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Hand Nerve Stimulation Kit

  • Complete Hand Toning Kit for improved circulation and energy flow
  • Includes palm roller, finger roller and Point pressure tool for focused pressure
  • High quality: made of metal and wire for better acupressure point stimulation
  • Hand Refloxology Chart provided – use strategically to stimulate desired nerve points
  • Extremely useful tool to overcome numbing sensations or extremities pain; carry with you and use whenever desired as a hand toning tool

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Acupressure is a treatment which is the best way to relax your nerves as well as provide you the relaxation that you need. Hands are the most important part of the body as you use your hands to do everything that is the reason why time to time you should provide them the relaxation that they require. Hand nerve stimulation kit by HealthAndYoga would simply help you to do the same. The kit is made by following the Sujok principal which not only provides proper relaxation to your hand but can also be used to do the same with your feet.

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