Newborn babies are everyone’s delight. They bring so much joy, and a feeling of boundless love and affection. However, rearing babies can be quite a task, from monitoring their needs, keeping them warm, to the food they have, one has to very cautious.

Babies are vulnerable to infections and viruses till they are completely immunized. But as far as giving them their milk, food and water is concerned one can avoid lot of stomach upsets by taking care of their food preparation and see that the utensils used are properly sterilized.

Ideally for a newborn baby mother’s feed is adequate the first 3 months. After that period, depending on the baby’s requirement and in consultation with your pediatrician, the baby can be fed milk or fruit or some cereal in addition to mother’s milk.

What to Take Care of when preparing the Baby’s Food :

  • All utensils, milk bottles and spoons should be properly cleaned and sterilized.
  • Avoid using plastic feeding bottles or sippers, as they may retain smells or may leech. Instead always use a multifunctional stainless steel baby bottle, that can be washed and sterilized easily. Stainless Steel Baby Milk Bottles available
  • Many foods like unpasteurized milk, raw juices, and undercooked eggs are prone to rapid bacterial growth, so one should be careful with such foods. They should not be kept for long after preparation, but be given to the baby immediately.
  • Always maintain proper hygiene while cooking for infants.
  • Try to give natural home cooked foods as far as possible. Refrain from using infant formula and if at all it has to be used, do not give more than once a day.
  • Make sure you use good quality BPA free containers for storing baby milk powder or any other food items.
  • Make sure the food you prepare is mashed or well blended and can be easily swallowed by the baby.
  • Always check the temperature of the milk and food before giving to the baby. It should not be too hot or cold.
  • Check the expiry dates of any packed food before giving it to the baby.
  • Some food items like nuts, chips, corn, whole olives, cherries, grapes etc. can cause choking. So avoid using any such foods that are not easily chewable or can choke the baby.
  • Always give boiled and cooled water to the babies. No water directly from tap or filter should be given.
  • Remember to sterilize the milk and water bottles every time before use.

Use Meal times as a way to teach Physical and Social skills :

  • Make the baby hold some food in his hands like banana, carrot stick, small cake, or chapatti so that they learn eye-hand coordination as well as enjoy their food.
  • Give them their own space and time to eat and relax.
  • Let them take ownership of their food.
  • Keep a close watch while the kids are having their meal.
  • Make the process interesting for them.
  • Try to keep a feeding schedule and stick to it.
  • Once they learn to sit the babies can join the rest of the family in a high chair on the dining table.

Rearing babies is hard work but extremely rewarding and a joyous experience of life. Like, every parent one keeps learning as they move on. Always follow your instincts, you know your baby best.

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