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GuardNHeal Two Finger Splint Brace

  • Breathable and Lightweight: This Finger splint has a breathable and lightweight padded sponge foam and drytex material and thus keeps your hand cool and comfortable during extended wear
  • Customizable Strap: The two straps in the middle are optional and removable; detach or move them along the hard splint to fit the shape of your wrist and palm more comfortably. The two finger splint brace is available in 3 sizes- Large and Medium have 3 straps whereas the Small one has only 2 (finger) straps, fitting men, women, and children for treatment of finger conditions and injury prevention
  • Easy Finger Immobilization: Conveniently apply and adjust this finger wrap with one hand for fast finger protection. The straps can be wrapped around one finger, or any two fingers which are next to each other. Includes metal splint for extra support
  • Less Restrictive Than Most Finger Splints: Use this hand and finger straightener on any two adjacent fingers, leaving the rest of your hand open to move freely
  • Choose Your Size: Using a soft and flexible tape measure, find the distance from the base of your palm to the tip of the longest finger you wish to immobilize (see size chart in Pic). Can be comfortably worn on your right or left hand

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Finger splints are sometimes used to hold your finger in place to keep it from moving, such as when it is sprained or broken. They can also be used to increase the range of motion of a finger that is stuck in a bent position and needs constant stretching. A variety of splints are available to treat finger injuries. Anyone looking for a great finger brace that helps with a wide variety of conditions from broken fingers to tendonitis should check out this Hand & Two Finger Immobilizer. It stabilizes your injured or irritated finger by immobilizing it against the finger next to it. The brace provides support from your wrist all the way up your palm to your fingers.

The customizable straps help you create the ideal fit for your needs. Since this brace fits on any finger, it can be used to reduce pain associated with a variety of conditions, like carpal tunnel, trigger finger, and tendon inflammation.

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