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Yoga Danda- Wooden Meditation Staff

  • Exquisitely Carved Wood with Brass Inlays. Yoga-Pranayama tool for Prana Shuddhi.
  • Placing staff under armpit changes Breath Flow in the nostrils and activates sluggish energy channels.
    Restores a balanced and healthier breathing.
  • Can be unscrewed for traveling ; Length- 48 cm approx.
  • Useful tool to alter and balance swara and use with japa mala at same time for meditation.
  • Danda can be placed anywhere between armpit to the forearm depending on the required pressure.

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The Yoga Danda or Yoga staff is an ancient device, used to regulate breath flow. It can be used under the guidance of a Swara Yoga Teacher or after self study of breath flow. It is placed under the armpit to create an upward pressure and change breath flow of nostrils.

The Yoga Danda is a T-shaped wooden staff of about 2 feet in height. The horizontal member is bent in the shape of a “U” with a smooth broad edge to provide a comfortable support to the armpit. By using it appropriately, the flow in the nostrils can be regulated.

Soulgenie Yoga Danda is an exquisite handcrafted wooden tool with brass inlays. It is inspired by ancient practices of Swara Yoga and used to regulate and balance the Nadis ( energy channels) of the body. This tool has much more relevance for today's modern man, due to the sedentary and stressful lifestyles.

Kind Words From Our Customers

I will be advertising this wonderful Yoga Danda on my Instagram @nityanandabhikshudas as well as in my Nitai Bhakti videos on YouTube. I`m so grateful to Health and Yoga for sending this so quickly and the quality is amazing. The woodwork is so intricate and this Danda can last many lifetimes.

I received the product surprisingly fast and it is in really good shape. It looks beautiful and works perfectly. Shipping was fast and very well done! Thank you!

I was surprised to see how quickly I received my order specially when it was coming from India excellent work

It feels a little bit risky to buy from an overseas small company nowadays. But your website was full of assurances - and you had the deals! It is quite important for the doctor - who formulates the Ayurvedic toothpaste- to remove aspartame from the formula. I`m reluctant to use toothpaste with aspartame in it - but because of the other top quality ingredients- I will take the risk. Take excellent Care ; be Vegan -the Judgment of God is coming very soon, for animal rights! If you love this concept - then you will most likely love my music channel also. It is at YouTube- ` Israel Vegan Music ` .

Review not Provided.

On the Products received, it is Exceptionally good, Very good quality, Price Worthy & Worth our time spent on shopping at your website and Very Fast Delivery also. We were very much impressed on our Purchases.

Yoga danda is really nice, beautifully carved. Best value for price. I really appreciate it and very much satisfied.

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

Nice Product quality, Same as describe

I get the product in time line and I am so happy it’s an excellent product thank you so much -Abhishek

Nice product

Little small for me but I can manage with another device, I am gonna buy again now so you can think how is it ! Go for it

Product is made of excellent wood. Finish is very good.

Excellent product... Great quality... Wonderful craftsmanship... Prompt delivery... Reasonable price... Thanks to the seller... I recommend this product...

It would be great if you could creating one with an adjustable post. Which could be useful for very tall people and not so tall people.


Well packed neatly. Timely delivery. Good followup.

Awesome product, very beautiful and solid qaulity.
Fast delivery. Lovely. Recommended to all those who practise long japa.

Very good product. fast delivery. Good job.


Very nice quality and fast delivery. I appreciate your service

Excellent quality of products and very good and prompt delivery of them. Only one spike acupressure ball in the pair has broken. No problem the other is working. Magnet balls should not be packed together it seems.

Very happy with the quality, cost and delivery time..
The product quality was more than expected.
I strongly recommend this Yoga Danda for people seriously pursuing Pranayama or Japa.

excellent product with prompt delivery

Very prompt and excellent service with a fast delivery model.

I have ordered for Yoga Danda.It is really an excellent product.I have recommend to a friend also who is equally satisfied.

Received good original quality

Thanks. The yoga danda got here in a timely manner, and in good condition. Just what I was hoping for. Thanks.

the yoga danda alignment is not proper. The top part, i.e the rest place for the arm is bent,the curve is more toward the right. I wish i could exchange it for a better one that is balanced. THIS is the second one i had ordered. The first one that i recieved was perfect.That is the reason i had ordered for another. But was dissapointing. I wish i could exchange.

All arrived fast. Five stars (highest rating) for both the sales transaction and the products. A very good company, good prices and quality care of customers. Thank you!

We purchased two Yoga Dandas for our sadhana in January 2016. They arrived within a week, in excellent condition. They were very well packed for the long journey from India. The Yoga Danda is a high quality beautiful piece of carved timberwork. If you want to help yourself in your pranayama and japa practice, by using the Danda as an arm support, as well as for the advertised use of clearing the nostrils when doing alternate nostril breathing, then we can highly recommend the Yoga Danda from Health and Yoga. If you want to do extended periods of pranayama, then you can also use the Danda to rest you arm on. This is done by placing the base of the Danda within your folded legs, and at an angle to suit your body`s trunk height. Note: We have no association with H&Y but we are simply happy customers.

It is a quality product and was delivered within time schedule notified.

Both products I purchased arrived in excellent condition. They were well packed and arrived promptly. The products are good quality and well priced.I would definitely recommend to others.

Review not Provided.

First, I could not believe how quickly my order arrived from India, via Germany, to Indiana! It was just a few days - faster than many shipments I`ve received from companies inside the U.S.
Second, all of the products I ordered were exactly what I expected, and are working very well for me.

I`m very happy to receive this stick, my questions were answered quick enough ; it has the percect length zu use it as a gom-ten

A great product. I have recommended it to my friends, as I said in a previous feedback form I fiilled out.

Glad to have the dandas (stick). I gave them as gifts. Thanks

- The product itself was really beautiful and of excellent quality - beyond expectations for this price.

- Shipping was extremely prompt - the product was delivered quite earlier than expected also.

The yoga danda was the perfect height and the detailed carving is beautiful, I feel quite happy with my purchase!

Thankyou for your service, the product arrived very quickly and was exactly what I was looking for ; yoga dandas can serve various purposes but my main thing was providing support with alternate breathing and it was the perfect size for that. Will use you again.

great product. Thank you.

My order arrived very quickly.

Very good products. All of them. Keep up the good work.

Got our shipment in time. Product was in great shape. Thanks!

Surprised at quality of item and speed of delivery was stupidly quick. Highly recommend both product and company. Very happy customer

Review not Provided.

Everything I ordered exceeded my expectations... I am working through the Beginners yoga Audio CDs and learning a lot. The Danga really works, I had to use it several times and it does the trick ; opening up either side of my nostrials.

I placed an order for a Yoga Danda and I received it in perfect condition and very quickly. Really impressed with your service.

Helen Mikuska
Harmony Yoga Pilates Studio
Calgary, Alberta

The Yoga Danda I received is excellent. The craftmanship looks very good and I am also pleased that your company took my situation into consideration and sent my order to my P.O. Box instead of insisting that it can only be sent to my house, as some companies do. Your sensitivity allows me to share a positive story about my order with others I know.

I was having difficulty with my pranayama, alternate nostril breathing and someone reccomended one of these.
I admit I was skeptical, I tried it and within a few mins both nostrils were clear.
Highly reccomend.
Great service to!
Thank you

the product has fully complied with my expectations in terms of quality and speed of shipping. I recomm `ending` it to all interested

It took me 4 days to get the package straight from India to Sweden. Thats a very good service! I look forward to make more orders in the future!

Great products. delighted with them. Arrived speedily. Delivery without warning was problematic as rearranging times with delivery service proved very unreliable.

All fine! Only paint was not good in two points..

I received the product on time... but the impediment in the whole process was the fact that I had to contact the seller for the update / status of order processing.

I have suggested this product to a few of my friends and they have placed orders with the seller.

If the seller pays attention to update the user with a few details like order status, package tracking etc- ti would make the whole process much more seamless

Products were good and they arrived quickly. No problems.

from the above you can be assured that i am very pleased with my purchases. Thanks.

I didn`t expect the mala beads to be so tiny

It would be nice if the upper portion (where your wrist rests), was padded. Otherwise they are good.

This product is great.
Employees are very sociable and friendly and did everything possible to overcome the problems caused by the fault of the Russian customs.
Very pleasant to deal with such an organization.
I wish you every success in achieving Artha and Moksha.

Fast, efficient service. Yours was the only place I could find danda sticks!

I recieved my order quickly and accurately. I am very pleased , thank you so much!

I am quite pleased with both the quality of the dhanda and that it arrived packaged well.

Thank you

sorry i thought i had sent you a thank you email - the mala beads and bracelet are very special and the yoga danda is more than i had thought it would be - it is beautiful and the best part is it works - i really doubted such a thing until i attempted to use it - terrific !!! thank you so much - namaste - loving peace, ragna vidar

swiftly dispatched, fast delivery

I received the Yoga Danda. Thank you.
I wish it would be taller by 2 inches,the " C "
curvature is more cup like to hold the wrist
firmly, and lastly the copper metallic covering
at the bottom of the Danda would be finished
neatly and skillfully.( very rough finishing)

The prayer/meditation beads are a helpful way to invite mindfulness to our meditation sessions. I imagine that as we use our beads they will be shaped and smoothed by the contact with our fingers and hands. It will be a joy to watch as they change as we change. We are very pleased with the whole experience of being touched by the helpfulness of the website and great service. Blessings

thanx i recieved the order very quickly and alright.

Review not Provided.

I was happily surprised by the high quality of the yoga danda (beutifully carved!) and neti pot that I ordered. My wife and I run a yoga studio and will be interested in doing further business with you. Do you have wholesale/large order arrangements?

Everything was perfect.
I can`t say nothing more.
Thank you very much.

Eric Mathieu

The Danda I ordered came very quickly, packaged very well and far exceeded my expectations. It is very well made and quite beautiful, as well as fully functional.

I ordered a yoga danda. I received it with a small crack in the arm rest. It`s usable, but I wish the quality had been better.

absolutely and totally satisfied.Great quality.Delay for delivering are fantastic.
It`s a pleasure to make business with your co.

thank you very much

Best regards.
customer very satisfied.

service and quality were great!
will be purchasing more stuff in the future!

i would like to take the time and tell you i loved my purchases! they were gifts for my boyfriend, and he loves it! thank you!

terrific response. thank you.

Excellent service. The danda was just as described and I was suprised by the very fast shipping. Thank you.

James Gibbs

The yoga danda (meditation is great)
It works great and one suggestion
Make it more than one size as I actually need it a little longer. I have a long torso
But I get it to work by putting some padding underneath

nice neti pot and danda.
No problem...

VERY GOOD PRODUCT. We are pleased

Just perfect! Thanks a lot! Federico

I am completely satisfied with the Yoga Nanda I recently purchased, and my wife absolutely loves the Tulsi earrings...and I was pleasantly surprised with the quickness of receipt. Hare Krishna.

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