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Mala Beads - Rudraksh

  • Rosary made of handpicked, brownish red wrinkled seeds.
    Rudraksha in Sanskrit means 'Shiva's tears'.
  • Lovingly knotted by artisans in India. Has 108+1 beads with tassel.
    String Length- 41 cm. Bead size- 8-9 mm.
  • Helps lower blood pressure and create stability within the entire system.
    Influences the Heart Chakra.
  • Considered a good omen and a talisman for good health.
    Helps bring about positive changes.
  • Worn for mystical, spiritual and astrological significance OR simply as a style statement.

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Rudraksha is the symbol of divinity. It tends to build an authentic aura of positivity and calmness. That's why it holds great importance in japa meditation. Rudraksha refers to the seeds of a particular fruit tree that grows only in South East Asia. The scientific name of the tree is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva and 'Aksha' means the eye. So Rudraksha means Lord Shiva's Eye. These seeds have a brownish-red, wrinkled appearance.


Mantra Recitation or Japa Meditation can be practiced with Rudraksha rosary as it helps to improve concentration. Mantra chanting with Rudraksha Mala gives miraculous benefits at spiritual, physical, and emotional levels. Rudraksha beads are generally used with the Shiva mantra. However, they are effective with any mantra said with devotion, for they open the Heart Chakra.

Rudraksha Beads are believed to -
Help Lower Blood Pressure and Create Stability within the entire system.

String Length: 41cm
Bead Size: 8 to 9 mm.

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