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ChillEyes Clear Eye Wash Cups - Set of 2

  • Leak-Proof set of 2 Eye Wash Cups with Storage Case- For hassle-free, comfortable and effective eye cleansing.
  • Sturdy Superior Grade Plastic; Crystal Clear look; 100% Safe.
  • Rounded Smooth-edged contour for comfortable grip around sensitive eye area.
    Each cup holds approx. 10 ml of water enough for an effective rinse.
  • Keeps eyes cool and refreshed by removing dust particles, allergens & debris.
  • Cup has a built in mount/stand to prevent spillage and to provide a good grip during use.
    Size: 2 inch X 1 inch

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Eye is one of the most vital and sensitive organs of the body. Urban life definitely takes a toll on it - The pollution, makeup, closed airconditioned rooms, artificial room fresheners around us, and the most deadly of all- hours staring at a computer or mobile screen. With so much happening , we need to take extra care of the eyes.
Eye rinsing using the eye cup is a very effective way to cool and soothe the eyes.

When the eyes are dipped in the soothing water of the Eye Cups-
- Eyes get refreshed and the built up heat is dispelled.
- Pollutants stuck to lash line and lids get loosened and are washed away.
- Any traces of hard-to-remove makeup gets cleared.
- Helps in managing dryness of eyes caused by any eye surgery or weather change.
- Useful to manage morning sticky eye syndrome and minor eye infections like conjunctivitis.
- Great way to cleanse eyes after swimming in chlorine water.
- Reduces eye puffiness and dark circles.
- Relaxes the eyes , hence bringing an overall feeling of well being and health.

Ageing too brings a host of eye problems. Regular cleansing of the eyes can delay or prevent several eye disorders.

When to do Eye Washing ?

Eye washing can be done at any time of the day, at home, office, vacation or whenever one needs a little waking up, cooling or cleansing of the eyes. Eye wash cups are a great morning wake-up call to handle grogginess and sleepy eyes. Eye washing before bed , helps to remove all dust, makeup and grime and enables a peaceful relaxed sleep.

How to use Eye Wash Cups ?

Rinse cup before use. Fill Eye cup with room temperature water for daily cleansing. Cold water may be used to reduce puffiness of eyes or to refresh the eyes. Luke warm water may be used to remove pollution , grime or stickiness of the eyes.
After filling cup , hold from bottom stand, bring towards the eye, bend forward and place cup on eye gently. Your eye and lashes should be submerged in the water. Blink a couple of times to loosen dirt . You may hold the cup on eye for 30 seconds to 2 minutes as you desire and as per your need. Remove cup. Repeat process for other eye with fresh water. Pat dry your eyes, and wash cup after use.

Use Superior quality Cups only for your precious eyes-
Soulgenie Eye Cups made of superior plastic are very comfortable and smoothe on the skin . When the filled cup is placed around the eye socket, the well designed contoured rim does not allow any dripping or leakage on the face.

Always use fresh , clean drinking water for the eye cup rinse. You may add pure rose water drops to further relax the eyes. Water used may be warm, room temperature or slightly cool as per need and time.

CAUTION : Do NOT use any unprescribed chemicals or solutions for your eyes. We recommend clean water only, for any additives please ask your doctor. Wash Eye Cup before and after use. Makes for lovely gifts and party favors.


May 28, 2019

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