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NatureSooth Wooden Spike Roller Acupressure Massager

  • Manual wooden acupressure roller based on ancient acupuncture/ acupressure therapy; handcrafted from durable and quality wood; finished with a thin layer for polish- safe to be used directly on the skin; best tool for a natural massage effect.
  • Carved acupressure spikes, carefully structured on each roller – ensures organic, earthy, gentle and continuous pressure on trigger points to knead out tensioned and stressed muscles - giving a relaxing massage.
  • A long and sleek handle ensures a comfortable grip; smooth functioning roller wheels allow for an effortless movement- easy to work for a long time; self-use ensures an increase in the energy levels and comforts the body.
  • Benefits for multiple body parts by stimulating blood circulation and relieving stiff muscles and joint pain; helps in quick relief from neck and forearms pain – highly recommended massager for shoulder, back, and sciatica pain and even for easing strained nerves of the fingers and joints
  • Light in weight and easy to travel with; available in natural wooden color, length of the massager 25 CM (approx.)

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Based on ancient acupuncture/ acupressure therapy, this Wooden Acupressure Roller Massager is made from prime quality and naturally cultivated wood for a natural massage effect. It is finished with a fine layer for polish- safe on the skin. This wooden acupressure hand massager can be used for multiple body parts to stimulate blood circulation and provide relief from stiff muscles and joint pain.
This manual massager is effective and easy to work with.The smooth movement of the rollers ensures an effortless movement to increase energy levels and comfort the body. This roller massager is easy to grip with a sleek and long handle.
Carefully structured acupressure spikes on each roller ensure gentle but continuous pressure on trigger points to knead out stressed & tense muscles and give you a smooth massage.
It gives quick relief from neck, leg, calf, thighs, hamstrings, and forearm pain and is a highly recommended energy massager for back pain, shoulder, and sciatica pain.

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