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Hand Strengthener and Exerciser

  • Skin and Eco friendly silicone gel discs - premium grade and latex free material; gripper and stretcher for rehabilitation, injury and strength training; no hard or harmful plastic, soft on hands - suitable for men and women of all age groups.
  • 8 Durable and long-lasting finger holes - with ergonomic grip; improves grip, blood circulation, flexibility and strength of hand, forearms and fingers- improves resistance to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), carpal tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis, trigger fingers or any such occupational injury.
  • Different resistance levels for hand or finger exercises - yellow hand gripper - light tension, pink hand gripper - medium tension, and blue hand gripper-heavy tension ; helps restore that iron grip and boost confidence , improves daily life functions; helps recover from surgery or strokes.
  • Suggested for recovering patients suffering from dexterity, wrist tendonitis, wrist injury, surgery; best for computer users, tennis and golf players, musicians, hockey, Jiu Jitsu, guitarists - to improve their finger flexibility, grip and hand condition.
  • Easy to clean - just wash with soap and water; to adjust stickiness dust it with baby powder (only if required); light in weight can be carried anywhere; compact can fit in a pocket; perfect for home exercise or clinical use.

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The Hand Strengthener and Exerciser helps you get back that iron grip and is suitable for all age groups be it men or women. It is the best finger and forearm strengthener that not only helps in stretching and strength training but also supports exercises for rehab. Being light in weight, compact and easy to use is perfect for home exercise or clinical use. It has been made from premium grade and eco-friendly silicone gel that is latex free. Unlike other plastic hand exercisers that are hard on the hand and their regular use give blisters or may damage the skin, HealthAndYoga(TM)’s Hand Strengthener is soft and is 100% safe. There is no use of plastic, hence making it skin friendly. There are 8 durable, non slip and ergonomic grip finger holes that can fit large or small hands. Its regular use improves grip, blood circulation, strength of the forehands and flexibility of the fingers. Highly recommended for guitarists, pianist, musician, hockey, Jiu Jitsu, golf, tennis players, computer users, people suffering from arthritis, triggered fingers, wrist injury, surgery, dexterity, carpel tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis etc. Best strengthening resistance band to improve finger grip and hand condition. 3 different resistance levels available - yellow hand gripper for light tension, pink hand gripper for medium tension, and blue hand grip for heavy tension. It is the simplest exercise that gives quick results.

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