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Yoga Sandbags

  • Outer Bag- Made of heavy duty cotton, Highly durable, Superior quality, Zippered.
    Has a sturdy handle with reinforced stitching for long term use.
  • Inner Bag- Synthetic material, Lightweight, Zippered. Prevents the sand from seeping out.
    To be filled with Sand (Not included).
  • When placed on a certain body part during yoga, allows better stretch and better holding of a yoga pose.
  • Double bag system allows you to enjoy yoga without worrying about sand leaking or sticking on sweat. Machine washable. Attractive colors.
  • Outer Cotton Cover (Available in 3 colors)- 42 cm X 18 cm.
    Inner Bag (Black color)- 41 cm X 18 cm. Comes without sand.

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Sometimes adding a little weight to your yoga pose or stretch can help you achieve your asana better and with proper alignment. To perform certain yogasanas better, with ease and more perfection Yoga Sand Bags are very helpful. During a forward bend, a practitioner may like to press down the knees or press the shoulders to the floor, then the Yoga Bag comes in very handy. This bag will help you deepen your poses and lengthen your reach. These bags add weight for an extra stretch.

For example - You can place it on your thighs in Virasana (Hero's Pose) or Baddhakonasana (Bound Angle Posture) for holding your knee still. They bring awareness to a particular part of your body - such as when you place it on your hip during Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Posture) it helps to keep your hips flat and level, or placing a sandbag on your stomach during Pranayama (breathing)while lying down, brings awareness to the stomach muscles.

SoulGenie Yoga Sand Bags are made of two zippered bags, one inside the other. We recommend you place the sand in the internal synthetic bag before inserting it into the outer sandbag for added protection.


The outer bag is made of heavy cotton material. It is soft yet tough enough for extended use and regular cleaning. It has a sturdy handle on the top for easy carrying as well as to position in between poses. They come in three different attractive colors to choose from for all yoga lovers. Yoga Sand Bag Cover is machine washable. Do not fill sand in the outer bag.


The inner black bag is made of waterproof synthetic material. The sand is to be filled in this inner bag. This sturdy liner on the inside does not let the sand seep out during workouts. This zippered inner liner is also easy to clean.

The amount of sand can be filled as per one’s requirement. You can keep your bags light or heavy as per the workout or yoga pose needs. Sand is NOT included.

Stay focused, and enjoy this great workout product.

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