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NatureSooth Stress Buster Massage Tool for Neck

  • SENSITIVE SKIN FRIENDLY - Handcrafted from 100% natural Beech wood. Has a smooth finish without any burrs. Has evenly sanded edges that do not scratch or irritate the skin. Safe to use on all age groups.
  • BENEFITS - Neck and shoulder massage with Stress Buster helps promote lymphatic drainage, relaxes and comforts tired muscles, relieves fatigue and stiffness, dredges the meridians, improves blood circulation and releases tension. After long working hours, 5-minute Stress Buster Massage loosens and relaxes the body for better sleep and improved health.
  • EFFECTIVE MASSAGE TOOL - Its unique design has 3 sides for gliding and pressing action on the shoulders and neck. It can be held in 2 ways. Concave side glides on the neck and shoulder curve easily. The pointed edges are used to apply pressure on the body’s acupressure/marma points for pain relief and releasing upper back tension.
  • EASY TO USE FOR SELF MASSAGE - Central cut-out works as handle and provides firm grip. A great self-massage tool to ease away any stress and tension knots in shoulder area. Ideal gift for family and friends who need to become stress free or need a dose of relaxation.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL MASSEURS, THERAPISTS, SPAS, HEALTH CENTERS AND CHIROPRACTORS - Stress Buster is a highly versatile and handy massage tool. It is easy to clean, carry and store. Its compact and well-polished surface makes it an attractive and useful addition to any professional massage kit.

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Soulgenie’s NatureSooth Stress Buster is a wooden gua sha massage tool, used to release tension and ease stiffness from neck, shoulders and upper back.


- After long working hours, relaxes neck muscles.
- Releases tension knots from upper back and shoulders.
- Improves blood flow to neck while easing stiffness.
- When used on neck, reduces double chin and sagging.
- Improves lymphatic drainage, for better health and toxin removal.
- Keeps shoulders supple and erect.
- Reduces stress and brings a sense of wellbeing.
- Counters the ill effects of long desk job hours and mobile screen.
- Improves posture.


Stress Buster has a concave well rounded curve that can be glided over neck and shoulder muscles using oil. Allows smooth gliding action that relaxes the tight neck muscles, and removes any tension knots.
Pointed ends are used to press the marma/acupressure points on the shoulders and back. Good for deep tissue massage and relaxation.
Stress Buster’s unique design allows it to be held in 2 different grips. The cut-out handle can be used to grip the tool from either side- to apply pressure on marma points as well as to glide it on the skin.


Made from 100% natural beech wood, Stress Buster is a robust and durable massage tool. It has smooth sanded edges and a polished surface that is safe to be used on skin without any fear of scratches, cuts or rashes on the skin.
Use it for self-massage before going to bed for a good sleep.


NatureSooth Stress Buster is a highly durable tool with an aesthetic look. It is an effective Body Gua Sha Massage tool which can be used to provide a traditional massage with a gliding action, as well as to trigger acupressure points on the body to release stress knots. It can be used as a scraper for soft tissue mobilization and to reduce scarring and post operative marks.

Its design allows it to be used in several ways and combinations as per the client’s requirement and therapist’s skill set. It can be held in different ways to give effective pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles.

A must have for any professional massage therapist. It is great tool that keeps the client satisfied with less effort and more effectiveness.
Its compact size allows it to be carried easily for home services and home bound or aged clients.

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