Science behind the Beliefs of Rudraksha

Science behind the Beliefs of Rudraksha

Science behind the Beliefs of Rudraksha

Yoga has been practiced by people for ages and today even science says that Yoga is a way to calm your mind and body. Well, if you ask me it can solve many health related issues as well. Pranayam and chanting are a part of yoga, but this is still a path that people rarely take. In the last decade, we have seen Pranayam becoming a part of many people’s daily routine but chanting has not gained that position yet. While speaking of chanting, it may be mentioned that chanting is popularly practiced with the help of a beaded mala; maybe not all the time or by everyone, but still by many.

Now, how is chanting related to beaded malas?

Practitioners believe that every beaded mala interacts with the person’s energy and calms down the person whereas the chanting gives the person a sense of spirituality. The mala also helps in keeping a count on the chant’s repetition. Again, a question arises: which is the most useful mala?

Well, that would certainly be Rudraksha.

Ancient texts say that Rudraksha can help with various health problems as well as has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. Rudraksha is known to strengthen our mind so that we can fight all odds in life. Most of the times because of obliviousness, people tend to associate Rudraksha with religious products but scientific research has shown that Rudraksha has Electro-Magnetic properties which works magic on our body. It also channelizes positive flow of energy as well as rejuvenates and calms our mind and body.

As the heading of the article reads ‘Science behind the Beliefs of Rudraksha’, most of you might wonder how; so here are some pointers that would prove this point:

Stabilizes our senses

Our body is built of a bio-electric circuit where each body part connects with a continuous blood flow from the heart to the brain and then to the other parts of the body. When we are calm, this circuit works perfectly but as we have a stressful lifestyle, this along with the environment plays havoc in its flow. This disturbance leads to various illnesses. Thus, wearing Rudraksha bead would help resolve these problems as it stabilizes our body and has a calming effect on our heart and senses.

Shapes personality

We often see people who unveil special personality traits such as confidence, intelligence, patience etc. The reason behind these personality traits lies in the effective control and contrivance of the brain. It is believed that people who can control their mind and body are strong. Thus, Rudraksha beads of a specific Mukhi or face act as personality shapers which helps the wearer to send calculated positive brain signals.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The above points were about the energy of Rudraksha but it also has a physical health benefit. Rudraksha beads are also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. If you drink Rudraksha soaked water you will build resistance towards various diseases as it is a rich source of Vitamin C.