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Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat - Silicone

  • Safe, environmental-friendly, made of food grain silicone, non-toxic & odorless, oval shape, medium size
  • Textured design, suitable for a thorough cleaning of various facial and eye makeup brushes, as well as blackening brush
  • Easy to use, hand-held design, durable, portable, pocket-friendly
  • It helps to remove debris, bacteria like E.coli., dead skin cells, oil - Prevents breakouts, skin infection, microbes’ growth
  • It does not break brush bristles ; leaves them soft without any mess - helps in smooth finishing of makeup

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Your makeup tool is something which does not stay at one place. It keeps moving from box to bag, from makeup kit to even sometimes on washroom counter. And thus it is the best place for microbes to grow. Not cleaning brush may end up causing various skin problems. Thus we see that it is essential to keep our hairy-fellow clean and free from dirt and debris. We have brought this cute handy mat to ensure that you become habitual of keeping your makeup-assistant clean to experience the safe-application of cosmetics !! Rub your brush-hair wet in soap or shmpoo against the grainy-surface and witness all the dirt and debris leaving the brush.

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