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  • Stimulates acupressure / reflexology points of the palm
  • Provides benefit of acupressure and magneto-therapy
  • Work by enhancing circulation and removing subtle energy blocks
  • Choice of Color – Gold & Silver
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    The Hands & Feet are considered vital in acupressure and reflexology. This is because it is believed that there are direct energy flow channels from these extremities to every organ of the human body. It is a well known fact in oriental medicine that disease and health disorders are largely due to energy imbalances and blockages. These can occur naturally or due to our imbalances lifestyles.

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    Wednesday , March 27 2019

    Using Reflexology as a Support to Conventional Treatments

    Reflexology refers to the practice of applying pressure to certain points on the body which has an impact on other parts of the body to which it is said to be connected. The pressure points on the body may be considered to act like sensors. Reflexology is not an alternative medical therapy; it is a ...
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