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Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe Joint Guard

  • Cushiony Gel sling, made from the best quality silicone reduces pain and discomfort
  • Soft and comfortable design makes correction of double bunion easy and effortless
  • Easy flex design allows the sling to stretch from the big toe, caress the heel, and wound on to the pinky
  • The silicone foot sleeve stretches and realigns overlapping, crooked and deformed toes
  • Each pack comes with 1 Pair sling straps - Standard size that fits all; durable & washable design

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The soft silicone gel metatarsal sling strap corrects double bunions and fights hallux valgus deformity. Being made from high quality silicone gel, the sleeve remains soft, comfortable, and highly flexible, which in-turn allows it to act like a protection guard and a Bunion pain relieving tool as well. The gel sling is great for realigning deformed, crooked, and overlapping toes because of its tensile strength as well as easy and effortless use. Its flexible design makes the sing to stretch from the big toe, caress the heel, and wound on the pinky toe, stretching and aligning both simultaneously.

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