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TipGuard Mallet Finger Splint

  • PROTECTS AND HEALS - Suitable as a splint for straightening injured finger; Protector to treat distal inter-phalangeal joint (DIP)
  • ADJUSTABLE and malleable - Can be bent to use as a mallet finger splint for trigger, middle or ring finger and as a pinky finger splint; molds as per the required alignment.
  • FOR SPORTS INJURY - Effective finger tip splint and pinky tip for baseball, basketball; Wearing the support brace hastens recovery of the tendons.
  • EASY TO WEAR - Among the most effective finger braces and finger cots; Has an anatomical shape. Ethafoam pad and adjustable fastener provide secure support and make it very easy to wear and remove. Universal size.
  • POST OPERATIVE CARE and finger cast for Arthritis - Worn for faster healing. Also for people who work on laptops or play instruments; useful stay splint or a hammer finger splint

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Suitable for finger digits tendon injury due to sport like baseball finger, drop finger, basketball or just an impact injury.

Mainly suitable for extensor tendon damage that results in finger deformity, bent fingers or even finger fractures, this dip splint is useful as a finger extension splint too. Also useful as a post fracture care of the distal phalange. One size fits all (Below 2—4 inches).

Very suitable as a Trigger finger brace or splint for middle finger, ring finger as well as a pinky finger splint. An example of how to treat trigger finger at home, this splint is also an effective finger support for arthritis.

Among the most effective finger protectors and finger cots available, It has Ethafoam padded aluminium coated body; the splint can be bent for required comfortable immobilization. The anatomical design with adjustable loop fasteners assists in easy application, close fitting and excellent grip. It does not restrict your routine work, can be worn while playing, keyboard use, musical instrument use etc.

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