Colon Tubes – The Right Size for your Enema

Colon Tubes – The Right Size for your Enema

Colon Tubes – The Right Size for your Enema

Colon tubes are a part of an enema kit, which is used to administer fluid into the lower bowel via the rectum for purposes of removing toxins, relieving constipation, or preparing the colon for medical procedures. They are attached to enema nozzles to help deliver liquid higher up in the colon and bring about a deeper and cleaner cleanse.

Colon tubes vs. nozzles

Enema nozzles are unable to delivery liquid deeper into the colon, tend to be uncomfortable due to their rigidity, and may cause leaks. Thus, colon tubes are preferred over nozzles.

There are various lengths and sizes of colon tubes available in the market for consumers to pick and choose from based on their comfort. They may be manufactured for single use or can be re-sterilized in boiling water for 3-4 seconds.

They are either open-ended or close-ended with side openings, called eyes, to allow the flow of liquid. Open-ended tubes allow faster delivery of the liquid, whereas close-ended tubes enable slower flow and comfortable insertion.

What materials are used?

Colon tubes are made of medical-grade silicone, rubber (latex), or PVC. The biggest range of colon tubes can be found here

  • Silicone is suitable for people with latex allergies, for those using additives in the enema, and for coffee enemas.
  • Rubber offers the advantage of being soft, yet firm.
  • PVC is non-toxic and non-reactive.

How is the size of colon tubes measured?

The diameter or thickness of tubes is measured in “French Gauge” or “French Scale,” abbreviated as Fr, FR, FG, Fg, or F. Other abbreviations used are CH or Ch, after the inventor of the system, Charrière. It is a measure of the outer diameter of a tube, not the inner diameter. The French scale is commonly used to measure the diameter of catheters.

A round tube of 1 French has an external diameter of 1/3 mm. Thus,

Thickness of tube (mm) = Size of tube (Fr) x 0.33

Charrière defined the French size as three times the diameter in millimeters, i.e. Fr = D (mm) x 3.

Which size is right for me?

The hit-and-trial method is best to determine which size works best for you. It may help to start with a moderately thick tube (Fr 20) and then increase or decrease the thickness based on your comfort.

Thicker tubes have the advantage of being able to deliver liquid faster and not kinking easily because of the greater rigidity. However, many people find them uncomfortable to use. Also, thicker tubes may cause a large volume of liquid to flow into the colon suddenly, leading to cramping. People prefer thinner tubes because it minimizes cramping and is easier to insert into the colon.

A popular size is Fr 12 because it has a balance of comfort and functionality. Various other sizes, from Fr 12 to Fr 34 are offered. To accelerate health benefits Soulgenie offers special wholesale prices on various colon tubes with sizes with discounts applicable on orders as few as 5 pieces. So encourage its use among family and friends