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  • FOR GLOWING SKIN - As per Ayurveda , Kansa metal balances skin pH and benefits the skin.
  • DELAYS AGING - Reduces fine lines; Removes toxins; Drains lymph nodes; Improves blood circulation.
  • LEAD FREE SKIN CARE PRODUCT- Seasoned wooden handle with Bronze capping - Bronze used is a lead-free alloy of copper and tin.
  • FACE LIFT EFFECT- Reduces under eye bags, tones facial muscles, sharpens jawline, lifts sagging skin.
  • BEAUTY TOOL - Regular morning or night skin care routine should include Kansa Face Massage- to be done using any serum or facial oil.
    Must have skin care tool. Makes for an elegant gift.

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Feel the difference in your skin in one session. Bring out the healthy glow on your face with Soulgenie's BronzLift Kansa Wand.

Kansa Wand is an ancient skin care tool which was in existence before any gua sha, face roller or facelift tools. It is a total upgrade to any skincare routine. It is used for facial massage, to firm up the facial tissue, reduce fine lines and drain out any water retention or puffiness from the face.

What is Kansa Wand

Kansa is Bronze- metal alloy of copper and tin. It has the ability to balance pH, a great benefit for skin health. Kansa/Bronze has alkaline properties, so when applied directly to the skin it reduces skin acidity and brings balance to the skin. Imbalanced skin is prone to premature aging, wrinkles and sensitivity.
The wand has a carved wooden handle for a comfortable grip for desired pressure on face and neck.

It Works on Skin

Kansa Wand Facial Massage removes built-up toxins and drains the lymph nodes under the skin. The light pressure exerted by the wand improves blood circulation and gets the energy flowing. Light gentle strokes under the eyes helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles. It gives the facial skin a boost of oxygen, which brings natural glow to the face. It balances skin pH.

When used after applying any face serum or oil, it increases the efficacy of the product as well gives a smoother massage.

Kansa Wand Face Massage tones up the facial muscles and gives a contouring effect to the cheeks and nose. It helps achieve a sharper jawline, lifted brows and a non-saggy neck.

During massage you may find some blackness appearing on the skin- it is just a reaction of the metal and acid content on the skin. It is nothing alarming but shows that kansa is working and healing the skin. It can simply be washed or cleansed away with a soft cloth.

These are beautifully made tools. I`m very happy with this purchase! Would definately recommend.

All Product are genuine and fanatastic

Fantastic on face and feet (could not believe how much grey came off my face on the cottonwool pad)

Love the Kansa wand to massage and relax all my facial muscles, releasing facial muscle tension. Makes my face more youthful and and fresh looking afterwards. Bought more as gifts for friends!


Apr 18, 2019

Kansa Wand Massage – a ‘Miraculous’ discovery for health and longevity?

What is kansa and why is it special? Kansa, known as “kamsya” in Sanskrit, is an alloy made of copper, tin, and zinc. It is variously called bell metal or bronze in the West. Copper is known to relieve pain, arthritis, and inflammation. Zinc helps in management of diabetes and improves digestion and...
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