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“Let the light of fitness stream forth into the minds of every person and every being”. Yoga is the way to gain strength and prevent diseases naturally. Yoga has been known for its immense benefits on human health, mind and soul. It has the power to give home even to the most rest restless souls. Soulgenie is an online wholesale platform that is a true believer of yoga and as an acolyte of this majestic art has come up with products that are not only suitable for beginners but are also recommended for advanced yoga practice. Well researched yoga products that have been introduced are - Yoga Danda for arm support during meditation, Pranayama Stick for breath regulation, Cotton yoga mats, Yoga Mat Bags, Yoga Sand Bags, and Yoga Strap. All these products help to deepen and improve yoga postures. Explore these wonderful products , add them to your yoga routines and feel the difference. Yoga teachers will find them especially helpful to guide their students. All products available are genuine and curated with much thought. We love yoga and want to make it accessible to everyone- Special rates for Centers, Yoga Teachers, Spas, Wellness Centers and Studios. Buy online at wholesale prices and and it will be delivered at your doorstep anywhere in the world.

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