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Ayurveda Kit

  • BronzLift Kansa Face Wand Small : As per Ayurveda , Kansa metal balances skin pH and benefits the skin.
  • qSwipe Copper Tongue Cleaner - Superior Quality : PURE COPPER offers Broad Spectrum Hygiene as per Ayurveda - Flexible, Thicker, heavy duty gauge and non-gagging design ensures it is gentle on the tongue - without risk of nicks; Anatomical Shape allows complete tongue surface cleaning.
  • PureTress Neem Wood Dual Teeth Comb : CALMING EFFECT- Rounded teeth have a massaging effect, stimulating hair growth and inducing healthy sleep and relaxation.
  • Sandal Turmeric Soap : Made of sandalwood and turmeric; free from chemical, naturally heals the skin; rich in cooling and moisturizing properties restore natural glowing skin.
  • FootEase Kansa Vatki : BASED ON AYURVEDA - Internal organs are connected to the nerve endings present on the feet. Hence sole massage relaxes the whole body and draw out toxins through the feet.

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As per Ayurveda , there are 107 Marma Points in the human body , out of which 14 points are worked upon in Kansa Vatki Massage. These points are located in the feet and lower legs. This treatment stimulates the vital nerves coming from internal organs and terminate in the feet. Although the feet are getting massaged, but the whole body benefits. Marma Point Massage by Kansa Vatki helps to relieve certain conditions and frees up the energy flow.

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