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NatureSooth Paddle for Full Body Gua Sha Massage

  • Carved from 100% prime quality Beech wood by skilled artisans. Robust wood can withstand continuous pressure and does not split or break. Retains wood's natural color and contours. Smooth finished curves can be easily glided over skin or clothing. Durable , Eco-friendly and Chemical-free massage tool. Attractive and shiny finish. Skin-friendly and can be used directly on the skin.
  • Ergonomic design- Handheld with anti-slip grip. Extended curve for easy grip. Four perfectly carved points for deep tissue/trigger point massage.
  • Used for Surface Tissue Massage for the whole body- arms, legs, scalp, back. Use with oil or water on bare skin for pleasant and smooth massage movement. Shows quick results. Effective in treatment of scar tissue and muscles adhesions caused by overexertion or injury to the muscles. Can be used over face for skin tightening massage. Also promotes skin repair by making new collagen.
  • Professionally recommended wooden tool for pain relief massage. Can be used for self use as well as by professional massage therapists and chiropractors for relieving body pain and relaxing stressed or tired muscles/tissues. Helps to reduce nervous tension, release body heat, stimulate blood flow and reduce fatigue. It's adequate size and shape helps to target large muscles of the upper arm, thighs, back, and calves.
  • Dimensions - Length 13 inches, Width 6.3 inches; Colour- Natural wood; Suitable for active professionals, individuals and professional therapists. Light-weight and easy to carry. Perfect tool for travel, outdoor activities or sports. Helps in treating body pains, daily aches, headaches, and even chronic pains. Helpful for post-surgery care or injuries - restores the affected area and accelerates its recovery time. Best for home and daily purpose.

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Wooden Therapy Massage is a great way to tone body. Scraping and gliding wooden massage tools over the body, gives quick results, and is very easy to practice.


Soulgenie's NatureSooth Paddle has been designed on the principles of healing wooden massage therapy. It is hand crafted by artisans with 100% naturally grown wood. It retains, its natural wood color, with smooth curves. It is organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free product. It is skin-friendly and can be safely used directly on the skin.


NatureSooth Paddle has an ergonomic design. It is a handheld device with anti-slip grip. It has an extended curve for easy grip that allows for comfortable one direction strokes. Ideal for effortless uninterrupted scraping movement over the affected muscles/tissues.

It also has four perfectly carved points to apply pressure on certain acupressure/marma points for deep tissue massage. These points enable gentle yet effective continuous pressure application without any sharp pricking, bruising or scratching.


NatureSooth Paddle can be used on entire body- legs, calves, thighs, arms, shoulders , back , neck and even face. Massaging with its long curves and applying pointed pressure in certain areas helps to-

- Improve blood circulation.
- Brings glow to skin.
- Enhance lymphatic drainage.
- Removes accumulated toxins from body.
- Tightens skin.
- Firms and tones the muscles.
- Reduces cellulite/orange peel skin from thighs and buttocks.
- Relieves body pain.
- Reduces muscle stiffness after workout.
- Boosts energy/prana flow in body.
- Removes energy blockages.


Applying intense pressure during a massage session can be quiet tiring for the hands and also may not give desired results. NatureSooth Paddle has been designed for professional massage to ease the masseur's efforts , while enabling fat reduction and complete muscle toning. Its ergonomic curves and handle make for a great addition in any Massage Tool Kit.
Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Spas, Hotels, Hospitals and Wellness Centers -Please contact us to find out about great discounts.

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