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Gel Eye Mask

  • Flexible with easy Velcro strap-on; Comfortable - takes form according to face contour
  • No eye cut outs - this provides a deeply relaxing and light cooling pressure on the eye lids
  • Reusable ; Unisex and Non-toxic; Cooling gel - can also be put in refrigerator
  • Ideal for beauty Sleep, Meditation, Yoga, Napping During Day
  • Helps relieve headaches, stress and restlessness; even helps in condition of Insomnia

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Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body. Throughout the day our eyes have to work through all the grind and grime. Soulgenie designed a UNIQUE product, the relaxing gel eye mask for your eyes . It is a convenient way to pamper your eye lids, eye balls with this cooling gel ball eye mask. This Unique formulated gel settles very well on eyes and it is very soft and comfortable for the eye. It is rightly weighted so it creates a relaxing pressure on eyes. The reason for the relaxation is that the increasingly cerebral nature of our daily activities; whether it is the indiscriminate focus on computers, electronic media and mobile devices, or simply the nature of our work; creates a stress in our eyes. It works amazingly for eye tiredness, dry eyes, eye and head aches, restlessness, insomnia. The gel ball eye mask is suitable for fatigued eyes, puffy eyes and dry eyes. It can be used both at room temperature or can be cooled. One size fits all because of adjustable Velcro straps. It is a unisex product. The relaxing gel eye mask is ideal for beauty Sleep, Meditation, Yoga. Also apply while napping during day.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Very useful and helpful product.

Products were quite good. Good service from healthandyoga.
Product shipping could have been better as i didn`t get any shipping details/confirmation, had to contact cc to get shipping details.
Overall very good experience.
Keep up the good work.

I have been buying several products from health and yoga for myself, and also for friends and relatives who are interested. I was hooked to the site when I bought a stainless steel jalneti pot, an absolute beauty and a prized possession. Thereafter I began exploring the site and found many interesting things which I use regularly.

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