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qPipe Copper Drinking Straws Set of 4 with Cleaning Brush

  • IMPORTANT: Straws MUST be cleaned thoroughly BEFORE first use with Pipe Brush and Hot Soapy water. Metallic Copper straw is a reusable, healthy and environment friendly substitute to plastic straws.
  • The straw is 8 inches long; INCLUDES straw cleaning brush; and is ideal for all kinds of cocktails, smoothies and other drinks.
  • Copper has immunity building, anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Plastics release BPA, a chemical that imitates estrogen, making the switch to copper a much healthier option.
  • Copper straw is not only aesthetically attractive but is said to enhance aromas when used with cocktails.

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Copper drinking straws are a wonderful substitute to hazardous and toxic plastic drinking straws. These straws are not only more sturdy and reusable, but also have various health benefits. Copper as a metal releases antioxidants when touched with alcohol, which increases the aroma and the taste of cocktails; especially Moscow Mule. Copper has anti-ageing, bone strengthening, anti inflammatory properties; and unlike plastic, it does not release cancer causing carcinogens. Apart from the health benefits, it is obviously more presentable than a plastic straw; a copper straw can upscale the level of your presentation in a second. Hence, a great buy for people who like to entertain, bar owners and straw junkies that would even sip water from straws if need be.

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