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300ml Neti Pot Squeeze Bottle with Salt

  • ROBUST MATERIAL AND EASY TO CARRY- Made from supreme quality and safe food-grade plastic material; easy to carry and use anywhere; durable recommended nasal cleaning product.
  • IMPRESSIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Impressive ergonomic design made for comfortable and handy grip; on and off valve button at the bottom to control water flow: perfect for a daily nasal irrigation system.
  • SUPERIOR NOSE TIP - adjustable spouts with tapered nose tip to plug the nostril; large hole spout with the stronger flow for adults; removable spout for better cleaning and hygiene
  • BENEFITS- Effective way to get relief for sinus symptoms; brings comfort naturally from hay fever, rhinitis, cold and flu, and nasal allergies; helps reduce the use of nasal medications.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES- Includes 5 FREE Neti Salt Packets; Squeeze bottle with 60 ° rotating bottleneck; Large Capacity- 300ml for good sinus irrigation pressure

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Sinus, headache, poor vision, or respiratory problems can hinder your lifestyle, and thus it becomes crucial to clean your nasal passage. With the help of this 300ml Neti Bottle, you can do this job comfortably. Being made prime quality food grade material has no harmful chemicals and is easy to use and convenient to carry anywhere. This neti pot is a highly recommended nasal cleaning product.
The Ergonomic design has been speciallymeasured for a handy grip. This nasal cleaning pot has an on and off valve and a button to control the water flow, which is perfect for Nasal Irrigation System. Being user-friendly, it comes with a spout with conical nose tip The spout with a large hole makes it suitable for adults as it has a stronger flow.
The best-recommended product to be used for Nasal Irrigation is an effective way to get relief for sinus symptoms. This 300ml neti pot reduces the use of medications and brings comfort from hay fever, rhinitis, cold and flu, and nasal allergies.

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