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Crystal Pyramid

  • Supreme K9 Crystal - Unique dual pyramid made from high quality K9 crystal- unlike the plastic or acrylic ones; Skillfully crafted to create a smooth 4-faced pyramid with another pyramid carved inside; Polished to perfection for a never-ending sparkle and reflection.
  • Robust Stand- Pyramid is placed on a gold-colored metal stand, to prevent any scratches on the crystal while giving it an artistic look.
  • Yantra for Meditation- Pyramidical structures are valued for their spiritual energy harnessing powers in almost all cultures; Designed on the concept of ancient healing arts, this crystal pyramid channelizes energy to the place it is kept; Ideal tool for Reiki healing and spiritual practice - increases concentration, protects and promotes the flow of positive energy; Helps remove obstacle and cleanse the aura.
  • Excellent Home Decoration and Gift- Keep this Crystal pyramid at home or office to bring good fortune and harmony; A beautiful mantel piece;
  • Product Details- Size - in Inches 2.36×2.36×2.56 (60mm×60mm×65mm); Lightweight; Can be kept anywhere.

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All living beings, plants and our universe is a cosmos and play of energies. We are constantly receiving and giving out good and bad energies. What kind of thoughts and actions we do influences our aura and energy. Also visiting places or meeting people with positive energies can influence our thought process and life’s course. Pyramid structure since ancient times and in most cultures is known to channelize energy from the cosmos to itself, to improve the energy field. So, pyramids are pretty powerful structures.

Meditation under a pyramid is known to have many benefits. Similarly having a pyramid close to yourself at home or workplace, also helps to bring in positive energy while benefitting the person close by.

SoulGenie Crystal Pyramid can be used as a meditation aid or as home décor item to enhance positive vibes around you. It is made of supreme quality optically clear K9 crystal, unlike the plastic or acrylic ones. It is a skillfully crafted pyramid with 4 faces and a smaller engraved pyramid inside. The pyramid is polished to perfection to allow clear light reflection. For a stable base, the crystal pyramid is placed on a robust gold colored metal stand.

Meditation on the pyramid helps to increase concentration level and reduce stress. It helps to promote positive energy and increase protection. It also helps cleanse the aura and bring clarity of thought.
Keeping this pyramid at home brings harmony and fortune. Great tool for Reiki practitioners. Pyramid helps to create a resonance of energies, which further help in various aspects of life. Each one of us, animals, plants and objects all are mediums and storehouses of energy. So, this pyramid becomes a sort of antenna for energies, helping one in spiritual plane, as well as physical plane.

Perfect gift for family members, friends, relatives or office colleagues to bring positivity and good vibes .

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