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Spike Acupressure Massage Gloves

  • COTTON MITTEN WITH PLASTIC SPIKES- To be worn for applying gentle pressure. Acupressure spikes help to mitigate pain in affected area.
  • EASE MUSCULAR STIFFNESS- Stimulates blood circulation, eases tension and increases energy levels of the body.
  • WORKS ON TRIGGER MARMA POINTS- When pressed on certain points helps body to release pain-relieving hormones.
  • BENEFITS- Helps improve Sleep, relieve morning sickness, and manage nagging pains like tennis elbow.
  • FREE SIZE- Loose like Kitchen Gloves. Colors may Vary.

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Working and sitting for long hours can lead to muscle stiffness and poor circulation. An occasional body massage rejuvenates the body and gets the blood running in the system.


SoulGenie Acupressure Gloves are very useful and an easy way to apply pressure on the marma points of the body. Just wear both the gloves like regular mittens and start pressing the back of the neck, shoulders, and back. Pressing of the body can be done over the clothes, to reduce pokiness.

When the stiff muscles are pressed with acupressure spikes, it triggers the nervous system to secrete pain-relieving hormones and endorphins. This helps to ease shoulder and backache and enhances blood circulation.

Can be used for back, neck, foot, and hand pain. Press with gloves for about 5 to 10 minutes, after a tiring day or general relaxation.

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