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GuardNHeal Wrist Brace

  • Maximum support for fast recovery; Embedded with removable aluminum made splint for customizable and adjustable wrist mobility
  • Reversible Universal size, suitable for both the hands; The brace can be worn on either hand without any problem
  • Release heat and moisture out; Superior Drytex fabric provides breathability to the brace, preventing sweat accumulation and odor
  • No itching, No skin irritation; Skin-friendly fabric provides an irritation-free experience with no side effects
  • Lightweight and Durable; Super comfort cushioned edges - Weighing only about 100 gms makes the product a great comfort wear; finely tailored fabric prevents unnecessary wear and tear

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Wrist injuries are very common, especially in those who indulge in physical activities throughout. Wrist injury can be very painful being one of the major joints of our body. To recover from such injuries, fast and efficiently one must try the wrist brace. Not an ordinary wrist brace, It is made up of Drytex which has a lot many features; Starting with durability, the product possesses high resistance to tension provided over it which is very essential for maximum support to your wrist. The reversible universal size allows the user to use it on either hand, whichever is injured. Weighing approx 100 gms, the product is very lightweight and can be worn throughout the day without any mess. Small pores present on the fabric promote air flow thus resulting in a sweat free experience throughout the wear. Many people have skin sensitivity caused by different fabrics. But in the case of this wrist brace you don’t need to worry. As the fabric is skin friendly and promotes air flow, it becomes easy for a user to use it for a longer duration of time. The Strong tailored cushioning on all side provides the comfort you need for your wrist plus holds the fabric in its place to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

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