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Anti-Slip Gripper Gloves

  • Breathable Compression fit Workout Gloves pair: Light weight; Keep Palms & fingers soft, odorless
  • Comfortable 4 Finger fit permits Free Finger-Movement; Preferred for Gym & Cross fit Workout;
  • Silicone Lattice at Palm provides Anti-Slip Grip to hold workout accessories ensuring safe sessions
  • SIZE – to fit Palm Width: 3.5 to 4.0 inch; Unisex; Fabric of Black Microfiber; Machine washable – Quick dry
  • Wear & Tear Proof; Sweat Absorbent; Protects Knuckles; Prevents Palm Skin from thickening & hardening

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Gripper Gloves have a Silicone Lattice which help in maintaining grip with weights and other heavy & slippery equipment while working-out. Thus, this pair of gloves protect from accidental injuries which may occur due to slipping of heavy weights. This keeps fingers safe and soft. The Glove protects knuckles from cuts and nicks. It also minimizes the chances of callus development. Callus is hardened and thickened skin which eventually develops due to the friction. By covering palms and fingers skin this glove protects from callus also. Being made of microfiber lycra, it is soft on fist and highly durable. They are easy to wash and dry. Strictly suitable for Palm size 3.5 to 4 inches for compression fit.

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