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EasyPress Hernia Belt

  • Adjustable leg and abdominal straps for controlled and customized pressure.
  • Anatomical Pads for pressing at the appropriate spot - enhanced effectiveness.
  • Made of special grade Ethafoam – light weight and comfortable, yet with appropriate hardness.
  • Soft skin-friendly material, hypoallergenic and reduces occurrence of rash / allergy.
  • Aesthetic & can be worn under clothing – For sizing, Waist size to be measured 2 inches below navel.

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Soulgenie’s specially designed Hernia Belt for Men has been designed to provide pain relief from hernia and help in the treatment process. This hernia brief is the perfect solution to heal left side hernia, right side hernia, or hernias on both sides.


It has adjustable straps to provide a perfect fit. It has cushions that apply pressure to the left, right, or both sides depending on the location of the hernia. It can be used after and before hernia surgery to provide hernia pain relief and help in the treatment process.

EasyPress Hernia Belt provides the right amount of pressure to provide relief from a congenital hernia. It can be worn throughout the day and also while doing any activity. It helps to prevent the bulge from dislocating. Consult your doctor to know how much time you should be wearing the belt. After analysis of your hernia, your doctor may suggest you to wear a hernia belt while sleeping as well.


EasyPress Hernia Belt is made of high quality materials and is very durable. It has a comfortable fit and can be worn under clothes for long periods of time. It is not a cure, but helps a great deal in coping with the pain. We recommend you to use this after and before hernia surgery.

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