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qLoop Copper Tongue Cleaner

  • 100% Pure Copper - Made of malleable pure Indian copper; Hand- crafted by skilled artisans; Smooth finish ensures safe cleaning without any nicks or scratches; Copper’s ayurvedic health properties make it the best material for oral care.
  • Unique Design - Makes tongue cleaning possible with use of one hand only; Elongated, wide curve of the loop makes it very easy and comfortable to clean the entire tongue with a few gentle glides; Reaches faraway spots till the back of the tongue, without gagging to ensure complete cleaning.
  • Use with Single Handle - Slim and smooth handle to fit easily in one hand; Anti-slip ridges provide firm grip; Allows cleaning without slipping; Can be stored in any tooth brush holder/cup with ease.
  • Benefits of Tongue Scraping - Regular use prevents bad breath; Removes food debris, white coats and plaque from the tongue; Prevents tartar build-up; Prevents cavities; Eliminates need of mouth washes and mouth fresheners; Improves sense of taste.
  • Durable - Light weight; Easy to carry and store; Easy to clean; Can be scrubbed with lemon once in a while to restore shine; Universal size - for men and women.

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Copper has anti-microbial properties, and has been used since ancient times and in many cultures for oral care. Modern studies have proved, that microbes die when left on copper surface.

Soulgenie Loop Copper Tongue Cleaner made from 100% pure malleable copper, is skilfully hand-crafted by Indian artisans.
Most tongue cleaners are a copper bend with two ends, for which one needs to use both hands to ensure proper cleaning of the tongue. But, Soulgenie Loop Tongue Cleaner has been designed in such a way, so that now tongue cleaning can be done with a single hand, just like a tooth brush.

Ergonomic design of the loop is such, that provides a wide coverage to clean the entire tongue. It can reach till the back of the tongue easily without gagging. It has a smooth finish, without any bumps and cracks to give a safe and smooth tongue cleaning experience.
It has a well-designed anti-slip handle, that fits easily in one hand. The wide scraping edge and the slim handle is perfect for a smooth and quick cleaning.

Boosts confidence by removing bad breath
Tongue cleaning is as important as tooth brushing. It removes food debris, decaying bacteria, and ugly looking white coats. It cleanses the mouth of any decaying matter, the cause of bad breath. Next time when you go for a meeting, one thing you don’t have to worry about is a foul-smelling mouth. Can be carried easily in your handbag or pocket.

Reduces chances of cavities
Once the food debris is removed regularly from the tongue surface, it leads much lesser chances of microbes to colonise the mouth and attack the teeth.

Reduces Plaque and Tartar Build up
Plaque is a thin slimy film in the mouth which is hotbed of microbes. It is important to prevent dryness of the mouth. But excess of it on the tongue coupled with food debris and minerals starts to stick to the gums. This further hardens in the gums leading to tartar build up. So, tartar leads to receding gums and makes them susceptible to infections. Tongue cleaning removes excessive plaque.

Prevents mouth ulcers and improves taste
Refreshes the mouth to experience food better.

Make Soulgenie Copper Loop Tongue Cleaner a part of daily regimen from today.

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