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Waterproof Shoe Bag

  • Attractive Black, high quality polyester fiber, Strong and durable; light weighted best for travelling; insulates shoes from clothes in luggage.
  • Special Deodorizing agent – Activated carbon pouch on the inner stitch; absorbs stale, foul smell and prevents permeation to nearby clothes
  • Washable and waterproof material; quick dry; contains any soil and dirt within itself without outward spill; odor remover for shoes.
  • Strategic centre zipper - easy for moving shoes in and out; Top sturdy centre handle; easy to carry, hang; Multi-utility - can be used as a makeup bag; for keeping toiletries; wet clothes etc
  • Two sizes - Large size (length 44 cm, width 23 cm aprox – will fit pairs upto size 14); Small size (length 37 cm, width 22 cm aprox – suitable for women size); Each bag fits a pair of shoes

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Made from the best polyester fabric, these shoe bags are strong enough for a long run. Being light in weight, they are ideal to fit in your travelling kit and being waterproof, separate those muddy or dirty shoes away from your clothes. You can easily wash them and being black in color are not easily stainable. The bags are accompanied with a pouch of activated carbon that is stitched inside helping to remove miasma or foul smell. The smooth teeth of the centralized zipper give it an effort less and easy movement. A firm and durable handle is also attached with all the bags so that you can hang them to the pegs or pull them out easily. They are available in two sizes- large for men and small for women shoe pairs. In the variation section choice of sizes are available. Best for- sports shoes, heels, and office and daily wears. When your shoes are not in their respective shoe bags you can also utilize them for keeping your make up, toiletries, bottles or food items without the fear of spilling.

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