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  • 2 pouches – Non toxic, Gel based; can be refrigerated, stays cool for longer duration
  • Compact – Each pouch size 5.5” x 2.5”; easy to store, carry and apply
  • Multipurpose; relieves localized pain, swelling, high fever, muscles aches
  • Helps in early recovery on getting injured
  • Useful in physiotherapy exercises and rehabilitation of injuries
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    Gel has the property to stay cool for longer duration so using a gel based cooling pouch is an effective way of taking cold therapy. Gel used is clean, nontoxic and the pouch is leakage proof. It comes in a compact size, easy to store or carry and can be easily applied on various body parts……It works as a useful first-aid device, lowers the body temperature during high fever gives immediate relief from pain, swelling or muscles aches. Best suited to prevent blood clotting on getting injured. Its use is also recommended in physiotherapy exercises and rehabilitation of injuries.

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