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Travel Bidet

  • Clean and Hygienic - Keep your private and rear parts clean at home, office or wherever you go. It is suitable for children, adults and the elderly. It is particularly helpful to ladies as a female douche, during menstruation, pregnancy etc to keep a high level of hygiene
  • Extra Long Angled Nozzle – This long and 9-holes nozzle help precisely tot aim a jet of water at the area you want to clean
  • Easy to Use - Simply fill the bottle with water and just squeeze it. Make sure to pull the Nozzle out fully and tightly until air tight otherwise it might leak
  • Portable Design - The nozzle is retractable. When the neck is collapsed, the bidet halves in the size. 450 ml. (15 oz) capacity for effective cleansing, yet light in weight for carrying it around
  • Save Paper – It prevents clogging, prevents septic tanks from getting clogged by reducing or eliminating the use of toilet paper

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Wiping your rear and private parts by toilet paper is not so clean and hygienic. That is the reason why many people have bidet installed at their homes nowadays. This Travel Bidet is made of high quality material. It is a lightweight and compact handheld bidet that you can keep your intimate parts clean and fresh wherever you go. The Bidet is big enough to hold the amount of water for effective cleansing and yet small and light enough for carrying it around. It has retractable Extra Long Nozzle and an air lock hole for easy control. Use it for your personal hygiene without using your hands and just by the power of the spray. Can be carried in your pocket or purse and can be used to wash a baby’s butt and save money on costly wipes. It keeps you fresh and clean all day long. Prevents clogging of septic tanks and toilets by reducing the use of toilet paper

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