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StretchNHeal Wooden Exercise Stick

  • Comfortably lightweight and long (4 feet) Mobility Stick - Natural finish wooden stick posture corrector for Men and Women – Excellent stretching stick for optimum stretch in various yoga postures. Bo staff for increasing shoulder joint mobility
  • Excellent Back Exercise device and Pole Stick - Gives the fullest stretch and useful for back pain and stiff back - Assists as a back straightener, Upper Back support, back stretcher and hunchback and neck hump corrector; Wooden fitness stick Suitable as a Back Cracker Bar and Spine Corrector Posture Pole
  • Great addition to work out and exercise equipment - All-in-one Workout exercise dowel rod for physical therapy, useful as a Rounded Shoulder Corrector, shoulder mobility enhancer, Back Stretching Posture Corrector and trainer, kyphosis Posture Corrector, Leg Press and Arm exercises
  • Quality Handcrafted Wooden product with a natural finish - Long yet lightweight like a booyah bamboo stick; Smooth contoured barrel shape with even surface for maximizing comfort and comfortable holding and wrapping of arms around the stick without undue strain on shoulders, chest or arms
  • Easily Portable, Collapsible and travel friendly - Unique Detachable design with 2 parts screwed together each piece is about 61 cm long; easy to assemble and use; uniformly 1.25 inches thick approx.; Nice Length when assembled (about 122 cm or 48”)

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This is a quality product made from naturally grown and monitored wood. The use of robust material makes this detachable wooden Yoga stick durable and best for long-term use. The spine stick has been finished with attractive lustrous polish that is chemical-free and skin-friendly.

The unique detachable design of this yoga pole makes it easy to carry and use anywhere. With 2 parts each 61 cm long this stick can be screwed together thus making it easy to assemble and use. The skilfully shaped design and even surface makes this yoga tool comfortable to handle. This wooden stick has been such made that it possesses a uniform surface thickness of 1.25 inches throughout. Ensuring safety and preventing the user from being injured, the ends of this Pranayama stick have been evenly rounded and trimmed.

Being light in weight this multipurpose spine stick can be carried easily anywhere. It aids in building spinal strength of tendons and ligaments while correcting the upper back posture. Its regular use gives proper support and traction to back and shoulders preventing and correcting humps, slouch back and buckle shoulder. Moreover, its use during Pranayama opens chest for optimal lung capacity utilization.

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