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Lotus Seed Mala Beads

  • SMOOTH LARGE BEADS- Handpicked, Elliptical, Matte brown color.
    Large Bead size- 9 to10 mm.
  • LONG STRING- Lovingly knotted by artisans in India. Has 108+1 Beads with Tassel.
    Mala Length about - 85 cm.
  • FOR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH- Significant for their rejuvenating and cooling effect. Improves speech and concentration.
  • FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH- Represents the spiritual flowering of the individual.
    Promotes detachment and spiritual awakening.
  • COMES IN A BEAUTIFUL BAG - Worn for mystical, spiritual and astrological significance OR simply as a style statement.

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Lotus is believed to reduce pitta (fire element) imbalances. Keeping the significance of the mala beads in mind, we as your trusted wholesale platform provide you with the best quality of lotus seeds. The oval seeds of the lotus are smooth, matte brown in color well known for their cooling effect. Lovingly hand-knotted by artisans in India.


The lotus seeds are believed to facilitate speech and concentration power.
Mantras invoked on a lotus Mala abound in spiritual prosperity.
Helps to strengthen the First Root Chakra through meditation.
Rejuvenates and raises the flow of energy in the body.
Mantra Japa with Lotus Seeds helps to awaken the spiritual aura to deal with issues of security, physical survival, and safety.


Lotus mala beads make for an ideal gift for your loved ones. It has a mystical, spiritual, and astrological significance and helps to remove feelings of fear and insecurity. They can also wear them as a personal style statement.
Due to the large-sized beads, it is preferred by men as it becomes easy to move the beads during meditation.
Length of Lotus Seed Mala- 85 to 87 cm. Bead Size: 9-10 mm.

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