What is kansa and why is it special?

Kansa, known as “kamsya” in Sanskrit, is an alloy made of copper, tin, and zinc. It is variously called bell metal or bronze in the West.

  • Copper is known to relieve pain, arthritis, and inflammation.
  • Zinc helps in management of diabetes and improves digestion and immune system function.
  • Tin is considered to provide relief from headaches and treat insomnia.

The Ayurvedic practitioner Charaka used kamsya to make vastinetra or enema pots. According to Rasashastra, a 13th century alchemy text in Sanskrit, kamsya is a part of the sub-group of metals called Mishraloha.

There are two varieties of kamsya as described in Ayurveda Prakasha—Pushpa and Tailika—and the former is acceptable for therapeutic uses. To be eligible for therapeutic applications, a kamsya sample should:

  • Emit a sharp sound (teekshnashabdam)
  • Be free of impurities (shubhram/nirmalam)
  • Be smooth to the touch (snigdha)
  • Be soft (mridu)
  • Be slightly grayish (eshatshyamalam)
  • Turn red upon applying heat (daheraktam)

What is a kansa wand?

kansa wand is a therapeutic tool made of a wooden wand attached to a kansa bowl at one end. The wand is used to massage the face, feet, or sometimes the entire body. It is available in various sizes customized for different uses. Massaging with a kansa wand helps one balance one’s doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), restore proper skin pH, and tune one’s chakras.

For a rejuvenative face lift, the kansa wand should be massaged on the skin in small, circular movements over the temple and forehead, along the brow bones, and down the jaw line. Usually, the massage involves the use of jojoba oil, ghee, or coconut oil to help the wand glide smoothly over the skin and not pull at it as well as activate the marma energy points which are connected to the nerve endings in the body.

Benefits of the kansa wand massage

  • Helps in lymphatic drainage: Fluid and toxins build up in the lymph nodes and are naturally eliminated by the body. However, conditions such as inflammation, dehydration, excess salt, and lack of exercise can hamper this natural drainage system. A kansa wand massage helps overcome this and accelerates the elimination process, thereby reducing puffiness of eyes, clearing acne, and brightening skin tone.
  • Draws out acidity from skin: A kansa wand massage releases the highly acidic toxins lodged in the lymph nodes, thus helping balance the skin’s pH level. This reduces oiliness and inflammation. Removing highly acidic toxins creates a blackish / greyish effect on the skin during massage which is a healthy outcome of the detoxification process
  • Calms and rejuvenates the body: Kansa metal has a high electrical conductivity; thus it works on the subtle electromagnetic energy of the body which runs in the meridians and chakras. It amplifies the body’s natural bioelectrical network and revitalizes and balances its systems.
  • Relieves stress and energizes the body: Marma points are vital energy or communication centers in the body which get blocked due to physical and emotional trauma, toxins, and poor digestion. This causes issues like dryness, oiliness, sensitivities, congestion, and discoloration. A kansa wand massage opens the marma points and relieves stress, making the body feel relaxed and healthy.

The kansa wand massage is safe for people with pacemakers and metallic implants or dental work as it does not involve harmful chemicals or radiations.

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