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Mala Beads - Rudraksh

  • Rosary made of handpicked, brownish red wrinkled seeds.
    Rudraksha in Sanskrit means 'Shiva's tears'.
  • Lovingly knotted by artisans in India. Has 108+1 beads with tassel.
    String Length- 41 cm. Bead size- 8-9 mm.
  • Helps lower blood pressure and create stability within the entire system.
    Influences the Heart Chakra.
  • Considered a good omen and a talisman for good health.
    Helps bring about positive changes.
  • Worn for mystical, spiritual and astrological significance OR simply as a style statement.

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Rudraksha is the symbol of divinity. It tends to build an authentic aura of positivity and calmness. That's why it holds great importance in japa meditation. Rudraksha refers to the seeds of a particular fruit tree that grows only in South East Asia. The scientific name of the tree is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. Rudra is another name for Lord Shiva and 'Aksha' means the eye. So Rudraksha means Lord Shiva's Eye. These seeds have a brownish-red, wrinkled appearance.


Mantra Recitation or Japa Meditation can be practiced with Rudraksha rosary as it helps to improve concentration. Mantra chanting with Rudraksha Mala gives miraculous benefits at spiritual, physical, and emotional levels. Rudraksha beads are generally used with the Shiva mantra. However, they are effective with any mantra said with devotion, for they open the Heart Chakra.

Rudraksha Beads are believed to -
Help Lower Blood Pressure and Create Stability within the entire system.

String Length: 41cm
Bead Size: 8 to 9 mm.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Exceptional mala.very natural,hand made,with obvious care.always more than happy with all my purchases from this mindful store.thanks once again for lighting up my life with amazing products.

I really appreciate the integrity and quality of your business. Each time I have ordered malas, they come quickly and are very well made. I had an issue on my last order when I didn`t receive an order number at the time of placement, and I contacted you the follow day and this was quickly remedied. Thank you and I do recommend Health and Yoga to my friends.

I ordered five strands of malas and received them within about a week. I`m very pleased with the quality and the free draw-string bags in which they arrived. I wish the amethyst and carnelian beads were larger, which would have made japa w/them easier (the product descriptions did say these beads are smaller than the other malas I ordered), but they are still very attractive.

Healthy & Yoga did a great job in fulfilling my order timely.

I have received the mala beads and other items. All the 3 mala beads are of great quality and the delivery was made well before my expectation.

I very much enjoy the scent of the sandalwood beeds.

Thank you ???? for sending the malas so quicky. All three are wonderful. I fell in love with the lotus seed mala! It is vety special! When in need for a bew mala I will definitely go back to you.
God bless you and your work?

the yoga danda alignment is not proper. The top part, i.e the rest place for the arm is bent,the curve is more toward the right. I wish i could exchange it for a better one that is balanced. THIS is the second one i had ordered. The first one that i recieved was perfect.That is the reason i had ordered for another. But was dissapointing. I wish i could exchange.

Health and Yoga is the ONLY place I shop for incense, mala beads, and more, not only for the quality of the products but the good intentions behind them. Thank you!

I recommend with trust, very good products and I am very happy with what I order . Thank you

Everything was at least as good as expected, except for one or two things: the bracelet was ok, but the coloured threads that were tied soon began to unravel. No big deal,

The rudraksha mala is smaller (the beads) than I thought. It was hard at first doing jala meditation, but now I`m getting more comfortable using it.

Everything is great. everything is wonderful. Thank you.

We were very pleased with our mala beads. Somehow they we sent to a wrong address, but someone called and we were able to fix the address very easily.

Namaste Prakasini ji,

Your product arrived safely, thank you.

Although the product is of excellent quality, I was personally disappointed by the size of the Rudraksh beads. This may just be case of mistaken expectation on my part having previously purchased a single 12-mukhi rudraksh from India which I gratefully wear every day. This bead is approximately twice as large as the beads on your mala.

Having said that, I have no hesitation in congratulating you for your excellent product and prompt service.

David M Gunson

Hari Om

Got it fast and it was in a realy good shape!

Shipment arrived very fast and the mala beads are beautiful. I would recommend to anyone.

I appreciated the malas that I got from you. There were in excellent shape.

Thank you,

Beads ordered were described as 8-9mm in size but the one recieved were 6-7mm in size which is a substantial difference. I decided to keep both mala anyway but I redesign them into necklaces and the size does matter to me!

I purchased 2 Rudraksh Mala and am very happy with my order. The malas are beautiful. The service was great and the shipping was very fast. Thank you very much!

extremely satisfied. thank you!

Good delivery time. Happy with the product, although they seemed smaller than I imagined, but i`m satisfied. I would recommend you add more product to your page, your prices are good and in these tough time, we look at prices carefully. I did.

Om shanti

I was very happy with the products and your quick service.

Review not Provided.

It arrived quickly and it looks great and was a big hit for the person I gave it to. Thanks!

thank you for filling my order so quickly. it arrived safe. namaste!

This is my second order from health and yoga and the site, service, packaging, and speed were excellent.

Namaste. I couldn`t have been happier with my shipment! It arrived way sooner than expected. I loved the Rudraksh Mala so much that I immediately ordered one for my friend.
My only issues are completely MY fault. I immediately took the bottom tassel tie off of my mala`s. So now my tassels get knotted or messy. ADVICE- DON`T DO THAT! My other issue that was MY fault is that I meant to order the lotus instead of the ebony. I really want to buy the crystal mala, and intend to as soon as funds are available. I would like to know if I could trade the ebony for the lotus? I`m guessing not; however- either way- I will not only recommend to my friends, but purchase my mala`s here. The bag is priceless! THANK YOU, Blessings, Julienne Wallace.

Very, very happy with all the beautiful malas,and our students love them,too. Appreciate the nice workmanship, your great website, and quick turn around time.

Thank you! Shanti,


We have been faithfully using our malas. Thank you so much for sending them so promptly.

Review not Provided.

fast delivery,great items!

Thank you.

My order arrived quickly, was packed very well and the product was fantastic. The lotus seed mala is my favorite. Though I bought it for meditation, I wear it every day and get many compliments. Both of the other malas were exceptional as well as affordably priced. I will buy from this site again!

It was great and they came very fast. I gave some away as gifts at xmas. The only thing I would like to see are more larger size beads. Namaste`

products were as described and excellent quality

Quick response and excellent product, as always. It is a pleasure doing business with you and I will be back.
George Hughes

Product was great and at a great value. I received earlier than expected. Will shop again!!

Promptservice; my husband had beads which were blessed by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1973, but now are cracking. He really likes these.
Appreciate this follow up e-mail. many thanks.
Website user friendly.

I was very pleased with the quick delivery and beautiful mala beads. They really are really authentic. I will be a return costumer in the future. I highly recommend.

Many Blessings

Received product very quickly and I was happy with that. The quality of the malas was quite poor, in my opinion. The tassel was already apart on the tusli mala when it got here, and I ended up having to restring it. I would not purchase malas from you again.

The Malas came and they are beautiful. I have even recommended your website to 3 of my friends. Thank you. Namaste, Maria

Thank you for your great service and quality products. I was very satisfied with every aspect of my purchase.

Always a good experience :)

I love my mala beads, I wear them everyday. Several people have commented on how much they like them, and I have referred them to your fabulous website!

I love my beads! Arrived within specified time. Thank you so much!

Review not Provided.

Review not Provided.

hello, I have received all my Mala beads on time, but after a very little use, the Lotus Mala's string has snapped and now I wonder what to do? Thank you for checking in, and please let me know. Svetlana Peterson.

perfect service and merchandise. Thanks!

Nice products and reasonable prices

i love. namaste.

i love my crystal mala and rudraksh mala, and wear them when meditating or in yoga class, and otherwise keep them with my other malas on a meditation box with a ganesh to watch over them. excellent quality--thanks so much!

Order received in timely fashion. Mala is beautiful

Quite happy with mala. I like to wear lotus mala and one of them already broke ( That is why I ordered 3 ). Is there a better way to make them so they can be worn?

Everything was great except: The packaging for the Amritdhara is impossible. I had to totally destroy the bottle top to get the cap out. I was in a hotel the first time and had to use a pen to pry it out. I ended up purchasing a glass bottle with a dropper to put it in. Am I just ignorant as to how to easily get the inner cap in and out?

excellent service

The products are outstanding. They are everything you described them as and the delivery was prompt. I appreciate you carrying the beautiful selection of mala beads and will continue give them as gifts to my students. Glad you asked! Also, we all like the the special carry bags. namaste, myra

fast service, beatiful beads

your service is quick and efficient. Great job!!!

I recieved my purchase with in 5 business days. The mala is quite lovely and I am very pleased with the product and service. In the future I will come back to your business if and when the desire arises! ~Namaste

Everything came through quickly and was incredibily high quality. Health and Yoga is a great online service. :-)

I'm very happy with the product. It looks great and the delivery was very quick! Great job!

The ordered arrived as you said in about a week. I like the scrapper, the rudrasha beads and have not tried the skin paste, but will soon. Do you sell an ayurvedic paste for rayasana taken with warm water or milk? 2 examples are Maharishi Amrit Kalash and Dabur Chyawanprash Awaleha Special...both have as the first ingredient Indian Gooseberry and then several other herbs? thanks, James Lind jamesnow@hotpop.com

Awesome! My daughter wanted the prayer beads for Christmas and when she discovered that they had arrived early, she pleaded for an "early" Christmas gift. What mom could deny her? She loves them and wears them daily. Thanks so much for quality products and great service.

Everything came promptly and I'm very satisfied. I just wished you offered even more esoteric products like sutra neti strings/catheters and other products I know too little about to mention. Anyway thank you for your service

My order passed on 7/22/05 : Thank you very much, everything was perfect.

Very satisfied. Keep up the good work!

Review not Provided.

i received the mala beads within one week of ordering... great timing!! thanks, I love them

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