fast, but okay). Pot itself is good, and works well

Wow! From beginning to ending you have supported the entire process of making sure I get what I want. Your service is unbeatable and the product quality second to none!

Received my order swiftly. The items were just as I expected. I was ver pleased. Thanks

The products arrived promptly and are very well made.

Works Great! Its exactly what I expected. Thank you.

Thank you for dispatching my order.
The product is OK, the technique is still to be learned.

All the best

Review not Provided.

Nice workmanship. Better the the plastics.

Nothing to complain about the quality of SteloKleen Neti pot. I am satisfied until now and I hope I will remain so as long as I use Neti pot.

Best regards,

Thanks for your great service. The neti pots arrived in Australia in less than a week. I am delighted with the quality and will be happy to palace another order with you in the future. Thanks, Anandajyoti

Very good service

Very fast shipping, excellent packaking, excellent booklet.

I love my neti pot! On my doctor`s advice, I purchased one of these from your company 7 years ago and it only just now wore out! This new one is even nicer. Using a neti pot helped me break the cycle of virtually continuous illness. I became healthy enough to start a second career as a massage therapist, and now I recommend neti pot use to many of my clients. I send them all to your website because I feel that the size, sturdiness, and ease of use of the Stelokleen are unmatched. Also, your company`s service is prompt and courteous. Thank you!

Excellent Neti pot! Well made and well designed. Customer service most excellent as well! I can heartily recommend purchasing this pot from health and yoga.com.

The product absolutely satisfied my expectations.

Great product at a great price

Review not Provided.

Very fast shipping and the included instruction booklet is very informative about usual use of a neti pot and and some new ways I was not familiar with. The pot is very well made and easy to clean. The wide opening at the top takes some getting used to as it is easy to spill the saline water while using it, but it`s a matter of getting used to not tipping too far.

Fantastic product nd service! *****

The elbow in the spout of this pot makes it easier to pour without having water spill over the top of the pot. The pot I bought from you some 10 years ago had a spout without an elbow. That was also an excellent product, but this new pot is an improvement. I appreciate your excellent service.

Review not Provided.

Great products. Thank You!

Good product, good service, would recommend highly.

Shipment was very fast. Very satisfied with this product. The quality is extremely high and it is much easier to use than other devices. I also like having individual salt packets which makes preparation much quicker.

Review not Provided.

I`m completely satisfied with this product. It has allowed me to take my practice of Jala Neti to the next level. I used to use a travel plastic pot. The steel pot is completely different: much more efficient and very pleasant to use. It`s also pleasant to the eye.
I ordered it from France and received it 7 days later. I also received an email with links to support documents and FAQs.
I couldn`t ask for more. Thanks a lot.

My husband loves his netti pot. It has helped him a lot.

Review not Provided.

Products arrived promptly as promised

Review not Provided.

Thank you for the Neti pot and direction booklet. The quality of the pot is excellent and the dilvery was also very prompt.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the purchased products and also the quality of the service. The ordered items arrived soon, everything was ok. Thank you

Review not Provided.

Buying a second neti pot for my mum, have had mine for several years now & still functioning beautifully. Good product, fair price, fast delivery, excellent service - it`s all good.

Amazing craftsmanship and product. durable and comes with perfect instructions for use and why and how you should use it.

Beautiful nice sized stainless steel Neti Pot arrived in a timely fashion and is a joy to use. Thank You,
Shannon D. Ehlers

Review not Provided.

The SteloKleen Neti pot is of high quality. It works really well. I was also very happy with the speed with which it was mailed out to me.

Review not Provided.

A handle on the pot would be nice.

Review not Provided.

Crazy fast shipping! Seriously. Amazing.

I did receive my neti pot on Dec. 28th and I am very happy with it.

Very quick in processing my order and shipping the products to me. I live in Ottawa,Ontario Canada and I was very impress that my order was shipped so quickly. I received the products in less than a week from having ordered them. I used the Neti pot the same day I received it and I am very happy with the quality of the Neti pot. I already forwarded your website to a friend who uses a ceramic Neti pot which she purchased locally.

Was a perfect transaction

I use my Neti two times a day and after a week I have noticed a significant improvement. My sinuses drip only slightly now, I sleep better due to no coughing and the entire process stage 1 takes perhaps 3-4 minutes. I have NOT taken sinus meds for over 2 weeks now.

Thank you for excellent device. Previously I used a 60-100 ml syringe for the procedure. The problem using syringe was poor control the water stream, especially when hurry. If you apply to much force to the plunger the water stream can be forced in the ear tubes or nasal sinuses. Anecdotally, I experienced a terrible middle ear inflammation caused by the syringe misuse just few days before becoming the neti pot. The neti pot is very simple and comfortable for the use, it seemed to be a honestly manufactured product for acceptable price. It fits comfortably in my nostrils ; there is no risk to push it too far. So, I strongly recommend it to others.
With the best wishes and many thanks,

Review not Provided.

After trying out various Netipots including a plastic, and a stainless steel pot of another make, I bought the SteloKleen Netipot. It is a real pleasure to use this pot. The nozzle of the pot is of the right diameter to allow a good flow of water. It is just set at the right angle to get the ideal tilt of the head to make the water flow smooth. The quantity of water that can be used in one go is quite large. I would certainly recommend this pot to beginners and experts alike. Beginners will get to learn how easy it is to do Jal Neti and the experts will just enjoy the experience.

I would also suggest a few improvements to the product. The gauge of the pot is pretty good but if a slightly higher gauge of stainless steel can be used, the rim of the pot need not have to be crimped and the pot will look a tad bit more elegant. I would also suggest that QA be a little more stringent. My pot had a very small scratch/dent at the bottom - not a show stopper though.

I am very happy with this purchase as I am with everything I receive from Health & Yoga. The neti pot is excellent quality and is shipped with clear (and somewhat humorous) instructions. Thank you for your wonderful items and helpful service!

Review not Provided.

great product.

product is of fine quality. I am extremely satisfied with the delivery , shipping and price of the product. Keep up the good work! Will use you again without hesitation.

hi i recieved the order very quickly and packing was nice , the pot is excellent not poki nose and its smooth and the finishing of the pot is excellent the salt is great as well and the amount of the salt to use in one single pot is made perfect by u and it doesnt feel too salty or less salty and i am getting better with my sinusis day by day and i will reccomm `ending` this excellent solution to all of my other brothers and sister more so i think without any problem also it is a great practice to follow just before your morning yoga and it just makes your yoga experience more complete the only thing i will suggest is that it will be great if there is a obtion of jalneti dvd in hindi as well and my indian instructor as in u can give that language obtion dvds to the mainly spoken languages as in the people can connect more with their language and their people in the dvd thank you cheers

I got order of 1-Jala Neti Video DVD1-Stainless Steel Neti Pot

Excellent product, very high quality. Thank you very much. Stainless steel is for winners, ceramic and plastic is for losers!

I received the neti pot in good condition and have been enjoying it daily.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Product arrived within a week to Australia. Fantastic service and delivery.

I have recieved my two stelokleen neti pots. I love these neti pots because you can sterilize them. The instruction booklet was very informative. Health and Yoga were great to do buisness with. We had a little mix up at customs with my package but they got everything straightened out in a very reasonable length of time.

great product..just what I needed

Really impressed by H&Y. Efficient & friendly service and quality products. They`ve delivered both my orders to Ireland in under a week - super quick!
The information leaflets and packaging were exactly as needed (even a touch of class in the presentation, dare I say). Possibly a link to a demo video is all I would suggest to make it perfect. Keep up the great service - happy to recommend to anyone!

I receieved the shipping on time..... whatever I used is excellent

Review not Provided.

been using the pot for three days. excellent product

Review not Provided.

Delivery was much quicker than I expected and the quality of the neti pots is excellent.

Review not Provided.

i am thankful for the warm effort and support, everything reached my place in a good fit and the practive was well prepared, all the best to the ones who made it possible....maike

Got it and am quite pleased - thanks.

I already used a pot to clean my nose every day for more than 2 years, so I did not suggest this great effect: 1. the bigger pot of stainless steel is working much better than a plastic ona (200ml), 2. the FAQ / Booklet is reaaaaally an excellent work - i bought a book about NETI, but this by far not as good like your FAQ. I started with Phase 2, i reallized, that not good cooked meal is producing mucus and so on...
Thank you a lot and keep on!
Ben Berwing

Review not Provided.

Practicing Jala Neti (amongst other Shatkarma) for more than 25 years I have seen (and tested) quite a lot of different neti pots along the way. Recently I ordered the Stelokleen stainless steel neti pot in preparation for a backpack travel to India because I wanted to find a pot which would not risk to break easily. First I had in mind to buy a plastic neti pot (like the Rhinohorn) but after some extended reading and research on the net I finally settled for stainless steel. Unfortunately I can not adhere to most of the reviewers opinions I saw here and I would like to extensively explain why.

The most important properties of a neti pot are the material and the shape / size. According to my personal experience I believe that the best material is ceramic. I have been using a ceramic pot daily for around 25 years now and because I took great care of it, it still looks like if it would be new. The size is perfect (being a little smaller than the Stelokleen pot I simply use one full pot per nostril) thus it can easily and safely be hold by one hand. The tapering nose tip is perfect since it fits to quite any form and size of nostrils. Thus the only drawback I can see is it`s inherent fragility because it`s made out of ceramic.

Beyond materials considerations the most sensitive point of a good neti pot clearly is it`s nose tip shape and size. So based on the pictures and the many positive reviews I thought that the nose tip of this stainless steel pot would fit well to my nostrils. Of course the nostril size greatly varies from one person to another and I know that mine (male) are amongst the bigger ones. Hence if the nose tip is to small it will be a major problem because either a part of the water will come out immediately between the nostril and the pot nose tip and / or the nose tip will enter to deeply and might easily injure the nose lining (pushing on the cartilage / septum). Most of the neti pots I could find so far had this problem and unfortunately the Stelokleen pot was *not* an exception. I compared the nose tip from my beloved ceramic pot with the stainless steel one and both had the same diameter at the base (broader part) but the Stelokleen nose tip measures around 2cm from base to top whereas on the ceramic pot it`s around half this length. So when I try to get a watertight connection between nostril and pot the nose tip is getting to far in my nose and very unpleasantly touching the nasal inner liner, risking to injure it if I`m not extremely careful. Also the fact that the angle at the top of the nose tip is not very smooth increases the risk of injury (compared to the smoother angle of my ceramic pot nose tip) and gives quite an unpleasant feeling.

Another thing I also would like to mention here, though not being really a problem, is the connection between the pot and the spout. I really expected both to be in one piece (sealed) but I was disappointed to discover that the spout had simply been fixed (screwed) with a big nut. This creates two drawbacks. First a (little) part of the water will always remain in the pot and second the spout easily turns out of axis. I understand that thus the pot is easier to manufacture but it`s not an optimal solution.

So finally I gave the pot to my daughter to test it and for her the size / shape of the nose tip was pretty good so it became a new gift for her. :)

I am very happy with my stainless steel jala neti pot from India !!!

I received the pot and I am really pleased with it, i use it twice a day, and it is much better than the pills that I used to have for my spring polen alergy.
Just one important quetion, you sent me, I think by mistake, in the box the instructions for the Enema stuff, ... Could I have the pdf instructions for the steel Neti Pot?

Great, to deal with you.

Many thanks from Spain.


I received my Neti pots and I`m excited to see how well they were packaged and delivered. The delivery was quick and the customer service was excellent!! The Neti pots I bought are excellent value for money. I am so glad I found your site. Definitely recommend this product.

Neti pot rec`d promptly. Great improvements in product design. Wouldn`t dream of facing allergy season without it! Thank you. : )

great product and good communication.

The product is great and I got it very quickly. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

The discount code you gave me for doing this feedback expired 5 day before I got it.

My order arrived quickly and was exactly as described. I`d been using a plastic neti pot for years and decided to try a bigger steele version and love it.

Review not Provided.

Yes i have received Neti Pot, i`m using it now every day. First one was for me and second was for my best man. I`m very satisfied with Neti Pot and i will recomend Neti Pot and your web adress to anyone i know.
Thank you very much.

Best regards
Ivan Ripli

Got the item quite soon after the order. Great service. Great product. Thank you very much.

I recently bought this product from H&Y. The product was delivered quickly within 2 working days and was packaged properly. The pot quality is very good, shiny and sturdy. The pot is large which helps to pass enough water during Jala neti. I also bought salt which dissolves clearly in water. I also received a complementary CD..unfortunately it didn`t work on my laptop. but overall, a very good experience, i like the product.

The pot works as advertised. Fits in my nose well and easy to use.

I received my order in time, and the product is of very good quality, as expected.

I have about four Neti Pots, and this is the best one. What they say in their page is actually true: their nozzle fits very well, and the large volume is convenient. For about eight years now, all the members of my family have been doing this; I keep telling my friends with sinus problems about how much it has helped us, and those who have tried it have had great success (although I also have to say that about 1/3 of those I tell won`t do it because they think it`s weird). Also, when the kids were little, we did it for them. I commend the makers of this product for providing useful information to help all of us overcome our initial hesitation in trying this method. Their material was very helpful.

The delivery was very quick and perfect, so thank you :-)

Hi I bought a netipot by you the service is great
And what is even beter,I feel much healtier as well after starting to use the netipot
My son who has a netipot as well,found your website and send it to me.I paid less then he paid by an other website
I think I am going to try the toothpaste as well
Thanks very much Marian

I love this stainless steel neti pot. I know I will probably have it for the rest of my life. After ordering on the Internet, I was surprised to receive it so quickly. I`ve already recommended it to other friends.

Thank you! Namaste!

I have had many neti pots including stainless steel put have never had one with this great of design or quality. The service from health and yoga has been really awesome. This is for sure a five star product.....thanks again

Great product and service

The shipment arrived when promised. Thank you!

We are long-time Netiers and have found the SteloKleen to be the finest neti pot we have used. It hold holds enough solution to neti both nostrils without refilling and the flow rate is excellent. Easy to clean stainless steel won`t break if accidentally dropped and won`t degrade like plastic. Highly recommended.

100% positive

good communication and fast delivery!

Products are great quality and I always buy my neti pot supplies from here. Fast reliable service. Didn`t need the DVD and haven`t tried Amritdhara yet.

Thank you.

Review not Provided.

An excellent product delivered swiftly. I am happy I made a good choice.

Review not Provided.

I have been a neti pot user for 4 years now. I was recommended from a pharmacy to try it due to all of the sinus infections that I have had. Since using the pot faithfully twice daily my sinus problem is almost totally gone. I was using antibiotics several times a year to clear them up but dont need them anymore. With the neti pot, and precaution I can take simple allergy medicine to keep them away.
I started off with the plastic pots which can cause problems. I graduated to a glass pot which ended up getting broke. I went to pot which was supposed to be stainless but was made of bad material. I just received my stainless neti pot today and was I impressed. The quality of the neti is awesome. The angle and the tip are simply perfect. The size holds much more water than the other. Health and Yoga have been great in support with emails and the neti was delivered on time. Thanks Healthandyoga for a great product. This is surely a 5 star product.

DHL made an error copying my address (although it was correct on the package) so I had to retrieve it from the dispatch center. Recieved the item one week later becaus eof this.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The neti pot is just what I was looking for...easy to disinfect and large enough to provide adequate flushing of both sides. Thanks.

This is an excellent neti pot...I thoroughly recommend it. The design is good, it comes with some pure salt and a very informative DVD. I am Jala Neti self taught so the DVD gave me some great guidance particularly regarding the drying process. Namaste.

Great product, very fast arrival. Nothing but praises for your product. I have made several purchases, because I am so pleased with this product, and have been giving them as gifts and trying to spread the work about the neti-pot.
Thank you very much for such a fine product.

Beautiful quality, fantastic instruction booklet, very fast delivery, I`m in Australia. Blessings. Wendy

These were the third and fourth neti pots I have ordered from you, the last one being a present to my father. I have recommended your neti pots to several colleagues at work who had bad allergies and they are using the neti pots with great success. I have used your neti pots for over 5 years to combat sinusitis and frequent colds. It is amazing how something so simple can have such a profound effect on your health. Thank you for your products!

This version of the neti pot, with a different spout, seems to work better than the old one I had. I`m very pleased.

Excellent service and follow-up; great product and plenty of information. Thank you very much for an experience of quality.

Excellent neti pot -- well finished stainless steel, good ergonomics, fine product at competitive price. Thanks health & Yoga
David S

I have received the neti pot in good order, I just recently have started using the neti pot for the first time, over the short term I had good results with this neti pot, it seems the nasal irrigation makes me breathe better through my nose, I don`t know what the effect is over a long term.

Everithing all right

I purchased this item as a Gift for my Boyfriend. He is VERY Pleased with the Quality of this item...

I have been totally satisfied with the products I purchased. I received them timely and they are of the highest quality. I have been able to use them very easily.

Review not Provided.

i was very happy with the product and arrival time - with thanks

very satisfied of the transaction, but the smell of the product was a bit strange and really agressif at the openning of the box...

Review not Provided.

Received Neti pot in good order. Satisfactory to use; hope that time will tell more.

Received the neti pot about 10 days after ordering. The product is fine and well made. I am using it 3 times a day as per your instructions, I shall reduce this to once a day after two weeks. My problem is chronic sinusitis, but the most rewarding thing I have found was your detailed instructions online on how to improve my condition. Your information was very useful. A very good service.

Namaste, Thank you the Neti arrived and works wonderfully.

Your service was great, ordering was easy, and I can`t say enough about the stainless steel neti pot. It is an awesome product. It works well and keeps my sinus infections to a minimum. I really appreciate its durability. I have owned one for four or five years and accidentally dropped it several times, but you wouldn`t know. It is still in brand new condition. Thanks for selling a great product and for standing behind it.

Your product is really good.

Absolutely excellent! Fast, efficient service and no issues with delivery to the UK. Have recommend you guys already!

Good service and value. Thanks!

Received the neti pot promptly and am completely satisfied with my purchase from you.

Hi, As I have previously indicated, I was very pleased indeed with both your service and the quality of product. The Neti pot with the screw in spout is far superior to the silver soldered spout.Like your website too!
Best regards, Mike (mike manser)

My product arrived quickly and in nice condition. I was impressed with all the literature that came along with. The extra support offered through email and on the website was very impressive.

I received all items in good condition, and am thoroughly satisfied with each of them. Thank you.

Great product (neti pot). Packaging, receiving time and communication was great ! Thanks again.

I love my neti pot - it`s easy to keep clean, and it`s movable spout works great. Would recommend to anyone looking for a well made product that`s easy to use.

Review not Provided.

Stainless Steel Neti Pot fantastic,,,,,delivery not so good, I assumed parcel would be sent by post, instead I found a card at my door from courier, as I live on my own and I was at work I could not sign for it. I picked it up and signed for it 3 days later at their depot, courier service in country areas can be a problem. regards Bruce.

Took 2 weeks longer for the order to arrive, but it did get there so all is well, love the products.

I will be making another order for a few more for friends.
THanks Sean

With a full Neti the part that goes into the nose is at an awkward angle. Tilting the head to lower the exit nostril ends up blocking the Neti hole as one cannot twist the Neti or the water will over flow. Once some water has passed it is fine, but the point was to use it with more water...

Quick delivery. Good product instructions. Functional and interesting product design.

Works very well.

Thank you very much for your follow-up - the Neti Pot was received right on time. Customer service has really gone missing the last few years, and it`s delightful to know there are some companies who see the value in it!
Phyllis Bishoff

I have been using this model for a couple of years and ordered a second one for my wife so she could have one on her trip to Arizona where she finds it a necessity to deal with the climate change.

Happy with the product and the transaction, don`t know anyone else that would be interested though so not emailing it to my friends, I don`t advertise either.

The quality of the pot is of a High Standard and exelent value.
It arrived within the time frame you stated .
I am impressed with the way the whole matter was delt with

Thanks and keep up your exelent Work

I am very happy with the purchase of the stainless steel neti pot. I`ve been using it every day and it has helped my allergies and sinus problems! Customer service is good and follow up was great!

Bought neti pot and salt but recived only the pot.
The pot is great and recive it for 1 week.
Wait for salt 1 month and nothing.

I received the stainless steel neti pot and continue to use my neti pot. My only critical comment is my paypal payment took awhile to process. As for the positive I find my neti pot very useful both for cleansing and for learning more about myself.

I`ve been using my neti pot daily, and I find the pot useful in knowing how much mucus is in my nasal passages. Often I need 2-3 cleansing a day. I know my new diet is working since I`m generating less mucus.

I have not had a chance to use the Netti pot yet, but it looks very good and solid.

Arrived quickly, very detailed instructions. Product looks very robust and should last a lifetime!

very pleased with the nettie pot, found it to be a well made product.

Excellent quality, works much better than my plastic neti pot.

Thank you! I have ordered four neti pots and lots of salt packets. Each order has gone smoothly and arrived in record time. I have not had a cold in ten years and now my three children are believers, too! I am so glad I switched to your stainless steel neti pot a few years ago. It is far superior to what I had been using. Again, thanks for everything!

I bought the pot for my wife, who has small hands. She has a hard time with the size of the base of the pot or putting her hand around it. Other than that she likes the neti pot.

High quality, fast service, easy instructions. Thank you.

Great product. Just learning how to do the Netti properly. I appreciate the FAQ section as well. Many thanks

Very helpful when pollen is high!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Seems to keep me from getting colds and sinus infections.
I use it regularly.

quick shipping, very good (ie protective) packaging, and of course, great product (neti pot)!

It took a little while getting used to my Neti Pot, but once I got the hang of it it became obvious that I needed to use it regularly. I`ve had sinus problems most of my life. The Neti Pot really cleans them out. Thanks for the prompt service and the follow-up.

Marty Phillips

all arrived OK thank you

Stainless Steel Neti Pot and salt packets were received in good condition. I was impressed with the fast shipping and the quality of the neti pot. Thank you very much.

Review not Provided.

I received the product only a few weeks ago, but it is already showing RUST in two places on the rim.
This is odd for stainless steel, and seems like an unmistakable sign of very poor quality.

You shipped very quickly and the package arrived in the U.S. in great shape. The pot is quite nice and I am enjoying the Herbodent toothpaste. Glad I found your site.

i really like the stainless steal Neti Pot. It`s easy to use and I love the fact that is so easy to keep clean. I try to use it twice a day and am convinced that it has kept the common cold and flu away.

You need to add Excellent as an option. Every order I`ve placed with you has been excellent, from communication to actual performance. Keep up the great work!

Great product! i have tried few other neti pots but this one is the best i have tried until now. In addition a very useful manual was attached. Super fast shipping and excellent service. Thank you for smooth and easy transaction.

Quick service and an excellent reasonably priced product.

The neti pot is great. It`s easy to use and holds twice the volume of my old one but doesn`t seem all that much bigger. It was delivered in a timely fashion, and everything about the transaction met or exceeded my expectations.

Great product; should last a lot longer than my ceramic neti pot. Stainless steel pot a little hard to hold as I have some weakness in my hands.

I did receive the product on time. I already started using the jala neti pot and it is working just amazing.I feel more refreshed and relaxed before and after work hours. I do it twice a day, morning and evening. And thank you so much for the free pure salt. Please keep up the good work.
God bless.

Pavan Rajanahalli

I`ve used your stainless steel pot for several years. This was a gift for my 12 year old grandson who is troubled by allergies. Early feedback from him and his mother is good.

Review not Provided.

I received my product e on time, and i loved it. It was a gift, and the person i gisted it to really liked the Nedi Pot. It looks just like the online photo and was well instructed!

Customer service has been excellent. Product arrived on time, and while it looked like the interior packaging had already been opened, everything appeared to be ok. The instruction guide and online tips are wonderful. Still trying to get the hang of using the pot correctly to find the right flow. Thank you!

received and happy

Great product and service. One minor inconvenience was that the neti pot had a small amount of sticky residue at the bottom which was difficult to remove, but works fine now.

Thank you for the fast and prompt delivery. Your company has never dissapointed me and I realy like the quality of the neti pot.

Great price on the best Neti-pot made! Thanks.

I received the stainless steel Neti Pot very quickly and it is exactly the way it was described. I had a ceramic Neti pot before and the shape and construction of this steel pot is far superior to the old one and the price was great. The instruction booklet that came with it is wonderful and I am so happy with it. I recommend this company to my friends and family. Thank you

On-time delivery, great price, exactly what I wanted... Thanks so much!

I received everything on schedule. Thanks. As usual your product and delivery service have fully met my expectations. Thanks for providing such great product and order fulfillment service.

This is a GREAT product!!! Thanks so much!

The quality of your neti pot and salt is fantastic. The service excellent, and apart from a mistake by the delivery carrier (wrong house) not your fault - the package was labeled perfectly, I am very happy.

Thank you

Thanks, I am pleased with my purchase.

I buy these and give them to friends and clients - thank you for making a wonderful product.

Received our order quickly in good condition

I`ve purchased 3 Neti Pots for myself and friends, and will be purchasing a couple more soon. This is the best Neti on the market, the instructional book is thorough and informative, and the service is always great. What this Neti lacks in aesthetics compared to some of the clay pots it makes up for in unbreakability when left on the edge of the tub!

I used the enema right away - worked just fine. The neti pot I was sort of nervous about using, but once I tried it, found out how easily it is used! I have a hot/cold Culligan tap on my sink. I fill it up half and half, end with a second of hot and it is just the right temperature. Then I use it over the sink, wash it out and put it in the dish rack for the next day. Easy peezy.

Quality of Neti Pot is excellent and your service is excellent as well........Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Everything that you provided was exactly what I expected. Good business

Hi there:

While I was impressed by the service and fast shipping of my recent order (reference transaction # 126973), the product itself is poor quality.

I have been using the neti pot daily for about two months now, and already it has developed rusty spots along the inside and lip. A stainless steel product should not rust, even when it gets wet. Would you please send a replacement pot, along with any suggestions for how to prevent the spots from forming again?

Thank you,
Susan Brown
7000 Stone Mill Place
Alexandria, VA 22306

By the time it got here my congestion problem had been solved; I will let you know how it works the next time I need to use it.

The whole ordering and feedback process has been v good, efficient, and quick.

Many thanks

I have received my stainless steel neti pot in very short time: it`s a great and really useful product!!! My biggest compliments!!!

The product is very solid and well made. An attractive item and very useful and well-functioning. I am glad I bought it.
The sellers were very professional.
A pleasure to do business with these people.

we purchased your neti pot 4 weeks ago and my hayfever symptoms have been greatly reduced.the pot is of outstanding quality and delivery and service were excellent.the instructions provided were clear and simple and we appreciate the honest approach. keep up the great work

Thanks much for your quick turn around. I ordered a neti pot (after reading reviews of the various ones available - thanks) and got one for my mom. She received it before I had a chance to tell her it was coming! :-)

Great product!

I am very satisfied with my stainless steel neti pot;it comes up to all your recommendations for it.Also the instruction manual is very informative and altough I have used a neti pot before it told me many things that have been useful to me.Thank you for your prompt service and friendly manner.Yours sincerely,Leonie Thornton.

We are very satisfied both of product and delivery delay. A1

Great Service. Order arrived on time, it was well packed, and i was contacted by someone from customer services at all stages (after ordering, while waiting and after delivery)

Review not Provided.

Product as described...thanks!

This is a wonderful product! Also particularly of great value was the e-book with all the details about how to do neti. The only suggestion I would make is about the website itself and verious e-mails, perhaps you could find some sort of editor or something to upgrade the language & look of the site a little bit. (check spelling, grammar, coding, etc.)

Thank you!

Product received in timely fashion. Neti pot
works great.
Thank you.

Excellent Neti Pot - I never owned one, and having it stainless steel is the best, just used it today and I believe it will help my post nasal drip, and a cough I have had to deal with for awhile :/ Appreciate the product and thank you for the delivery. It looks like it is capable of lasting a lifetime...(whatever that may be :P) haha thanks!

Thank you for your rapid response to my request. I have now received the product.

Service is good.
Product material is good.
Product design...I am not sure because not easy to use.
Over price.

Any way, thank you. good day :)

Review not Provided.

I apologise for not contacting you. I received neti pot shortly after order and I am very satisfied. I have been doing stage one with no problems! I thankyou for your concern and your product!

Hi, This product is just as it was described. Aside from the usual adjustment to a new spout, I love it. Mostly, I find your booklet invaluable and am very happy you took the time and effort to include it with the pot. Most commendable!

Thank you for your interest in your customers` opinions.


I received my neti pot and it has helped quite a bit! Thank you for offering this product :)

A little dissapointed in the stainless steel neti pot. After using it for about a month, I see a small amount of rust beggining to develop on the bottom. I would not have expected this, due to the metal and not sure if it will get worse to the point where I cannot use it. Other than that very pleased with the shipping, and good customer service.


Jerry Martin

Works great.

Good product, good service. thanks.

I received my stainless steel neti pot within the time specified. It was exactly what I was looking for and, of course, works great! Thank you. Elizabeth

Review not Provided.

I haven`t yet tried my netipot because I went out of town on business and didn`t feel like packing anything extra, but I`ve read the manual and will review it again before I attempt my first nasal washing. Thanks.

Thanks,great product,good quality..A brand new item ..Fast delivery also..Thanks..Rannier

Outstanding service once again--its always a pleasure to deal with you. I recommend you to my friends often. Thanks again.

Everything received as described

Yes, I received it, thank you. Very quickly in fact. I was replacing an older neti pot I ordered from you that had a soldered seam at the end of the pipe. Figured it was better to get one with the screw-on and silicone seal. I recommend your neti pots to friends often.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Love my Stainless Steel Neti Pot ~ I`ve had the ceramic one for years until it broke. I love that I fill up once and could do both nostrils in the shower. When it falls in the shower, I am happy to know that it won`t break. Thank you for always being professional, prompt with your delivery and follow ups!

Thanks very much. This order arrived promptly, appropriately packaged, and in good order. Again, thank you.

Hi, thanks for your inquiry. I have not recieved the order

the 3 neti pots i ordered came and we use them everyday. they are very easy and comfortable to use. hope i can convince my 3 yr. old and 5 yr. old granddaughters to use them when they begin to get sinus infections. i can tell it would be just fine for that age, but it scares them.

I ordered the neti pot and salt for me neice. She received it in 5 days. I purchased my first neti pot 3 years ago. Since then I have not taken any allergy medicine. It is a truly magnificient product. I have given the neti pot as gift to several people and they all are amazed at how effective it is for allergy and sinus problems. I have highly recommended the neti to numerous people. Great product!

thank you

Impeccable service, reasonable prices and fast delivery (within a week). Thank you health and yoga!

This is an excellent product. I wish I had purchased one years ago.

I love the neti pot! I bought one for my brother also.

Review not Provided.

I received my order on time and in good condition. I`m very happy with your Neti pot. I feel energized being able to breathe in all that oxygen after using it twice a day. It`s an excellent product that I`m recommending to my family and friends.

Great instructions and quality. Very satisfied.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for my stainless steal neti pot.using the neti pot has become a ritual for me. I travel for a living
so the stainless steal makes it easy for me to keep clean. I feel so good...I wish I started to use it sooner
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to let you know how much I love this product.....I was miserable sneezing and blowing...now I feel great. Aloha Brenda

I`ve used the pot just a couple of times, and last time I used it, I`ve noticed a rust spot on the inside, in the center of the bottom of the pot.
I though that it was stainless steel.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I don`t feel comfortable allowing rust to enter my nasal cavity or that of my child.
Dr. Zaleski

I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you very much.

Review not Provided.

Thank you for your correspondence. The neti pot was exactly what I was looking for and works great. I will use it often.

I was positively surprised by quick delivery from the U.S. to Central Europe. I am also happy with the quality of the products.

Review not Provided.

We like our Neti pots very much. I like the quality construction and larger water volume. Peace

The netti pot works great! There are a few flaws on the pot itself, maybe from manufacture, or possibly been used. A ding on inside bottom with corresponding pimple on outside. Some digs on bottom, and a couple of small dents on pot itself.


Item arrived on time. It works just as described in the booklet that comes with it. I also thought the online instruction video was excellent. It seems to be made from good quality materials. Overall, I am happy with the product.

I am very happy with the purchase process, especially the follow-up notification emails. An additional feature that would be appreciated (if possible to institute) is the ability to track the shipping of the parcel.
I am also pleased with the product. Very well made and came with very detailed instructions on how to use it.
Thank you very much. Would definitely order from healthandyoga.com again.

This is the second Stainless Steel Neti Pot I`ve purcahsed from Health & Yoga...first one was for me...2nd is for my daughter (who kept borrowing mine!)

Love `em both, great service! Thanks.

Good product and it came quickly. Thank you.

The neti pot I ordered is living up to all my expectations and is just as advertised. Thank you.

Disappointed that the spout is not on the very bottom of the cannister, as in traditional jala neti. Water remains after flush is done. You went the cheap routed of fastening the spout on with a nut.

fast shipping...ordered in Thailand shipped to the states...the product is so wonderfully crafted!...so much so that i gifted it to my nephew... a chronic allergy sufferer...thanks forever and great success in your business..i will order another sometime soon for myself!

Although I like the pot. The quality was not a good as I expected. There were scratches on the rim and now it is showing rust. At first I did not notice because it was well polished. Now that I see the rust I can see the groves. They were perhaps made by pliers or something. I won`t be recommend it to friends.

The last neti pot I ordered was a gift for a friend. I have given many of my friends neti pots as gifts. It`s the kind of gift that keeps on giving. And, of course, Health and Yoga has the best neti pot going.

Review not Provided.

I appreciate the care you take with the products you offer. Products arrived right on schedule with no problems. Thank you for your service.

I received my neti pot quickly and it is just as described. I`m very pleased and have already suggested your site to a friend. Thank you.

I love the Tulsi tea, and the Neti pot. I feel better to use a stainless steel Neti rather than plastic Netis.

This is the first time I`ve tried Jala Neti, and it`s really helping me. I really appreciate the instruction booklet that you sent with the pot. Unfortunately, the rubber seal at the spout connection has already broken on my pot, causing water to drip from there every time I use it. It looks like I will have to purchase another pot elsewhere.

I love the new style Neti Pot. I bought one for my wife as well. Thank you for the great product!

I really like the material, size, and look of my neti pot. The instructions made it easy to use. I am also glad that I bought the salt, because it takes the guess work out of determining the purity and making sure I have the right amount.
I caught a cold about a week after my neti pot came in, which motivated me to start using it. I had such bad sinus congestion that my head was aching and the neti pot gave me relief for a few hours after I finished. Also, compared to my mother and boyfriend who also were sick, I got better a few days earlier!
I love it and am recommending it to everyone I know!

Great product and service! Many thanks!

Apologies for my delay in responding to your request for comment. It took me awhile to get the courage to try my new neti pot, but finally I have. I followed your very good instructions, and had relative success. I think practice will help. I like the quality of the pot and, as I say, the accompanying instructions were very good. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The Neti Pot I ordered arrived in a short amount of time & in great condition. It works according to the directions stated. I`m still "getting the hang of it." I have yet to view the support videos you offer online, but I appreciate the access to them when I`m ready.

unfortunately, the angle of the neti pot`s spout did not work well for me. I purchased another brand afterwards.

Review not Provided.

I haven`t used it yet because the instructions said it wasn`t recommended for people with nasal polyps, which I have. I didn`t notice any warning on your site about that. Don`t you think that should be prominent? Right now I`m trying to get the swelling down, and perhaps the pot will be helpful for maintenance once the polyps are reduced in size.

Received all my products in a timely manner. I really like your Neti Pot and salt packs, enema, toothpaste. You have great products. The only recommendation I have is that your website is a little difficult to get around on. It just takes some time to get use to. Thanks! Namaste

Yes, I received my stainless steel neti-pot. I have been using it for several weeks and like it much better than my previous, much smaller neti-pot. Thanks!

Thanks for the goods. They arrived quickly and am happy to say that they are very good quality. I will order from you again. :-)

We love ordering from you. We order the soaps(sandalwood, rose and neem), toothpaste and neti pots and all items sell out very quickly! Thank you for your excellent service! Bless.

The neti pot was just what I wanted and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much,
Ed Wardwell

The pot was excellent. Just what I was looking for. Very prompt service. The booklet with the Neti procedure was very well done too.

The Neti Pots were received promptly and are of excellent quality. We are very happy with the purchase and high recommend HealthandYoga.com.

Thank you for your prompt shipment of your Neti Pot. I love it and am sharing my "love" for it with my friends. I especially like the fact that it`s stainless steel and it`s comfortable to use. I never heard of a Net Pot until my girlfriend told me she uses one, then another friend, and then my two daughters and grandson. My friend recently had brain surgery to remove a tumor from his brain and went through his nose. After it healed a bit, I told him to ask the doctor about using a Neti Pot (which he didn`t mention up front), but after asking him, the doctor said it would be a good idea. I did a comparison shop online and was most impressed by your website. Thank you for a wonderful product.

I received the Neti Pot very fast. Was well packed and in good condition. I felt very nice about the additional instructions and guidance made available through your website which really added value to the product. And your follow-up on the delivery goes to show that you do care for customer satisfaction.

Sorry for the late evaluation. I live in Thailand and had to wait for the Neti Pot to be sent to me by my friend who I had it sent to. The pot works well, and the instruction book is excellent. I looked for a Neti Pot in Thailand - first went to an store that sells Indian goods in a bigger city about 160 km from where I live. The worker there said that he would be getting some Neti Pots in, but after waiting for over 6 months, I decided to look elsewhere. I read a post by someone who was using a Chinese teapot as a Neti Pot, so I checked out that option, but they were too small, and the spout wasn`t built to seal at the nostril. Then I did some research on the internet, and learned that stainless steel is the best material for a Neti Pot, so I bought yours.

Im very happy with the neti pot and have recommended it to several of my friends and family. Thanks!

I am getting used to using the neti pot and each day it gets easier. the informational video on your site is helpful.

I love the Neti pot! It is easy to use and has been helping my sinus stay clear. Everything arrived in good condition and as ordered.

I ordered this Neti pot to replace the ceramic versions I had that were prone to breaking (my family has already broken 2 of them). I like the large stainless steel design. My only criticism is that this pot design tends to cause the saline solution to spill out the top if you do not carefully tip the pot as begin.

Once again....Excellent service! Loved the products, and was truly amazed how fast I received them! The mala is of exceptioal quality, as is the neti pot. The smell of the sandalwood is incredibly good. Question, if and when the smell discipates, is there a way to renew it? Satisfied with your company as always, Dave Berger

I like the new design compared to my hold H&Y stainless neti pot. The bottom inside of my old pot got rusty. Is that normal? I live by the ocean, but it doesn`t seem like it should rust.

The Neti Pot arrived very quickly, and we are delighted with it.

The purchasing process was great.

Unfortunately, the product arrived with a couple small dents in the bottom. I was annoyed, but didn`t think it was worth the effort/hassle/cost to return the shipment.

I use the product (Neti Pot) every day, and love it. It works well despite the cosmetic blemishes.

Thanks for requesting feedback.

Item arrived after a couple of days and was very well packed. The Nettie cup is very well made and just as described. It took a couple of days to get `comfortable` with the process but the results were amazing after the very first session.

I have had the feeling that my ear is gluey and full for nearly 20 years. After a couple of weeks with the netti cup that feeling is very nearly gone.

I am extremely pleased with my neti pot. I had the ceramic one and this one is larger so it makes irrigation a lot easier. Great product and great service from healthandyoga.com

Very satisfied. Arrived quickly, and I`m happy with it! Thank you.

I thought it would work a bit better than it does. It is ok. I use to use a plastic syring which gets farther into the sinus cavity. My suggestion would be is to make the pouring spout more narrow which would allow it to be placed a bit farther into the sinus cavity, which would address infections that are deeper in. Otherwise the pot is pretty good.
Sincerely, Dena

The stainless steel Neti Pot is the best I have owned. It is quality manufactured and unlike ceramic, it is unbreakable. Health and Yoga delivered it in a timely manner and their price was reasonable.

Received product quickly.

Wonderful neti pot. Thank you

I have given 15 or so of your pots to friends and associates who now use them. Some of them have ordered pots for their friends and family.

Review not Provided.

order came sooner than expected!

The service was very fast and effecient. The price for the product was reasonable and the quality is very good. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

Quick shipment. Great product. Reasonable price. Thanks!

Just in time for sinus troubles! I`m glad I bought the stainless steel and the design is nice. I also appreciate the instruction book. Now I understand the importance of drying the nasal passages properly. Thanks.

I love the Neti pot but the promised PDF with instructions and tips on how to use the Neti pot was never sent to my email.


Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received the product in new condition, thank you. However, shipping was a bit longer than premium online dealers and the packaging of the product (neti pot and salt) was below average. The shipping box was quite beat up and the contents did not seem sealed or packed professional. That said, I am looking forward to using the product. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

The SS Nedi pot is well made and works wonderfully!


We feel everyone we care about should know about and use a neti pot. We`ve given them as gifts for this reason, and use ours everyday. Thanks for making this neti pot available...it`s size makes it faster to use, and because it`s unbreakable, we can take it along and use it wherever we are.

Review not Provided.

I purchased the Stainless Steel Neti Pot and I couldn`t be more pleased. I`ve used the plastic version from my local pharmacy for about a year and it worked well but I won`t ever go back to it now. The larger size really makes a difference. WELL worth the $.

Review not Provided.

I had been in the habit of irrigating congested nasal passages with warm saline solution from a glass. I find the neti method to me MUCH more effective, and the stainless one is so much more practical; not fragile, as a ceramic would be, and not plastic. Thank you.

I`m not sure about my purchase yet. I`ve had it a short time and the bottom of the pot is already showing RUST. I clean it with soap after every use and now find myself using a soft scratch pad to clean the bottom.

Doesn`t seem to be made very well for the price.......

One thing I think would help is to place a metal stip across the top so when you are pouring the water, it doesn`t drip onto your face when you have tipped it too far.


I didn`t realize it was sent from India, which took longer than expected. However, it arrived when my husband started to feel tired and poorly. He was able to use it immediately and has continued as a daily cleansing routine. We are in the process of adding this routine to our 8 year-old.

Received promptly. Very good quality. Extremely satsfied.

Service was good and the product is great. The included instructions were very detailed and helped me immensely.

Review not Provided.

It`s perfect. I`m glad my friend recommended your company to me. Thanks.

yes i recieved the neti pot and i am totally satisfied!!

Everything I have ordered recently and in the past has been of excellent quality and your prices are fair. Orders have been received quickly. Thank you.

quick delivery. i find this neti pot very easy to use and to clean.

Love it. High quality and holds a good amount of water. Liked the additional instruction as well about drying.

Very fast shipping, perfect transaction, thanks!!!

The neti pot arrived in good order and quickly, about ten days after the order was placed, at our house in San Antonio, Texas, USA. It was given as a gift to a friend who is delighted with it. Our two neti pots, which we ordered from you about five years ago, are still serving us well.

I Haven`t drifted from the twice-a-day routine since the neti pot arrived. My nasal breathing has been better than ever since the first usage. Arrived within a week, very satisfied.

Feel good about my order. It`s refreshing to get good quality these days.

Thank you

The neti pot arrived very quickly.
I`ve tried it for the past 2 nights but am still having some swallowing issues so I`ll be checking out you faq in just about 2 seconds!
And by the way, thanks so much for asking!

My neti pot arrived quicker than promised, and is a quality product, just as described. I found your prices very reasonable also. Thanks for your excellent service.

The product is good and it arrived promptly, but it has rust forming in areas on the base and I`m worried about using it now!

My second neti, I like the larger size. Surprised by the screwed-in spout, thought it was supposed to be a clean weld. Now have my wife and kids using it, so far so good.
Thank you.

Neti pots were recieved promptly and in perfect condition. We have spread the word about neti pots to 6 more people. thanks

Love the product.. And received in a very timely matter.. Thanks so much...

Second neti pot I have bought. Seems the best place on the net to get them from, for quality, support and price.

I am extremely happy with my purchase of the metal netti pot. You provide prompt service.

Mike Babcock

I received the neti pot very soon after I placed the order and was to happy. Also I loved the quality of your neti pot and the price was great! Getting the instructions (52 pages)in PDF format was much appreciated. Thank you so much! Your website is great and I was happy to look at the video of how to use the neti pot which was very helpful! -- A. La Verne Yee

The stainless steel "neti pot" is much better than the small, plastic one I bought at the drugstore. It is large enough to hold 2 cups of liquid and easy to clean. Thank you for your product!
Patricia F

one of the items shipped with minor damage. healthandyoga took care of it and quickly sent a replacement. they are great to do business with and very nice people. rest assured, they are there for the customer.

Easiest and most effective netti pot I have used

Love it and would recommend your products to anyone!! Thank You so Much!

Thank you for checking in with me! Both items arrived promptly and work great. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I would recommend your company to anyone who wants high quality items and great service.
Thanks so much,

Service was excellent, fast, got exactly what i ordered. I love the neti pot!

Quick delivery. Great product - couldn`t live without it!

The neti pot that I received is excellent quality and easy to hold and use. I use my neti pot every day and I appreciate the features used to design this instrument of health. Thank you so much for your quick shipping and a quality product. I look forward to years of usage.

Very good fast service - The incense is wonderful -as is the pot.

I am very pleased with the product. It is so easy to use. My first experience with the neti pot was a plastic squeeze bottle and this stainless steel pot is beyond compare. Thank you.

I am very happy with this Jala Neti pot: easy to use, easy to clean, right capacity.
Thank you

Thank you for the high quality pot and complete manual.

Both of my orders arrived VERY quickly. Quality is quite good. I am using my yoga mat every day. Best of luck.

it came quick, no complaints!

A very nice will made and refined Neti Pot.

It`s a quality product and shipping was surprisingly quick.

the instructions with this neti pot were excellent, and invaluable for a first-time user.

I`am satisfied with the service and product aside from the the fact, that after about a year, either the spout or the pot itself will start rusting, which for stainless steel, should not happen. This is the third neti pot that I`ve purchased from you in about three years.Would much appreciate your comments on this matter. Yours Truly, Leonard.

I had one of your neti pots for about 5 years. Eventually the spout fell off. I ordered another one and found that the design has been changed so this won`t happen anymore. I think this a great product and shipping is quite fast as well! It is the best neti pot I have seen.

Thanks for the neti pot. Prompt and timely delivery!

I loved both products and began using them immediately. They arrived on time and were packaged beautifully.

Works very well, like the design, will use it forever. It does appear to only be stainless coated, however, instead of solid, which I would have expected. A small spot was marred on the top, like a scratch, and it has immediately begun to rust if left wet. I was not happy about that, but need it, so did not want to return it, especially as the shipping would take so long. So I just dry it very carefully on that spot immediately.

Very happy. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! I am very pleased with my Neti Pot, it arrived quickly also.

The is the best Neti Pot on the planet. The sevice was great. Overall excellent experience. Since my original purchase, I have ordered two more as gifts. I have used mine everyday and have noticed a tremdous difference. I can`t remember a time when I could breath as clearly as I now do.

Love my netti pot!! Fast delivery!!! Highly recommend and would purchase from here again. EXCEPTIONAL!! Thank you.

Thanks for providing a great and dependable health service.

Review not Provided.

great product. Fast shipping!

A well-made neti pot, with detailed and helpful instructions.

The Stainless Steel Neti Pot is heads above the plastic varieties commonly sold.

i`m really really amazed about how fast i have received the steel neti pot !!!!
really it`s a pleasure even if i was not hurry..
and the product is exactly what i expected :)
so i`m really satisfied and it`s not only words


Product received. Appreciate the stainless steel and its unbreakable quality.

Review not Provided.

I love my steel neti pot---I had a small ceramic one before --but this one is alot better and it cant break which is a plus for me. Thank you

The Stainless Steel Neti Pot Has worked its magic on me and continues to do so after each use. It is a breath of fresh air and i would recommend it to anyone.Although my nasal pasages have been jammed for years and in my case i may need something more this really helps,thank you!

Very nice product. Thanks!

It works well but i`ve noticed that it is staining at the bottom of the pot. Looks like rust.


I am very satified of the order.
Especially the book Yoga Food and Health, which allowed me to further change my habits in accordance to my believes.
Thanks a lot, Alain Minnoy.

Review not Provided.

It`s the best Neti pot I have tried so far. Plenty of water (my old pots seem so little now) and the nose cone really makes for easy use.
Thanks for a great product!

I did something kind of stupid, I put my address as United Kingdom rather than the United States, then compounded the problem by ordering twice. HealthandYoga.com quickly recognized the problem and corresponded with me until I was satisfied and the item was received. Very good customer experience, and excellent customer service. I would absolutely order from them again if I ever need another product.

Thank you for having the large neti pot size available! It`s been a great to use and makes my practice much easier.

i received the shipment very quickly and everything was perfect. the box was packed very well and i received much help over email. i will continue to buy many products from this store.

Recieved the product promptly and with no problems, thanks.

I have used various types of equipment for nasal rinses and am happy with the neti pot purchased. I mix the salt and water in a ceramic jug then poor into the neti pot. I am finding it easy to use and the instructions very thorough. Thank you. However, even though I am thoroughly rinsing the neti pot after each use, there appears to be a small amount of rust deposit inside the pot. I hope it doesn`t eventually pit and become unusable.

Order received quickly and complete. Thank you.

The Jala Neti pot is excellent. I am impressed with the quality contruction, good looks and effectiveness. Thanks.

I loved my stainless steel neti and so did the friend I gifted. I have used platic and ceramic pots in the past, but love the large capacity of my new one. Thank you!

I started using Neti Pot about 3 weeks ago. So far, my nose bleedings are almost gone and stuffiness has almost disapeared.
I am hoping that in time it will help me get rid of my nasal problems completely.
It was very easy to learn how to use. Your video is very helpful.

Yes I have received and used the product and I am very happy with my order with your company. Thank you for asking.

My new stainless steel neti pot is a BIG step up from the classic white ceramic I used for many years -n it developed a crack. this new one is the large size they all should be.

And your customer service couldn`t have been better. Thank you for all.

I was hopeful that this item might help me eliminate chronic post-nasal sinus problem - it has not but it has become part of my daily routine and certainly has not exacerbated the problem.

My purchase was handled quickly. I needed a new neti pot and recieved just a few days after I ordered it. It is certainly the best neti pot I have ever used and love that it is steel and has a large capacity. With a good price, I received a great value as well. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

I have been doing jalaneti for approx an year . Earlier I had a plastic pot and I thought it was easy. Later as I researched more I found stainless steel pot to be the best. This one from Health and Yoga makes the best neti pot. Its very well designed and can hold more water than most other pots. No more repetitive refills. Steel brings it`s inherent advantages like easy to clean, unbreakable, less susceptible to salt.

I`d endorse this netipot as the best one. Thanks to Health and Yoga

thank you for an effichant service

Shipping was very fast and the complimentary DVD was helpful. The reason my rating is "OK" is that one of the neti pots has a rust ring in the bottom, centered inside about 1 inch in diameter. There is also a creased dent about a half inch long on the side. The other two were in perfect condition. I emailed immediately to ask if that was appropriate for a new stainless steel neti pot but got no reply. So my experience is that initial delivery is very good but you are then inaccessible for followup questions. That is, your contact information is too cryptic to inspire the confidence necessary for worry free, sight unseen, internet purchases.

I hope my experience is of some use to you. Your email has given me the opportunity to finally communicate which, to an extent, neutralizes the essence of my critical comment. Thanks

Your friendly, prompt, and efficient service was wonderful. The pot was exactly as described, but I was a bit disappointed with its performance. It takes real getting used to or the water runs out of the top of it. I think I`ve mastered it now, but I really do like my old ceramic pot better. It`s broken, so I guess the stainless will win the day. Thanks for the great service and very serviceable neti pot.

My doctor told me to get a neti pot to help with my chronic sinus infections, and this stainless steel one has worked just as expected. It`s easy to wash and keep sanitary, and I know I don`t have to worry about it breaking when I travel. I am very happy with the quality of the product.

I ordered the [Stainless Steel] Neti Pot as a first time user -- it looks great, it`s easy to use, and I have never breathed so clearly! The price was great and so was the shipping - I received the order earlier than I had expected

I tell everyone with sinus problems, or not, that they need a neti pot. The best one, I always tell them, is yours. We buy them and pass them out to out friends.

I do like the stainless steel neti - much better than my old ceramic one.

your service are excellent,we received our order in timely manner,prakasini is great helpful person taking care of customer very carefully the only suggetion are need dicount to make our friends happy its not big deal but american will more happy think about it ,any great service
thanks all of you

heemendra p jhala


You sent a great quality product and it arrived very quickly. I`ve tagged your website as one of my favorites.

I ordered the Neti Pot for my Father. Really, I did not think he would listen to me and use it. However, he did listen and he does use it. And he raves about the wonders of the Neti Pot. It has helped his allergies greatly. He swears he can even see more clearly as well. The stainless steel Neti Pot is better than the plastic or ceramic ones because it will not crack or break. Also, it is more sanitary than plastic. I am very happy with the purchase.

Review not Provided.

quick delivery of excellent quality product, and kind interaction via email. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

I love using the Neti Pot!!!! It was much simpler to use than I thought it would be, and while it takes some getting use to, it`s not an unpleasant experience, especially afterwards when my sinuses are nice and clear.

Thank you for your prompt shipment!

Neti Pot of excellent quality, delivered in a timely fashion and the most reasonable online.

Review not Provided.

Easy to use and works well.

I just received our second netti pot. It is for our who has suffered from allergies most of her life.
My husband uses it almost every morning.
We bought this pot for it`s size and being stainless steel. It looks good sitting on the kitchen counter.
I found your service very efficient and well communicated. Things I have ordered on-line have been long on waiting and no communication .
I rate the entire experience at " Excellant"

Fast shipping, excellent product.

online ordering and confirmation emal system was fast and accurate. item received exactly as promised. thanks!

Very nice. Thank you.

fantastic product. sent in timely manner. very easy to use and the service was impeccable.

I love my new neti pot. It holds the right amount of water to clean the passages well. I like the stainless design better because my previous one had started getting that "plastic" smell. Thank you so much

Yes I recieved my neti pot. It works really well. Better than the plastic ones you can buy at RX Stores.

You should sell a stainless stirring stick to stir the saline solution or salt with.

It is everything you said it would be. I`ve only used it twice so far as my need for it wasn`t great but I do feel clearer after using it. I haven`t yet mastered the left nostril but should soon. Alergy season is fast approaching and I`ll be ready this year.

I really like the neti pot but there is a semi circle of rust at the bottom that i believe is a manufacturing defect. I dry it completely and do not let hot salt sit in it.
Jon Faber

I am convinced that this is the best neti pot out there. Your description and justification for stainless steel, volume of liquid, etc makes this the "Cadillac" of neti pots! I love mine and would gladly recommend this to others.

This is my second neti pot from you, one for each floor. I don`t use it as regularly as I should, but I find that when I do it helps my breathing a lot.

The quality of the product is very good.

It`s going to take some practice. I thought everything was going good but developed (worse) ear pain after using it a few days. My nasal passages were pretty clogged up & I only got a slow stream of water. I`ve decided to stop using the pot for now & began taking prescription drugs for a 6 month congestion problem I`ve developed. The pot is very well made & I appreciate your communication. Regards, Sue

I`m very pleased with the neti pot and your service. Thank you. d

It is an excellent product, better than the smaller traditional pots.

I was pleased with the ease of ordering and your thoroughness. However, the instruction booklet that came with my product was appreciated by overwhelming.

The netti pot is well made and came quickly. It is a good bit larger than I expected. I did look back at your website to make sure that that size was the only option. But it works well and I am getting used to it.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Neti is great - very short :-)

Review not Provided.

The stainless steel Jala Neti Pot is very well made and easy to use. I have chronic sinusitis and it does help to reduce a lot of the stuffiness associated with that. I also have anosmia and the steroid sprays and nasules have ceased to work, so I`m using the nasal irrigation as an adjunct to that treatment in the hope that it will facilitate it`s action. Time will tell. The item arrived in very good time and overall I`m very pleased with my purchase from H & Y.

Delivery prompt-quicker than I expected. Product very good quality, instructions clear.
Very pleased

Quick delivery, product was described accurately.

Both of us are enjoying the nettipots and can really feel the difference after using them for a week. Thanks for your prompt service.

Great service and a great product. It`s my second neti pot from you and I can`t live without it. It`s saved me & my sinuses.


Excellent service with prompt delivery and I am very pleased with the quality of the product. Thankyou Theodore Julian

Thank you, my neti pot arrived quickly, and I love your product. Also, I appreciate your focus on service. Good job!

My order of a stainless steel neti pot and a copper tongue scrapper arrived in a timely fashion. Both items were as described. I will definitely purchase other items from this vendor. Also, you have a wonderful and responsive email customer service. Thanks.

I recieved the neti pot within the 10 day`s. It is the best pot ever.I used it and my nose was clear again.Your product and company are very impressive.I will most definatly order from you again.As well as recomending you to all my friends and family. Thank you for all your work and kindness.Namaste,Kristina :0)

I love my new Neti Pot! Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Great communication!
The stainless Steel Neti Pot is the best there is. I couldn`t live well without it.
Thanks you!

i am satisfied, & i even sent the url to my daughter. my home has a tile floor therefore i like that its metal =)

Stainless neti is great product.

Review not Provided.

So far I enjoy using my Neti pot. The directions were very clear and easy to follow.


In fact, I consider the product and the service better than the `good` rating offered above. Thank you for your promptness, courtesy and attentiveness to the success of the transaction.

Many years ago I was given a steel neti pot by a very special yogi in India. It had been misplaced and substituted for with plastic and ceramic but neither matched up to the metal one. Thank you for the `repacement`.

Jeff Hawkins

I received the neti pot sooner than I thought I would and using it has really helped my chronic sinus problems. The product is great and the service very satisfactory. Thanks very much.

Nancy Bohannon

good to find a better neti pot than the little plastic one at CVS. Delivery took a bit long.

I`ve never used a Neti pot before, but I truly love it and it came very quickly in good condition.
thank you.

I received my order in a matter of days. Very happy with the quality of everything

Very quick delivery, and no problems with order!

I was happily surprised by the high quality of the yoga danda (beutifully carved!) and neti pot that I ordered. My wife and I run a yoga studio and will be interested in doing further business with you. Do you have wholesale/large order arrangements?

Good product and quick delivery. I will buy from you again.

Review not Provided.

Everything was perfect.
I can`t say nothing more.
Thank you very much.

Eric Mathieu

Excellent product and fast shipping.

The two pots arrived and I thank you.
No Cd. I e-mailed about this a few times. Finally, I recieved a response that the CD was shipped. It still hasn`t arrived. I am most upset. Still waiting :(

Very fast shipping, and easy transaction. Product is high quality and booklet is a big help to using pot.

Quick delivery, excellent quality

The stainless neti pot was exactly what I needed. The product was shipped quickly, and I am very satisfied with the product.

This is my 2nd unit as we have 2 homes. Use it every day!

A quality item, shipping was fast and neti pot was received in good condition.
Yes, I would order this item again, if I had
the need for another in the future.
Thank you,

Thank-you, I am very satisfied

Got my neti pot and love it! Thanks! Jeni

The Neti pot is great but would be even better with a handle. Easier to hold on to.(I like to use it in the shower and it can get damp and slide some in my hand.) The tips book is an excellent reference.

There is a spot on the inside bottom of the netti pot that has a black marking that won`t come off. I have used hot water and soap and it still won`t come off. I am not sure if it is a surface mark or a "flaw" in the stainless process. Any recommendation on what to do?


KW Stephens Jr.
(623) 582-8196

My husband received our first Health and Yoga stainless steel Neti Pot as a gift from friends who introduced him to the practice. After raving about how great it made him feel, I finally tried it when I had a cold. The experience was so amazing--my head instantly felt clearer and I could breathe much better--that I had to have my own Neti Pot as well as another one for each of us in our vacation home! The design of the Health and Yoga Neti Pot with its elegant nose cone is the best we have seen and makes the Neti Pot easy to use. We especially like that it is stainless steel which we agree is much better than ceramic or plastic models. I have shared my Neti Pot with friends who now have to have their own. The service and delivery were fast and courteous and we appreciate the follow up emails and all the information that came with the Neti Pot. Very well done! Thanks Health and Yoga!

I did receive the two stainless steel neti pots in the mail and I am very satisfied with them. I can tell such a difference when I use them. It makes it so much easier for me to breathe and at night, I have always had such a difficult time feeling like I wasn`t getting enough oxygen - this doesn`t happen when I am faithful about using a neti pot before I go to bed.

You have a great product!

Thank you so much! It`s quality is unsurpassed by any others I`ve seen. Stay the course!

Communication, ordering process, swift delivery and quality of product all very very good. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Great service, fast shipping. I have not tried the product yet, but am satisfied with what I received. Thanks.

Thank you very much. I`m totaly satisfied by the product and the Servie quality. I would recommanded this neti pot and your compagny to anyone. Line Picard

I`m very happy with my purchase. The product quality is good and the instructions were easy to follow. It was well worth the price.

I also appreciate the follow up email to check on the delivery status.

Thank you!

I bought the Stainless Steel Neti Pot and was very impressed. The improved performance and quality had an immediate impact on the effectiveness of the cleansing process. Additionally, your service was outstanding, with emails before and after delivery so we always knew the status of our order. Thank you.

Excellent - really like my new pot!

I recently started using his neti pot and I like it so far. It is a bit large for my hands though. Also, when you start using it the water comes out of the top as well as the spout. I love the shape and the way it looks on my bathroom shelf. I also like the fact that I only need to fill it once each time I use it and not twice like with the smaller pots. Overall it is a great Neti Pot and I would recommend it to anyone needing to make this kind of purchase. The shipping process was fast however I did not know how it would arrive, USPS or UPS, so I had it sent to my friend since I have a PO box.

I ordered my products for Christmas presents, and was surprised the charge on my account was originated in India (I live in USA). I was certain my purchases would not arrive in time. To my happy surprise, my order was delivered in less than a week!
I ordered Jala Neti Pots for gifts. My family members thought I was nuts until they actually tried the Jala Neti Pots...now they are very thankful for the unusual gifts!
I will purchase from Health & Yoga again!

Great service as always. Will do business with again shortly.

Product has been used a lot - positive health results. Delivery was prompt and efficient. Thanks

My order was delivered very quickly. Product quality is excellent. Product has been very beneficial to me.

I purchased 1 for me and 2 as gifts (which were enthusiastically received). It is very well designed with respect to fit and function. I appreciate that it is also unbreakable and easy to clean. A great product-- thank-you!

Swift reception of the neti pot - beautiful product - very happy! Will do business with Health & Yoga again and will definitely recommend to friends!

Thank you so much everything arrived very quickly and I am very satisfied.
Mary K. Hill

I recommended it to by brother Francis Danielek. who ordered one and to a friend, Ken Stepehns who also ordered one from you. It is the best Neti Pot that I have ever used. The design is absolutely what I needed. The stainless steel material is excellent. I can`t tell you how satisfied I am with your product. In addition, your service and delivery was beyond my expectations. Mike Danielek

Thank you for everything -- shipping was quick, and my wife loved her new Neti pot!

I love your products and prices. I gave the netti pots and tongue scrappers for presents. They were surprised at first but I expect them to come and appreciate them in the future.
Thank you

i had heard about the neti pot through yoga for months but wasn`t convinced enough to try it. Then I got a bad cold and decided, why not? Once I got used to the idea and how to do it, it was great and it helped me feel much better by relieving my congestion. I did it about four times a day because I was so congested. The pot appears well made and sturdy but not heavy, and I received it in a timely fashion.

Most pleased with all products. Nasal issues are slowly improving. With dedicated use I feel I will come to better breathing and comfort.
Thank You, David

I love the stainless steel neti pot, and I was AMAZED at how quickly I received it! You are wonderful, I will be recommending your co. and products to my friends and family.

Outstanding as always . . . this is the 2nd set of Neti pots that I have ordered from you. One to replace the one I was using and one for my daughter. I gave the 2nd one from the first order to my son. We all use our Neti`s with outstanding results. I just had my first bout with sinusitis in over 4 years. It was due to an exposure to something in the air and it took hold before I could get back home to my Neti pot. However, after netiying my nose twice daily, the sinusitis only lasted about 3 days. Thank You!!! Scott Donham, Brooksville, FL

Excellent. I am very satisfied with the product and the delivery was timely. I couldn`t be happier about it. Thank you!!!!

My husband is very happy with his new stainless steel neti pot which was received promptly and in good condition.

This is the first time we have ordered a product from Health & Yoga. Thank you for the good service and quality merchandise!

I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah early in 2008 and he discussed the Neti pot and of all things my doctor suggested it two months ago.

I have been to India six times in the last eighteen years and I am familiar with Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic philosophy so I was excited to try the therapy.

I have recurring sinus infections and have constant nasal blockage with annoying, viscous, dark green, and never diminishing mucous. It`s like glue. After 11 days on another high grade antibiotic that did not clear up my sinus infection I decided to try a neti pot. I researched neti pots and liked the info at your website. It was level headed and informative.

This is the start of my fourth week cleansing a minimum of two times per day (early AM and late PM) and it is amazing.

I have 98% clear mucous now that ejects easily and I inhale and exhale air through my nostrils which is a welcome and surprising phenomenon.

My right nostril will not flow well every few days so I do two rounds and it usually clears it.

I have an overall positive outlook because my sinus` are clear.

I was also informed two years ago that I had some halitosis. Never before was I told this and I was very concerned about that news and verified itself by breathing in deeply with the blanket over my head in the mornings.
Nothing was improving that condition but the neti pot has reduced this symptom by at least 90-95% as well. I am certain it is from the bacteria in the mucous in my sinus` that caused it which is something none of the websites I researched to correct this problem could pinpoint.

I will hot consider not doing my twice daily neti pot treatments.

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made and it is life changing.

I use purified water through my Brita filter and pure sea salt with no additives and I use my infrared thermometer to verify 99 degrees. I am careful not spill over the top of the neti pot, to breath slowly through my mouth, and I usually have a constant flow of water straight through the nostrils so I am confident that I am doing it correctly.

I occasionally do level two treatment when I want a deeper cleanse.

Thank you.

Review not Provided.

quality made product easy to clean easy to use

Review not Provided.

Excellent product and service from you. Thanks.

I am very pleased with this product and the price. An inferior plastic model is available at walgrens for the same price, so I am glad I ordered from you.

My son uses the neti pot morning and night and
loves it. He`s had several different designs and this one is the best.

the netty pot is just exactly as pictured, works well, and much better than the plastic one that I started with. Thank you very much. Your instructions are especially helpful; most especially your vidio at your website.

All was as advertised. I appreciate your customer service it is top notch. Thanks Jules and Shauna

I have broken 2 ceramic neti pots, and was looking for something easy to travel with. Your product came quickly, and though I was initially put off by the large size, I really feel that it does a better job, and I am pretty sure I can`t break this one!

Received all in excellent condition in a timely manner. I am sending one with the video to my 40 year-old daughter in the state of Wisconsin. She suffers from asthma since the age of nine. I am hopeful it will help her.

Yes, I received my neti pot and am very happy with it. It came in a timely manner. Thank you very much.

Quick delivery, very satisfied with product.
Thank You!

I purchased a jala neti pot like the one I already had as a Christmas gift for my sister. She was very happy to receive it and said her sinuses felt better even after one use.

I did receive my Neti and will get back to you as soon as I have obtained practice in using it. Thanks.

I purchased the incense and the Neti Pot. I love the incense. It is so relaxing and brings a peaceful mind. I also love my Neti Pot. It took a week or so to get the technique just right, but I don`t miss a day now. I live between two corn fields and a cow pasture. I haven`t had any sinus problems at all since using my Neti. I would suggest Neti to anyone. The shipping on my order was very quick. Less than a week at Christmas time. Health and Yoga is a great site, and love shopping and reading the articles. My yoga studio sells Health and Yoga products as well. Thank you for a great site. I will continue to conduct business with you in the future.


I`ve only used it twice so far. Still getting used to it. When pouring the water through my right nostril everything flows smoothly. When through my left nostril a shooting pain goes all the way up to the top of my sinuses.

This was my second purchase of the stainless neti pot, as a gift for my relative. It was as expected. My only slight complaint was the time it took me to get it, but I ordered it in plenty of time so it really wasn`t a problem. I love the product!

Received the day after I wrote with inquiry. Came in separate packages.

this is the third neti pot i have purchased from you. i have one for myself and bought the other two for friends.my latest pot arrived safely.


jeff white

I like the pot and it works well, but I am having a bit of a problem making it work just right. I still get a lot of backwash into my mouth.

Great service and faster than I thought. Products look like very good quality and my 19 year old niece will love this as she is very into Yoga and wants to become a Yoga teacher! Thank you again for great products! Keep it up. Tamara Hubbard

I love the Neti pot but as a long time user would prefer a few changes. I know this is more the traditional style pot, but as I have used a ceramic pot for the last 10 years, I would prefer characteristics from the two styles to be merged. Your pot with a handle and a partial lid to avoid spillage as you first start the cleansing would be ideal.

The product is great, and the ordering process was simple. The items arrived very quickly. Thanks.

The neti pot I ordered (stainless steel) is the best neti pot I have had and I couldn`t live without it; especially during allergy season. The website portrays it exactly as it is and shipping was quick. Thanks to Health & Yoga for their quick response and follow up. I highly recommend their site and thorough information on their products to anyone looking for a neti pot or other health products. A+++

The pot arrived swiftly and undamaged and I especially appreciated the clear and concise instructions.
Good job guys!
Nick from Melbourne

My experience with your business was very positive. The Netti pot was exactly as described and delivered quicker than I expected. I will recommend your site to my friends.

Review not Provided.

Love the Neti pot. You guys were great with communicating about order confirmation, expected delivery, and so on. Fast shipping also. Would shop here again!

My recent purchase was so fantastic that I have ordered additonal netti pots for friends. I absolutely love my netti pot.

Product as advertised and sent in a very timely manner. Many thanks.

The stainless steel neti pot arrived in a reasonable amount of time, well-packaged and undamaged. It is exactly as advertised. Thanks you.

I received the product in a timely manner, and it looks and works great. Thank you!

excellent transaction. great product. Would do it again fore sure.

I`m very pleased with the quality of the product and the benefits reaped from its use. The web site was the best of the sites I visited while researching neti pots. The purchase process was straight forward, the confirmation notifications prompt and I received my neti pot much sooner than expected, in perfect condition. Thanks

I like the neti pot. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

I have found you service to be very good. I also have liked the layout and the information provided on your website. Hence, I have now purchased a number of items through you. I have been using all of them to my satisfaction. Thank you for your hassle-free service. Also, the jala neti faq is what brought me here initially. Excellent service to all. I have had to patiently self-teach myself, but now am direly in need of an instructor to be sure things are being done properly even though they feel correct. Your faq has been invaluable and indispenible in being able to safely develop my practice. Thank you.
Have a great day!!

The product arrived in a timely manner and has met all of my expectations. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Thank you!

Excellent product, high quality, and amazingly fast delivery. Could not be happier!
Many thanks,

Hi, I already sent you a mail on 29 October telling you that it had been delivered.
I have not used it yet, I am trying to find sea salt without additives first.


Really like the durable nature of the neti pot and the tapered tip to form a seal with the nostril.

Product was exactly what I was expecting and shipping was super fast, thank you.

I am extremely pleased with the Netipot; it has been a great relief. It was also received by me in a very timely manner. Thank you very much; I have suggested your Netipot to several of my friends.

Came very quickly and is as advertised. Thanks!

Thank you, it is a pleasure to deal with.

Order was received promptly and in good condition, thank you.

All good, love the product, thanks for the great service :-)

Review not Provided.


I have received your NETI Pot and started using it. It is really worth practicising. I am in better control of my problems with Nose and sinus now. I am practicing on stage 1 and is doing it regularly. This is a good thing. You can make it further improve this by dwelling into Ayurveda for so medicinal plants which we can use as droplets in the water we use for Neti.
Thanks & Regards

The neti pot arrived quickly and works perfectly.

absolutely and totally satisfied.Great quality.Delay for delivering are fantastic.
It`s a pleasure to make business with your co.

thank you very much

Best regards.
customer very satisfied.

Review not Provided.

I find the pot very well made. Thank you

Great neti pot ,quick shipping. With a stainless steel pot I don`t have to worry about breaking it , ans there`s not the same worry about germs in this one. Thanks.

I was dissappointed. The neti pot arrived with a small scratch and a dent.

I love your product.

Review not Provided.

No "Excellent" button? VERY fast shipping! Great product. I am very, very happy with my purchase! The pot is easy to use & well made. The direction booklet that came with it is very clear to follow & understand. I`m happy to recommend the neti pot & your company to others!

I appreciate your great service!

The neti pot absolutely met my expectations and I`m very happy with it. Thank you.

thank you very much, neti pot and salts are great!

Review not Provided.

This is my second neti pot I have ordered from your company. I keep one at my summer cottage as well as at home. I have moderate sinus disease and also have chronic sinus infections. I have not had a sinus infection since last December, when I first started using the neti pot.

so far so good

after i ordered a neti pot from your site with its supposed secure credit information someone started trying to use my credit card in a different state, you may want to take a look at that part of your dite as your site was the only one i had provided my credit card recently..also i used your product trying to avoid the sinus problems that i seem to get this year and my husband and i are convinced the neti pot made things worse and i have been suffering ever since. i had no trouble following directions or using properly but it seemed to exacerbate my troubles. i am afraid to use it anymore. So all in all not anpleasant experience and wouldnt mind a refund. Everytime i think of it i have bad vibes about the credit ripoff and pain and suffering

Review not Provided.

I received the shipment in great condition.

I have recommended the neti pot to so many of my friends and family and all have seen an improvement in their allergies!! I for one am a dedicated believer in the power of the neti pot!!! It has been three years (or more) since my first purchase and I consider it heaven sent. Thank you for all you do!
D Lux-Texas

Review not Provided.


I`ve been using it since I rcvd it. No problems. Only issue is that it seemed like it took longer to get to me than I expected it would. Thanks for following up with me.

I`ve really enjoyed the nasal freedom my jala neti pot has brought me since I purchased it one month ago. The price was right (I did a lot of comparison shopping before I purchased it as it is my first-ever neti pot), the shipping was fast (it arrived three days sooner than expected), and the quality of the product is very high. This pot will easily last me the rest of my life without breaking, chipping, cracking, or any of the other dangers of the ceramic pots.

I was a first-time neti user, and the booklet included with the pot was extremely helpful. It does take a little while to get used to the feeling of the water going up your nose, but the clearing of my nostrils has been worth it. I`m prone to sinus infections and I`ve found this has really helped me on those hard-to-breath days.

If you`re looking for a durable and appropriately-sized neti pot at a good price, look no further.

So far I prefer your pot over my former smaller porcelain pot. Your instructions on nasal drying and second stage irrigation also were very helpful. Have not watched the entire DVD as it was not playing well on my computer. Thank you!

This is the fourth Jala Neti Pot that I have purchased from Health and Yoga. I have one at home and one at work, as my job is in a very dusty environment. Neti has improved my sinus health one hundred percent in a short time. I suffer from sinusitis and chronic bronchitis, but nasal irrigation keeps my sinus infections from progressing to trips to the doctor. There are no side effects like with antihisatmines. Try one, you wont regret it!

good quality and quick shipping

Review not Provided.

Shipped extremely quickly. Excellent quality of products!

It arrived quickly and has been a great help to me. Thanks!

Although, an item was missing from my package. It was quickly sent out once I let them know. Will do buisness with again.

The Neti pot is great. I`m glad I purchased the stainless steel one. It seems much more sturdy and solid than the ceramic or plastic one.


Review not Provided.

Everything arrived promptly and was exactly as described. Good stuff.

I was surprised at how quickly the neti pot was delivered from India. I`ve been pleased with its quality and think I am getting the hang of it, thanks to your excellent booklet.

The Neti Pot is nice and large and I live that it is stainless steel. The only problem with it is that it needs to have a cover (maybe even a partial cover) to help keep the water/saline solution from tiping out over the top when the head is tilted!!!!

Neti pot was delivered exactly as described and the instruction book is very informative.

Thank you so much for the quickness of delivery and the excellent products. One criticism: I believe I ordered one neti pot, not two. I`m not sure where the error occurred. I will give one away as a gift, and will be more careful when next I order from you.

OM shanti,
Kathleen Connolly

OM shanthi.

Thank you.

The box containing my neti-pot had been cut and smashed although the neti-pot was not damaged. The box also said that an instruction book was inside but there was nothing other than the neti-pot enclosed.

This is my second neti pot we love them!! The ones you sell are the best on the market!
Thanks for the great service

Got the Stainless Steel neti pot very promptly. I am impressed with the product and I will probably buy some more as gifts for others. Thank you very much. Kit Grantham

The neti pot arrived promptly after ordering. It was well packed and the packaging appeared not to be damaged. The pot functions well and was sparking clean. My only disappointment was a few minor dents near the base of the pot. My results from usage of the pot have been outstanding. The difference is amazing…

The product was just what I needed, at reasonable cost, and was delivered in a timely manner. thanks.

it`s beautiful. thanks.

Excellente service. Very fast delivery and good support and communication. I`ve not tried it yet but it looks just perfect.
Very satisfied with this transaction.

Received my items and everything was fine. Very Happy

Service was good. I love that the product is not plastic, it`s SS. But it is heavy and bulky.

I sent a message earlier. I love my Neti pot.

I do not seem to be able to access the FAQ section. Can you tell me how to do so? My email is gfrancione@earthlink.net. Thank you.

I am very happy with the product...it arrived much more quickly than advertised and the quality is outstanding. Thank you. Namaste. -Dan

This has been one of the most enjoyable purchases ever. Not only did I receive exactly what I wanted at a great price, but the service is impecable. I urge everyone to support this vendor. Peace and Light.

Great product and booklet. Thank you.

The order came fast and you were were courteous. However, I did not receive the instructions with pot and I emailed your company letting you know. The person who responded emailed me a link for the instruction manual and said they would ship the manual. i have not received it yet.

The package arrived within one week of my order. Excellent! . . . I bought the stainless-steel Nedi pitcher (3 of them for safekeeping). Although I am an American, now I am in Quito, Ecuador at an altitude of 8500 feet (2830 meters) where I am having problems with nasal congestion. Doing the ablution twice a day is saving my life. Thank you for your wonderful products and your excellent service . . . Leopold Perez

Review not Provided.

I was really impressed with the speed and efficiency with which my neti pot arrived in Hong Kong. I liek the product and results very much. My only concern is that I have noticed some rust forming on the inside join and was wondering how I can remove this?

Looking forward to your reply,
Bianca Brown

wonderful product from a company that has great service.

This was the second neti pot I purchased for myself (I keep one in my suitcase). I also bought one to give as a gift. 3 of my friends have also purchased them. The quality is excellent, far better than the plastic ones I`ve seen. Neti & the use of Breathe Right strips has eliminated my sleep apnea.

This was a gift to my daughter & she did receive it. Thanks.

Net pot was damaged during shipment. Large dent in bottom of pot. Shipping package was not sufficient to protect pot. Pot is functional but has a dent.


Thanks! It`s a great product!

High quality, excellent product.

I am enjoying my steel neti pot very much. It arrived quickly and meets all of my high expectations. My three year old son broke my last neti pot (ceramic) but my new one feels safe and secure. I could probably whack it with a hammer without damaging it... but I won`t do that. One huge bonus is that it is so darn big. My sinuses are pretty huge, almost like a cave so having such a profound flow of water is a real blessing. My wife thinks that neti pots are gross but I predict that I`ll get her doing it before the year is over. Long live Neti Pots and those who use them. God(s) bless the nation of India for giving such a gift to the rest of the world.

Namaste. Om namah shivaya! Please pardon my spelling. Love the neti pot! USA USA! I apologize for my nation`s behavior over the last eight years. The American people can and will do better! We owe improved behavior to the whole world after the outpouring of sympathy after our tragedy and the production of high quality value- priced neti pots, etc.

One more big namaste to y`all!

Dear Sir, I did notify you by email some time ago that I had received the stainless steel neti pot. Many thanks.

I bought this on the recomendation of friends. I get a sinus infection about once a year so am not highly suseptible but this just make sense to me. I have forwarded your website to many-especially my male friends who snore!

Namaste. My transaction was flawless. The item arrived promptly and in great condition. I am very happy.

My neti arrived quickly and in very good condition. Instructions were very good and a bit humerous at times. Thank you for a good product.

Prompt service and a quality product. I have been practicing for a few weeks and find it quite stimulating.

The product came extremely fast and was in great condition. Thank-you for the excellent service.

i received the neti pot very quickly. i have only used it once, but it seems like a very good product. the directions are easy to follow and it works well. thank you.

I purchased the Stainless Steel Neti Pot. I received it in a good amount of time and in good condition. I really like this pot too. I was using a plastic, handled pot before this one. This pot is easier for me to handle and the spout is much more comfortable. Thank you for this great product!

I washed the pot out as I do with all new like items with chlorox and water. I found grease from the threading process left on the screws which in my mind wasn`t a major problem as I cleaned it off; never-the-less, have your manufacturing quality control check for this in the future. Your instruction booklet was excellent for self-teaching. Hopefully people in the USA will read it, as they don`t tend to read product instructions due to impatience. Using a salt water rinse is not new in the USA as farmers and factory workers have inhailed salt water for nose infections for years. The problem is the word, inhale, which is what I was doing for my sinus condition.(plugging one nostril and then inhaling the water from my hand with force into my sinuses) The net-pot is a much gentler rinsing process that doesn`t leave salt water in your middle ear area. It is working great for me and I feel much better after using it than by inhaling. By gently inhaling the water while rinsing and then spitting it out the mouth per yuour instructions, it tends to dislodge the more difficult mucus. I am very happy with the new process as it works much better than American folk medicine. ( it is not medically recommended to inhale salt water in the USA but when you are sick it works too, just not as well as a neti-pot)
Dan Klaas

Great product, great service. Thanks!

Exactly what I wanted anmd fast service.

I recieved my Neti pot almost two weeks ago. The delivery was prompt and the product arrived exactly as advertised. In addition, I am extremely pleased with the results I`ve enjoyed by using it. Wonderful all the way round. Thank you.

I have received my Neti Pot however had not had the opportunity to use it yet.

Thank you for your quick, reliable service.

Julie Mitchell

It really helped with my allergies.

My neti pot came quickly and is of great quality. The instructions that came with it made it very easy to use with success the very first time. Thanks so much - it has really made a difference for me!

The neti pot has been extremely helpful in reducing the nasal congestion I suffer due to allergies. Thank you!

you guys got that out to me so fast! the neti pot works great & i really enjoy using it & having additional information on the correct usage.

the service quality was excellent. I don`t often receive an email notice of product shipment that is written by an actual person. It was nice.

the neti pot is as described and works great. I truly enjoyed the manner in which the instruction book was written. It was both informative and engaging.


Received the product - thanks for the great customer service and shipping time!

Very pleased with fast reception of product as well as very pleased withthe product itself.

We received everything as promised. Thanks.


Thank you for your mail. We received the Neti Pot and salt and
were grateful for the fast delivery and your excellent service.

We purchased the Neti Pot for my daughter and she tells us
that she is very satisfied with it and she is feeling much clearer.
She has told some workmates of the Neti Pot and they have
expressed interest. Of course she has passed on your details
to them.

Greg Martyr
Melbourne Australia

The neti pot arrived very quickly - I was pleasantly surprised. The pot works great, no leaks and very easy to clean. I found the instructions very helpful and was successful in my first attempt at the irrigation. I now use the neti pot daily. Thank you for a wonderful product! And yes, it`s great that it`s so big so I can do both sides of my nose without stopping to refill the pot and mix more salt.

Yes I received my stainless steel neti pot. I am sorry I didn`t know I was suppose to respond back to you when I received it.The Neti pot is excelent I especially like the large size. The quality and apperance are also quite good. A very good product and your service and speed of delivery were excelent.

I like the neti pot and there were no problems ordering it.

The neti pot`s box did arrive rather severely damaged, but the neti pot itself was not harmed. The products I ordered are of excellent quality and the customer service I`ve received has been truly exceptional. Thanks so much!! I will definitely shop with Health & Yoga again and have already recommended you to several friends.

The Neti pots are absolutely first rate. We use them every day. Well made and promptly sent, will certainly recommend your website to friends. Phil

I am very happy with the neti pots I received, the service was also very good. It is almost impossible to get the stainless steel pots in South Australia. I have been looking in stores here for a long time. Thank you

My boyfriend loved his new Neti Pot!!!! And it arrived in a very timely manner. Thank You!!!!

I purchased the neti pot for a friend. I had purchased one a couple of years ago and I love it. Also, your service was good and very prompt.

Yes, I did receive the Neti Pot within just a few days of ordering.

I like it quite a bit more than the ceramic one I was using previously.

The conical tip is great. The fact that it`s stainless steel and can hold more water are also big pluses.

Even though I wash the pot with soap and water thoroughly and dry it after each use, though, I`ve noticed there are a few spots of discoloration on the inside bottom. Nothing that concerns me very much, though.

I think you have a great product and I enjoy using it every day.

Great should be the first choice as that is what I would choose.
Neti pot came with great directions.
Have owned 3 others in past & never recieved such help as this.
Mala is beautiful. You don`t seem to be mention the dieties each mala may be used for and it would be nice to have the mantras suggested to use on it apon recieveing (before useing in practice) I went to Rudra Centre for this information witch could lead others customers to finding other dealers just because they`re searching for more information.
But all together pleased thank you! Devi

Received the pot and it is perfect. I have been using in twice a day. The instruction booklet made using it easy and I have had no difficulty. Regular use has had a noticeable positive impact on my sinuses. I am looking forward to years of use. Thank you.

Absolutley delighted with the service...
A great product and very helpful information booklet with it.
Looking forward to ordering more goods.]
Thanks again
Bill Boyack

Brilliant! A great product with excellent instructions. Very good service as well (it arrived quickly and no fuss!). Thank you very much. Namaste : )

The Neti pot is amazing...I received the shipment quicker than expected. The level of service and after-service is something I`ve never experienced before. So caring, so concerned for my satisfaction...truly unbelievable. The product itself was highly recommended and it lived up to my expectations. Thank you Health & Yoga!

Very satisfied with the purchase.
Thank you.

I`ve been using my new SS NetiPot now for a few weeks and am very satisfied.

The two jala neti pots arrived to Italy quickly and with no problems. Everything was as advertised and in perfect conditions. A complimentary DVD with instructions was included even if I forgot to request it. My wishes for further improvement: that either the video, or the instruction book, or the FAQ online explained better how the jala neti stage 2 is properly done; that the pot`s nozzle could fit (perhaps with an adapter?) my 3- and 5 year old children`s nostrils, and that the pot had a half-cover so water doesn`t tip out. Thank you.

The order arrived sooner than expeted. The product is EXCELLENT. The customer service you offer is EXCELLENT. I would recommend your company and certainly return. Thank you,

Richard Graff

The order was received in good time. The pot has a small dent in it, but it is still functional. Thanks.

I am happy with the service and the neti pot. I am not happy with all the e-mails I have received since I made a order with your company. If you really want to honor me...DO NOT E-MAIL ME AGAIN ! ! ! Thank you so much.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Namaste Prakasini, Thank you for the Neti pot it is a good quality item and will last a life time. I am disappointed in the beginners course cd as the quality of the recording is very poor which is very important when listening to yoga nidra ect. Thanks James

I received the Neti pot in a very reasonable amount of time. It is very good quality, and the instructions were very helpful. Thanks.

I like the stainless steel neti pot. Though I was put off at first at the thought of the many-page manual, I learned a lot.

Thank you.

I have recieved my neti pot just in time for Carolina pines to start shedding their pollen. I used it daily for two weeks and now I just use it when I need it (about once every four days). The neti pot is perfect for those you choose a more natural way of life. One with the absence of drugs. 10 months without a pill and no illnesses.

The service was first rate-- excellent, in fact. The product arrived very quickly and I am delighted with the quality of the jalia neti pot. The instructions were clear and abundant. I have received great benefit from the use of this product.
Best wishes,

This neti pot does hold more water than basic ceramic models and it arrived promptly from healthandyoga.com. The complaint I have is that the nipple (end that inserts into the nostril) is too big and the edges hurt my nostril. For this reason, I would not have bought this pot had I seen it in a store.

This is the best netti pot I have ever used. The tapered tip allows for a perfect fit. And the instruction booklet is informative.

I had another version of a Netipot and found yours to be better. However, the part that goes into the nostril is still too big and is not as pictured. The photos show more of a tapered tip.

Sorry I have not answered sooner, but I hadn`t had a chance to use my neti pot. Because of your well written and complete instructions using the pot is very easy and effective. THe results are great. Better breathing..

Have used it several times already and it`s worked wonders! My sinuses have never felt clearer and I don`t get those sinus pains that come when I catch a cold. The larger capacity and a nozzle that finally adjusts to my nose were terrific improvements. Thanks for making such a great product!

Everything as promised

Have been using the stainless neti pot since I received it. I am not having the miraculous results that others have from using it but feel it is probably helping in some way so will continue. Very fast shipment of product and I am very happy with my purchase overall from this website. Thanks, Amy

Recieved the Neti Pot in good working order, with instructions.
Thanks very much!
Ed Harmann

Recieved the product and have been very happy with it. Quite easy to use and has been a big help in managing my alergies.

excellent item. The neti pot was as described and arrived quickly.

Shipping was fast, especially given the great distance. Price was a tad high, but the product seems durable so I doubt I`ll ever need another, and a good deal of that was shipping.

It works quite well at reducing congestion however, so I`m happy. Thanks.

I guess you didn`t get the first comment I sent to you upon the immediate receipt of the neti pot. I find the pot easy to use, handy to use since it holds plenty of water, and it`s attractive. Although it took a while to get, I am very happy with my purchase.

Received in no time. Thank you for the fast service.

-David Allen

I recieved your product promptly and have used it continuously since. It has improved my quality of life. Am impressed with your professionalism and level of servics. Keep it up!

I very much like the neti pot but after the 1st time I used it, I may have tiped my head down too far and all the congestion went to the top of my nose between my eyes. at that time, I lost my sense of taste and smell - could this have happened from doing this. it is still ongoing.

I have received my neti pot and I have really enjoyed it. Your service is excellant. Thank you

Great product! I especially liked the wonderful instructional booklet provided wit my neti pot.

I received my order promptly and am very satisfied with it! Thank you
A. Vessella

I (and the people I gave the other pots to) think they are really great... but one pot had scratches on the bottom when received, now rusts up right over the scratch. I emailed to the wholesale email address on your website also because I bought 5 neti pots and thought that I would then get some of the salt packets and 2 DVD`s (one for every two pots). Maybe I put the order through incorrectly? I had also stated on my email that I am interested in finding out more about buying wholesale, because I have a lot of patients that are now interested in purchasing the stainless steel pots, and I am trying to find a source. I like them better than the pots from the drugstores around here. Can you help me out on any of these issues? What do I do with the pot with the scratch (now rusty)that I would like to return? I appreciate any and all of your help. Thank you!! Caryn Roelofs, D.O.

Review not Provided.

I recd. the stainless steel neti pot. But after 2 days of use, i noticed rust in the spout. I am not happy about this purchase.

My neti pot arrived quickly with no problems, and you have good customer relations. I will recommend you if I have the opportunity to do so. Thanks!

Excellent quality and fast shipping. I will be doing business on a regular basis. thanks

Review not Provided.

The pot was delivered without incident. I love using it - i use it twice a day and i particularly like the design and material of my neti pot. I didn`t find the enclosed information to be that helpful. I did find a YouTube neti pot demonstration to be extremely helpful.

Hi, The stainless steel neti pot is excellent. I bought one for my sister and one for myself. We both love the shape of the nozzle and the size.

Timely delivery. Great instruction booklet, too. Great email confirmation, feedback, etc. Thx

We got what we where looking for - thanks you very much

I received the neti pot promptly and I am satisfied with its quality. Thanks

Shipping was right on time, thank you. However, the spout of the neti pot was rusted on the inside and has a sharp shard of metal sticking out of the nozzel. Can you replace it?
This is the second neti pot we purchase in our home, we are very please with the first one though.

The package was received within 5 days. The product directions were easy to follow as well as the website overviews. I am impressed that I got statuses along the way and then an email to see if my order arrived. That`s unusual service - good job.

From the time we ordered, to the time we received our item, the communication that we received was great! Thank you.

It helped to relieve some of the congestion in my nose. I think I would have to do it every half hour when I am really congested.

I really love my stainless steel neti pot. Besides the obvious and advertised virtues, I was looking for a pot that would have a better fit with my small nose. With the nozzle shaped as it is, this neti pot can fit my small nose and accomodate larger noses. It is the superior to all others that I have purchased. Thanks.

Thank you for your interest. The neti pot is great! I have been using it since it arrived a few weeks ago. I purchased 2 and the receipient of the second one is also very happy with it. The shipping was quick and your instructions are detailed and very easy to follow. The video was a great visual aid, pulling all the steps together to help ensure proper use. A great product!

Speedy delivery, great product

I have not yet mastered the technique, but compared to the item I was previously using(a type of squirt bottle you place by the nose and squirt water up,) I had previously gagged to the point, well you don`t need details, anyhoot my NETI POT is much, much better than the shooting pressure water bottle. I am very happy with the item and hoping it brings me some allergy relief. thanks again Lisa Schneck

I love your stainless netti pots, I have given several as gifts. I have referred many people to your sit. I always receive my orders very quickly. Thank you.

I received the neti pot and am satisfied with it. Thanks!

Thank you for the follow up. The Neti arrived in fine shape, and I like the product.

Don Winters
Anchorage, Alaska

Review not Provided.

The product was exactly as stated & shown in the pictures. It works as discribed & was delivered in record time. Thank you

Neti is very nice, much nicer than ceramic or plastic pots I`ve had in the past. The instruction booklet was also very helpful and well written -- I`m completely happy with my purchase, and will definitely recommend you to my friends.

My Neti Pot arrived in excellent condition and right on time.
I do wish that I could get my old Neti Pots fixed so that I could let others use one just to experience how great they are.
Are you sure that my old leaky pots can`t be fitted with the new stem? I just can`t bring myself to throw them away but they do make interesting flower pots.
Mark A. Werner

First of all I think the customer service was exceptional.However,we have been using a Narial neti pot for 12 years,and are more comfortable with it,so we only used yours once and went back to the old one.

Review not Provided.

My experience with Health & Yoga was a breath of fresh,warm air in this cold internet world we shop in. I will promote you to my friends. Thank you for being a great company. Diane Walsh

Got the order in less time than I thought. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

i AM USING THE NETI POT YOU SENT ME ,IT WORKS WELL.I need to find the right salt for myself.

good item could use a handle to make it easier to handle

Received order. Haven`t used it enough yet to know what results will be.

The nedi pot arrived promptly. The instruction manual was easy to follow and thorough. I use the product every day with good results. Thank you.

I received the "jalanetipot" a few days after placing the order. I have been using it everyday since receiving it. I especially appreciate the instruction booklet that comes along. I would like more detailed instructions on "stage 3", but understand that caution is probably the prudent course.
Thanks for your good service.

Actually I haven`t tried it yet, but it looks like I expected. Thanks!

No problems at all - I got my neti pot even faster than I expected and am very happy. thank you!

My purchase arrived in a timely manner. I have not yet had a chance to use it, but it looks as promised. Thank you.

got it everything fine

I did receive the pkg in a timely manner but the box was destroyed and haphaserdly put together. There was salt all over the pkg b/c several had busted> I am very happy with the netty pot but disappointed with the care that it was sent. Also, the tongue cleaner was bent badley.

Neti pot arrived promptly; functions as stated; good user manual demonstrating proper technique.

I was very impressed with the timely delivery and condition of the item. I will order more from your site very soon.

The product arrived in a timely manner. The quality of the product is excellent. I will order from your company again and will recommend you to my friends!

I am very pleased with the entire transaction. From the well-priced, high quality product (with excellent instructions), to the modest shipping costs, to the excellent customer service -- all was first-class!

All communication was extrememely polite, with a gentle tone and elegant use of English that is seldom seen in America. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Michael Tallman
Elgin, IL

I have been using my neti pot every day & it seems to be helping with my allergies & sinus trouble. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

just the neti poti i was looking for, its great.



Received the neti pot and I enjoy the large capacity and ability to feel the temperature so as to judge its readiness to use. Well packaged and arrived quickly.

Very nice neti pot. Thank you, Tom


I received my last Stainless Steel Neti Pot that I ordered on-line. My wife and I are very pleased with the design and durability of the product. The Jala Neti program really does work. We saw a demonstration of Jala Neti on Opra and had to try it. Wow! I`ll recommend the Jala Neti program to everyone.

James Smith
Mt. Ida, AR

Review not Provided.

It`s a good quality neti pot. Easily cleanable. It does what it says it will do. I breathe much easier after using it. Product was received in a timely manner. I would do business again with healthandyoga.com and would recomment this product to anyone who wants a neti pot.

I was not pleased with the performance of my pot, even after much practice. The water kept flowing out of the top of the pot. I tried another brand and design of pots (this new one had a partially enclosed top) and it worked much better. When I emailed to return my Neti pot because of dissatisfaction, I was given a shipping address in India. It would have cost me more to ship the item back than to eat the cost of my purchase. So I gave it away. Lesson learned.

Review not Provided.

Great product!

Love the neti pot! I had been using an ugly plastic thing and found your lovely pot through my teacher`s recommendation. It`s fabulous!

Review not Provided.

I received the Neti Pot I ordered in a very quick and timely manner! THANK YOU!! I might add, that the instructions that came with the pot sure were DETAILED and HELPFUL. We really like it, and find it a soooo easy to use!

Great quality. I just need to practice to get the procedure down properly

Hi I received the neti pot very quickly and I was extremely happy with it and you`re service. Thank you

My Neti Pot is a great product. I like that it`s made of stainless steel and won`t break if I drop it. The movable spout is very helpful as is the very thorough booklet of directions that are included with it. And it arrived in a timely fashion. I didn`t have to wait long for it. Thanks so much!

I love the neti pot. It helps keep my sinuses clear.

Exceptionally quick delivery. Quality product. Effective procedure. I appreciated the free CD because two of the neti pots were for other people as gifts and they were not familiar with this procedure. When I made the order, I was not consciously aware I was ordering from India. I apologize for the momentary bias and prejudice. Your service, product and attention exceeded my expectations. Alice Eads

I recieved my Neti Pot and it works wonderful. I appreciate the excellent and fast service that I recieved from your company.
thanks again,

product arrived promptly and was of very nice quality. instructions are very detailed. have not had the opportunity to try product as of yet. looking forward to it soon. thank you!

If find it wonderful thanks.

Review not Provided.

Your product was good and was received promptly. Thank you.

No complaints. The product arrived in a timely manner and I love the product.

Thank you

The service and delivery were excellent. The neti pot looks just like the picture, no surprises. The manual that comes with it explains in great detail everything you need to know to use the neti pot effectively. I like it much better than a plastic one I had initially purchased.

Fast delivery and good product. Thanks.

Received as promissed. Quality is better than expected.

great customer service, impressive and thorough follow-through, and i`m very pleased with the product, am still trying to get the hang of it and have already recommended it to several people, especially yours for all of these reasons and more!

My Neti Pot arrived as promised, and just fine. Thank you very much.

My husband uses the neti pot twice a day and he is very satisfied He does`nt have anymore headache.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Received the product sort of late but finally got the neti pot and happy with the product. -Kayla

It took a little bit to receive and my salt packets had some that were open and spilling but over all I like my neti pot and I will be able to use most of the salt packets.

The neti pot arrived in good time. Thank you for including such detailed and thorough instructions for use.

I love my new netti pot. The shape is perfect. It works really well. I do wonder what to do about the discoloration where the stainless is eaten by the salt? I am trying to rinse it out right away, but there is always a little in the bottom. Guess I will need to improve that. Thank you.

It was received in the time frame that I was told. Product is of good qualty and I am happy with it and your company.

I have been sick since before my purchase arrived. I have not had the opportunity to utilize it yet.

it was shipped quickly, and i started reading immediately. thank you.

Super-fast international delivery. My emails were answered in several hours. A product of great quality. All in all, I am positively shocked.

Your stainless steel product is excellent!
Works great! The instruction booklet is very well thought out, and easy to read.

I absolutely love the neti pot. It is easy to use. Craftsmanship is excellent.

I was greatly impressed by both the quality of the product (a Neti pot) and the especially fantastic service.

I must add that the little instruction booklet that came with the pot is wonderful! It contains everything one needs to know (and more.) Best of all it is written in the most delightfully honest style. Clearly Health and Yoga is interested in far more then selling products.

Thank you!

WONDERFUL !! I have smoked for 33 years. I stoped the second day I used the neti pot. Its already been a month. I use it every day. Thank you SO much.
Bob Wines

Thanks, I received the product and am satisfied.

Thank you!

I have received the Neti Pot and I am very happy with it and it works very well.


Product arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Enclosed instructions very helpful. Will recommend others use H&Y if they want to purches neti pots.

I received mt neti pot, thank you,

Received my order in a timely manner - product exactly as expected - will definitely be doing business with you in the future.

Thank you,

Very satisfied. Product exactly as stated. Service exactly as stated. Fast shipping. Would highly recommend.

Great job, love the products.

I will say the box came to me torn up and smaelling like gasoline had been poured on it, looked like it had been wet. But products are great, fast shipping, thanks

Review not Provided.

I have been using the pot every day with some relief to my sinuses. I do not like the design of the pot itself. Its bulky to hold, the opening at the end of the spout is quite big and when you tilt the pot to start the water flowing it sometimes comes over the top of the pot itself. I was surprised at how big the pot was when I received it.

I have received the pot, am using it every day and it`s easy tgo use and effective,
margaret McLean

On the purchase tou refer to I am completely satisfied. On the order I placed before this one however 86828 I still have recieved no further information other than this missing order would be looked into. which I hope to hear something soon since it has been paid for.
Please contact me A.S.A.P with information on 86828 I would like to have what I paid for
Thank You for your prompt Attention Joe K Lowe

Good service. Good quality. I like the product.

Everything was good: ordering, delivery, product meeting my expectations, ect. All Good! Thank You!

great product, fast shipping

Thank you for the prompt service and the excellent quality Neti Pot. It is very durable and a joy to use. Namaste

I received the pot. OK condition with little scratches inside with small traces of rust. But works well.

note: I just received a bill from FedEx.
The actual fees for FedEx shipment cost me a total of 17$ wich is more than pot itself.

Thank you.

Thank you for the prompt service. I am very satisfied.

I am very happy with the neti pot.

I received my neti pot very quickly. I was surprized that I got it faster than items I order from the US!! It is a great product. hHanks for the great sevice.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I love the netti pot, all in the family have one of their own. It makes colds short lived and allergies more tolerable. My teenagers even utilize it.

Review not Provided.

good quality and happy with product

Review not Provided.

Easy to order, good response and delivery

Thank you for the netti pot my wife likes it because it has cleared her sinus problems up. I do not seem to snore as bad as I use to after using it. Thank you for the fast and courtious delivery.

The item arrived timely and was exactly as advertised. Overall I`m pleased with the product and the service.

The product is fine, but to be honest with you, both the instruction booklet and especially the online FAQs are extremely difficult to get through. I am a professional writer, so I will give you my blunt opinion - the tone with which you write these crucial sources of information is condescending, patronizing and borderline insulting. The subtext throughout boils down to essentially "we`re wise and knowledgeable, you are ignorant and uninformed, so we`re going to tell you what you should do, even though we know you`re likely too foolish to follow our instructions or too moronic to understand them." Please take another look at these from your customers` point of view!

The product arrived really fast, I love it, it is nice, easy to use and I am getting great improvements to my nasal allergies.
Thank you very much, you have great customer service.

Ana Garcia

Wonderful service, and great product. Arrived fast and in good condition.
I will use your products again.
Thank you.

The Neti pot arrived on time and in great condition. Great service. Thanks.

Thanks for the pot and it is great and once again thank you.

Excellent product! Thanks!

I ordered, and received one of your stainless steel neti pots. I appreciated the prompt, courteous service, and delivery. I`m not the type of person who participates in fads, and have found the device to be extremely helpful, benificial. Thanks for your kind help.

Paso Robles, California, USA

I have received my netti and am extremely satisfied with my pruchase. Thank you.

I have been using my neti pot for several years every day. A friend of mine asked me to order these three for him.

Can you give me a referral credit?

Hi I`d like to thank you for your wonderful product the neti pot! I recieved it fast and it helps with my sinus and blocked nose a treat. Thank you again :)

i started to use my Neti Pot, but I have a lot of pollops and it does not seem to help me. The water goes onto my ear channels. Both my daughters use it and love the results but I am afraid it is not helping me.

I love the Neti pot for the relief i am getting.

Really good item and wonderful, fast shipping. Thank you for your service.

"Received" is the word you wish to express. I have received and used the pot, which requires more time than I expected, to use. It is acceptable, so far.

I use the netti pot daily and can sleep through the night with a clear head now. I love it.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Thanks so much for offering a quality product and great customer service. I`ve recommended your website and the Neti pot more times than I can remember. Thanks, again!

Wonderful experience; I will definitely order from Health and Yoga again in the near future.

Nice quality, easy to use instructions, prompt delivery, good communication! Thank you!

I received the products, I already use your Neti pot, this one was for a friend. I now must use the Neti Pot in order to feel healthy and to keep my sinuses clean. I have not used the enema kit yet, unfortunatley, but I will.

The product was OK. The disproportionate handling charge due to it being sent from - was it Dubai? - was an unwelcome surprise. Tony

Great quality and extremely fast shipping. Will defiantly recommend and will do business with again, whenever I need something ... Keep up the great work and thanks again.

Excellent quality. Thanks

Your Neti Pots are great! We`ve purchased 2 from you. We own a spa and would love to talk to you about purchasing them wholesale so that we can then re-sell them to our customers. Please be in touch.
Thank you.
Aaron Pastor

Product arrived quicker than was stated on the order.

Arrived and am enjoying its benefits.

I find this particular style of Neti Pot a little difficult to use. I`m always spilling the saline solution out of the top when I tip it .

I apologize for not geeting back to you sooner, and I did reveive the stainless steel neti pot in a very timely manner. I would have gotten it sooner but UPS just can`t navigate well I my area and I have run into this on everything I have ordered since moving to this town.
I have been using a plastic neti pot for several months and I know the stainless steel one will last me a long while and service quality was great.
I will be ordering more for family members.

Thanks again

This seems like a high-quality neti pot. I had one in the past that got rusted on the inside, and I wasn`t very happy with that. I think this one is sturdy and well-manufactured. I am very happy with it!

wonderful product!

Review not Provided.

nice neti pot and danda.
No problem...

the result is good.



This is my 3rd neti pot order. The service has been oustanding each time. This item has made an amazing difference in my health and quality of life.



Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I am pleased with the quality of my stainless steel neti pot. Durable and easy to clean. I have just used it a few times on stage one. Regular use for a longer time will be needed for me to make a judgement on its effectiveness. At this time I suspect that I will need stage two to get the results I am seeking for my sinus condition. I will do this after a week or so more at stage one. No problems in using it so far. Your instructions are very easy to understand. Thank you for your follow-up correspondence and offer of assistance.

I use a neti pot and purchased your neti pot as a gift for someone. They`ve been using it, so I think it`s a success. I do mention your neti pot when I tell others because I like the fact that it`s stainless steel.

I have used my neti pot several times and am very satified. thank you

We all love the Neti Pot. It`s like the Ferrari of Neti Pots. The large capacity size, the triangular nose point, the flow of water and the fact its not breakable all combine to make it great. Thank you for your fast order delivery.

I liked my neti pot so well that I told some friends about it. I ended up ordering the recent two for them.


Review not Provided.

Shipping was quick, product quality was great...overall a very good experience.

The pot is great and reasonably priced. Delivery was excellent also.

To whom it may concern; Not only did I receive my order quite promptly; since using it daily, it has greatly relieved my sinus problems.

I am also deeply appreciative the fact that the Neti Pot came with a detailed instruction booklet, it is extremely useful.

Thank you so very much for your wonderful product and your concern about my satisfaction.

Needless to say, I am telling all of my friends and co-workers about your terrific product and if they are wise, they will purchase it as well.

A very satisfied customer,

James Moynihan

The neti pot arrived quickly and came with very precise and comprehensive instructions. As a first-time user, I had no difficulties and am very satisfied with this purchase. The pot is very practical and well-made, much better and more sanitary than ceramic or plastic pots.

Great product, instruction manual was awesome!

I love the neti pot. I use it every day. After a month of using I am 100% comfortable with it and can't go a day without using it.

got the neti pot for my son. He has alot of allergies. My sister recomended it. He hasn`t tried it yet. i`ll let you know what he thinks.


Thank you for your excellent products and service. The toothpaste is a good
substitute for Dabur (sadly, no longer produced). My daughter loves the large
capacity non-breakable neti pot. Material arrived quickly and in excellent
shape. Online and printed information very detailed and helpful. Excellent
product line overall. Congratulations and best wishes.

Review not Provided.

I am very happy with the quality of the products I received. The toothpaste is very refreshing and the tongue scraper works well. Have not tried the neti pot as of yet, but it appears to be very durable. I am thoroughly satisfied with the merchandise and also with the quick shipping. Thank you!

I'm very happy with the product (stainless neti pot) and appreciate the very detailed instructions -- very conscientious.

i had a ss neti pot before & it rusted out at the spout this one has a better design thank you roy

Fantastic! very quick service and the neti pot works wonders, easy to use even have my 8yr old using it each morning. He used to suffer from a blocked nose each morning and sneezing till noon,constantly 'sniffed'. Much, much less now as neti pot is part of his am routine.

Thanks for a good job!!! Namaste :)

I have been using it on a regular basis usually before bedtime, and have to say I can now breath through my nose as opposed to my mouth, which is wonderfull. Thanks. The netti pot itself is a good sturdy pot, not like anything else I have come across, it will be going on holiday with me.

Review not Provided.

I did receive the Stainless Steel Neti Pot. I got it for a friend, & I think it is OK. Thanks for checking on it. Irvin Neargarder

Thank you so much for offering the neti pot. Your website was very easy to use, the pot arrived much sooner than i expected and I appreciated the personal e-mails. I have been a neti pot user for years, and thi is the best one I have ever had. I love the size and the stainless steel makes it safe for travel. The information with the pot was very easy to understand and helpful. I will order from you again! thanks

The Neti pots are great. I like the larger volume. However, I was supposed to receive instructional dvd's with them, and I never did. Because I already use a neti pot for years I did bother contacting you and insisting that I still receive those. I still do not need them, and would rather save you (and the environment) the extra hassle, so do not send them please. Bernadette

Thank you so much for offering this wonderful item at such a great price. Since I have been using it, my breathing is so much better. My only problem is making sure to get my nose as dried out as possible after using it...when I don't, it makes my nose runny for a while. I just ordered 2 more from you for my kids. I believe that if they will use it, they will also get some of the same great results I have been getting...God Bless, Mike(USA)

Prompt shipping and I love my Neti pot. I have not had a cold in 4 years. I bought one for my apartment and one for my daughter's house were I visit. Thanks you

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The product came in a timely manner.

My purchase arrived in a timely matter. My item was exactly as described and the price was great. Thanks

Thank you for my jala neti pot. You provide great service. The item arrived far sooner than I had expected (I am based in Europe), and well packaged. I know the jala neti is going to be a great help in my health regime. Namaste.

Fast service and the pot works even better than our old ceramic one, it holds enough for both nostrils.

Great service from ordering to delivery

Prompt shipping.Excellent e-bay merchant.

I'm very pleased with the neti pot; it is even better than I expected. I especially like that the spout is bolted on rather than welded. My last neti pot was welded and the weld started leaking, so I had to replace it. You've been very good at keeping me informed of my purchase status; thank you.

Recieved in timely manner as works as described.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

This is my second Neti Pot. The first one started to leak after 3 years. I use it 2X daily, and it helps with chronic sinus congestion.

Review not Provided.

fast shipping, great netti pot, my wife loves it. So good I'm going to have to drop my ceramic pot so I can buy a matching pot for myself

Review not Provided.

I love my new neti pot! It's very well made and looks great and works so much better than my old ceramic, much smaller pot. Thanks alot!

Review not Provided.

Got the hang of it right away - it is great - thanks

Review not Provided.

I have received the productI ordered and am very satisfied with it.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I love my neti pot!

I found the service fantastic.Very easy hassle free and the product was of great standard. thanks

I did receive my neti pot about 2 weeks ago or so. It is a great product and much easier to use than the smaller plastic or ceramic ones. Thank you very much.

Received my order very quickly and accurately. Thank you.

this was great! It arrived earlier than expected, and it works well. the instructions were easy to follow too. only thing is it was unclear to me that i would have to pay duty -- Fedex Charged me $7 in addition to the local taxes i had to pay. So your $16 product cost me $27. This was rather upsetting.

It's been working great so far!

like it. works well.

I felt VERY good about my recent purchase. I have become more consistent and devoted to my yogic practices and began to see really amazing changes both physically and emotionally. I intuitively knew that my neti pot would inhance the experience, but the one I had was too small. Health & Yoga had exactly the size neti pot I needed and not only is it an important part of my practice, but it looks beautiful as well. Thank you for such prompt delivery. Asha

I was very pleased with your service which I found extremely prompt, and courteous. Thank you.

Product is great and was delivered timely! Thank you!

My neti pot got here in a timely manner, and I love it! I use it at least once a day. The service from health and yoga was great.

It was exactly what we wanted. It appears to be very well made and very nice to look at as well. Thanks.

Service was very fast! I highly recommend this company. The netti pot was a tremendous help.Thank you so much! Jamie

Everything was good. Shipping was pretty quick and the product was as hoped. Thanks.

hello..i got the product really fast, and using it succesfully. thank you very much!

Everything OK. Thanks.

I was really pleased with how quickly my order arrived. It was at my door in under 2 weeks from when I ordered it. It was in very good condition. The instructions for using the pot are very clear and easy to follow. I'm still having trouble doing the irrigation without spilling some of the water over my face but I know that will improve. I think my nasal passages are clearer and I'm wiping my nose less during the day. So that's good. There is one question though and that is - is it normal to have some post nasal or sinus drainage for a while after doing the irrigation? Over all I am enjoying your product. Linda S.

I am very pleased with the purchase of my Neti Pot. It arrived quickly and was exactly what I wanted. I followed your instructions step by step - I had no problems at all and I'm a novice with a Neti Pot. I will definitely recommend Health & Yoga to friends and family. Thanks so much. Namaste. Debra

received 9/19 but went on vacation for a few days so started using it 9/25. After 2 1/2 weeks of use, can't tell much yet, but plan to use daily and am hopeful will see decrease in post nasal drip and decrease in need to clear throat. Thank you.

Delivery was to my relative in CA and it arriveed as you promised. Thank you

The Neti Pots were received in perfect condition. I thank you and have you bookmarked for future purchases. Thank you again. Peter

Review not Provided.

Excellent service. Orders are confirmed in record time and then promptly followed up and the delivery is first-rate. I was surprised by the rapidity of the delivery. This is my second order from you and I am totally satisfied and happy to do business with you. Thank you very much. Peace.

Received on time as promised. Thank´s

I am delighted with my neti pot, it's very convenient not to have to be filling it twice & not being woried about breaking it. Your instructions are great. It has helped me enormously with my sinus problem. If I use it diligently morning & evening I don't wake up as swollen as I used to & I can breathe so much better. You have an excellent product. Thanks, Ivonne Arras

received my Neti Pot in great time! love it! thanks for the service

The neti pot is excellent, as was your company's service. Thank you.

I had no problems at all with my order. It came faster than I expected and has been working beautifully. My girlfriend (who I bought the Neti Pot for) finds it easier to sleep and your product has improved the quality of both our lives...especially since I am not banished to the couch any more for too much moving around in bed (only a little!). :)))) Sorry I don't have any constructive criticism but I can't think of anything to improve about the experience. Keep up the good work!

Yes I have recieved the Neti Pot very quickly, thanks. Not tried it yet as I travel often, and noy had the time. Read the instructions which has put me off a little as I do not practice Yoga and the comments put me off a little. I will try to find a local Yoga group that may be able to help. Thanks

Excellent!! I've been looking for the stainless steel neti pots that you sell since I bought my own four years ago at a yoga studio in Sedona. I'm a yoga instructor and LMT and now that I know were to get them I'll be ordering more for my clients. Thank you. sincerely, Peter Strom

I ordered this product on August 22, you confirmed the order on August 23. I e-mailed you on Sept. 13 that I had never received it, you responded that you would look into it. It is now Sept. 24th. I have not yet received my order. I would like to receive this ASAP. Perhaps it was lost? Please send out another. I am beginning to lose patience.

The Herbodent toothpaste is an excellent product. I have had nothing but excellent checkups since I began using it. The Neti pot is another excellent product...much better designed than the smaller ceramic pot I am used to. My sinuses are much clearer since I began using Neti. As always, your service is excellent. I receive the products usually within a week of ordering and I am always happy with the products. R. Walden

Excellent service very quick delivery. The Neti pot is of excellent quality and functionality.Very happy customer

Great, thank you!

Would have been helpful to have some starter packages of salt included with the pot.

Great product, but needs better info packet

neti pot arrived very quickly, even though i'm in the uk. thanks for great service. the instruction book inside is great. i'm really pleased with it all. thank you.

I love it!

Fast delivery! Received the neti pot within one week. Very clear and comprehensive documentation. I was able to flush out more mucus with first attempt than with the Himalayan neti pot I had been using. I think the larger size and the design of your neti pot is the reason. I like the fact the neti pot is stainless steel. A nurse practitioner highly recommended a neti pot for my chronic sinus problems. I am also limiting dairy products. I plan on telling the nurse practitioner the virtues of your neti pot. Thank you so much! Bonita

Every thing ok. The product is a great help !Thank you ! Namaste !

Review not Provided.

Processing was quick and efficient! My husband uses his Neti pot daily and loves it. It has really made a difference in the intensity and effects of his allergies.

very happy with purchase

great neti. fast shipping.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

My order was received quickly, and the product works perfectly. Thanks! =)

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with my purchases. I will definitely purchase again! Thank you!

Product was received swiftly and in good condition. This stainless steel neti pot is a really great product (now the 3rd one we have ordered for me and my family) Thanks Sue

Great product and price. Quick response and delivery.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Great product & instructions on use of Neti Pot. I appreciate it!!!

The product is good and was received very timely, even though it had my name wrong on the address label.

Quick service, very easy website. I will be ordering again from you! Peace, Laura

Wish I had known about the neti pot 40 years ago! I no longer take 1/2 to 2 Benadryl every night nor do I use Flonase spray every day thanks to the neti pot. Took allergy shots for 5 years. I showed my friend in Gatlinburg, TN when visiting her and she ordered one immediately. I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah demonstrate a 4 oz. pot and bought one. It worked some so I searched the computer and found your larger pot and that was the cure! I use 2 to 4 cups in each nostril every night and 1 to 2 cups in the morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!

My son is the user of the neti pot. He says it has made a big difference in his ability to breathe. He has always been congested for as long as I can remember. He is 18 now, he uses it every morning, if he remembers! Thank you for a great product. I am going to begin using it as well, as I tend to get congested towards winter.

Hi - yes, I received my neti pot. This is my 2nd one - I needed one for travel. This new pot has a swivel type of stem that has a gooey type of washer at the base. I am not convinced that it will hold up over time. So I am saving that for travel, and using my old trusty one-piece stainless neti pot for everyday use. I LOVE MY NETI POT and would never be without it. Blessings and many thanks for the wonderful product. Ellie Cutler

your jala neti pot arrived within just a few days after my order: very quickly, because i live in europe. a stainless steel neti pot is not known in my country and i am very pleased with it. it releaves my nose problems, caused by medication: i will recommend this apparatus to everyone i meet you has these problems. thanks a lot! vriendelijke groet, philip

Quality construction exactly as described in item description, quick shipping,

You have always given me excellent service in the past and still do. I ordered the Neti pots for myself and for my friends, and all of us are very pleased.

Received the order in good time and find it's of excellent quality. Thanks very much for the attentive and friendly service.

I ordered a Neti Pot and honestly I was a little skeptical. But I tried it recently and I am so impressed! It really makes a difference and I am hoping that with regular use I can finally get off or significantly reduce my use of allergy medication.

Was received. Thanks again.

no problem

You are attending to a problem I am experiencing with my neti pot (a rusting neck. I would have liked to had more information about the Amritdhara Supplement that I purchased.

very happy with your service..

Great product, delivered quickly. I would shop here again! Thanks.

The neti pot arrived quickly and in adequate packaging to protect it during the shipping process. I have been carefully following the instructions for stage one provided with the neti pot and my sinuses have been feeling so much better. There is less pressure behind my eyes and in my ears now. Pranayama has become easier to perform. Thank you for your product and excellent customer care! :-)

we are satisfied with neti pot and extensive instructions

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Working great!!

It is nice, what we expected. Thank you

Everything arrived in perfect condition! Thanks and keep up the good work!

This product is exceptionally good and easy to use. Thanks

Great Product, Wonderful Communication and Service!!!!! Thanks!!!

I got so much relief from the first pot I bought, that I had one sent to my daughter. We are both allergy sufferers. She in turn was so pleased with the results, she is planning on getting one for her friend's birthday present. Thank you.

Thank You - everything is great. Thanks Again.

Thanks for an excellent product and great service!

prompt shipment, good product, many thanks

thanks - I had no problems.

I felt good about must first purchase to which this email seems to be referring. However, I ordered a second Neti Pot on 8/3/07 and received confirmation: "Your order has been received. The confirmation ID is: 354541159." I'm surpised that I have not heard anything about it being shipped, nor have I received it. I see that my credit card was charged for this second purchase on 8/3/07. I would like to know what has happened to my order.

All was received as it should,Everything packed carefully.As I expected .Thank you very much

This is the second neti pot that we ordered. We liked the design and convinience. It is also unbreakable. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

I am all set with the stainless net pot. Thank you for my order.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Yes i did receive the nettie pot. as yet we have not used it, but I know we will

Recieved the product quicker than you estimated and am delighted with it. Thank you

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Excellent product!...Very fast to ship....Thanks!

Received the Neti pot and used immediately. Has brought great relief and now use it regularly. Thanks for a wonderful product. A. Farrow

everything was great thank you. i love the neti pot, my nose is very clear. i breath so much better it has strengthened my yoga practice considerably

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Execellent results with use prior to a 7 day bicycle ride across Iowa-couldn't take pot with me because of minimal packing but truly feel it helped in use prior to trip-returning now to daily use-I'm so glad I made the purchase. Thank you.

I received my item very soon after I placed my order. I am very pleased with my Neti Pot and also the level of customer service offered by your company. Thanks!!

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with your service. You answered my ? promptly. I have refferred your site to at least 15 people.

I have received the 2 netti pots from Amazon.com. and have paid for them on 6/7/2007 via my Master Card. I DO NOT want whatever you are offering for $40.90 (dated 6/23/07). Take that amount off of my Master Card credit card right NOW and do not charge my credit card anymore !!

Review not Provided.

I love my neti pot! It is wonderfully designed and neti makes me feel great. I wish more people were open to the practice. Service was incredible - about 3 days delivery to Australia! Thankyou.

Thank you, I thought your service was excellent. I like my Neti too. -Chris Anderson

I'm very happy with the purchase. I think the stainless neti pot is the way to go.

Review not Provided.

I haven't it used it yet, but one can easily see its a quality product. Shipment was very quick for the distance (and price). Adrian

Yes, we received the two neti pots. Thank You

My order arrived just fine. Thank you for your customer service.

Review not Provided.

We did not receive the Neti ot at the shipping address yet.

Review not Provided.

Good transaction. Fast delivery. Would recommend your site to others. Thanks for a pleasant experience.

Review not Provided.

Product was received okay. My only complaint is that when I requested a tracking number for the shipping I was unable to get it from you. You may be using a drop shipper or something, in that case, you should be arranging to get that information from them. Often people need to arrange their schedules around the arrival of the product, and it was not appreciated that you were unable to provide me with that information.

It was received promptly, and as ordered, which is appreciated.

Great product, & love the communication/customer service.

I ordered this for my husband who has sinus and allergy problems, which bother him especially at night. He has used it for a few days now and his nose stays clear all night! I love it too because it has helped to decrease his snoring!

I have had great luck using the Neti pot. Wonderful results. It has helped with sinus problems and headaches. Thank you

I did receive it and was very happy with the service! Thank you for your follow up. I was starting to learn to use it. Having some problems but I stopped using it. I was using filtered water and heating it in a kettle. the water was too hot so I left it in the Neti Pot for 1 hour with the salt in it, to cool down. The pot then had small black spots in it, and it smells like it was corroded. So I have not used it since then. I don't know if I have to throw it out or if it can be cleaned. I tried using a white (fine sponge) cleaning eraser but that has not worked yet. Can you tell me what to do? Do I have to buy a new one or is there some way to repair it? Janet tealtbird@sympatico.ca Re: Your Order at www.healthandyoga.com on 12/30/1899 That was on your email. The date does not make sense to me.

I have received it, but I haven't used it yet.

Product arrived in much less time than was predicted. Great product, exactly as described.

I have been enjoying my neti pot, I think that it has helped me overcome at least one sinus infection. Thank you very much. Also, the instructions were well written.

Excellent product thanks so much

Thank you, I have received my order and I am pleased with it as well as your service. Linda Rooker

Item was received in a timely manner and for a good price. Thank you.

On time and everything I needed was there. Thanks

Very satisfied with this product I purchased from you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Your website's comments about stainless steel turned out to be the most useful. Thank you so much.

great!!! I love my mala beads, all my yoga buddies are visiting your site now :-)

Quick delivery. Product exactly as described. Works wonderfully.

I ordered and recieved two stainless steel neti pots. My only concern is the query that I just received about the quality of the order that lists many items that I did not order.

I ordered two netti pots and only received one. I would like to have the second netti pot amount credited back to my credit card. Confirmation ID# 161073620. Thank you. Jessica Goodwin

High quality--Best neti pot available

Thank you for the follow up!

great products and service. Prompt delivery. Thanks.

I received my neti pot and actually took it into work and showed them there. Then they each bought one! We love it. Thanks

Review not Provided.

My Stainless Steel Neti Pot was received in a timely manner and in good condition; however, I have not had an opportunity to use it yet. It appears to be just what I expected.

Prompt delivery and excellent communications. Quality product with extensive instructions. Thanks for doing such a great job.

Review not Provided.

Yes i received the neti pot. Thank you so much I am very happy with it. Jean

My family is plagued with sinus problems, so I ordered four of your neti pots. I can't tell you how much jala neti has helped us! The pots are of high quality and good design, and your support and instruction has been exceptional. The pots arrived quickly and well packed, and we have been enjoying beter health with their regular use. I look forward to ordering more of your products in the future. With gratitude, Lisa in Katy, Texas

Thanks, product was received right on time. I am still learning to use my neti pot. So far so good. Thanks again

The neti pot is fantastic! It is a quality product and the results are great. My sinuses have never been better. Thank you so much!

Everything arrive perfectly. The Neti pots are super, and the tongue cleaner works better, far better than any I have previously had. You should try to market them to doctors offices that are involved in prescribing large amounts of antibiotic since that will cause yeast on the tongue. Thanks again for the great service. Regards - Mark

Great! Thanks for your diligence in service!

I received the item in a reasonable amount of time and will recommend your company to others. The neti pot is as I expected and workmanship appears to be good. Thanks again - Namaste

Very pleased with the item. Thanks

Order received. Thanks for your great service!

Service was excellent. Neti Pot works as advertised. Would do business again.

I received the neti pot and love it! The instructions were easy to follow and the product is of good quality. There was a small issue that delayed delivery (it was not your company's fault), but Health & Yoga followed up on the issue and was very diligent in making sure I got the ordered product. Excellent customer service! I greatly appreciate your efforts.

It is always a pleasure doing business with you. The neti pot is a work of art, as well as being ultimately functional, and the promptness of communication and delivery are remarkable!

The Neti pot is very nicely crafted. It fits comfortably in my hand -- I don't have to worry about it dropping and breaking. The nozzle size allows just the right flow of water making it fairly easy to use for a beginner like me. I strongly recommend people read the instructions before using though. Overall, I have found doing business with Health & Yoga a very positive experience. Keep it up !

Review not Provided.

excelent service. Items received 3 days after the order was made. Thank you.

I received my neti pot in a timely manner. I am still trying to master my technique on using it correctly. Thank you!

Hello, Everything arrived rapidly and in great condition. The technique was easy to learn. The instruction booklet was very clear, simple and helpful. I can't believe how much mucus I've been elininating. At times I eliminate very thick (almost rubbery) mucous. I suspect it's very deep in the upper sinuses. There is just one sad note. Last week I lost my instruction booklet, without which I cannot go onto the second stage. Is there any way I could get another booklet? I am very satisfied with your product and I have talked about it to other people. Thank you very much, Dennis Angers,Canada

I am very happy with my netti pot. I need to order more salt. How do zi order salt for my netti pot?

Review not Provided.

I have received my neti pot and have had very good results so far. Your instructions are very thorough and easy to understand. Thanks!!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Quick and easy - thanks for the follow up to ask.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

My husband and I are very pleased with the products! Thank you for making them available.

Review not Provided.

Our Netti Pot purchase his great and of high quyality. We appreciate your your one to one contact as well. This purchase has been a great experience. Sincerely, BAS and WKS

I am happy with it and I am using it. Thanks

The order arrived promptly and is of excellent quality. I have given two of my friends interested in a Neti pot your website address. Thank you for such great and friendly service.

I recieved my neti pot just a few days after the expected date of arrival. I have been very pleased with my purchase, thank yoou!

Review not Provided.

I have used my Neti Pot for a couple of weeks now and I am very pleased with the results.

Thank You.

Excellent service. Our order came in 4 days. I would buy from this company again.

I received the neti pot in good time and it has worked well for me--your instructions are very thorough. Thank You.

Review not Provided.

I am enjoying using the neti pot I recently purchased. It felt odd at first but now I am used to it I really enjoy it. Slowly but surely it seems to be improving my post nasal drip situation. I really appreciate all your service support. Thanks!

I would actually like to select better than good! The product I ordered arrived in good time and the instructions included with the neti pot were easy to follow. I use my neti pot on a daily basis and I have noticed a significant improvement in my allergy and sinus condition, much to my relief since Phoenix, Arizona is experiencing a really bad allergy season this year. I have recommended this product and your services to several friends. You have definitely been a great benefit to me!

Review not Provided.

I received my Jala Neti Pot promptly and in excellent condition. While I have not yet used the product, I am certain it is a superior item of its type, I was very satisfied with this purchase from start to finish. You folks run a classy company. Thank you. Kind regards, David Kunert

Neti pot was received in good order; I'm too nervous to use it yet although allergy season is fast approaching and I am motivated to try.

I dont' know how i ever lived without one!

I'm very happy with my stainless steel neti pot!

Neti pot is wonderful. My nose hasn't felt this good in a long time! Thank you for a great product! The educational material on your website and the instruction book were first rate!

Thank you so much for my Neti Pot. Your service and support system are excellent and I've never seen better. My Neti Pot is giving me relief from years of not being able to breath without medication. I can now breath clearly when I wake up in the morning and remain clear all day long. I recently got a cold and within 2 days of using the Neti Pot my head was clear again and my ears quit hurting me. I had suffered from an ear ache and sinus infection for about 2 months before starting to use my Neti Pot and now both problems have been cleared up. I have referred my friends and family to you thru the referral program and hope they give it a try since I know they would enjoy relief from their sinus problems. Thank you again for a great product, easy to follow instructions and excellent customer support. Michele Rozell

a reply to your followup email (id prakasini@healthandyoga.info) bounced back - so putting it here... Thx for the follow up - appreciate it! yes i did recv the neti-pot. As someone who has used netipot for couple of yrs now, i have some feedback. pros 1. The pot has a neat finish 2. No welding so no rusting cons 1. It tends to fall off when placed on a flat surface without water - could be better if the pot part is little heavier for stability. 2. conical end is very big - cannot be used on small noses like children otherwise great product! -keep it up n pichairaj

The pot arrived quickly and I'm very pleased with it. Thank you.

Shipped quickly and the rubber gasket on the spout should be much better. My other neti pot rusted through where the spout met the pot. Thank You.

product arrived quickly and in perfect condition...thanks as always

Product was as described, delivered on time and works fine. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I have received my Jala Neti. It came in good condition and arrived in a very timely manner. I have read the instructions once but have not tried it yet. I am waiting for my friend to teach me. Thank you very much for the great service!

This was a gift for my brother. He received it very quickly and was very pleased with it.

Received in good condition. A short DVD or link to video instructions might be helpful. Thank you for your service.

Rec'd item quickly and well packaged. Ordering was easy with no problems. Good communications regarding status of order, tracking info. and link to help in use of item. Item as described and easy to use. Overall a positive experience !!

Delivery was prompt, packaging is excellent, and I love my new neti pot! My sinuses feel a lot better, and I use neti pot every day. Thank you! Marianna

I am quite pleased with my purchase.

I use the neti pot every day and I think it is helping. Quality is excellent and the manual is very informative.

We love It.

Review not Provided.

thank you

The pot is nicely designed, and the instruction manual is very helpful. So far, it has been very helpful in reducing my problems with spring pollen allergies. I have recommended it to a friend.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I found the service excellent. I received the product just a couple of days after I placed my order and I am very happy with the quality of it. Thanks!

Works fine.

Great product, good instructions, great site. I recommended your site and the neti pot to a friend, who just ordered one from you.

I love the neti pot. I think I am addicted. It's the height of tree pollen season here and I am totally off alergy medicines and don't have the first symptom.

I would like to thank you for your attentive service to my meager needs. Herbodent has become my favorite toothpaste. My netipot is perfect for my needs (almost indestructable). Thank you again.

I have been using the neti pot ever since I received it and have had a remarkable improvement in my allergies. I am not running to the tissue box as often. Now that the pollen season as arrived in North Carolina, I will be faithful in the use of the neti pot. Glad I found this. Thanks. Joyce Yount

Great service. Thanks

I did recieve your products and they have been working great. Thank you.


Fast delivery and exactly as described.

Service was great!

The neti pot arrived promptly. The instuction booklet contains all I could imagine seeing in print about using the pot. Thank you.

Terrific. Product was received incredibly fast. The personal email I received was also appreciated and because of it I was motivated to respond. I will continue to use your website for products and information, and will encourage others to do the same. I've been using a Neti Pot for several years now, and have convinced a few others now to try it too. I was surprised to see that the recent Pot I ordered was smaller than mine, which I bought about 6+ years ago. Still just as effective though. Thank you.

You sent me a lot of emails: maybe 10. Just 1 or 2 would be better.

Review not Provided.

I received my neti pot and tongue scraper in a very timely manner, and I am very satisfied with both products. Thank you very much.

Hello, I received the product very quickly, and enjoy using it. I have no real citicism, other than perhaps to say that the neti pot, when empty, seems to be a little unbalanced as the spout is long and weighty. I just keep a small tinture bottle inside it and it stays perfectly upright. -David Cooper

Review not Provided.

I received the pot in great condition, and I have no complaints. Thanks!

Ordering and delivery easy and prompt. Product EXCELLENT. Instructions Excellent. I had never done the Neti procedure before and though it seemed intimidating, everything wnet very smoothly thanks to your careful directions. And I am very impressed with the results!!!! Thanks!

Love the Neti Pot. Clear directions. Easy to use. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

A friend recommended & demonstrated the use of the your Neti pot for me and I decided to try it. It has made an incredible difference in my breithing, my sleeping and how I feel during the day. I'm still fairly new to it, but I expect it's going to be a regular part of my daily hygiene from now on. Thanks! Kevin Bowlby

Have used product and am well satisfied with results

Got my neti pot in the time frame you promised. Thanks for the follow up.

Review not Provided.

Arrived just as described, Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Although the shipping box looked as if customs had cut it open, the item arrived in good condition. It works well. The instructions were very detailed. Thank you

I was so impressed with the Neti pot I received from you that I purchased another as a gift for my daughter. I had a smaller ceramic pot but the water volume was just not sufficient to provide theraputic relief. I use my shiny new Neti pot daily and have had amazing results. Thank you for providing a wonderful product with great service!

Review not Provided.

Received very promptly (about 7 days) Excellent service and a terrific product! Dave Berger

Can not fault it. Thank you. Fred Etter.

Wonderful service. Thank you!

Fast delivery, good quality product

I like the neti pot and use it 2 times a day.

Great, prompt service and a quality product. Many Thanks....Namaste

no complaints :)

Very nice. Thank you.

Quite happy with the service. Love the neti pot and it is wonderful. No horrible headache since I have been using it. Blissful, Blissful, life is good. One question, the Nag Champa was very, very powdery, is there a reason for this. The Padmini Brindavan is very nice. Thank you.

Your product arrived in a timely manner and I am enjoying it. It is everything you promised.

I really like my neti pot. I love how big it is!

Timely shipping. Product works great. Instructions were very informative.

I appreciate your contacts and notifications. Your product arrived in good condition.

Very pleased with product, excellent service

Products were great and just as expected. Now if you could just teach me how to use it properly1 :-)

I am glad you wrote because I deleted the confirmation email. I have not received the nasal irrigator I ordered. I called UPS with the confirmation and they said that it was signed for at apt 2F bya guy named "guy." They also told me the address was 501 w 189th st #29. My apartment number is 2G not 29 please look into it as I would have liked to have the irrigator already a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again. -Jonathan Friedman

The product meets my expectations and the service was perfect! Good job! namaste n schmidt

Thank you so much

I received my stainless steel pot and it is beautiful. I have been using a nasal rinse that uses a squeeze bottle with pre-measured salt and sodium bicarbonate packages. Your pot is better for me in 2 ways. It holds much more solution, and it is gentler because it works on gravity. I am very pleased with your product and service. It is especially nice that you tracked the delivery and asked me for feedback. Thank you very much. Greg Samuel

very pleased. Thank you

Great product, very detailed instructions. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Review not Provided.

The neti pot is a good, durable product, and it shipped promptly. I am satisfied with my purchase.

I was surprised and please with how fast the neti pot arrived, but after reading more about the stainless aspect and the need to rinse well and dry the pot, I have not used it, instead opting for the porcelain pot that I had. The instructions that I recieved with the pot and online were invaluable though, and worth the price of the pot. I have been sucessful in using it due mostly to your instructions.

Review not Provided.

I Received the Neti Pot in reasonable length of time. It arrived in good condition and was not at all difficult to use.

Review not Provided.

Had I realized the time required for proper nasal drying after irrigation, I doubt I would have ordered the neti pot. That practice has not worked out well for me, however it makes a great flower watering pot and, sort of, um, instant bidet!

Review not Provided.

I bought the stainless steel neti pot about a month ago. Within a day, my life was changed for the better: 45 years of sinus problems gone! True, I have to clean myself out twice a day; but I now get to breathe all night; my voice doesn't crack up when I sing; and I can lecture for two hours or more without worrying that I'll start coughing or lose my voice. You may count me a convert and a raving fan

Review not Provided.

The item was easy to order and it arrived quickly. I am enjoying the items I ordered and appreciate that you offer such wonderul products online. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

I received my items on time as promised. I am extremely happy with them. For the past twenty years or so I have been cleaning my nose and my colon. This is my first time using stainless steel. The step by step instructions were great.

I like everything about the neti pot except that there is an odd "synthetic oil/lubricant" smell that comes from the nozzle. I have tried washing it out repeatedly with soap/hot water/baking soda and the smell still lingers. I think that it is coming from where the nozzle attaches to the pot...maybe around the seal...but I'm not sure. The smell also didn't go away when I put it in the dishwasher. I'm sure that it will go away with time, but right now I am hesitant to use the product because I don't want whatever is causing the smell to go into my nasal passages. I like the size of the pot and the nozzle is at a good angle.

The neti pot arrived quite fast - your service was excellent. The pot itself has been a great item for me to use and I believe it has helped keep me free of sinus infections.

thank you prakisni for your timely shipping of my neti pot. i am using it regularly in the mornings; and after the first few attemps i have found the recomendations on how to use my pot and the results to be just as your instructions stated. thanks again, jim v

Got the order, and appreciated the personal attention. The pot is good, however, my only complaint would be that it doesnt seem to want to stay upright on its base when empty, it keeps tipping over, but works fine. Thanks again.

No problems in delivery. Purchase is made of very nice sturdy stainless steel. I am very satisfied.

I am satisified with my product and my service, thank you very much adn I hope to do business with your company in the future.

love it. is it possible to get an instruction book for a distant (in miles not consideration) friend who currently uses a syringe for the purpose. i hate to nag her but i think the booklet would be more convincing that this would be better for her. (just asking) thanks theresa hemminger NEW ADDRESS STARTING TOMORROW: themminger @carrinter.net

Review not Provided.

very happy with it...thanks

Excellent neti pot and really appreciated the instructions, especially the humor in them!

Review not Provided.

Everything was timely and informative. Thank you.

Thank you!!

Review not Provided.

pretty good

My name is Joseph Weiss, my address is 4735 N. Malden St. in Chicago IL, and I have not received my purchase.

Neti pot was received in good time. Booklet describing use was very well done and appreciated.

Arrived on time and the product is of excellent quality. Just as expected. Thank you.

I love the neti pot but was a little dissappointed that there is a couple places on the inside of the pot that is rusty looking. Evidently a flaw. I wish it had been totally silver stainless steel but it isn't. I do use it every day, twice a day and love the design and have told many of my friends and relatives about your product. thanks, patricia geiger

I like the Jala Neti Pot. It works pretty well, but the nose spout is starting to come a little loose and leaks a little bit of water at the base, but other than that works well. The tongue cleaner is effective, but is corroding a little faster than I expected (when i wipe it with cotton, green stuff comes off), but maybe that's a fault on my end. Otherwise the products are satisfactory. Thanks!---------------- 1/22/2007---------------

Yes, I received the Neti pot in a very timely manner. I use it everyday--twice a day! It has empowered me to control my terrible sinus problems (which are not so terrible any longer). The instruction booklet was extremely informative. So many people would benefit in the United States from this simple daily routine. Doctors just treat your condition but do nothing to inform you on how to avoid it. THANK YOU!! Charlie

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my order in a very timely fashion. Loved the service and the product. Thanks! Selene

Great product, I ordered one from you about a year ago....this recent order was for my son. Thanks for your great service and quality product.

I received the Neti pot in a very timely manner. It is a wonderful tool for sinus health. I especially like the newly-designed screw-on spout. Thank you and regards... Tim Maynard

Review not Provided.

I love my Neti pot, I use it twice a day. Your service is outstanding. Thank you for everything.

Everything arrived on time and in great condition. Some of the products were Holiday gifts and they were well received. Thank you so much! Vaden

Review not Provided.

my order was delivered as promised. great service. thanks

fast, easy and good for me too!!!

Excellent product, timely shipment, clear communication.

I was very impressed with your nice emails that you send, and the support that you provide for your customers. I will definitely be coming back to your website. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

My order arrived promptly. I am using the neti pot regularly with good results. The pot seems to be very well made. Thank you.

Hello The Stainless Steel Neti Pot I ordered from you arrived within the specified time. Your service and communication are very good and the quality of the product is very good. Thank You Frank Hellbusch Queensland, Australia

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Working great so far! Thanks for speedy service!

Well, this is my fifth neti pot bought from you, so I definitly see positive construction changes. I mean how nose connected to the body now. Good work, thank you!

I think my new neti pot is helping me sleep better. I don't need to use Flonase at bedtime anymore. Thank you. I'm happy to have a neti pot that is big enough, as well.


Thank you very much for the quick delivery!

I received the neti pot in good condition and have found its use very helpful. Thank you!

Excellent, prompt and thorough service. Nice job!

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service, and for your solicitous email followups. I received the product quickly and it is wrapped for Christmas.

Review not Provided.

thank you so much for your prompt service.Jala neti has been a revelation as is all Yoga and its disciplins,namaste rico

Review not Provided.

I'm pleased with the product--my 8 year-old and 6 year-old daughters ask nightly to use my neti pot--I may have to order a few more so I can use it too! Thank you for the great instruction booklet as well.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The Neti Pot is beyond wonderful! It is easy to use after reading the instructions carefully. It is also simple to clean and store. It's a great relief knowing that the pot will not rust or break. The greatest benefit, however, are the results. My eyes and nose feel very clean and I no longer have headaches. After using this product just once, I was surprised at how easily I was able to practice Pranayam. This Neti Pot has defintely brought about a positive change in my life. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

My husband loves your Neti pot. We were told there would be a video tape with our order (from someone who had purchased it in the past). The guide is helpful but it is always nice to be sure you are doing it correctly. Thanks, Ruth Rieman

i like the pot and was vry disappointed when i went to get the video you offered the offe rwas not there and i had been out of town. i find the booklet not very clear in drying the nose. how wonderful you care enough to ask. if more of the world move in that direction, we'd sure have a different attitude as a group consciousness. thanks theresa hevin. ps i would stil like the video for free if that offer comes up again. thanks again

I received the product and have been using it, no problem to level 2. It does clean out the nasal passages well and I hope it will decrease the number of sinus infections I get. I use it once a day. Thanks.

I had no problems at all. My order arrived promptly and was well packed. Thank You!

No problems with service. The neti pot is fine so far, though there are a number of scratches and blemishes on the inside. However, that's not a problem considering how cheap it is.

Great product, service, and support. I appreciate the detailed booklet and the care in explaining the use of the product.

I was very suprised at how quickly I received my order. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience. -Joe Mulcahy

My new Neti Pot works great! Nice fit on my nostril and I like the volumn that it contains.

great product, quick delivery, thanks!

The basic technique was very easy to learn. And I can't believe how fast this product arrived. I am very happy with my purchase.

I am delighted with my purchase - instruction book is nice - not needed because I already had a small neti pot. I like the larger size - saves time - am working up the courage to try phase 2.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Wonderful! Thanks so much. I appreciate the fact that you are following up on your product!

Review not Provided.

Great - thanks for the neti pot and very clear instructions!

Thank you. AOK.

Excellent service!!!!

The purchase went very well and the pot is WONDERFUL!!!!!!

I like the product. It takes some practice but I like the clean feeling.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.


It arrived quickly and was of good quality. I was happy with the e-mails about the status of my order. Instructions for the product were very clear, concise, and comprehensive. I would recommend Health & Yoga to my friends and buy your porducts in the future. Thank you for being a nice company to work with. Suzanne

I was very pleased with the quality of the neti pot and the very useful and informative user good that came with it. It also arrived very promptly. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Got it - fine!

Thank you. The neti pot is very well built and has made quite a difference in my life. Jason Kaufmann

I have been using my Neti pot for a couple of weeks and I really enjoy having a clear nose. Took a couple of times to get the process down, even tried stage 2, and I've been recommending it to my family members.

The handbook that accompanied the Neti Pot was extremely useful. Until I read the handbook's detailed instructions, I was not able achieve the right effects with the Neti. My sinuses thank you! The Neti Pot itself is OK. I like the big capacity, but the spout head is quite large for my small nostrils. I have to really stretch the skin to fit it around the spout head.

Great customer service and e-mail communications. I received my order very quickly. Product is wonderful and at a great price. I'm very satified and would highly recommend your company. THANK YOU!!

I am very satisfied with the service from Health & Yoga and with the Jala Neti Pot product I received.

I bought two of them but thought I'd try mine out before giving the other to my son. That way I could show him once I caught on. Your handbook was absolutely invaluable as to getting the hang of using it and although fairly wordy, every word was necessary! The product itself is well made and designed, very easy to hold, I don't have to worry about dropping it in the sink and breaking it and the measurements are easy using the 'waist' as the water line to one teaspoon of salt. I do have trouble seeing where it gets halfway down and was trying to think of a way of marking it. You could add a very shallow waist there possibly but I also think that as I use it more, I'll know when it's time to switch. All in all, I'm very satisfied and I think my son will be also once I give him his pot, which will be soon! Thanks again for a very good experience. My nose thanks you too! Judy Parker

Both my boyfriend and myself enjoy the cleansing feeling we feel after using the product.

received promptly and in good order. Thank you. an excellent product that has really helped my sinus problems.

Excelant. prompt service and quality goods. thank you very much.

Great service, thanks. I love my Neti pot - I am breathing more clearly and offortlessly than I have in many years -- can't remember how long. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever breathe this clearly again. Now access to easier breathing whenever I choose to warm up water for my Neti! Thanks again

Your nasal irrigator is the greatest invention. It has helped erase sinus problems in addition to great benefit with air allergies. I have purchased several pots for friends since buying my first one. Thanks much.

You guys make fantastic neti pot. The best I've seen on the market.

Works great! Thanks

This style of the neti pot is great. far more convient then the ceramic pots that I have tried. Thank you.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received my neti pot. I have not yet used it because I am currently taking a yoga class and our teacher has not introduced us to its use. Thank you for such efficient service.

product was exactly as advertised and delivery was quick. Thank you

Your product is a Godsend. After years of suffering including have my nose drilled out, nothing has ever brought me releif until I used your product. Sat Nam

Great product and service. This was my second order.

Everything, from the product itself, to the service, was most satisfying. Thank you.

Thank you.

I am very pleased with my neti pot. Thank you for your good service.

after hearing a good friend's positive 3 year experience with jala neti, and based on my own cronic sinus and allergy problems, I decided to try the technique. So far, so good, after about 3 weeks.

The neti pot has been a life saver for me. I have suffered with chronic allergies/sinus for over 40 years and not to mention the horrible side effects of the various drugs prescribed that never went to the root of the problem. I am a true believer of the use of this tool and have purchased one for each of my children. I thank God every day I came across your website. God Bless you. Donna from Texas.

Thank you. Product was great and the service was fine. Thanks again

Hello, My Neti Pot arrived very quickly (1 week to Australia) and in very good condition thank you! I am very satisfied with the quality of the product - I would rate it as excellent. Purchasing from your company has been a pleasant experience and I would have no hesitation in ordering further goods from you. Many thanks again, Fred....

Review not Provided.

The netti Pot has given me some help for a chronic sinus condition.

good service. Thx.

I received the neti pot in a reasonable amount of time, and it was as described and expected. I have no complaints. -Kenn

Deivery was much faster than you led me to believe. No problem there but I could have been travelling and tried to order to shoot for having it arrive after my return, or something :) The neti pot is good. Excellent seal to nostril, good size. The screw-on nozzle is a little odd--it wiggles slightly (doesn't leak, though), and prevents the pot from draining fully. Also, the pot could use a deeper lip at the top or a more nearly horizontal (and therefore longer) nozzle: if I fill it reasonably full, some water pours out the top when I use it unless I'm quite careful. Great manual! Much good information, and free of the new-age misinformation that pervades most neti instruction. Tongue cleaner is a little asymmetrical. Doesn't harm it in use, but it's less professional than it could be. Overall, happy. Many thanks! -Ben

The product was received in a timely manner, and as described with informative booklet.

Am very happy with it

Review not Provided.

Your products were here in no time at all. and we were pleased with the detailed instructions and quality of the neti pot. thank you for your professionalism. mg

Review not Provided.

Hello : I received Jala Neti pot in good order and I am happy with it.May I suggest that if the mouth of the pot would be more open on the top that cleaning would be easier ? ( so hand could reach the bottom of the pot ) ? Regards J.Sebestik

I received the neti pot and I am using it every day, I used to suffer from rinitis and I feel better, it just desapear.thanks a lot

'Good' (above) does not describe how I feel: EXCELLENT! Jala neti has been a great help for my sinuses, and your product has been just wonderful. Size great, ease of use great, durability great. I recommend it to everyone.

Products and service were both excellent. I recieved my order very quickly and am very pleased with the quality and price. The detailed instruction book for the Neti Pot answered all my questions and then some. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

I love the new neti pot and use it all the time. thanks.

yes, i received my new neti pot and am quite pleased. my first neti pot, also purchased from you, rusted and fell apart.i am happy to see that the new pot seems to have a new design which will, hopefully, not rust out at the spout connection. thank you, mana mcneill

Review not Provided.

Hello, I received the neti pot. It took only 5 days to reach me. I am happy with the purchase. Keep up the good work. kind regards brigitte

I appreciate the quality of your product and your service. Thanks.

Review not Provided.

my friend really likes it and can't wait to use it! Thank you very much!

Review not Provided.

I'm very happy with the Jala Neti Pot I ordered from you. The documentation that accompanies it is also very through and helpful. I do have one complaint: the finish on the inside of the pot has some flaws which allow rust to form. I'm not much concerned about this, but would prefer it to be truly "stainless". Thank you, Mark Roberts

I recieved 2 of 4 items ordered as of today 9/2/06. No tongue cleaner or incense sample kit yet. When will they arrive? Please answer for me. Thank You

Received it very quickly. I am so happy with my purchase. I look forward to purchasing more items from your website in the very near future. Thank you!

received in good time, great product! Thanks!

I appreciated the book that came with the neti pot. It was very informative.

Review not Provided.

Due to me living in South Africa, the delivery was complicated, but H&Y made every effort to ensure that I received my pot speedily

Neti Pot recieved, thank you! I have chronic sinus renhitis due to grass allergy so I have developed a slightly different method over the years. A quarter cup of water heated 14 seconds in the microwave, a dash of salt, a teaspoon of honey. Vary Mix to get a sweet tasting, mellow PH netural solution that doesn't irritate sinus. Pour directly into the nose with head upright, snort through nose up, over, swallow. Honey coats sinus cavity, and drips down into bronchial passages. Honey has antiseptic propertys and is the original anti oxidant. Its hygroscopic nature helps increase osmotic diffusion in the sinus & bronchial membrane to help expell microscopic particulates that become lodged in the pores during normal breathing. The neti pot is perfect for this procedure. Thank you Les Beshears

Review not Provided.

Thank you very much ! My neti pot is fantastic and i received it very rapidly. Isabelle Lefebvre

Excellent delivery, very happy with overall experience.

Received quickly and impressed with the aftersales services & communications.

I am very happy with the product. Thank you greatly.

Took only a few days. Thanks for follow up.

I received both Neti Pots, and was very happy with the level of service, quality, and prompt shipping. Thank you!

Got the order very quickly. It's unique kind of product and an interesting technique. I am trying every day to get better at it.

Everything arrived in perfect condition and I hope to use my Neti pot religiously through out the fall season. I hope it helps my seasonal allergies. Thanks again, Kristi White

neti pot is well made, and quick delivery, thanks.

Your Jala Neti Pot is without question, the best product on the market. It's the construction and the obvious "real world" experience informing the design. I am learning to use it well, with additional thanks to you for the wonderful manual which came included, a document more accurate and better written than anything I have read on the subject of nasal irrigation. You are to be commended and in the future, you will have my business. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Came in less than a week, nice product and instructions. Thank you!

Everything was fantastic. Order arrived quickly and the booklet with the Neti Pot is indispensable.

Delivery was quick and the product is as expected. The rubber connection for the spout will help. Our last pot broke at that point.

neti pot came very quickly. instructions were easy to understand, and although i have never tried it before, it went smoothly the first time. my allergies are pretty much gone. i am so happy with this product, and that i don't have to take allergy medication anymore.


Everything arrived in time and nicely packed. I appreciated the instructional booklets with helpful information, and the web support. I wish mail order everything was so nice - i would mail order my groceries.

All the products were great. Thank you for the fast delivery

the Neti Pot is very good thank you

I have received the order and am satisfied with it. Thankyou.

Got my Netipot. It is great, thanks.

Review not Provided.

The product is absolutely awesome. I use it every evening and my breathing has never been clearer. I recommend this product to friends and family all the time. My uncle just recently purchased one and has been using it with great results as well.

The price ($20 for a stainless Jala Neti pot) is justified in the quality of the product and the good communication. Thank you very much!

I recently purchased the neti pot...I really can't think of anything negative to say about it. It's done great things for my summer allergies. I breathe clearly ALL DAY! and I can really feel it when I haven't done it for a day or 2. Anyone with sinus problems should try this. My allergies were horrible... but not anymore! I also purchased the Superior Grade Tulsi wood Mala... While I'm sure it would be fine for someone else... I didn't care for the size of the beads. Too small. I have big hands... and I like it when my thumb can slip in between the beads so I can keep an accurate count. I had made my own mala before out of upolstry thread and an old neclace I found at a garage sale. The upolstry thread gave it a springyness, too.. and the beads are large approx 10-12mm. So I can definately tell when I'm into the next prostration. I don't loose track as easily as with smaller 8mm beads.

Review not Provided.

Yes, the neti pot was delivered on time and in good condition. I bought it as a gift for a friend who, although skeptical and a bit intimidated at first, is now enjoying it every day. I've been using one for years. Thank you for your attention. Wayne Yentis

very pleased with the SS neti pot, and the excellent instruction booklet. Communication during ordering & shipping process was great - thanks for all the status emails.

The metal neti pot is nice and of course good qualiry. It would be nicer with a top small enough to cover with the hand, but luckily I found lids that do. Let me know if you improve that part of the design.

The neti pot arrived quickly and it is great to use, have had a small one before, really like the size of this, and your notes were good too!!Thankyou, nameste

Product arrived quickly and is as described. Thank you.

Just wanted you to know I got my Neti pot and am getting used to it. Thanks!!

Great Product, Great communication, Would recommend this website to friends and family. Thank you

The neti pot has been great. Any sinus or congestion issues that I've had have deminished, but not eliminated. But it has really helped my everyday breathing. Of course it does take practice like anything else. The anxiety of trying the neti pot the first time is gone now. I have no problem just setting up and running a saline mixture thru my nose with no time at all. Of course, if I don't stay on a daily routine my nose may get congested a bit or backed up. But, for the most part it doesn't take hardly any time at all. Ten minutes, at the most, of my time each cleansing. Thanks for the neti pot!!

fast shipping! great products!

Item recieved in working order, very satisfied customer. Thanks again.

The Neti Pot I ordered is working great, and my allergies are greatly relieved by the process.

Review not Provided.

Received the Neti Pot within a week, I think it was. It It was received in good condition. Had previously ordered two Neti Pots with good results. This order was for friend. Thanks again for your excellent service !

I love my stainless steel Neti pot! I wore my ceramic one out and had to throw it away. I doubt that will be the case with this one and I can travel with it without worries of breakage. I was nice to receive several emails from you concerning my purchase as well. Thank you!

Dear Prakasini, I received my order promptly and everything was of the highest quality as described on your website. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks, Mark

Product came quite late. Directions were very good. However, using the Neti Pot resulted in uncomfortable water in nose and sinus, sneezing, and discomfort despite efforts to thoroughly dry after use per directions. So I discontinued use. Also, hope dimmed that my discomfort was not need for root canal, rather was infected sinus which Neti Pot might ameliorate. Root canal done, problem gone, (financial hurt taken). Perhaps my motivation for purchase was unusual, and was unrealistic.

The service was great. I was informed of the status of my order and it was received in perfect condition. I'm not howerver totally happy with the neti pot. I have used a ceramic pot for a while. It does not have the same capacity nor is it as durable. The problem with the Stainless neti pot is the mouth is too wide. When I use the pot the water pours out the mouth of the pot as well. It would work better if the mouth had a smaller opening and the waist of the pot was smaller.

I have received the item on time. I appreciate your quality customer service.

I am so pleased with your products and service! I have bought Neti pots for my son and daughter, and they are both delighted with them. The toothpaste is phenomenal! Since my husband and I have been using your toothpaste, our checkups have been great. I am taking a tube of the toothpaste to my dentist next week. He thinks we should import it by the boat load! Thanks again. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Great product, great service... thank you. I will recommend you to others.

Got the Neti pot promptly. Great service. High quality workmanship. Very satisfied. Thank you.

I received it in just a few days! Thank you.

After initial trouble with the shipping address was worked out, the product came just fine. The website did not allow for an address with two lines - that would be helpful for future orders. I like the neti pot - I am traveling for a month and wanted something that was not breakable. I also appreciate not needed to re-fill the pot for each nostril (my previous pot was smaller). Thanks for the service!

Sirs - Like the pot because of the stainless steel construction and the cone shaped nose piece. My only critical thought would be I would like to see the option of a pot about one half the size. While our home was having an addition built onto it I was the clean up crew. Very dusty conditions caused me to have sinus problems for the first time in my life. Condition so bad my TEETH HURT. I finally sought relief by using my fiancee's nettie pot. It worked wonders and I now advocate it's use whenever I hear of someone with similiar problems. I have recomended your product due to the material used in its construction. Again - a half sized pot (if only to make it easier totravel with) would in my mind be a great idea. Thanks much.

Review not Provided.

I received the Neti Pot a few weeks ago. Its a great product. Thank you for the quick delivery.

I received the neti pot rather quickly. This is the second one I have bought-the first one I gave to my boyfriend. Every chance I get I recommend the neti pot and the website to others.

My jala neti pot works well. The instructions provided were very detailed and easy to follow. It hasn't worked as well for me as I hoped, but I'm going to keep trying.

We appreciate the efficient service and detailed instructions that came with the Neti Pot. We're excited about trying it out and getting more Neti Pots for our family and friends.

Timely delivery but pot leaks at point of connection between the pot and spout.

Items arrived as ordered in a timely manner.

They are great products that were recieved quickly. I'll be back for more, I'm sure.

I am very happy with my product, price, delivery time & the follow up from your company. I don't think I've ever ordered anything from the internet and had such a good feeling about having done so! Thank you:), Colleen Sikel

I did receive the order. This netipot was a gift for a friend because I like mine sooo much. She has not yet tried it so I am not sure if she will like it. I am sure she will. Deborah

Received pots very quickly and in good order. Thank you.

Our Neti Pot arrived promptly and we have been using it successfully since. Thank You! R. Wade Williams

I'm very satisfied with my purchase. The price was right, the shipping quick, and the product top quality.

Everything was fine. Thank you

Thank you for prompt service. I regularly use a ceramic Neti pot and wanted one that could sustain frequent travel. Stainless steel fits the bill. Thanks.

Much better quality pot than the plastic ones for the same money.

Excellent product, it has helped me breathe easier.

I really like the Neti pot. Thanks so much for the super service and quality product!

I am really impressed with the exceptionally good quality of the 2 neti pots I ordered. I also appreciate the quality of the packaging and the good instructions as well as the instruction video. They arrived in a very timely manner and the communications from the company were/are excellent. Blessings to You.....Deb C.

I ordered this neti pot for a friend since I was so pleased with the one I received from you a few months ago. Keep up the good work! The instruction booklet is also very much appreciated.

Excellant product and Very prompt delivery. Very much satisfied.

Received the netipot in 3 days! Super fast shipping, great product! Thanks!!

I love the item but do not see any stainless steel markings on the pot.

It really sincerely pains me to say that I am suspicious that your stainless steel neti pots are not really "stainless" steel. What exactly does "stainless" mean to you? To me it means no rust.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.


Fast delivery.Thank you

The Neti pots work very well - they have reduced my sinus problems.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Very happy with my neti pot. It is wonderful. Thanks!!!!!

Thank you for your beautiful product, the stainless neti pot. It arrived quickly and in beautiful condition.

all arrived in great shape, on time, and we're very pleased with your product. i fully intend to shop with you again. thanks!

Review not Provided.

Your Neti pot seems to be a very good value for the price. It is well designed and with a reasonable amount of care, should last indefinitely. I'm pleased with my purchase. db

loved the one i got a year or so ago it flows so much better than a small one i used to use .just bought two for friends who thought it was weird ,but had tried mine and acually liked it namaste brothers and sisters

have not figured out how to use tne neti pot without getting water up in my sinuses - I am still trying. D. Farr

I am more than happy with my purchase. This neti pot has helped me avoid the illnesses that my children have been catching at school! I am so glad that my yoga instructor referred me to your company!

I love the product! However, the included instruction booklet was incomplete. I contacted your company by email and the response (on May 2nd), was that a completed booklet would be sent by regular mail within 10 to 15 days. I have yet to receive the completed booklet.

I am still learning to use properly, but improving.

Everything cam as described. I received the item within reasonable time.

I am very impressed with results using the Neti Pot.

We received it much faster than I thought. My husband doesn't use it everyday but he is giving it a try. We'll see how it goes...

I received my neti pot a few weeks ago and have used it daily since. This is a great way to irrigate sinuses. I have not breathed this easily during alergy season in years. Thank you for offering this product. Sincerely, William Rapp

Excellent products! Customers love the product once they learn how to use the Netti Pot. My question is why only one DVD with 5 Netti Pot’s. Several people that purchased the Netti pot would like one. I thought each Netti Pot received a DVD. Thank you for an excellent product. Keep up the good work. Ramona USA

I received the package in less than a week after placing the order. The only problem I had was that it was required to sign for the package, and I had to take a day off from work to receive it. I have been using the neti-pot for almost 10 days now, and it is very easy to use. The instructions on your website are excellent, though it will be nice to have some more pictures in the instructions - specially for drying the nose process (the first part when one has to bend down). Thanks again, for an excellent product, and excellent service. I will likely buy again from your website, and refer friends to it. -Amit

Review not Provided.

E-mail communication was clear and informative. The product arrived with time to spare. This was all-around a positive experience. Thank you!

i was very satisfied with my purchase and received it in a timely manner. while ordering online, i selected to have my neti pot come with salt. i didn't receive the salt nor was i charged for it. this will not prevent my shopping health and yoga again. thanks.

good shipping, best prices and good packing. many thanks

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Thank you as I received the neti pot and am very satisfied. MH

Review not Provided.

I have ordered neti pot for my sister and she is very satisfied with the results. She is very grateful for finding out about this product. Thenk you, Snezana from Canada

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with my Neti Pot. It is well made and the price was fair. Your customer service is the best I have ever experienced. I would not hesitate to do business with you again. Thank You!

Your user guide and instructions were more informative than the ones I received with my last ceramic neti pot purchase from another source. I am very content and again sinus infection free thanks to your pot and pre-packaged convenient salt.

It has helped to some extent. I no longer have to use nasal spray during high pollen days. I was disappointed that the stainless steel was so thin. The inside rim was chipped and has a few rust spots.

Great products. Thanks!

Product was as described and the shipping was fast. I would definitely shop your online store again.

Product and delivery was excellent

I received my product (Neti Pot) promptly. The instruction booklet is very helpful and the product seems to be well-made. I have thus far been impressed by the level of customer service your company has provided. Thank you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I received my Neti Pots in good time. It is my first experience with this and I have to say that it has been incorporated into my daily hygience routine. I wouldn't do without it now. Thank you especially for the great instructional video. It really helped me get started. Namaste.

Service all around was good. Good delivery time, good follow up, good product. Thanks!

Beautiful products! Super fast delivery. Thank you so much. God Bless you.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Practical and fine piece of equipment. Arrived very promptly. Thank you.

I did not receive the CD. My email concerning this and your reply that it would be sent soon seems to be a joke as I read this email today. My hope is that you would supply all products that I paid for.

Review not Provided.

Using it every day. I love it. seems to make a difference. Am recommending it to some colleagues

Thank you, I received my product in a timely manner and enjoy using it 2x a day. (neti pot). Thanks Frank

Prompt delivery, great service!

I received my product very quickly. Honestly, I haven't used the Neti pot, but I am truly excited to try it. THanks for following up with me!

I received my shipment very promptly and was very satisfied with my purchase. The instructions for the Neti pot and it's use are very clear. I also add a pinch of baking powder as that feels best for me.

Amazing product! Got rid of my infection in a few short days.

I've been using the stainless steel Neti pot ever since it arrived, and I feel much better. It's a great product. Thanks so much.

love it! thank you.

I am happy with your service and use the item I purchased daily. I have even told co-workers about your site. Thanks, Steven Nynas, Esko MN 55733

Product received, in good order and very quickly! Thank you for you excellent service, and for this quality product - the stainless steel Neti pot is the best.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I have received my stainless steel neti pot and have been using it ever since. It's great. I suffer from sinus problems year round and this provides hours of relief, if not days. Not to mention its all drug free! I don't believe in taking drugs just to make me feel better and not really "cure" the problem. The sinus irrigation system works.

I received it in a very short time. The Neti Pot works well and I was pleased with the quality of the product.

Very good service. The neti pot arrived in good time and it is of very good quality. I am using it daily with excellent results. Thank you

delighted with product and with the speed of delivery. Follow up after service appreciated also. Very satisfied

like my netti pot...helping alot with my allergies....

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Delivery was on time - very fast. I liked the product. Thank you!

Wow, I'm impressed with your customer service process. I did receive the Neti Pot. I have not had occasion to use it but my sister, who has a different brand, says hers works great so I'm sure this will work just as well. Best of luck with your business! Rita L. Sterling

The neti pot I purchased is wonderful! It really seems to be keeping my seasonal allergy symptoms to a minimum. I'm also thrilled to be able to take a deep breath through my nose now. That was always a problem for me, even in yoga practice.

I've clicked "Good" above, but if you had had a box for "Excellent!", I would have rather clicked that! I'm delighted with my new neti pot, which arrived in perfect shape and very quickly (and just in time for the spring pollen season). The lotus seed mala is also delightful -- a pure pleasure in the hands. Thank you very much for your careful attention and wonderful products. Ruth MacGregor

I was VERY satisfied with everything I ordered! I especially like my yoga mat and neti pot. I am using both of them daily! The insense is the best I have ever purchased. I have already given your web address to several of my friends! Thank you!

I recently ordered all your cleansing products and am totally bowled over by your speedy service! Clearly your good karma clears international paths, it took only 4 days to get to South Africa. The quality of your products matches the quality of your sercice - I am totally satisfied and am already getting great results from the Enema kit and Neti pot. Bless you, I can't wait to order from you again! Rod Cape Town, South Africa

Review not Provided.

I'm completely satisfied with your neti pot. It works great!

The pot arrived 3/23/06 in perfect condition. It was presented to my wife on her birthday on the 24th. She uses it every day. I am quite happy with the workmanship and appearance of my neti pot.

I received the Neti Pot, and found the instructions easy to follow and the product itself very high quality. My ENT recommended a sinus irrigation technique to deal with allergy problems, I found it extremely messy and very hard to understand. WHat a difference with your Neti pot! Thanks for a great product!

I am happy with my purchase. The neti pot took a little bit of getting used to, but I like the large capacity.

Very fast service and great products. Thankyou!

Good transaction, quality products, would shop again.

Thank you!

Excellent product was delivered in half the estimated time listed at checkout. I would definitely buy from H&Y again!

I received the product very quickly and it was in great condition. Thank you!!!

I received the Stainless Steel Neti pot promptly. I have been using it for almost 4 weeks. It has significantly improved my post nosal dripping problem. So much so that I have canceled my follow-up appointments with my doctors. I have also referred the pot and your web site to my friends.

Thanks and look forward to continued business. ---mike imrisek

The neti pot is everything you said and advertised. Very satisfied and it is a great help during the allergy season. Thank you.

First purchasing and the products are great.

Thanks They both are Great

Working fine.

Excellent transaction--vey very pleased with quality and service. Thank you so very much

Thank you very much for your care. I have received 4 neti pots and everything is OK. My neti practise is becoming part of my lifestyle. Again, thanks for your great product.

product is very good really help me a lot and the delivery and order process are great!!!

my neti pot arrived very quickly and i am so pleaed with it. i use it generally twice a day and find i am breathing much better and more slowly. thank you for your product.

my friend received her netipot and was very glad for it. i hope she likes it as well as i like mine.

High quality product. The Neti wash (method 1 & 2) did't help my sinusitus as much as I had hoped, but it still is an aid.

the service i received was excellent; my neti pot was at my home well under the usual delivery range. it's good quality and i'm very happy with it. thanks! :D

very good neti pot! thanks

Review not Provided.

Very prompt delivery.....excellent dvd to instruct on its use

The stainless steel neti pot is not as good as my smaller porcilen model. I found that the stainless steel model has a smaller hole and is slow in the amount of waterflow. I will keep it and use it on trips only. -Brad

The stainless neti pot is beautiful, feels great, and works perfectly. Thank you, Heidi

Love the Neti! IT is nice that it is stainless steel...no worries about breaking it!

Very satisfied. Recommended your site to friends. Thank you.

The booklet that came with my neti pot is the best info on the prractice I've come across. Plain and thorough. Thanks. ANd the pot, what can I say? It is perfect. Thanks. Service? Considerate, prompt, breeds trust. I shall be back.

i wish i knew about your referral program, as the last order was for a friend with sinus probs. I enjoy not having to use decongestants or like drugs as often as i use to...although its hard to remember when i last had to. I showed my friend how to use the neti pot but he is as apprehensive as i was when i first got it. I thot i was silly for waiting to reap the benefits as he is doing the same thing now! LOL, thanks again, Michael

thanks...products arrived as advertised

Dear Mr Prakasini My last order of 1-Neem-Sandal Cream,1-Orohyi herbal toothpaste, 1-Stainless Steel Neti Pot,1-Bulb Syringe and 1-Tongue Cleaner I received after few days of my purchase. I am very satisfied with the products, and all of them serve the purpose. My new experience with the Neti Pot I find easy to use as I did not expected. Also the tootpaste is something everyone should try. Now, the Neem-Sandal Cream is definitely amazing how it works. I will definitely order some more of these products in the future . Thank you for your fast and honest service Sincerely Snezana from Toronto



Review not Provided.

I received my stainless steel neti pot very quickly after ordering. It is wonderful!! The detailed instructions were great, and I succeeded on my first try. I feel great, and have bypassed several "office" colds, when I used to catch just everything. I'm trying to convince my friends to get them and begin jalaneti. Many, many thanks!!!

Good does not describe the service. The neti pot is EXCELLENT. The delivery was SO FAST.. again, EXCELLENT and I would order again. I love the Neti pot and it's really helping with my sinuses!! Thank you!

Repeat customer--quality manufature--Cheers

Arrived quickly. Quality of the product was exactly what I expected. Thank you.

I've had recurring sinus infections every 6-8 weeks for years and for a while, antibiotics were helping to keep them to a max of 3-5 a year. The medications haven't been working for the last 6 months to clear it up. A friend of mine mentioned trying a neti pot, so I thought I'd give it a try. Upon using my neti pot for the first time, it was VERY obvious the difference in how much better I could smell all the new spring smells that I wasn't able to notice before, even with a good sense of smell! I've been using my neti pot for several weeks and have found it invaluable in allowing me to breathe clearly and sleep better without sinus headaches and mucus constantly running down my throat making me ill, especially as a singer with 6 upcoming performances for a regional musical theater production I am in. It is working better than any of the medicines I have used, it's SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, and the results are readily apparent. I've managed to learn the Stage 2 technique as well as Stage 1, and they work like a charm. I've been recommending it to all my friends with sinus troubles. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are very satisfied and have told our friends about your excellent product.

I like the neti pot but haven't tried the toothpaste yet.

Yes, I received the Neti pot and am very happy with the service and the pot itself. Thank you.

All is good. Thanks for the great service. Renee

I received the neti pot and I have no problems with it. Thank you very much!

Extremely fast shipping. Arrived in perfect condition.

I am very pleased with my neti pot. Great price and excellent quality.

delivery was very fast and greatly appreciated!!!!

The stainless steel neti pot works better than I could have imagined!

I have been using it every day, and it has held up well up to this point. Thanks.

excellent service and product!

Thank you for the prompt shipment of your product. It is easy to use, and I'm enjoying it. Thanks again. Ginger

Review not Provided.

I was delighted , once again, by the speedy response and excellent service. Thank You

Review not Provided.

The speed in which my netti pot arrived was very impressive! I am thrilled with the quality of the pot and find it easy to use. The instruction leaflet is comprehensive and interesting. I am very pleased with your service! Brenda Reid

I received the neti pot with no problems.

very happy.gave to sister and brother.Told patient today to order > You 'll get more orders I promise. Tell me about affiliate offer.Tom Meaker O.D. sbec@verizon.net

Review not Provided.

I was extremely pleased with your service as well as your product. I have bookmarked your web site for future reference. Thanks

Thank you for the quick delivery of the product. I have been using it regularly.

Thank you for a plesant internet shopping experience. Kathy

thank you, it's great!

very happy

Very good delivery time, & great customer service.---------------- 3/24/2006---------------

Received the neti pot promptly and it has worked wonders! I'm glad there is a drug-free way to help my sinusitis! I will be back for more of your wonderful products in the future! :)

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

I was surprised at how easy the neti pot was to use. I've been spreading the word about it's benefits to my friends and relatives.

The item arrived quickly and I'm very pleased with it. I've been using the neti pot daily ever since I received it.

Your order arrived in perfect condition within 10 days. That's super service! Thank you all so much. My husband and I have been feeling much much better after using the neti pots. We can finally breathe, and I have not had a sinus headache since I began using it on Feb 17th. Later it looks like I may be ordering more of the pots for all my grown-up kids later on. Thanks for the prompt service. Now we can really breathe!

Product was received as described, in good condition and within the time estimated.

prompt service, well-made product - thanks!

The delivery was fast and I like the stainless steel neti pot. It is much nicer than previous neti pots I have owned.

Review not Provided.

Received the neti pot in good shape. I've used it a lot. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

All perfect - thanks.

The Product was received on time and the followup and service was really good. I really appretiate your service and courtesy and in future would always come to you guys for my health and yoga needs.

Hi..I am very satisfied with my netipot..it took me a few days to get comfortable with it..but it has eliminated my dry sinuses ..I use a humidifier in the bedroom but that was not working..this is the greatest thing for me..Thanks.

Delivery was pretty fast. Order process is good as well. Thanks a lot.

I received my order in a timely fashion and in good condition. I'd definitly buy from you people in the future. Thanks, Mark Whitehair

Thank you for your kind follow up message. I have received the Neti pot, and I am very pleased with its quality and construction. I am also quite pleased with the effects of its use. Thank you very much.

Last year I was advised to purchase a neti pot. After looking at samples in local stores I thought yours looked best and purchased one. i have appreciated it so much I just bought a second one for my 43 year old son who also has hay fever. Giving himself a good flush after hay work should help!

Each of my orders for Neti Pots has arrived promptly and undamaged. My family and I are very happy to have this useful product, especially since we all suffer from allergies and frequent sinus infections. I also appreciate your email followup on each order to confirm that it arrived safely. I am recommending your Neti Pot to everyone I know who has health issues related to allergies and upper respiratory problems.

Good product and excellent service. I have a sinus infection and hoped the pot would help clear it up, but unfortunately, I had to resort to antibiotics (ugh) resulting in a reaction. So I am back to square one. I do think the neti pot will be helpful in promoting healthy sinuses if I ever get the infection cleared up. Thanks again.

thank you very much for the prompt shipping and the excellent quality. wishing you luck with your future work!

Review not Provided.

Everything was as promised; my order arrived promptly. Thank you! :o)

Review not Provided.

The neti pot is well designed. I am somewhat concerned that rust particles have appeared on the inside of the nose "cone" (the part that is inserted in the nostril). I used a q-tip to remove it. This makes me question whether the cone tip is truly stainless.

Quick delivery, excellent product, very satisfied thank you

Review not Provided.

I really am getting great results with my allergies and sinus infections with the Neti Pot that I purchased. The shipment time and service has been fantastic, and the follow-up service is outstanding. It really makes me feel good when a business is interested and concerned about my well being and satisfaction after the purchase. It's been over 4 weeks since I recieved and started using my Neti Pot. Thank you.

Works well, Thanks

Review not Provided.

Received it quickly and have began using it on a daily basis. Thank you.

Your neti pots are wonderful. I have ordered several for myself, relatives, and friends. The price is right. The design is great. Your shipping service is good. The only small complaint is that all but one out of something like 15 neti pots have had small dents. They were small, insignificant dents and did not effect the effectiveness of the neti pot. Thanks for providing such a good product at a reasonable price. PS, I am working on a health related website and plan on a link to your website, so that others can order your wonderful product.

fastest shipping EVER! thank you so much!

The 1-Stainless Steel Neti Pot was received promptly and in excellent condition. I'm glad it came quickly before I lost my motivation to try it. I've used it sucessfully several times now and thank you!

I have been using the nettie pot for about 2 weeks and I am having great results. Thanks, Rob Degeyter

Love the neti pot, it's excellent quality and works very well.---------------- 3/25/2006---------------

Excellent communication. Very quick delivery. Product as described. Highly recommended.

Review not Provided.

I recieved my Neti Pot several weeks ago. It has already been an effective treatment for my sinus allergy relief, as well as my families. Thank you!

thank you for care and consideration really appreciated can you tell me if you supplie the thread for sutra neti and hemmed gauze for vastra dhauti. I will recommend that my students use your site to buy from in future as the neti pot is perfect and your care welcomed yours sincerly Jim Tarran (Vajrasati yoga)

Review not Provided.

Feels great, breathing so much freer! Thank you.

I love the Neti pot! It has made a very positive difference in my health. Thank you for providing such an excellent product in such a timely manner and at an affordable price. Nancy Ashburn, MD, MPH

Lightening fast shipping, and excellent product at a very good price. Thank you!

Received, Great quality and very usable........ Took it with me on a two week trip and felt very good that it would be intack the whole way........... Thanks STeven

we received the neti pot very quickly in the mail. thanks for the fast response. we love it

Very quick shipping of a great product!

Review not Provided.

we like your excellent prompt delivery with in week we have received neti pot thanks hemendra jhala

Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition.

My neti pot arrived very quickly, and the booklet was sufficient to help me get started right away. After about a month of regular sinus rinsing, my sinus headaches seem to have decreased, but when I caught another cold this week "(my daughter is in preschool... we've had a lot of colds going through the family lately)I found myself more stuffed up and unable to breathe than I usually am with colds. I wondered if the rinsing caused the cold to affect me in a different way. If anyone has thoughhts about this, I'd be interested. I'm happy with the purchase, though. Thanks.

I'm very happy with my purchase. Exactly what I was looking for.

Review not Provided.

I am so impressed with these neti pots that I am now buying them as gifts. In the past I had problems with the ceramic and plastic neti pots, but the stainless steel variety works like a charm.

I would encourage anyone who is looking into this to consider this company and this product.They are both top notch in materal and support.I'm glad I bought the stainless steel neti pot,I have enjoyed its benefits,and thank you for your follow up e-mails.

excellent, thank you....

Glad I tried. I feel the health and spiritual benefits of the neti pot. The spout is a bit heavy for the base, and causes the pot to tip over when empty. I store it upside down.---------------- 2/25/2006---------------

Review not Provided.

Still working on perfecting the procedure but so far I think it is helping to clear my sinuses.

Got it

Wonderful product, well made, super quick shipping & great communication from seller, very pleased with purchase

My Neti pot arrived before my amazon order, and the amazon order should have been shipped locally! I wish the pot was shaped a bit differently, but it works well. Thank you!

very good quality, thank you for a well made product

High quality item. Shipping was fast and efficient. No problem with placing my order on line. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Review not Provided.

As this order was a gift, shipped to a different address, I can only comment on the initial aspect of ordering; very good website, easy ordering, prompt delivery. Thank you.

The product was delivered in a timely manner, and the product was far superior than I expected. It is an excellent product and company. Appreciated the follow up to ensure I was pleased with my purchase.

Thankyou. I received the pot promptly and was very pleased with service and communication through the ordering process. I have also been very happy with the product, and recommending it to friends - including ordering from your site.

order received, thanks both work fine

I have not received the purchase as of 2/13/06

Hello, I received the item so fast I thought your distribution center was in my city! I have been using my NETI pot for close to a month now and am very satisfied with it. I even recommended it to a few people at the office. They are still not convinced about the technique but one thing for sure, when they decide to try it they'll go with a stainless steel model like mine. Thank you so much. Regards Marc-Andre Fortier

A satisfied customer. Thanks.

Your product is wonderful for a chronic sinus case like mine. Looked into this on advise from my doctor of 17 years. I am using it 2 to 3 times a day, and so far it really helps. Although not a yoga participant, I am absolutely sold on this product and concept. When your body is made to live in a climate where germs/pollen, etc. are killed, and you must then live in a place where they are not, do whatever you must do keep healthy! Sincerely, Valeria Linn

I was vey pleased with the entire process. My package arrived very quickly. I really like the neti pot and appreciate the convenience of the pre-measured packets of salt. Thank you

Your product was delivered in good time. It was all you promised. I am very satisfied. Thank you!!

Fast and reliable. I would purchase from your company again. Thank you!

I received the Neti Pot in good time and am very satisfied. The price of the pot was very satisfactory as well.

The neti pot works great.

It has been great. It is helping me kick the cold I have had for 10 weeks.

The netti pot is great and I haven't had a migraine since I started using it!

I'm pleased with what I ordered, but I've been surprised that the finish on the inside of the neti pot is getting little pockmarked damaged spots. I've been washing it promptly & turning it upside down to dry. I've been surprised because I didn't think stainless steel would do this?

I purchased a neti pot, and it's been the one thing that has kept my sinus issues at bay. The entire process was very efficient, and the order arrived earlier than predicted (excellent around the holidays)

I Was very please with my purchase. Thank you

Customer service was impeccable -- I was kept informed of the receipt of the order and the ship date, and received my order right on time and in wonderful condition. Thank you so much! I will certainly turn to Health and Yoga for similar needs in the future.

I received my order promptly and happy with the quality of the Netti pot. Thank you!

I received the Neti pot within about a week and was very curious to try it. It turned out to be easy to use and I'm very pleased with the purchase. Thank you very much for the follow-up. Aliz von Dioszeghy

Review not Provided.

everything was and is great great product, great response in shipping you folks are great - many warm wishes mark g.

Order was received very quickly. Very nice Neti Pot.

Excellent service and will definately use you again.

I received all products some time ago. Prompt as always. I love your products and will always return to you for future purchases. I love the neti pot and am having wonderful results with it. I use it everyday without fail. Thank you for providing both great service and excellent products. I bought two extra pots the last order for my friend and my father. They also love them. Thank you. Namaste, Hanna Schafer

The product arrived and perfectly fits the description. The package and box it arrived it were dented and dirty. It arrived through DHL

We are very pleased with service and the timely maner in which delivery occured. thank you.

Review not Provided.

Thank you for the nice Neti Pot!!

This is the 3rd order I have placed with you and I am extremely pleased with the 4 neti pots I have received and with your speedy delivery. Thank you! I have recommended you to numerous friends.

Got it. It took me about a week to learn the technique. Easy now. My sinuses are much clearer and post nasal drip nearly gone. I can now sleep with my mouth closed - therefore - noring is 95& gone. My wife is sleeping better. I belong to four different singing groups. No more throat clearing as before. The product is excellent. I learned about this concept from a fellow "barbershop harmony singer." I'm going to post a testimonial on out website. Thanks for a natural cure. Mike Morris

I got just what was promised! Thanks.

blistering fast delivery to Australia(3 working days).extremely pleased with the quality of the neti pot.I Guarantee that i will be back for more!Outstanding communication and service.

Thanks for the request for my feedback. The communication has been helpful. The neti pot has been a great addition to my overall well being. Thanks JS

Every thing seems all right. I use the product every 4 or 5 days.

Thanks SO much! I am very pleased with your product and have already directed a number of friends to your site who have subsequently ordered as well. Namaste! M. Serman

Surprisingly quick delivery and a high quality product. What's not to like? Would purchase from you again without reservations. A+

recieved my order very quickly! Acually faster than some US companies would ship! Thank YOU

Product arrived as described. Shipping was on time. Excellent customer service. Thank you very much.

Good quality and durable. Higher water capacity than other models available. Could it be designed so a decent flow is available when first tipping the pot (so that there is not the tendency to spill water over the edge while trying to get some water pressure)?

Review not Provided.

I've used the neti pot for several years now but really like the stainless steel pot I recently ordered! Thanks!

Review not Provided.

The neti pot is very good quality, and the neti practice is making a very positive change to my general health. This was noticable straight away.

Product,service, and communication were excellent! Will do business again.

Your product is of outstanding quality and value. Your service is exceptional. And the neti practice is something that I wish I knew about a long time ago. I feel so much better, and I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks. Thanks!

Dear Folks with Health&Yoga: I received my items in just a few days after placing my order, fast, efficient and excellant service. Very satisfied with the products I ordered, the stainless steel Neti Pot,stainless steel Enema Pot and equipment, tongue cleaner,Herbal toothpaste and Neem Leaf Powder. I was given the necessary information on how to use and care for the products which was very helpful. Everything arrived in excellant condition and will be functional for a very long time because of the excellant qualitiy. I'll definitley be making future orders for more of your great products. Thank You ever so much. Sincerely, Linda

Online ordering was easy and simple. Delivery was quick.

The communication is great as is the shipping speed. I received my order fast and it was just what I expected. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

I received my neti pot and I thank you kindly.wishing u the best. shanti!

I received the product promptly and in good condition. Thank you.

Prompt delivery in excellent condition, as promised. You do a very good job in updating on shipping status. The quality of the neti pot (stainless steel model)is very good and I am very satisfied with the entire transaction.

Excellent service and quality of the product. I will recommend your company to my friends. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Do you have a paper catalog that you can mail me (or, is it only on the web)? Thank you.

A great item for the price. Thanks

great product, thank you

Review not Provided.

Product recieved in good condition and with good instructions. Thank you for the timely delivery.

I love the neti pot, but, I'm not thrilled with the tongue cleaner. The whole package arrived really quickly. Thanks so much.

I love the neti pot. It is easy to use, and the salt packets are a perfect accompanyment. I bought one for my mom because i was so happy with it.

I love my Neti Pot, I didn't realize how oxygen deprived my body was because I wasn't breathing properly. I don't feel like my head is in a cloud anymore. I sleep better at night and stopped snoring. I tell everyone about the Neti Pot, my husband and sister are using it too. Thank You!!

Review not Provided.

We have recieved the Neti Pot. Thank you.

I received my order and gave the neti pots to my family. We have all been using them and feeling the benefits. Thank you.

This was a very quick and easy transaction, thank you.

I received the item within a week of ordering and I'm very happy with it.

great product thanks

very happy with it

Review not Provided.

i love my neti pot, thanks for asking! i could use some advise on complementary products, i'm sold on ashtanga yoga and was thinking of trying the nasal floss (not sure what it is called). do you sell that?

Received neti pot in time for Christmas gift giving! Thanks for the great service.

Excellent service - fast ship, quality Neti Pot - Stainless Steel - and best price on the Internet!

The package came in good, new condition and in a good amount of time. Thank you very much!

Everything that I ordered was received in a very timely manner......thank you for your prompt service. The neti pots are great, and the incense is divine. You will be hearing from me again soon. Have a great day! Karen Stollmeyer

Fantastic service and communication regarding my order. I feel that the spout on the Neti spot is a bit to big for me, but that is more of a product issue and not related to the great service.

Received the Stainless Steel Neti Pot and it is great. It was also delivered quickly. Thanks

Thank you so much for the excellent neti pot. The instructions are quite clear and the pot will be useful for a long time to come. The stainless steel construction makes sense. It arrived here very quickly indeed! Great job! Michele

I received the Neti pots ans salt in good time and in good order. We are very pleased with them.

Ordering the neti pots from your company was an easy process. I am very pleased with the quality and price of the products that I received. In the area where I live sinus problems are very prevalent. These problems have been significantly reduced in both me and my family members since we started using the neti pot.

I recieved my Neti-Pot quickly, especially since it came from the other side of the world. Thanks a lot. I love it!

Review not Provided.

I received my order and am happy with the Neti pot. thanks!

Yes, I have received it and have used it several times. Thanks again. K Burki

Immediate good point - The package arrived very promptly, within 7 - 10 days after I ordered online. Immediate bad point - the economical, compact packaging was appreciated, but some bubble wrap or wrapping paper would be wise with your more fragile plastic containers; the Neem Leaf powder container was cracked, and some of the contents had leaked out. It's a bit difficult to transfer it into another container without more spillage. That, however, is my only complaint. Re: the products ordered: 1. I ordered the soaps for myself and as gifts, and would certainly recommend them - they smell great, and while they don't last ages, they don't disappear within days like other 'natural' soaps I have bought do. 2. I also ordered the toothpaste and tongue cleaners as gifts and for myself. The toothpaste is pleasant and seems to work - no list of ingredients on the packet though. The tongue-cleaners are great! They were the most-appreciated as a gift, with positive comments from everyone I gave one to. HIghly recommended! 3. The basil teas were bought only as gifts, but I shall be buying one for myself, after hearing a friend rave about the refreshing taste and effect. 4. I've nearly finished the jaggery - a fine replacement for sugar. I shall be buying more, I'm sure! 5. I bought one Neti-pot as a gift, and one to keep. The gift was to someone who already knows how to use the pots, I've had no feedback yet. I haven't used mine yet... I've been told it should keep better than copper neti pots do. 6. The following - Neem-Sandal Cream(1.75oz), Neem leaf powder, Herbomineral - I lent to someone who has been suffering from various allergy-related skin disorders or most of his life. He will hopefully try them out and let me know how they work. Even if they don't work for him, I tried the cream on a rash and it was effective. It smells *very* similar to a Japanese herbal 'Kampoyaku' cream, made of wild yam amongst other things. I wonder what the common ingredient is? 7. I cannot yet give feedback on the Amritdhara Supplement or The beginners Course with 2 audio Cds. Overall, despite one damaged item, I shall certainly be ordering from you again, and shall (continue to) recommend your site to friends. It's surprisingly difficult to find a site able to ship overseas, and the postage rates are very good. Thanks! - Maria Godebska ---------------- 1/11/2006---------------

Great service and fast shipping. Thanks!

no problem, prompt shipment,thank you

I love my neti pot & can feel it is helping me already! I gave the other one as a gift & that has been a success too! I do have a quick question about shipping, though. I thought my order would be around $66 with shipping (the products were $60) but I noticed I was charged a total of $72, which would mean that shipping was around $12. I know I should have printed my order confirmation but I just wanted to check to make sure that this amount was correct. Thanks! Stephanie Haines

Review not Provided.

The Neti Pot is exactly what I had hoped it would be -- well made, well designed, and well priced. Thanks!

yes, i received both pots and they have been put to use. my only comment would be that i don't especially like how the spout swivels. i tried to tighten it from the inside but was unable to. other than that, i am now a neti devotee. i have told many, many people about it, but still get the "yuck" looks. i will continue to use and promote this product.

I got my neti pot and quickly and it seemed to match the online description. Not sure it will be as useful as I had hoped. I had been using a makeshift neti pot with a wide nozzled bike water bottle whil ei waited for my "real " neti pot. however, with a truly stuffed up nose the bike water bottle is a lot more effective since it can apply positve pressure. marc

I am very pleased with my purchase. The cleansing procedure is very satisfying and I am encouraging my family to try it. Thank you.

I don't remember having any problems, and I am glad I ordered the item (neti pot) because it has helped me with problems I was having. Thanks.

I wanted to let you know we have not received the Neti-pot yet. Is this because of the holidays. David Raffety

received in a timely manner. product is as advertised. i think you could improve by including an invoice in the shipment.

We received our last order quickly and in good condition. The neti pots were of good quality. Namaste!

Thanks for sending the goodies expediently. We're enjoying the neti pots--the instructions are very helpful and easy to follow.

Review not Provided.

i was very happy with the speed of the arrival of my purchase /it came even earlier than you said it would and the product i ordered if great well made and a very good design... thank you

I received my Stainless Steel Neti Pot order a couple of weeks ago, I love it. thanks, Don

I am very satisfied with the Neti Pot and with the service. I am amazed that it arrived so quickly from abroad. Thank you Ted Ramsey

Got it made , thanks much, If your nose run's and your feet smell, You'r built upside down. Thank's

Review not Provided.

Very happy with the neti pot. I will recommend it to my friends. I was also very surprised and pleased to receive it within a week of placing the order.

Service and delivery were excellent. The stainless neti pot is of excellent quality and works flawlessly. Thank you for an excellent product!

I have had good results from this product. Your company has been excellent to deal with. Thank you, Jack Osmer

Your shipping was speedy! The 3 Netti pots (and CD on Netti Pot use) were received by my 3 daughters yesterday as a Christmas gift and seem to be in perfect condition. No one has used hers yet, so I can't comment on how well the netti pot works.

loved my neti pot, still getting used to using it. thank you for your prompt delivery, best wishes for the season Alison

I have been meaning to write to you to see if you can help me find out where this is as my son is looking forward to receipt of it.

Product is great and fast shipment Thanks

I am very satisfied with my stainless steel neti pot. It is an excellent product and very well made. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I am very pleased.

I really like my neti pot. I did my research before I purchased one, and concluded that the neti pot you folks sell is the best for my needs. Thank you!

Item arrived in a timely fashion. It was as described and exactly what I ordered. As it should be, there's nothing else to an online transaction.

Yes we have received the Pots and are very happy! This order was one for our daughter and one for my office. We will continue to promote the Jala Neti Pot. Thanks, J. Ambroselli

I was surprised and happy at how quickly I received my Netti Pot. Thank you!

Fast shipping. Good communication. Expected items. Thank you.

Excellent product, price, and fast fulfillment of my order.

Neti pot is great. I love it and it really helps

Wonderful product! Fast delivery! I can now finally wear my CPAP machine through the night thanks to the netti pot.

I love my netti pot. thank you. renee bell

Review not Provided.

very pleased with unit and results

i got it quickly, it is just what you promised, thank you and peace

Hello: I've received the netti pot and my Husband really likes it. He said that it really DOES help him clean out his nose and helps him to feel better. I think that it is good that you do a follow-up on the ordering of your products to make sure that people get their products from you. Thanks and keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God Bless, Patricia Patrick

Review not Provided.

I am very pleased with the quality of the product I purchased.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Thank you for your note. I received the neti pot in perfect order. And found the directions clear and the pot easy to use. I am still dealing with sinus congestion, but am hopeful with regular use, that will subside. Many thanks, Ann Lemorande

Bought neti pots for friends who have sinus problems. They just started using them but they like it. Namaste Nancy

Greetings! Namaste I was surprised to receive the neti pot so quickly! The first time I tried it I was scared, but it worked and felt refreshing. I have made it a part of my morning ritual. I love it! I now experience reduced allergic reactions to felines, as well as improved breathing during yoga practice and throughout the day. My yoga teacher will provide instruction this weekend at a meditation workshop. I hope to move to stage 2-3. My father has always been a fervent believer in colon cleansing. I am now very interested in the "Intestinal Wash" Shankaprakshalana. I like the idea of not having to perform enemas, plus getting to work on core strength, abdominal control, twists and stretches. Is there a yoga DVD containing both Laghoo and Poorna Shankaprakshalanas? Thank you very much! Sincerely, Benjamin

I love the stainless steel neti pot and use it every day. I got my order very quickly and it was just as pictured. I also really appreciated the detailed instructions that came with it. Thanks!

The stainless steel coating on my neti pot is wearing off inside of the pot, and I have only used it 7 times. I am very unhappy with my purchase. Kalab Edwards 19 Rivercrest Drive Portsmouth, VA 23701

re: stainless steel neti pot Received very timely. A generally positive experience. I have never practiced before but it seems helpful- some days I am too stuffed up for it to help much though.

Great product and great service. Wesley

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Received pot on time, have already recommended it to 3 other people. Thanks for the follow up.

I received my purchase very quickly and was so happy with it, I immediately ordered another for my husband. The information included with the purchase was very helpful. I would definitely recommend you most highly to anyone. The checkbox of "good" above does not begin to describe how happy I am both with my product purchase and with the quality of your service. Thank you! I am so glad that I found you!

Fantastic Fast Delivery... I'm using it successfully every other day, especially with so many sneezers and snufflers and coughers on the buses I ride almost daily! Many thanks for my good health!

I am very happy with your product, I like that it has a larger capacity than other neti pots. Because it is larger, it is also a bit more of a challenge to hold. Your Neti Pot would be even more convenient if it had a handle which would also assist in maintaining the proper position when in use.

Review not Provided.

I'm satisfied with the neti pot and instructions. However, the delivery was difficult because the delivery company (DHL) required a signature for acceptance of the package. I could not arrange for time off from work to accept the package myself and finally had to pick it from a DHL depot. In my opinion, a signature should not be necessary to deliver this item.

The quality of the pot and tongue cleaner are really quite excellent. Now that I have my stainless steel pot I can travel with it and not have to worry about a broken pot. I have recommended the stainless steel pot to a number of my friends.

Product came on time and worked great!

Excellent quality products! Thanks!


Wonderful product, fast delivery. Thanks!

Arrived in a timely manner. Comfort and user friendly qualities of niti are great, let alone the results of usage.

Yes i recieved the netti pot and used it right away. I feel very satisfied and now need to get into cleaning my sinuses more frequently.. thanks.

I am truly amazed at how effective this product is. I bought one for my mother and I. My mother has been suffering almost her entire life with sinus headaches, and having damaged her ear as a child, this greatly increased the severity of this the situation. A couple of years ago she underwent a septoplasty in order to correct drainage and to remove a lot of the infected sinuses, along with several polyps. They had to correct this problem before they could fix her ear. Unfortunately, it did not correct her problems of an ever present sinus infection. As a result, she remained taking several sinus medications a day. When I gave her the pot for her birthday, she was very skeptical, but she tried it anyway before she went to bed. She was amazed the next morning that slept with her mouth closed and didn't wake with dry mouth and that she didn't have to wake at night to get more medications like she does every night. Her headaches have gone away and her ear problems have been drastically reduced. Since she started using the neti pot a month ago, she has not had to take anymore sinus medications to relieve her pain. She calls it a miracle, and so do I. Thank you for giving us a product that has ended years of pain for my mother!

Pot arrived in a timely manner.

This is my second neti pot from you. I left one at my Mother's house so that I don't have to be without it when I visit her. It's just like ordering from here in the states, no hassles! Peace and Harmony!

I am inpressed! The shipping time from India was quicker that getting something in the states. I use the pot every day, and sometimes 2X a day. I liked your information booklet that came with the pot. It was helpful in understanding the sinus system. With the temp and salinity just right it is quite comfortable. Thank you for your great product and very prompt delivery. Dana

Thank you very much. I am using this everyday and am so happy about this purchase. It also came much sooner than anticipated.

I'm still working to use it effectively but I'm convinced that regular use will improve my resistance to colds and flu.

I am 75 years old and after suffering all my life from allergy and sinus problems I wish some doctor had told me about sinus irrigation, but I had find out on my own. I went on line last month and read dozens of testimonials from people on this procedure, but the one that stood out from the rest was of corse " Jala Neti". I thought what the heck I'll try it. I have been using it for little over a month and it is fantastic.Every morning when I gat up after I bush and floss my teeth I of corse use " Jala Neti ". I use warm water as advised with pickeling salt and also a teaspoon of baking soda. I even bought one for my Son and Daughter for Christmas as they both have I'm sorry to say sinis problems also. I will really find out the results next spring when the pollen is out and I have the most problems. There is no doubt in my mind that " Jala Neti" is the way to go. Respectfully Yours: Frederick H. Krohn, Sacramento Calif. U.S.A. P.S. The product was at my front door nine days after ordering, considering this comes India, very good service.


The pot is just what we were looking for. We have already broken two pottery ones and are very pleased with the sturdiness of your product. Thank you, Jan Proli

Your service was very quick and I really enjoy the products from you. I recomended to my friends , too. Namaste. Aloha, Rieko


Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

EXCELLENT! The stainless steel neti pot arrived quickly and was exactly as described. I'm very happy with the pot, the instructions, and your great customer service and follow-up. Best of all, I've been using the neti pot twice daily for nearly a month now and am happy with the results. It's very pleasant and soothing and gives a sense of well-being. Thank you very much.

no problems whatsoever. keep up the good work! wooooo!!!

I am very impressed by both the products and the speedy delivery. Thank you very much!

Better than good... I am thoroughly delighted with my purchase of the stainless steel jala neti pot. It is beautifully made, surprisingly inexpensive and arrived just days after purchase (and I'm in the UK). The best news however is that it has made a huge improvement to the chronic sinusitis I was experiencing. I'd even had surgery which failed to improve this condition, and my surgeon was finally recommending the long term use of steroids. Now I'm virtually pain and symptom free - just by pouring a little salt water up my nose! The only downside to this is that my partner has started using my neti pot, and found that it's really reducing the nasal congestion and mouth breathing she experienced during sleep. I suppose I'll have to buy her one of her own for Christmas. Sincere best wishes, Daniel McCarthy

Review not Provided.

I have found the Neti pot purchased from your company to be quite satisfactory. I have also found the discipline of nasal lavage to be very enjoyable and healthful. It is wondeful to breathe easily through my nose again.

THank you for asking. I have been using this item successfully and really liking it. It started to show signs almost immediately of chipping of the stainless steel or rusting, I am not sure which. I am very surprised at this. In purchasing a stainless steel item I was hopeful that longevity would be a major feature, but I fear not. Thanks.

I received my neti pot very quickly, thank-you! I was expecting it to take 10-15 days to arrive, but it arrived in about 5, so it was a nice surprise.

I was very pleased with the service and quality of my order at Healthandyoga.com. I would definitely order other products in the future. Thank you very much.

Product Received!, along with an artificial fingernail :-)

Very satisfied with the product, I liked receiving it quickly but of course I think it was a bit expensive to pay shipping fees that doubles the price of the neti pot.

Yes, my neti pot arrived, and I am very satisfied with it. Thanks so much! -Cindy

Hi. I received the neti pot, although it was 11 days past my order date when receieved and I felt that was quite a long time. I had high expectations because friends who have ordered from you have said their orders were recieved in usually just 3 days. Anyhow, the neti pot I order it good quality and the shipping was still within the wait period posted on your site, so I am satisfied. I will order again from you and tell friends about you. Thanks for sending me an email to see if I received your product and for the prior answer to my email that I had not recieved it after 10 days.

Good service and good product. Thank you!

The merchandise arrived very quickly and is of good quality.

Received, working well. Thanks

I bought the neti pot to create more resonans in singing. It did what i hoped for, although it was nog mentioned that this effect would occur. Great product, but for me not for everyday use. I don't like the fact that i have to spent even more money to obtain the cd about phases 2 and 3. In the booklet there are two pictures of phase 2 and 3, but there is no explanation.

Toothpaste and stainless steel neti pot are excellent quality and a fair price.

Review not Provided.

i couldn't believe how quickly i received the netti pot! all the way from india, too. thank you very much. it arrived safely and i gave it to a good friend of mine for a birthday gift. she suffers from headaches and i'd heard about the netti pot from my sister in rhode island. my friend has yet to use it, though. i think it's a bit intimidating. but, when one of those debilitating headaches hit, i hope she'll give it a try. many thanks for your kindness and courtesy. sincerely, julie curro

I received my order promptly. I am very satisfied with the quality of the product and the service I received from Health & Yoga. Best Regards, Guy Gooselaw

If there was a place to check 'excellent', I would have chosen it over 'good'. I love your company and the neti pot I ordered. I have only had wonderful experiences ordering from you (although only a few times). I love what you offer and was wondering if you might know when you will have the "Mother as First Guru" set back in stock. I'm thinking about starting a family...(finally). I have a feeling I will learn a lot with this book, etc. The main website for that product is out too. I really love that you carry items like this too and have such wonderful information. Thanks

Review not Provided.

I received the order promptly and like using it. Thanks

This is my 2nd neti pot from Health & Yoga, and I'm very happy with the new one. It seems you've made it more durable and changed the shape somewhat to make it easier to use. Thanks!

This spout on this model looks more sturdy. I like it. The spout on my old one broke off while travelling.

Your service was first-class, and your item very high quality as well. Price was fair, and delivery was quite prompt. Thank you!

everything went good with the purchase ive done and its greatle apreciated thanks

Since I have started using it I have recommended to many other who also have started using it and we all see great results. Thanks to a friend we are healthier feeling

Shipped and delivered on-time and the product is in great working condition.

I reallly like the design of the neti pot I purchased from you. The spout is a great feature as I was having problems with an old pot that didn't have one and, of course, water ran all over the place. Appreciated the fast delivery also! Thank you.

fast and friendly service, very satisfied

My stuff came very well packaged and in a short period of time. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

Arrived quickly and was just what we wanted! Thanks.

Your customer service, quality of products and speed of shipment were all impeccable. The copper tongue cleaner is far superior to the preformed one I had been using previously. The stainless steel neti pot with the tapered tip, long spout and extra holding capacity surpass my old ceramic one by far. It was good doing business with you. Thanks! Cindy Spalding

Review not Provided.

Everything as expected. Am using the pot daily. Very satisfied with purchase. May order more for family and friends. Wish there was a discount for multiple orders. Thanks.

Service - excellent, precise and prompt Product - brilliant! My problem was not with sinuses per se, but with the bridge of my nose which sometimes "closes up" and I can't breathe through it. The jala neti pot cleared this up within 5 days and I no longer have this problem so regularly. It is truly simple to use and not at all weird as some people might think. The only thing I miss, however, is the instructions how to use it for stages 2 and 3 - for throat - I'd like to see those in the booklet too. Ms Henderson-Spoors

service was very fast. product was as depicted. very satisfied with these aspects. use of product not as satisfied with as water tends to run out the top and down the front of my shirt. wish it had a spill stop at the top.

Great product and fast shipping. I am very pleased.

Thank you for checking to ensure that my delivery was received. It was received when you said it would be here. The stainless steele Neti Pot is great. I would not be without it. Previously, I had a ceramic pot, but it broke. The copper tongue scrapper works very well. I prefer it over the plastic one I had before. Thanks Again.

Review not Provided.

Excellent service and product. Thank you.

It was the best spent money I have spent in a long time. Well worth the money. Depression apparently connected with reactions to stuff in my nose is now history. Plus I feel so much better. The little booklet that came with it referenced using urine for cleansing. I wasn't sure about that but felt so bad all the time I decided ,what do I have to lose? I feel better every day using that method and now don't even feel using urine is wierd. I think it's wierder to close my mind to what may work and did work. Thanks Jeff

Review not Provided.

Everything is fine. It's exactly what I wanted. The service was very fast and I appreciate that.

EXCELLENT! I got it right the first time I tried it. I believe the design of the neti pot was what made the difference. You get what you pay for and for your price for the stainless steel pot was worth every penny . . . and very reasonable. Your directions were good too. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

The neti pot really cleans my nose out, I got it because I get a lot of sinus infections. I use it when I feel the warning signs of a sinus infection and it seems to help.

Your product and service are excellent.

Great service, great product. thank you.

Great product. Well-designed and effective.

I got my order very quickly (within 5 working days If I rember correctly), which was a pleasant surprise. The goods were of a high quality and had been accuratley described on the website. I also think that the goods are very reasonably priced. Thanks for your superior sevrice.

Execellent product, excellent price, and prompt shipment. All this made me a satisfied customer and I would readily recommend your company to others.

The product was received in good condition and more quickly than some products ordered domestically in the USA. I must admit that I was mildly apprehensive to order a product from India that is available locally. The quality of the product exceeded my expectations. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience. John G.

Very good product, thanks.

Well, I had ordered the tongue cleaner and Neti pot as speperate items. I overlooked your Oral Care Kit/special offer advertised, which included the herbal toothpaste as an added bonus along with the neti pot and tongue cleaner. I think you should have seen what I had done and sent me the toothpaste too.

I absolutely love my stainless steel neti pot. It's been a little weird getting used to the extra volume it has over what I'd used previously, but it works very well, and I am very pleased with it. Thank you!

I received the item. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you for the great service!

Thanks Prakasini for the prompt sevice. I have been using the pot now for about 3 weeks and it is great. Cheers Ron

The order was a gift. Everyone appears to be happy. Thank you!

Your service was fantastic. I received my item in a few days. I would not hesitate to order from your company again. Namaste.

Review not Provided.

Great service.

I received it promptly, thank you. I notice the spout is bolted on rather than welded. Does that avoid the weld deterioration I noticed on my first neti pot.

great delivery time.

haven't quite mastered the technique for using it

Very good, in fact. My husband ordered 2 Neti pots from you several months ago; I placed this most recent order for my mother. In both cases we were very pleased with both the customer service and the product.

Arrived even faster than expected. Excellent email communication. Would gladly do businss with Health & Yoga again. Thank you! A+++

Yet another double quick delivery!!! Thank you so much.

Received in timely manner. Product matched expectations. Thank you!

very pleased, thanks again

received by hand delivery... impressed with the short time of arrival...

I was pleased with your service. Thank You.

All received in good order. Line the modifactions, the spout was a weak spot. Many thanks

I received my jalneti pot within a week! I am very happy with your fast service and delivery. The pot is in fantastic condition. I'd recommend your site to everyone! Many Thanks for your great service.

When I originally ordered, I did not realize I was ordering out of the U.S. I was amazed & pleased at how fast my shipment arrived, carefully packed & in perfect condition. Your follow-up after I placed the order was greatly appreciately. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you!

The NETI pot is great. I find it effective and the capacity and durability are superior attributes. Thanks for your quick response and excellent service follow up. Nick D

I love the Neti Pot! But I find the tounge cleaner insulting. To entice customers to add the tongue cleaner, with promises of excellence, is deceptive. It's a cheap piece of copper that can barely be held! There are much superior tongue cleaners on the market, such as the Orasweet plastic. I already own the orasweet, but felt your tongue cleaner may be superior somehow. I was so disappointed I threw it in the trash in frustration. Please either get a better tongue cleaner to sell, or at least show a picture of it. If the money goes to help the poor or something, customers may buy it even if they don't expect to like it.

Review not Provided.

This was my first dealing with you and I found your service, quality of product and value for money excellent.

i have received my order on August 12th 2005. Thank you for helping me learn how to keep my body clean so easily!!! Both enema equipment and neti pot as well as tonque cleaner are invaluable tools and should be used by everyone on earth!!!!!Thanks a lot, Panagiotis

Delivery was within +-4 days. Excellent. It was for a friend. She is using it daily and it seems to help her.

I could not hae beenmore pleased with the product and the prmptness of its delivery. I will do more business with this company and I will recommed it to my friends.

Great service. fast delivery. many thanks.

Hi, I received the neti pot in time and am very happy with its quality and design.Thanks.

Great! I love the convenient packs of the salt. Great idea. The new design of the neti pot travels wonderfully. Thanks!

Review not Provided.

i received it on time. great service!

This is our third neti pot and we've always been happy with your service. I think your current version with the bolted spout is an improvement over previous versions because, in previous versions, the spout broke off. thanks very much. John Keller

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

The item was received very promptly and is of high quality. Thank you!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Good service, good product. Thank you.

Excellent merchant and product. The item was delivered very quickly to my friend who is enjoying it very much. Thank you once again for a wonderful transaction.

I received my Neti Pot about two weeks ago, and I am very pleased with both the product and your customer service.

Namaste, Yes, I recieved my Neti Pot, and love it. I'm hoping this will prevent a flu bug later this year, because I will not be getting any shots if I can help it. Who knows what might be in them! One of my sisters loved the idea also, so I ordered one for her, but sent it to her house. She used mine to see how it worked. Loved it! We both do. I take care of 4 senior citizens, and I've learned about nazal douches from them. If it wasn't for them I would never have found your site. You are an important contributer for this old world. Sincerely, Jane McBride

got it fast....like it! thanks judith hoch

I'm very happy with my purchase, and with the level of customer service from Health and Yoga. Thank you.

We are so very pleased with tne neti pot. It has eased my son's allergies greatly. I have reccomended this (and you) to others. The transaction was totally seamless, I had the purchase in a little over a week. Your emails were also helpful. Just keep doing things as you are. Hope to do business again in the future. May God bless you in all your endevours. Pat

Review not Provided.

I'm very happy with Netipot. Very well made. Your service was great. Thank you

My order arrived in Washington DC well pack and in quickly. Thank for the great service.

we got our neti pot within a few days of ordering and it works great my wife uses it every day

Review not Provided.

Excellent product, well packaged, and quick delivery: I have already recommended your neti pot to friends who do extensive travel and are exposed to the nasty air aboard planes.