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  • BRONZE MASSAGE TOOL BASED ON AYURVEDA – Dome shaped cap is made from Bronze (Kansa) pure alloy of Copper & Tin metals each having their natural healing properties. Has a carved wooden handle for easy grip and for applying pressure for an effective Detoxifying Ayurvedic Foot Massage.
  • BUILDS HEAT AND SMOOTHENS FEET - Kansa cap is Flamed and has a Rough Surface. This increases friction, builds up heat, and aids in pulling out of the toxins from the soles of the feet . The flamed cap helps in gentle exfoliation to soften the feet, without abrading the skin.
  • MUSCLE & NERVE RELAXING DETOX MASSAGE - Feet have nerve endings of all the internal body organs, so when the feet are massaged using the FootEase Vatki, the nerve endings are stimulated, lymphatic drainage is increased and the toxins are released. Kansa Vatki Massage either done by self or by a therapist helps to reduce stress, improves circulation, lightens the body, removes energy blocks and induces a peaceful sleep.
  • FOR THERAPISTS, HEALTH CENTERS, AYURVEDA CLINICS AND SPAS – Carved wooden solid handle provides the therapist good control over the Vatki. It allows to apply more pressure with less effort and do circular motions easily without taxing the wrist too much. Durable, Smooth, Aesthetic look. Make your therapy sessions more healing for your clients so that they keep coming back for more.
  • COMPACT, EASY TO USE & CLEAN – Helps to provide gentle yet effective pressure on marma points and stimulate the chakras. Bronze metal cap helps draw out excess ama and heat, resulting in a relaxed and cooler body. Use with any oil or clarified butter. Has a compact size -Length 14 cm, Cap diameter 8 cm. Can be easily carried anywhere. Easy to wash with water or wipe. Manual massage tool safe for all skin types and ages.

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FootEase Bronze Kansa Vatki with Handle is an Ayurvedic Massage Tool to restore body’s balance by massaging the feet.


Kansa Vatki Massage (Padabhyanga) - Ayurvedic ritual practised for ages to treat various ailments. Feet have nerve endings of the internal organs, so any stimulation or massage on the feet, directly affects the internal body. Vatki Foot Massage is done by applying oil on the feet and by doing circular motions with the Vatki.

- It stimulates the Marma (vital) points on the feet to get the stagnant energy moving.
- Leads to toxin removal.
-Helps to restore balance in the body.
-Improves blood circulation.
- Brings glow to the skin.
- Builds immunity.
-Relaxes the nerves.
-Opens up blocked energy channels.
-Helps in managing insomnia, fatigue, and cramps.
-Benefits the internal organs.
- In people who have an overload of toxins in the body, Kansa Vatki Massage is very helpful, as it builds up heat and pulls out the acidity (toxins) from the body tissues through the feet. It may even turn the oil black, indicating the elimination of toxins during oil massage.


Soulgenie's FootEase Bronze Kansa Vatki with Wooden Handle is made of pure bronze (free from lead). Bronze is an alloy of copper (85-95%) and tin (15-5%). The copper component of the bronze has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and pain, and it also helps in improving levels of hemoglobin. The tin component helps manage headaches, insomnia, depression, moodiness, and fatigue.

The Vatki's metal cup has a flamed rough surface to impact the feet's tough skin. It provides more friction for feet smoothening and deeper detox.


FootEase Kansa Vatki with Wooden Handle has a hand-carved polished wooden handle that provides a firm grip. It is easy to use for self-massage as well as a great tool for therapists. The handle allows to put more pressure with less effort and gives effective results.

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