The Right Color Mala Beads for You

The Right Color Mala Beads for You

The Right Color Mala Beads for You

Is there a right COLOR bead for me? Read on…

There are many beads and every bead has its own quality and its related energy. Mala beads have been used for more than hundreds of years. A right bead color could help you achieve your specific purpose. Every bead stone has a different combination of healing. All the colors are associated with different emotions and meanings. It is very important to choose your mala beads wisely.

While selecting mala beads it is very important to know your intention to use mala beads; Will you be using these to reduce anxiety? Are you looking for career growth? Do you need a balanced life? Are you suffering from any kind of sickness?

Different COLOR beads have different meditation intentions:

Blue beads: A blue bead necklace is representative of relaxation. It promotes peacefulness and well being. It is believed to promote truth and forgiveness. It gives health benefits as well.

Brown beads: Enhances self-confidence, inner stability and concentration. Helps in banishing negativity .from life. Brown, the colour of earth, represents warmth and honesty.

Orange beads: Help in motivating and making positive life choices. Treat depression and dispel emotional negativity. Orange beads increase enthusiasm and break down barriers.

Purple beads: It enhances memory and brings tranquillity and protection. Very helpful against insomnia, negativity, depression, grief, and anxiety. It promotes spiritual values and the expansion of the mind.

Black beads: It helps in boosting your confidence in appearance. A black bead signifies Protection, strength, good fortune, vigor and health.

Yellow beads: It is associated with stability and energy flow. It is useful for a person dealing with depression. It represents clarity of mind.

Red beads: It stands for power and passion. It has healing properties by improving blood circulation of a sick person.

Pink beads: It stands for harmony and unconditional love. It promotes self love and friendship .It reflects inner peace and compassion. Pink color during meditation is used to open affairs of the heart.

Gray beads It helps in reducing stress and calms the mind. It represents a neutral mind. It gives a perfect balance to the life.

Green beads: Green beads stimulate your self confidence, help you speak your feelings and thoughts, and improve your creativity. Green stands for new growth, renewal and healing .

The best thing about these beads is you can wear either a bracelet or a necklace of the chosen color, all-day. Connecting your goals with mala beads color is greatly recommended. The correct bead color adds to your armory in helping you get rid of the problem you’re facing.

The color could be achieved through wooden mala beads which come in a range of hues OR colored stone beads – semi precious or otherwise – which is a more expensive option but more attractive to many.

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