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Mala Beads - Hessonite

  • Delivery to door within 7-12 days, with standard shipping (Postal orders 'may' take a little longer)
  • Made in India. Lovingly knotted with a tassel. Mala length 15"; Bead size 5-6.5mm approx.
  • Genuine semi precious Yellow hessonite stone beads. Promotes wisdom, higher intellect
  • Suitable for elimination of toxins and dispelling feelings of inferiority
  • Worn for mystical, spiritual and astrological significance OR simply as a style statement

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Faith Properties: This stone promotes wisdom and stimulates higher intellect. It helps in the elimination of toxins from the body. It is also believed to result in gradual financial prosperity. It helps eliminate inferiority complexes and relieve depression Length: 39 CMS Or 15.3" ( 78 CMS all around) Bead Size: 5mm - 6.5mm.

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