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Abdominal Hot Shaper Belt

  • High quality Neoprene providing ultra soft comfort & durability; belt does not wear or tear- maintains flexibility; material is skin friendly – no irritation or rashes.
  • An incredible fitness wear that maximizes the effect – keeps the abdominal area heated and warmed up by trapping the heat produced from the body during workout- does not bulk or warp
  • Allows you to sweat more - accelerates the fat burning process by increasing core body temperature; Helps achieve a toned body and improves over all well being.
  • Supports the spine and improves posture; instantly provides abdominal compression and support lumbar. Easy to wear- can be worn under clothing- during workout, running, jogging, daily activity or routine.
  • Comfortable and stretchable material fits in properly - sizes available. Being light in weight can be easily stored and carried anywhere.

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This Hyper efficient hot shaper belt is made from the best and high quality Neoprene material. Neoprene is made from stable chemicals, making it a skin friendly material. The strong bond on the molecules of the belt gives it durability, preventing it from wear or tear. It is flexible and can be your best support to accelerate your workout effects. Unlike other shaper belts this one does not bulk or warp so you can fully concentrate on your exercise without spending time in adjusting it. It has been designed in such a way that the heat that is produced by the body during any physical activity. It targets the unhealthy fat accumulated in the abdominal area and allows you to sweat more, resulting in a toned body with prominent curves. It also improves posture and supports the spine. It instantly provides abdominal compression and lumbar support. Being light in weight and slim fit you can easily wear it under clothes. It comes in three different sizes and is travel friendly…so choose the one that fits you can get back into shape.

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